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Cheap Wine Reviewed By An Irish Brewmaster


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Images of the Antis: Wahhh???

Miguel found this one that just gets me scratching my head: Woah, WHAT??? What are they even trying to say? Now I call where I keep my guns “The Armory”, not only as a boast that I own a bunch … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!

Got a good crop of kids knocking on the door. Saw a few REALLY good costumes, and only a few piss-poor ones. Also I found this video, which EVERYBODY will enjoy! Happy Halloween!

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The Onion Brings Some Gems: Heh!

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Who’s The Victim Here?

Tam Snarks it up about this story: William Coleman III was robbed of his Walter- brand P22 just after 2:00 a.m. October 4 in Gresham by a young man who asked him for it — and flashed his own weapon … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: Thunderbird

A whole song devoted to the king of Hobo Wines! yes I’ve drank it. No, I never finished a bottle! Too nasty! What’s the Word? Thunderbird!

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A Bold Leap Forward in Mobile Technology

So as you all should know I’m a pretty hardcore Android OS guy. Well this weekend I decided the ease of use, affordability of product, and multitude of options for platforms was just too much for me to bear. So … Continue reading

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Morning Music: Mandolin PI

Not Banjo, or better yet a full Bluegrass cover, but it scratches my itch just a bit! If you know a bluegrass band or a finger-pick Banjo player, see if you can make this happen!

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Is There No Justice In This World?

I just searched Youtube, and there were NO (ZERO) videos of people playing the Magnum PI theme on the Banjo! Can this REALLY be true? Is this the world we live in?

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For Scotland

Looks like you guys picked to forever be the welfare state of England. Good for you! For you, a Swede messing with you!

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