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The Gunblog Variety Cast!

Episode #36 is up! Show notes here, show below!!! Enjoy!

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Funny That the Antis Aren’t Talking About This

The Anti-Gunners in General, and Michael Bloomberg’s “Moms Demand Action” have lost the war. They can’t get anti-gun bills passed, so they have yet again moved the goal posts to have national corporations make non-binding anti-gun press statements. Most of … Continue reading

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Oleg “Squirrel” Volk!

I love Oleg! I think EVERYBODY who knows Oleg loves him. Really the only people who DON’T love Oleg are the jackboots. So we’re going to have him on Tonight’s Show! Call-in Topic “If you could talk directly to Oleg … Continue reading

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Pro-Criminal, Not Anti-Gun

I really REALLY dislike Mike Huckabee, still when you put him next to the “Progressives”, he almost seems human: Over the weekend, Mike Huckabee was in New Hampshire to speak at the Republican Leadership Summit and while he was there, … Continue reading

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The Ironically Called “SAFE Act”

Doesn’t Sound Very Safe to me! City streets turned bloody over the balmy weekend — an earlier spate of violence than in recent years and a bad omen for what could become a long and violent summer. Three people were … Continue reading

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More on Trudeau the Fucking Hero

I first talked about it here, and now there’s more here: Ahh “Progressives”…Fucking HERO!

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Images of the Antis: Ironic

Ironic that I see the same issue, but from a different side: I see it as maybe the founders didn’t quite see how subversive the authoritarians would be, I mean the Bill of Rights was ratified some two generations before … Continue reading

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It’s Sunday! It’s The Gunblog Variety Cast

The guys are back from the NRA Annual Meeting, and those of us who weren’t there are back to our usual tricks. (BTW I’m especially amused by my segment this week…give it a listen!) Show notes are here, Sean would … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Thirdpower

Never thought of it this way: So by Joan and Jason’s definition, you are now a ‘victim of gun violence’. Joan’s sister was shot. She wasn’t anywhere near it when it happened, but she’s a “Victim of Gun Violence”. Jason … Continue reading

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Dear Joan, FUCK YOU!

This is just so damn insensitive! Joan has up a post called “Virginia Tech remembered – and other April shootings” where she says: As poet T. S. Eliot wrote, “April is the cruelest month.” It’s true. It’s so disturbing that … Continue reading

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