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The Other Side of Bartending

For those of you who follow my blog for the mixology, I HAVE to share this discovery! So I LOVE watching videos of skilled bartenders making fine cocktails, and it’s really a big tent, there are videos of people all … Continue reading

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Great Hunter Thompson impersonation!

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Some Cocktail LOLz

First because the Donk Debate is tonight: and this is just a GREAT story! Good times!

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Rockin Cloaca!

I got two of the three right! I love it when the Internet Makes a video just for me!

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Some LOLz

I need to go hunting!! That’s funny stuff!

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I could take either of them….but I honestly we use our Edge so infrequently I could never justify a 2nd car, even tho both of these make good dollars and cents. Which would you choose?

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Seen on the Squirrel Report

Hillarious! part one is Here, and I found part 2: For those not in the Know, it’s one of these. Really common, REALLY BIG fish, but generally not THAT close to shore, I’ve literally been in spots where I’ve seen … Continue reading

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Gun Control LOLz


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Youtube LOLZ


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Toddler, or Tiny Drunk?

So yesterday was a rough day! Little One had such a tantrum she just passed out on the floor. Showed this to a co-worker, and she responded with this: OMG FUNNY! You can buy the full version here I will … Continue reading

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