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I Hate When I’m Right

I thought I might be wrong as the days went by. Nope, I told everybody we’d have snow in April after this winter. Still the scary thing is I generally consider MARCH 16th the first day of spring as in … Continue reading

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Yeah, how we used to listen to music SUCKED! BTW even tho I grew up with a record player in my bedroom, several years ago when my Father-in-law left Maine for Florida he gave us all his LPs. I found … Continue reading

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Well I DO Have a Young Daughter….

Heh, Of course the scariest gun is HER’s. Dad’s can be scary as hell (tho I never personally encountered it because I was always a welcome treat to be brought home!) but nothing is scarier than a girl with a … Continue reading

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April Fools

I was contemplating doing an April Fool’s joke today about having to shovel 8″ of snow today. In reality the weather got up to the 50s and Me and LaWeer’da went out and enjoyed the good weather. I wonder if … Continue reading

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Llama’s With Hats #5!!!!!!! For those not in the know, 1-4 TOO FUNNY! Carl is an asshole!

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Onion LOLz

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St. Patrick’s LOL!

Love the Onion!

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Cool Way To Rid Your Yard of an Ant Problem

Fill the colony with molten aluminum! ) Came out really neat looking! I generally don’t respond to these non-traditional art projects, but damn, if I don’t think that finished product doesn’t make a neat little sculpture! Further not only is … Continue reading

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Too Much to Love!

Dubstep? CHECK! Quotations from the book of Revelations? CHECK! Hilarious twist to the creationist Meme? CHECK! L O V E I T!!!!!

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Skydive Into the Deep Blue

So last night on the Squirrel Report MDev called in and mentioned wanting to do a combination Sky Dive SCUBA Dive. Well these guys got more than halfway there! I was wicked bummed to see them NOT grab tanks and … Continue reading

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