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Yet another Zero Tolerance Stupidity

Wow this one blows my friggin mind! Kamryn decided to have a big makeover — shaving off all of her hair in solidarity with a friend who was starting chemotherapy to treat cancer. “I was really excited I would have … Continue reading

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That Stupid Name Game

I hate this trend in society! A party chooses a name for themselves, that name becomes part of the lexicon and associated with negative aspects, and then they simply change their name again…and again and again. One name that we’re … Continue reading

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Great Epilepsy Post

Christina pointed this post on epilepsy out to me. Go read the whole thing, not much else I can comment on, except that he’s dead on! Yep, anti-convulsive medications are indeed sedative that target the whole brain, rather than just … Continue reading

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For My Lovely Wife!

Yeah, blame Zercool! Hey, according to the antis, I’m a victim of Epilepsy, as well as tourettes! Feel bad for me! 😉

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Ridiculous Discrimination

So Barron found this story for me, thinking it might piss me off. He was right. A former student at Colorado Mountain College says she was forced to drop a class because she had a seizure OK that doesn’t upset … Continue reading

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George Lucas is a Hack

So wfgodbold (BTW dude, if you could give me a breakdown of your screenname I’d love to get a better understanding of it) has a post up about the latest abortion George Lucas had done on his magnum opus: Star … Continue reading

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I Hope We Hear More About This

Arcticelf tipped me off to this story A experimental device that delivers electrical pulses to the forehead can help control epileptic seizures, say scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles….”Medications can cause mood problems, fatigue or problems with thinking … Continue reading

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Doctor Update

I’m heading into the office in a bit, just thought I’d drop yet another update. Very fortunate that we already had this appointment scheduled so everything was able to move so fast. The Mrs. is off to work, and while … Continue reading

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Twitch Update

So the Mrs. came home, and we had dinner and talked about her epilepsy. She’s doing MUCH better, and I imagine its only a matter of time before these transient side effects vanish. Things are looking really good, and she’s … Continue reading

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@ Work

Both of us are in the office today. The Mrs. still isn’t feeling 100%, but she’s being a trooper. We meet with the doctor tomorrow. Again, thanks for all the well-wishes, thoughts and prayers. Also you know who you are, … Continue reading

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