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Some Changes on the Battlefield of Gun Control

So you probably have heard already, Dan Gross of the Brady Campaign has been replaced. No word on what the terms of Gross’ termination are, but I suspect it wasn’t amiable. Before Gross, Brady was lead by Paul Helmke. See … Continue reading

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AG Healey Knows She Broke the Law

AG Healey Has Unlawfully Ignored FOIA RequestCount Up She’s running the clock out as long as possible. Can I be wistful and hope her stupidity will mark the end of the Massachusetts Assault Weapons Ban? Maybe not, but it gives … Continue reading

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Try not to cheat, and watch the video first, then click on the fold:

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Post Election

So as for our new President, I really could care less. There are silver linings to Trump’s election, but I’ll probably save that for The Squirrel Report. Still there IS cool news, Massachusetts has chosen to end the war on … Continue reading

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Sean Sorrentino at GRPC

Sean did an interview about the Gun Blog Variety Cast when he was at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Florida.

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Keep New York Out of Maine

Great video from the NRA. I’m glad they’re standing up for Maine! BTW I was happy to see John Ford in there. He’s a great guy, and has written an EXCELLENT book on his time as a Maine Game Warden.

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Awesome Ad

This is a great ad by the NRA First up, MEGA bonus points for getting an actual Mainer to do the Voice Over, you really can’t fake that accent. And this is the right angle….yes Background checks are complete bullshit, … Continue reading

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One Last Bit on Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser

So I thought I’d put a few final thoughts on Miek Weisser AKA “Mike the Gun Guy”. First up, not long after the events detailed here, Mike Started manually deleting any comment by me on his blog. A little while … Continue reading

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Handgun Radio 141: Some Gun Nuttery and Paul Lathrop

This was a great show. Ryan and I sat down with our friend Paul Lathrop to talk about fun guns and for Paul to tell the story of his recent legal brush. It’s really an amazing story, and Paul was … Continue reading

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Anti-Gunners: They Aren’t Like You or I

I think if you’ve read this blog long enough, you know that Anti-Freedom advocates live in a different world than we do. So you might remember the “Loaded Conversations Podcast”, the ONLY anti-gun Podcast. Even with Rebecca having done 4 … Continue reading

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