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Play Me Out: Goldfinger

LaWeer’da was drawing on her marker board and was drawing “Balloons”, her skill is still developing, so I had to take her word for it. Still she was drawing a bunch of “Red Balloons”, and you hear “Red Balloon” enough … Continue reading

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The Man Returns!

Ronald Jenkees has a new video up! Love this dude!

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One More!

And it has some tie-in to the Super Mario Brothers Movie, which I love in a messed up sort of way! Also check out the pitch-bend Keyboard solo at 2:14! How badass is that! Once I get a little bit … Continue reading

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Evening Music: Beebs and Her Money Makers

I frankly prefer my Ska with a nice healthy dose of punk in it. Still Beeb’s oily voice and the fact that they’re actively putting out music in a time when Ska is dead, I’m glad to have it!

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Play Me Out: Ska

Why not? AWESOME!!

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Evening Tunes

Just a pair of EDM songs that have been blowing my skirt up! And to bring the Wubs! Enjoy!!

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Afternoon Tunes: Rob Zombie

This song ROCKS!!! Just discovered this album. I used to be a MASSIVE Rob/White Zombie fan, but I sorta waned when he got more into making movies. I think I made a HUGE mistake!

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Play Me Out: Weird Al

Why not?

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Play Me Out: Only Whiskey

Might be some Wild Turkey in my glass. Scott Biram keeps getting better every album he puts out!

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Play Me Out: White Hot Odyssey

I won’t lie, I like Glam, and when a good portion of the Cherry Poppin Daddies (who are probably my favorite group) decided to do a Glam side project, I was all in! What do you think?

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