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More Dragon Leatherworks on NCIS!

Awesome work Dennis! His gear again appears on NCIS! You can watch the show here! Or simply go over to Walls of the City to see the screen grabs! If you want some Dragon Leatherworks gear, go click that banner … Continue reading

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New Knives!

Just got an order in from Knifecenter. Two new knives from CRKT. I’ll be doing an in-depth review of both of them when I get a chance to shake them down a bit, and take photos! Love getting new knives!

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Great Series!

So I just finished “Lucky 13″ which is a short story from the Terms of Enlistment Series by none-other than Marko “Munchkin Wrangler”/ “Major Caudill” Kloos. I must say I am DYING for his latest “Lines of Departure” to drop … Continue reading

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New Products from Dragon Leatherworks

So we KNOW he makes great holsters, and belts too! (BTW check out the cool buckles he offers for the belts! LOVE that Steam Punk one!) He also has a gun shop where he sells guns! Of course many of … Continue reading

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So had a little stint of insomnia last night, so was reading Amazon Reviews for this new ice mold I bought. I had a plastic one that was really cool, but combination of cold and the pressure of freshly frozen … Continue reading

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Got One of These

Looks pretty cool, and pretty easy! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to try out all this stuff!

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Bug A Salt and Terminal Ballistics

So I have a Bug-A-Salt and I LOVE it. Its been a great stress reliever to go on a quick hunting trip in the day. Still I was a bit surprised after seeing videos like this at the terminal performance … Continue reading

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A Big Plus on the Ruger LCR .357

So here’s something I never thought about when I reviewed my LCRs Here are my go-to defensive pocket guns. My S&W642 which is my first carry gun, My Kahr PM45, my favorite pocket-carry gun, and my New .357 Magnum LCR. … Continue reading

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Home Again!

Well that was just what the doctor ordered! Arrived at our tent on Lake Champlain, unpacked and immediately took a nap before dinner! Next day was more naps, and a LOT of reading between playing with the nieces and nephews … Continue reading

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Ruger LCR Review

So let’s Talk about my new Ruger LCR Revolvers: So I just bought this pair on Thursday, and shot them both today. So you don’t hold your breath, I’m VERY impressed and pleased with these guns. Money well spent, and … Continue reading

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