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A Scurry of Squirrels

So tonight on the Squirrel Report -Net Neutrality -Scott Walker -Emily Miller now Legal to Carry Plus other stuff. The fun stuff is the call-in. What would your collective noun for Social Justice Warriors be? Like a “Rancor” of Feminists? … Continue reading

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Images of the Antis: Bad Faith Argument

This would be a clever cartoon if it was at all true: So first off, the fact that the Bizzaro World Wayne LaPierre has a rifle, and when you look at long-arm homicides and assaults we really don’t have a … Continue reading

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Good Thing They Have Gun Free School Zones

Because that keeps insane and murderous professors in check! Maumelle police are investigating the shooting deaths of three people on Auriel Circle Friday night. …The initial findings, according to the Maumelle Police Department indicate an apparent arson, murder-suicide. …A source … Continue reading

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Interesting Story On Myths

Via Mrs. Weer’d a story on the Vaccine Myth…but frankly I think it works on gun control. Go read the whole thing. I was talking with an anti on another blog, and he asked me “If Gun control is so … Continue reading

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War on Women

Really except not. They do imply that “Progressives” hate on women more, but I don’t buy it. Really it boils down to men and women are different, biologically, and culturally, and that means less money. My wife and I have … Continue reading

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Sunday Night Variety Show

Yep time for another Gunblog Variety Cast! Show notes here, and show below. Also thanks to Ratus for making this cool image for the show! The image says it all!

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Anti-Rights Retread

Found this via the usual suspects. In this bit from a show he did in 2014, Jefferies brilliantly and hilariously points out the absurdity of America’s reaction to mass shootings as opposed to his native Australia. “In Australia, we had … Continue reading

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Good Article

I had plans for a full post using this article, but I’m just not feeling it. Still if you haven’t read it you should! Again, read the whole thing, but just for a taste, here’s the closing paragraph: That’s a … Continue reading

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A Look in the Anti-Gun Ivory Tower

Sucks that this is a loss, but it’s a loss in New York, it would be stupid not to appeal it IMHO. A pro-gun group’s lawsuit seeking to undermine the city’s strict gun control laws has been shot down by … Continue reading

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Images of the Antis: Campus Carry

They hate ALL carry, but the antis are REALLY good at the slippery slope via focusing on niche issues: All I need to say is: Have you ever read about a campus shooting at a school where campus carry was … Continue reading

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