Happy New Year!

However you’ve celebrated in the Past, Dr. Matt shows you’ve been doing it wrong the whole time!

That’s just a stupid good time!

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Well That Was Fun!

Had a great Show last night on the Squirrel Report!

Drinks, lots of calls, and good times….also I was drinking a Steel Reserve from a 40oz plastic bottle.

Molson Squirrel


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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 71

Another Great Show for your Holiday joys

Show notes here, show below!



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Stephen Crowder Does What I Do Best

this could easily be a segment from This Week in Anti-Gun Nuttery

He clearly shows how much more effort it takes to refute bullshit compared to the effort it takes to spew it. Cenk is simply lying, but for a “Progressive” who cares, so long as the message is right.

For a rational and functional human being, we understand that people won’t take us for our word, or follow us blindly, so we need to do research and show our work.

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Looks Damn Tasty!

Another Cocktail from Robert Hess

Since I don’t use simple syrup, I think a substitution with St. Elder would be ideal.

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Gunblog Variety Cast Episode 70

Another great one for your pleasure!

Show notes here, show below



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SQRPT: Where the Topic is YOU!

So the last few weeks the Squirrels and I have been lazy and haven’t talked at all about show ideas. Thankfully the other night the callers were thick with topics. Made for a really fun show!

Photo Squirrel

Give it a listen!

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Terror Watch List is CRAP!

Awesome Video!

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Handgun Radio Gift Guide!

Have a listen to what Ryan and I think are great gift ideas for the holiday season for the gunny in your life!


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Great Hunter Thompson impersonation!

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