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Play Me Out: Metroid

A classic, enjoy

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“Gun Death” Guitar String

Not just for Tom Waits Songs! A Kansas man accused of beheading another man with a guitar string three years ago and keeping his head has pleaded not guilty to premeditated first-degree murder. The song? Yeah he once killed a … Continue reading

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Play me Out: GG Allin

It’s Warren Zevon song, but the cover by GG is pretty good. Also there’s an interesting flavor that GG actually died of a heroin overdose.

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Pre-Show Tunes: PIRATES!!!

I do love when artists toss the sea shanty into modern times: And of course there’s this one that I love for obvious reasons:

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Little LaWeer’da had a good first day at daycare. Such a fun day she couldn’t bear to shut her eyes, so she managed the whole day with just one tiny nap. Still the end result wasn’t too bad. Still Daddy … Continue reading

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Light Blogging

Haven’t been feeling the itch recently. Also nobody told me there were OTHER things to do besides blogging!!!! How about some music?

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Too Much to Love!

Dubstep? CHECK! Quotations from the book of Revelations? CHECK! Hilarious twist to the creationist Meme? CHECK! L O V E I T!!!!!

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Play Me Out: #Selfie

Heard this while in Maine and laughed my ass off!

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I’m Outnumbered

I have a confession to make. I don’t like Queen. Now I Really WANT to like Queen. I’m amazed by the talent of Freddy Mercury, and the range of their song catalog is amazing. There is no one Queen song…but … Continue reading

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Trying to get the baby to sleep on her own for daytime naps. Having good success, but not TOTAL success. Its a good start. Also got more snow yesterday that needed shoveling. I’m tired and I got nothing to say!

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