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Play Me Out: Ace of Spades

Love Me some Motorhead, but Christina says Lemmy can’t carry a tune in a bucket. So enter The Reverend Horton Heat:

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Hillary LOLz

Too funny For those who missed the parody EYES AND EARS!!!! Takeaway: Why won’t those shit-kicking country retards not vote for her?

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Evening Music: Mad Caddies

Was listening to the Mad Caddies on the stereo. LaWeer’da loves them, as do I, but surprisingly the wife and Mother-in-law both flipped over this one. And one more won’t hurt, will it?

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Morning Music: More Kaleigh Baker!

I love me some Kaleigh Baker, and as you know I love Tom Waits the most of all. Some artists choose songs Tom did I’m not crazy about, but this one is a solid! I may even like Kaleigh’s cover … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: Kaleigh Baker

There’s some movement on her youtube channel. Hopefully this means she’ll be putting out more music. LOVE the original version of this song. This new version brings all sorts of different to the table. Enjoy!

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Play Me Out: Guilty Pleasure

Yeah, I’m a classically trained musician with a wide taste in music and musicians. Still sometimes a crappy song gets me too! There is NOTHING special about this song. The lyrics are lame, the music is repetitive and simple, but … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: Fun Fact

A good song, but an even better lesson! Now I’m a Marine Biologist who lives in the North East, so I don’t know SHIT about Cactus. Turns out they DO only live within the confines of the Sonoran Desert, which … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: Rev. Horton heat

Just a nice classy number about nothing at all classy!

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Play Me Out: Parliment

Been enjoying this one with the baby who LOVES Parliment Enjoy with us, will you?

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Morning Tunes GG Allin

A great punk song: Overall I take many of his lyrics with a grain of salt. Maybe I shouldn’t given the amount of time he spent in jails and prisons for horrible and unlawful acts. Still this song takes a … Continue reading

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