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Who Watches the Watchmen

I guess this perv assumed “nobody”: As the acting cybersecurity chief of a federal agency, Timothy DeFoggi should have been well versed in the digital footprints users leave behind online when they visit web sites and download images. But DeFoggi—convicted … Continue reading

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Hysterics and Ignorance

Now this is just a GEM of pants shitting hysterics! Many people know of the “gun show loophole” that allows individuals to purchase guns without background checks or any sort of paperwork at gun shows. Currently, most states do not … Continue reading

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And You Are Outraged Why?

Gotta love this anti-rights pearl-clutching: The National Rifle Association went after a gun activist in the September issue of its American’s First Freedom magazine with an odd account of her professional background. The writer, Dave Kopel, is shocked that the … Continue reading

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Again Anti-Freedom!

Remember this post? It is not inconvenient to get a simple background check for a gun purchase. It takes mere minutes unless one is on the list of prohibited purchasers. Those folks should be inconvenienced. And, of course, the 5 … Continue reading

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Guns and Prohibition

Of course we know the anti-gun forces are for prohibiting guns, carry, and self defense in every way possible, but as I constantly say, they are Anti-Freedom, not just anti-gun. Sean suggested for this week’s Gun Blog Variety Cast Sean … Continue reading

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Been a VERY busy week and weekend, so the blog bug really isn’t biting. Still the interesting articles are piling up, so let’s just rip into a bunch of them. First is this messed up case: Just this week, such … Continue reading

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Are Anti-Freedom People Against People Shooting Dangerous Animals?

Yes! So this link goes to the Wallmart Shootings Blog, run by Joyce Foundation shill Jason “Baldr” Kilgore of Cease Fire Oregon. It’s a aggregation site for this laughable purpose: Why are there so many? Is it just because there … Continue reading

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So I’m back from Vacation, so I’ll be back on the Squirrel Report tonight! A nice full docket of topics! Furguson, Rick Perry Getting indited, the ALS Water Bucket challenge, and our semi-retired President, plus more! Also the most important … Continue reading

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More Anti-Gun Tilting at Windmills

Not a bad article, but it’s interesting to see how the anti-gun side spins it: “Stop. Drop your weapon. Don’t shoot.” Kasey Hansen yelled as she pointed her loaded handgun at a target’s chest at a shooting range outside Salt … Continue reading

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More Drunk Teachers

This is more common than many think: An Arizona school teacher showed up to class drunk and continued drinking throughout the day, authorities said Thursday. …The math teacher had a blood alcohol concentration level of .205, two-and-a-half times the legal … Continue reading

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