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Great Cocktail Video

Damn Now I want to find all those things for my bar and mix this drink! This is how I make many of my unique drinks….I guess they are 100% unique in the sense told by this video..

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Cocktail Blogging: The Shake

Found this VERY interesting video: Just amazing with the cocktail flare! That’s a good way to get tips in the jar! Still I have my reservations. He’s beating that drink within an inch of it’s life. You can clearly see … Continue reading

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Hey! I Have a Blog!

Sorry all, but the weather has been DESTROYING me! Lots of shoveling, commuting to work has been rough, so yeah my blogging has been REALLY light. So time for a good-old news dump. First from Farm Dad, a story that … Continue reading

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A Potential Cure for the Peanut Allergy

So here’s a thing I have a lot of mixed feelings about. Peanut allergies. Now for starters I had a few childhood friends with peanut allergies, and my Aunt is allergic to peanuts. I also have a bunch of friends … Continue reading

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So there is a HUGE snow storm moving through the North East right now. Boston will be essentially shut down. I don’t work in the city on Tuesdays so it won’t be a big deal for me, except for the … Continue reading

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Neat Drink Discovery

So for reasons I won’t explain I acquired a bottle of Amaretto. Also at the same time I’ve been experimenting with cocktails that use simple syrup as an ingredient. Simple Syrup just seems vulgar to me in a drink. It’s … Continue reading

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Weer’d World Review 2014

I’ll skip the stories of the year because we all have our favorites, and tons of other sites are doing that. So let’s talk about the year for me personally. First up this is the first full year where I … Continue reading

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Hunting With an AR

Got asked by the blog proprietor to link this post. It’s rock-solid! The history of hunting firearms in the United States has been tied to technology developed for our military since the Civil War. Prior to that, our armed citizens … Continue reading

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Shameless Podcast Whoredom

So I was chatting with Chester Murphy about when his next podcast was coming out. He asked “When are you free?” So yeah we did a fun little romp of random podcast tomfoolery, and I shamelessly pimped The Squirrel Report, … Continue reading

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Give Some Thanks

So it’s Thanksgiving, and soon I’ll be heading up to Maine to spend some time with my family and eat too much dead bird. Still I have to be sappy and talk about what I’m thankful for! My baby messes … Continue reading

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