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Reading LOL

Since I got a kindle I have read as many books as when I was trapped on a boat for weeks on end. It’s just so light and small that I take it everywhere with me. LOL! If you want … Continue reading

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Well That is Saddly Ironic

Beatles vs. Beetles: In a case of unbelievable coincidence, a pine tree planted in memory of the late Beatle George Harrison was killed by a beetle infestation. The tree, planted in a Los Angeles park, was overrun with bark beetles, … Continue reading

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No, Dear Friends, This Wasn’t Me

Sent by friends who know me well: A West Seattle house was set on fire by a man trying to kill a spider with a makeshift blow torch. …Firefighters say the man who rented the house was trying to kill … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Chipotle Open Carry

Heh – A couple engaged in sex on the roof of a Newark restaurant Saturday night were arrested when an officer interrupted them, police said Monday. Michael Suh, 38, of the 100 block of East Main Street, and Nicole Germack, … Continue reading

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Not a “Gun Death” just Stupid

This dude was obviously off his rocker: A man attempting to light a cigarette while covered in gasoline in downtown Austin was arrested Tuesday morning and charged with attempted arson. It was about 10 a.m. when Austin police were sent … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: Weebl

Instant Classic!

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Image of the Day

Via Ponklemoose: Who says Moar HOG is just for the dudes!

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Skunkape is REAL!

Notice she didn’t talk about Skunkape because unlike that other crap, skunkape is REAL!

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You Might Be a Gun Nut if…

If THIS looks more useful for your hobby than dirty: Yeah my gun bench looks kinda strange to outsiders. Crisco for the Black powder revolver. Tampons for general cleaning, and gloves to keep your hands nice and clean.

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Well There’s That….

Ok then: Police in northeastern Ohio say an 82-year-old man was cited for flying a kite while he was naked. Officers say they received calls earlier this week about a bald man without any clothes who was flying a kite … Continue reading

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