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Play Me Out: Guilty Pleasure

Yeah, I’m a classically trained musician with a wide taste in music and musicians. Still sometimes a crappy song gets me too! There is NOTHING special about this song. The lyrics are lame, the music is repetitive and simple, but … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: Fun Fact

A good song, but an even better lesson! Now I’m a Marine Biologist who lives in the North East, so I don’t know SHIT about Cactus. Turns out they DO only live within the confines of the Sonoran Desert, which … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: Rev. Horton heat

Just a nice classy number about nothing at all classy!

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Play Me Out: Parliment

Been enjoying this one with the baby who LOVES Parliment Enjoy with us, will you?

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Morning Tunes GG Allin

A great punk song: Overall I take many of his lyrics with a grain of salt. Maybe I shouldn’t given the amount of time he spent in jails and prisons for horrible and unlawful acts. Still this song takes a … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: Utada Hikaru

Man, this is a cool cover. Also neat to see how she manages to transpose it from a whiny male vocal to a strong female vocal, all in a language that isn’t her first.

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Play Me Out: Mad Caddies

Some punk for those interested. Haven’t done any music for a while. Enjoy!

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Play Me Out: Thunderbird

A whole song devoted to the king of Hobo Wines! yes I’ve drank it. No, I never finished a bottle! Too nasty! What’s the Word? Thunderbird!

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Play Me Out: Lemmy

LaWeer’da loves music. She’s been digging the Ozzy’s Boneyard on Sirius XM. One outing in the car a few songs featuring Lemmy came up, and she really dug it, so I started playing more Motorhead for her. Here’s a gem … Continue reading

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Morning Music: Mandolin PI

Not Banjo, or better yet a full Bluegrass cover, but it scratches my itch just a bit! If you know a bluegrass band or a finger-pick Banjo player, see if you can make this happen!

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