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Tactical LOL!

SO FUNNY!!! I won’t lie, I’d call it!

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For “”

Yep so I picked up a troll in a full-blown manic episode. Just had to post this video. Yep, just like that!

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#Thursday DeathMatch!

As Breda Said Last week, we’ll be having a death match between social justice warriors on Tonight’s Squirrel Report! So yeah, we’ll need you in on this one to help supply the contenders, so call in 214-530-0036 starting at 9pm … Continue reading

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And With That Boston Has Fallen

Just got in from shoveling. Will probably have to do one more round in the morning when the troops are up to shuffle the cars around so I can get a few spots I missed. Feels like I’m CONSTANTLY shoveling, … Continue reading

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In Bad Taste

Isn’t my Daughter a Little Young to be riding the cotton pony? Man this was the best toy for her when she figured out how to swing that leg over the “Pony”.

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Hey! I Have a Blog!

Sorry all, but the weather has been DESTROYING me! Lots of shoveling, commuting to work has been rough, so yeah my blogging has been REALLY light. So time for a good-old news dump. First from Farm Dad, a story that … Continue reading

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More Snow

Man 2015 is kicking my ass already! Woke up at 5am to driving snow. Spoke with the wife and we decided that getting little LaWeer’da to daycare would be far more trouble than it was worth, and she could stay … Continue reading

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Via Joat The internet loves cats…I love the ducklings!

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Back to the Shovel!

So I daycare had a late opening, so I got all my gear ready so I could drop her off fast and hopefully make the last rush hour train to Boston so I could make a very late arrival in … Continue reading

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OK It’s Bad Out There

So I stepped outside because the furnace was sucking in snow, and the dryer vent was under the snow and I wanted to do laundry…and yeah it’s SO deep. I’m in for a quick break, I suspect most of the … Continue reading

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