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The Other Side of Bartending

For those of you who follow my blog for the mixology, I HAVE to share this discovery! So I LOVE watching videos of skilled bartenders making fine cocktails, and it’s really a big tent, there are videos of people all … Continue reading

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Looks Damn Tasty!

Another Cocktail from Robert Hess Since I don’t use simple syrup, I think a substitution with St. Elder would be ideal.

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In Case Your Missed It

There was a Squirrel Report on Thursday. Besides the usual fun and games, Jay did some singing from the New Musical “Middle East Side Story”. Also Breda put up her recipe for the wheat-Free pancakes….I need to try this! So … Continue reading

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Music Dump: Under the Influence

No, not me, but these songs seem particularly….inspired. That is some good times right there….and my playlist while I was cooking lunch. Thankfully the Daughter didn’t ask me to explain the lyrics….especially track 3 that has just ONE word I … Continue reading

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Well That Was a Pleasant Suprise

Got talking with a coworker about people getting geeked out by certain types of food, and really screwing themselves over. The best example is pig’s feet. Probably the best meat on a pig is between his toes….but most people aren’t … Continue reading

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Some Cocktail LOLz

First because the Donk Debate is tonight: and this is just a GREAT story! Good times!

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It Amused Me

Ok they’re crappy, and not really taking mixology that serious, but I was amused: First up there was a bunch of overlap, also how can you say “What is a Girl Drink” without being innately sexist. I could say that … Continue reading

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Friday Blog Dump

So we had a Squirrel Report that was Awesome! Also the Squirrel Report has RECIPES!! Today I made this, and it was just as easy and as good as it sounds! Also Ryan and I discussed 3D printing! So yeah … Continue reading

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Another REALLY cool drink

Man, this sounds and LOOKS awesome! I don’t think my wife would be happy with all the flame play in the kitchen, tho alcohol flames are fairly cool. Still did you notice he kept his gin in an ice well? … Continue reading

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Now This looks like a Cool Drink

Dunno if I’d invest in all the equipment, but man that looks neat!

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