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Images of the Antis: Grassroots

Found this one and really thought it was worth a look: See this shows how different anti-freedom and pro-freedom think. Really up until the 1990s concealed carry wasn’t a very popular activity. It was always done here in the Northeast … Continue reading

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Images of the Antis: “Gun Death”

From Bloomberg’s new Anti-Gun Group Everytown: Note Murdered WITH A GUN! This is a little trick done by gun-banners to mislead. It is not saying that Americans are more likely to be murdered than citizens of other countries, just more … Continue reading

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Hey Hey, The Gang’s All Here!!

Its Thursday Night! Time for another SQUIRREL REPORT! Tonight in honor of our 100th Episode we have JayG, Former host and now illustrious Editor of Shooting Illustrated on! So yeah the Gang’s all here! Tonight we’ll be talking about the … Continue reading

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More Desperation from the Anti-Gun side

Looks like Bloomberg is starting a new AstroTurf group! Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg plans to spend $50 million this year to build a grass-roots network to reduce gun violence. …Two gun-control groups Bloomberg currently supports, Mayors Against … Continue reading

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Is the GOP Doomed

I’m not sure, but this is a good observation: With all her missteps in her solo political career, Hillary Clinton has some very well-defined weak points. That being said, all of this was true with Barack Obama in 2012, but … Continue reading

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Does the Sixth Amendment Apply?

Here’s an interesting story from Maine: For what could be the first time in Maine, a judge has stripped a criminal defendant of his constitutional right to have an attorney and has ordered the man to represent himself at his … Continue reading

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More “Red Team” Fail When it Comes to Guns

I’m just amazed when anti-gun people attempt to understand the pro-gun side: First comes the bizarre “Locked in a Room” scenario. I use a very similar one when discussing gun rights with people. My scenario goes like this: You are … Continue reading

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Images of the Antis: What Are They Trying To Say?

Yep this one is a Head Scratcher. So first up are they saying there are NO states where you can vote with no proof of ID? Funny, wasn’t that long ago where ACORN was registering people that didn’t exist by … Continue reading

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Images of the Antis: No True Scotsman

Sometimes the antis are a little TOO honest! So first we have the “No True Scotsman” Fallacy. “No sane man would want a gun, so all people with guns are insane!” Which is a great way to vilify gun owners … Continue reading

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A Resident’s Look at “Progressive” Venezuela

A really powerful video of an American talking with his friend in Venezuela about the day-to-day life in the failed state. Personally I think if I lived there I WOULD be angry and bitter. Hell I live in “Progressive” Massachusetts … Continue reading

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