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Riding Bareback

Not what you think. Remember this photo? That was little LaWeer’da’s first trip to the grocery store. She rode in that little cart cozy to better hold her upright because she couldn’t sit on her own, also to give her … Continue reading

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No, Dear Friends, This Wasn’t Me

Sent by friends who know me well: A West Seattle house was set on fire by a man trying to kill a spider with a makeshift blow torch. …Firefighters say the man who rented the house was trying to kill … Continue reading

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Forgot to post this earlier. Way to beat the heat! POOL PARTY!!! The rubber duck means she’s mine!

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Happy Independence Day!

Happy Birthday America! Celebrate however you feel fit! Eat some unhealthy grilled meats! Drink some watery domestic beer! Drink some high-quality local craft brew! Shoot off fire works! Shoot off GUNS! (preferably BEFORE you delve into the suds!) Maybe kill … Continue reading

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News of my Demise Have been Greatly Exaggerated

So you all have heard about my horrible cold brought on by the disease vector known as “LaWeer’da” is FINALLY starting to diminish. I was thinking about calling my doctor on Monday, but I was feeling so much better that … Continue reading

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LaWeer’da Has This!!!

Interesting! Turn on the light in her bedroom in the morning and SNEEZE! Take her outside on a bright day and SNEEZE! We’ll have to see if she grows out of this.

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I Guess That’s The Point

Well this is interesting: Dads who contribute more to household chores are more likely to raise daughters who go on to have less traditional (and potentially higher-paying) careers as adults, according to this article in Psychological Science, a journal of … Continue reading

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This weekend was my Mother’s Birthday, LaWeer’da was referred to as her “Big Present” It was a fun weekend in Maine! Thought you’d all enjoy some more baby pictures!

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Today We Remember

It’s Memorial Day, and while it is a well-needed day off from the hustle and bustle, and generally good summer weather for cookouts and picnics, we must remember why we have this day, and how potentially we might not. Hopefully … Continue reading

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Swing Swing Swing!

My Mom decided that little LaWeer’da needed a swing, and for Easter she got her one. One problem, the swing Mom bought was for a swing set, and we planned to hang it from a nice branch on our crab … Continue reading

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