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Images of the Antis: Short Sighted

Ever got a chance to call a self-described proponent of “Common Sense Gun Control” a “Gun Banner” or “Gun Grabber”? If it’s a run-of-the-mill anti-gunner they might agree, but if they’re one of those that are steeped in top-down anti-rights … Continue reading

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False Sense of Security

So this is an interesting story: Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist cultural critic who has become a target of harassment by gamers, canceled a public speech scheduled for Wednesday after the college holding the event received threats of violence. Now first … Continue reading

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Probably One of His Best Videos!

LOVE IT! I love rock-solid theories like this thrown into video game lore. In the end it’s a lot of work for worthless fictional speculation, but it’s really fun to see how it comes out! Now he needs to do … Continue reading

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FPS Games are Good for Gun Culture

Now I won’t nit-pick all the little factual errors and newbie mistakes on the range. I’ll just share the video: A professional video gamer who spends a lot of time shooting stuff in cyber space decides to up his game … Continue reading

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Propaganda peices

Sometimes you have to be amazed at the amount of blind faith anti-gun people have in their failed ideology: That is what finally happened with REDACTED, 22, after six more innocent people were slaughtered, the last four — including the … Continue reading

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Ballistics in Mario

Just a fun video doing ballistics calculations for the Bullet Bill Family in the Mario games. Fun Stuff!

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Play Me Out: Metroid

A classic, enjoy

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The Atari ET Dump is True?

So I was many of the kids in the Christmas season of 1982 who got a copy of ET for my Atari 2600. Being 4 years old, I didn’t know any better, and I rather liked the game. Being a … Continue reading

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Well there! Another Nethack ascension! This one done almost exclusivly while my daughter was sleeping, and actually was a fairly quick run given the time constraints. Of course I suck at this game compared to the really good players. I’ve … Continue reading

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Google, Does Evil

Wow I’ve been hearing about this from many of the Youtube Channels. This video explains whats going wrong the best. Essentially Google, through Youtube is flagging people for copyright infringement, but many of these users have full permissions. But the … Continue reading

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