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Via Joat The internet loves cats…I love the ducklings!

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Back to the Shovel!

So I daycare had a late opening, so I got all my gear ready so I could drop her off fast and hopefully make the last rush hour train to Boston so I could make a very late arrival in … Continue reading

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OK It’s Bad Out There

So I stepped outside because the furnace was sucking in snow, and the dryer vent was under the snow and I wanted to do laundry…and yeah it’s SO deep. I’m in for a quick break, I suspect most of the … Continue reading

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So there is a HUGE snow storm moving through the North East right now. Boston will be essentially shut down. I don’t work in the city on Tuesdays so it won’t be a big deal for me, except for the … Continue reading

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Movie LOLz

This was hilarious!

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Images of the Antis: Emanuel Goldstein

**Note update at the bottom on the real identity of the man in the picture** This is a bit of an odd one, but I decided it’s better to post it than not: Link to the pinterest page here I … Continue reading

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Some Nice Random From Day Job Orchestra!


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Back from my Holiday in Maine. It was AWESOME! Everybody had a great time and I got SLEEEP! Seriously one morning I was sleeping in my childhood bedroom with the baby in a crib at the foot of my bed … Continue reading

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Yeah, it Feels Like That

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Shameless Podcast Whoredom

So I was chatting with Chester Murphy about when his next podcast was coming out. He asked “When are you free?” So yeah we did a fun little romp of random podcast tomfoolery, and I shamelessly pimped The Squirrel Report, … Continue reading

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