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Detroit Lynching

This is a crazy story: Bystanders near a barbershop on the east side of Detroit took the law into their own hands when the driver of a pick-up truck struck a 10-year old boy who had just stepped off of … Continue reading

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DGU Pizza Delivery

Via Hot Air: Ashley Marie Hurd, 26, a driver for Domino’s Pizza, took the order to a house on the 200 block of Stuart Avenue about 10 p.m., a police report said. When she arrived, a man was standing outside, … Continue reading

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More “Common Sense” From the Gun Control State

Have a look at this video: House gets broken into by five armed men, and alleged fired into the home before one of them was killed. Now the home owner is being charged because they don’t believe shots were fired, … Continue reading

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Another Four-Legged DGU

This one MUST make the antis cry massive tears! An 11-year-old girl shot a cougar that was following her 14-year-old brother to their home at Twisp, in north central Washington, the state Fish and Wildlife Department said. The female cougar … Continue reading

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Another DGU

Guns Save lives!

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Great DGU

From the Armed Citizen: The store owner’s attitude reflects my own. I don’t want to EVER have to shoot anybody, but if I do draw my weapon to protect a human life it will be the other person’s choice, not … Continue reading

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DGU Peafowl

More of an interesting story than a true Defensive Gun Use: A Houston-area man said he shot and killed his daughter’s peacock after the bird scared several people in the neighborhood for weeks… Richards’ neighbor, Billie Rumsey, decided she had … Continue reading

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From the news report this looks like a bad shoot: A Florida man arrested for chasing down – and fatally shooting – a suspected burglar in Orlando is claiming self-defense in what legal experts say is likely to become the … Continue reading

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What Could Have Been a Brutal Murder Scene

Guns save lives! New details are emerging in the investigation into a shooting at a Dallas County dollar store that ended with a gunman dead at the hands of a customer who decided to take action…. “He escorted a customer … Continue reading

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Right to Keep and Bear ALL Arms

Now this is a GREAT story! The video of it auto-plays so I’ll tuck it behind a brake at the bottom. Make sure you watch it! A New York deli worker pulled a machete from under his counter and chased … Continue reading

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