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Play Me Out: Dr. Bombay

A little racist, by why not enjoy good music???

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Shirt: Now with Moar Hog!!!

Got My Squirrel Report Shirts in! I need to talk to Alan about what he did differently this time, as the shirt was cheaper, and is MUCH nicer fabric. Photo Idea stolen from here. For those who didn’t get one…too … Continue reading

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Just an Amusing Story

So I found this story via Joan Peterson A St. Paul man was charged Tuesday with making terroristic threats after allegedly pointing a gun at someone who confronted him about a bad parking job late Saturday morning, police say. Essentially … Continue reading

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Weer’d and Ryan Hit the Road

So Ryan had the forethought to record our drive across country to Louisville and back. The results are…..well interesting Man that was a LONG drive!

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Very Close to the Truth

So C-90 sent me this video! What’s hilarious is LaWeer’da is always heading off to work. She’ll put on her backpack or grab a purse (she has one filled with expired train tickets for added effect) and say “Goodbye, I’m … Continue reading

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The Other Side of Bartending

For those of you who follow my blog for the mixology, I HAVE to share this discovery! So I LOVE watching videos of skilled bartenders making fine cocktails, and it’s really a big tent, there are videos of people all … Continue reading

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Great Hunter Thompson impersonation!

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Some Cocktail LOLz

First because the Donk Debate is tonight: and this is just a GREAT story! Good times!

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Rockin Cloaca!

I got two of the three right! I love it when the Internet Makes a video just for me!

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Some LOLz

I need to go hunting!! That’s funny stuff!

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