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Thursday Squirrel!

Another great podcast for you! Tonight on the Squirrel Report we’ll be talking about -The Fort Hood Shooting -Gun Bracelets and possibly ulterior motives the antis might want with them and the “Smart” guns -The Wage Gap and why it’s … Continue reading

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A Little Gun Geekery

Last night on Handgun Radio I got a little Gun G33ky with Ryan. I was going off the top of my head when talking about the history of micro 9mm Pistols. I decided to do a little research, again I’m … Continue reading

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Podcast SUNDAY?

Yep, not the Squirrel Report tonight, I’ll be a guest on the very cool, and VERY Maine Handgun Radio Podcast You should be able to listen live via Youtube here: And download it later in all the usual places. We’ll … Continue reading

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A Great Show for Tonight

Seems like it was a bit of a slow news week, but that doesn’t stop the Squirrels! Tonight we’ll be talking about the new NFL policy where you can ORDER a Cheerleader to your seat! Interesting. Of course there has … Continue reading

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Busy Night For Squirrels!

Wow! Its going to be a BIG night tonight on the Squirrel Report! we’ll be talking about our book club book Don’t Vote, It Just Encourages the Bastards. We will have special guests Michael and Jennifer to talk about the … Continue reading

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Podcast! Squirrels Come in Does and Bucks!

We’ll be talking about gender differences on tonight’s Squirrel Report, and the politics that follows! I KNOW you want to call in on this one! 9pm EST 214-530-0036. We’ll also talk about Crimea and the crap with that, and the … Continue reading

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Tag Team of Awesome!

Don’t you love it when a podcast you love has a guest you love on? Handgun Radio plus Forgotten Weapons . AWESOME!!

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More “Common Sense” From the Gun Control State

Have a look at this video: House gets broken into by five armed men, and alleged fired into the home before one of them was killed. Now the home owner is being charged because they don’t believe shots were fired, … Continue reading

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Get Bossy With the Squirrels!

Gonna be a fun one tonight! Big call-in topic will be the Girl Scout’s snit about the word “Bossy”. Does “Bossy” bug you? Did you know that somehow this only pertains to girls? (I was called “bossy” as a child) … Continue reading

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Crispin Glover on Nerdist

I’ve heard a lot of things about Crispin Glover. Is he a total loon? Is he a strange genius? Is he one of those deeply principled men who acts for art only and never chases the Hollywood money? Well he’s … Continue reading

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