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Play Me Out: Bassnectar

This is an awesome one! Enjoy!

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Morning Music: MOAR BIRAM

You can tell who I’m ingesting huge quantities of. This little two-song video is especially impressive. Just awesome!

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Play Me Out: Scott Biram

Another from his new Album “Nothin’ But Blood”

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Morning Tunes: Scott Biram

He has a new album out that I recently discovered, and it is a ROCK solid album. If you like Outlaw Country, Blues, and Punk, (individually or as a group) check it out! Here’s a live version of one of … Continue reading

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In Somewhat Bad Taste

You can infer who I am referencing, but I thought I’d repeat an axiom of mine a few days late: If you fancy yourself a poet, at least learn to play the guitar so we can have SOME use for … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: Kaleigh Baker

Haven’t paid much attention to her since her last album. Turns out she has a few new songs around. Awesome!

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Swing Swing Swing!

My Mom decided that little LaWeer’da needed a swing, and for Easter she got her one. One problem, the swing Mom bought was for a swing set, and we planned to hang it from a nice branch on our crab … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: Metroid

A classic, enjoy

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“Gun Death” Guitar String

Not just for Tom Waits Songs! A Kansas man accused of beheading another man with a guitar string three years ago and keeping his head has pleaded not guilty to premeditated first-degree murder. The song? Yeah he once killed a … Continue reading

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Play me Out: GG Allin

It’s Warren Zevon song, but the cover by GG is pretty good. Also there’s an interesting flavor that GG actually died of a heroin overdose.

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