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Yeah, it Feels Like That

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Shameless Podcast Whoredom

So I was chatting with Chester Murphy about when his next podcast was coming out. He asked “When are you free?” So yeah we did a fun little romp of random podcast tomfoolery, and I shamelessly pimped The Squirrel Report, … Continue reading

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Cheap Wine Reviewed By An Irish Brewmaster


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Images of the Antis: Wahhh???

Miguel found this one that just gets me scratching my head: Woah, WHAT??? What are they even trying to say? Now I call where I keep my guns “The Armory”, not only as a boast that I own a bunch … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!

Got a good crop of kids knocking on the door. Saw a few REALLY good costumes, and only a few piss-poor ones. Also I found this video, which EVERYBODY will enjoy! Happy Halloween!

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The Onion Brings Some Gems: Heh!

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Who’s The Victim Here?

Tam Snarks it up about this story: William Coleman III was robbed of his Walter- brand P22 just after 2:00 a.m. October 4 in Gresham by a young man who asked him for it — and flashed his own weapon … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: Thunderbird

A whole song devoted to the king of Hobo Wines! yes I’ve drank it. No, I never finished a bottle! Too nasty! What’s the Word? Thunderbird!

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A Bold Leap Forward in Mobile Technology

So as you all should know I’m a pretty hardcore Android OS guy. Well this weekend I decided the ease of use, affordability of product, and multitude of options for platforms was just too much for me to bear. So … Continue reading

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Morning Music: Mandolin PI

Not Banjo, or better yet a full Bluegrass cover, but it scratches my itch just a bit! If you know a bluegrass band or a finger-pick Banjo player, see if you can make this happen!

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