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Play Me Out: Tom Waits

This song was first released in The Early Years recordings. This version is super rare and VASTLY superior! Enjoy

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Play Me Out: The Killer

I forget how this started, but at lunch a coworker and I were discussing people who many THOUGHT were dead, but in fact were alive, plus music genre definitions. We landed on Jerry Lee Lewis, and discussed his career. I … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: Reverend Horton Heat

Never been much for the Green Stuff. OK, well there might be a splash of Chartreuse in my glass…. Either way, this song struck a tone with me tonight! Enjoy Responsibly!

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Friday Blog Dump

So we had a Squirrel Report that was Awesome! Also the Squirrel Report has RECIPES!! Today I made this, and it was just as easy and as good as it sounds! Also Ryan and I discussed 3D printing! So yeah … Continue reading

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Evening Tunes: Kissing In Porn

Some rather kickass Chap-Hop the wife has been consuming in massive quantities. Enjoy! Also this:

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Evening Ska: Mark Foggo

Really dig his sound!

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Afternoon Music: Good The Bad and the Ugly

Love this song, and this performance of it is the best ever IMHO. The singer is the key to the song IMHO, and she’s even better than the one on the OST.

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Play Me Out: Goldfinger

LaWeer’da was drawing on her marker board and was drawing “Balloons”, her skill is still developing, so I had to take her word for it. Still she was drawing a bunch of “Red Balloons”, and you hear “Red Balloon” enough … Continue reading

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The Man Returns!

Ronald Jenkees has a new video up! Love this dude!

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One More!

And it has some tie-in to the Super Mario Brothers Movie, which I love in a messed up sort of way! Also check out the pitch-bend Keyboard solo at 2:14! How badass is that! Once I get a little bit … Continue reading

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