“Gun Death” Bat Beating

Bats: We Should Ban them!!!

A third suspect has been arrested in connection with the killing of a man who was beaten to death with a baseball bat in September.

Go have a look at those mug shots! Obviously if they hadn’t gotten their hands on those bats, nothing bad would have happened!

At least that’s what’s implied with “Gun Death”.

H/T Whipped Cream Difficulties

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Well Prepared

This is interesting:

Police in Columbus say a woman sleeping on a couch with a loaded gun fatally shot an intruder who smashed through a front window.

A police report said the man who was shot had broken into a house across the street Thursday morning and had just jumped out a second floor window when confronted by that resident.

He broke through the window of the other home, and the woman sleeping in the front room grabbed the gun and fired multiple shots. He died later at a hospital. Police later determined he wasn’t armed.

Given that the departed was attempting his SECOND break-in of the night, It lends some light to why she was packing in her sleep. When LaWeer’da was born I was carrying, because I had woken up that morning, and like most mornings strapped on my gun. Since the baby was successfully birthed I had to sleep on that gun for 3 days, and while it wasn’t comfortable, it was considerably more comfortable than not being armed.

Still I’m glad this lady was armed, and I’m glad this upstanding citizen won’t be wasting the time of the court and penal system.


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War on Women

Really except not. They do imply that “Progressives” hate on women more, but I don’t buy it. Really it boils down to men and women are different, biologically, and culturally, and that means less money.

My wife and I have similar degrees, in the same field, but she makes twice (more than that, now that I’m part time) of what I make. It all boils down to lifestyle choices.


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“Gun Death” Binge Drinking

Wasn’t a “Gun Death”

Four members of a Nebraska university frat house have been charged with supplying the alcohol that an 18-year-old freshman binged to death on.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln student **DEPARTED** was found dead in his room at FarmHouse fraternity house on September 5 after passing out at an off-campus party the night before.

Sad story, and I honestly don’t have problems with the charges. I think if you’re an adult you should be able to do EVERYTHING any other adult can legally do. The idea that there is some grey area between 18 and 21 where somebody is an adult…but also still a minor.

Still you supply booze to somebody in a party situation (not like they just gave him some beers and he went on his way) they were likely aware he had over-done it, and should have sought medical assistance, so I have no sympathy for the people charged. Lots of minors and young adults get drunk, and most survive because peers look out for them.

There of course were the antis for booze, and because of their work we had the Prohibition of Alcohol, which was a total disaster…but we should try it with guns!

H/T Bob

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“Gun Death” License and Registration Pt 2

Remember we license drivers and register cars!

Lewisville Police are investigating a deadly auto-pedestrian accident involving an unlicensed driver.

…The preliminary investigation has revealed that a 16 year old Lewisville resident was told by her father that she could start the car in preparation for leaving their house. Her father was teaching her some basics of car operations and she placed the 4-door Nissan Sentra in reverse, accelerating rapidly out of the driveway. She crossed the road and struck **VICTIM**, a 12-year-old Lewisville resident pinning him against a home. A 10-year-old was also struck but not seriously injured.

Also it doesn’t say, but I suspect Dad handed over the keys, meaning the car was also locked up. It doesn’t work for cars, but it WOULD work for guns…because MAGIC!

H/T Bob

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And In Case You Don’t Have Enough of My Voice in Your Ear

I was on Gun Guy Radio with Ryan. Generally Ryan and I talk about handguns on Handgun Radio, but since he’s guest-hosting Gun Guy Radio we had an opportunity to talk about long guns.

This week we talked about shotguns and self defense. It was a fun time! Why don’t you listen in!

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Sunday Night Variety Show

Yep time for another Gunblog Variety Cast!

Show notes here, and show below.

Also thanks to Ratus for making this cool image for the show!


The image says it all!

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Anti-Rights Retread

Found this via the usual suspects.

In this bit from a show he did in 2014, Jefferies brilliantly and hilariously points out the absurdity of America’s reaction to mass shootings as opposed to his native Australia.

“In Australia, we had the biggest massacre on earth, the Australian government went, ‘That’s it! No more guns!’ And we all went, ‘Yeah, alright then. That seems fair enough.’ Now in America, you have the Sandy Hook Massacre where little, tiny children died, and your government went, ‘Maybe – we’ll get rid of the BIG guns?'”

Remember, the antis are always telling us “We just want ‘Common Sense’ gun regulations, nobody wants to take your guns!” Well except they do.

Of course it’s an old video…and strangely enough I already tore it apart here.

Also interesting as hell that even he says “It’s a comedy show, these are just jokes” yet the antis take is as gospel.

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“Gun Death” Licensing and Registration

You hear this all the time by anti-gunners. We license drivers, and register cars! Why can’t we do it with guns. Yeah!

Authorities in northeast Ohio say at least a dozen people were injured when a stolen truck crashed into a bar while being pursued by police.

Police in Westlake say the stolen pickup was traveling about 75 mph in a 35 mph zone before it crashed into Dover Gardens Tavern just before 9 p.m. Thursday.

The truck ran over stop sticks that police placed in the road and then lost control. The truck went fully inside the tavern.

Police say at least 12 people sustained injuries, from bumps and bruises to broken bones.

The driver was arrested and taken to a hospital for his injuries. Authorities say he had a suspended license and active warrants from two police departments.

Thankfully nobody was killed, but given the story I’m amazed nobody was! Still we license drivers, and this one had his license pulled. He was also wanted for prior crimes, but the police didn’t catch him until AFTER he stole this truck! Hell the truck was registered! Awesome!

Oh and we also have laws about theft, speeding, and evading police….maybe we need one more law?

Won’t here this from the antis, because they like their cars and won’t want to be bothered!


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Good Article

I had plans for a full post using this article, but I’m just not feeling it. Still if you haven’t read it you should!

Again, read the whole thing, but just for a taste, here’s the closing paragraph:

That’s a 17,544% increase in England’s assault crime over the past 100 years. In truth, there is no explicit correlation between gun control laws and murder rates between countries (Switzerland and Israel “have rates of homicide that are low despite rates of home firearm ownership that are at least as high as those in the United States.”) It is the case that handguns used in crimes in the UK have doubled since they were banned in 1997. Guns can’t account fully for the drop in crime throughout the 20th century, nor can they account fully for the rise in violent crime over the past 100 years, but there is no doubt that accessibility to firearms has worked as a successful deterrence against criminals in progressive societies and that bans have ensured that any handguns in England are only falling into criminal hands.

Should we proliferate handguns around England tomorrow? Probably not. (Obviously we should begin with firearm training sessions – safety first!) But liberalizing gun laws should not be off the table. Historically, they’ve earned it.

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