“Gun Death” Beating or Other?

This is a strange one:

A kitchen worker killed at a Malibu restaurant was brutally beaten and staggered to the front of the building before collapsing, investigators said Monday.

The employee was last assigned to trash duty before his body was discovered around 8:30 p.m. Sunday, said Tony Waldrop, manager of Guido’s on the 3800 block of Cross Creek Road.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials initially investigated the case as a shooting death, but are now calling it a beating, which they say occurred near the back of the restaurant.

But later there’s this story:

Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials said Wednesday an upper respiratory infection killed a man who was discovered dead in front of a Malibu restaurant.

Carlos Ivan Rodas, 32, was found late Sunday lying in a pool of blood in front of Guido’s restaurant on Cross Creek Road, where he worked.

Initially, investigators said they believed Rodas had been brutally beaten at the rear of the building before staggering to the front door.

But in a statement Wednesday afternoon, sheriff’s officials blamed natural causes.

“It appears there was no criminal conduct related to his death,” officials said in the statement.

The explanation leaves questions about the pool of blood.

Initially they said he was shot…then beaten, now it was an infection???? WTF?

Either way, no guns, no “Gun Death”.

H/T Whipped Cream Difficulties

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A Neat Video

So I get junk mail from time-to-time. My email gets on a list being connected to this blog and people who don’t read it, or have any idea what I do here send me junk about advertising and guest blogging and all sorts of other crap.

The stuff gets marked as spam and I move on.

I also get people sending me links to youtube videos. One channel constantly sent me updates whenever they uploaded a video, and it was all Black Helicopter, New World Order crap. I marked it as spam, still watching videos are fun, so I generally click on those links first.

This was one of those. Somebody from this channel sent me this video, and frankly, I really liked it, so there you go! Linky!

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Tam Tests My Carry Ammo, So I Don’t Have To!

Tam puts some Winchester Ranger, and Federal HST +P 230 grain JHPs through a good range of .45s to see what the muzzle numbers look like.

So all I concentrated on was the Federal HST because that just so happens to be the ammo I carry in all three of my .45 ACP business guns. I have two S&W 1911, one 5″ and one 4.25″, and of course the snubbie PM45 that has a 3.1″ tube.

You always have to wonder how these bullets perform. The reason why I carry the +P ammo in the Kahr is because it’s the ammo EVERYTHING runs well on, and when I shot a few mags of the hot stuff through the little gun when I first got it the recoil difference was noticeable, but only academically. If the gun went from a soft-shooting gun that was easy to get back on target to feeling like I was handling a live python going for my throat, I would have bought maybe some Speer Gold Dot 230 grain standard pressure loads. As it turns out the gun eats everything of good quality (the tight chamber on this gun is known to choke on steel-cased ammo, so I’ve never attempted to shoot that stuff, and it has gummed up pretty bad on reloads where the crimp might have been a bit off) so why not just load the same ammo into all the guns?

Still what does that short pipe do to the terminal performance. In Bobbie’s 3.75″ she was experiencing velocites slightly better than most factory Standard Pressure loads. I’m sure the half-inch of barrel is going to lose some velocity, but not a ton. That’s awesome, given that standard pressure loads have a lot more to lose.

Also what’s REALLY interesting is in both loads she didn’t see much difference in the 5″ up to the 6.5″. Makes me think that modern people aren’t loading .45s for the standard 5″ 1911 that was one ubiquitous in this caliber, but to the 4.5″ plastic guns that are now the go-to hater to toss 230 grain ball down range. **NO DUMMY SHE TESTED GUNS IN 3.75″ 5″ AND 6.5″! IT’S WEER’D WHO OWNS THE COMMANDER, NOT TAM!**

And in the end those of us who carry stumpy .45s aren’t dealing with huge loss of performance. That being said I am reminded of these ammo tests:

Now what Tam saw was a 100 FPS difference, and Andrew saw 200FPS, and with that drop in performance Andrew saw the round go from expanding to failing. Still his ammo was carbine ammo, and we’re ONLY talking pistols. I hope Federal took that into account, and I hope more I never find out either way.

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Moar Variety, Moar Podcast!

Episode #4! So check out that Gunblog Variety Cast! Listen to us on iTunes, on the website or right here!

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“Gun Death” Hammer

They kill more people than rifles!

A 45-year-old man was in custody Monday after allegedly hitting his 78-year-old father in the head with a hammer and then reporting the fatal attack to authorities, police said.

Odd that the people who talk the most about “Gun Death” ignore the LARGER amount of deaths caused by hammers, when they concentrate on “assault weapons” which are involved in a trivial amount of murders.

Hey the agenda is more important than public safety!

H/T Whipped Cream Difficulties

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“Gun Death” Big Ass Knife


A Florida man is accused of disemboweling his neighbor with a knife and then calling 911.

He claims self-defense, but that really goes out the window when the cops had to taze him when they arrested him. Also he kinda has a history of this:

But it wasn’t **REDACTED** first alleged violent outburst. Jail records show that he was charged in March, 2007, for attacking a pregnant woman with a deadly weapon in his home and holding her against her will. He spent almost a year in prison for the attack.

Odd how when a violent criminal does something violent, it often isn’t the first violent act they’ve been caught doing.

H/T Bob

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Good on Onion

Now this is an interesting twist:

Now most of the time The Onion touches on topical political issues with a wink, but this time the wink is ONLY that the sportscaster is talking about FANTASY Football. After that it’s a solid political statement about the National Felon’s League.

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The Squirrels Remember

Tonight we talk about 9-11, and how you feel about it 13 years later.

This is the first year I didn’t post a simple remembrance post for this date. I’m officially pissed at how the world has changed after the horrible attack.

How do you feel reflecting on this day?

Call us at 9pm EST at 214-530-0036 and Join us for The Squirrel Report

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Probably One of His Best Videos!


I love rock-solid theories like this thrown into video game lore. In the end it’s a lot of work for worthless fictional speculation, but it’s really fun to see how it comes out!

Now he needs to do a bit on how Gouki is Ryu’s father in the Street Fighter series. (hint, Red Hair, and Gouki is always perusing Ryu, but while he is considerably more powerful, he never kills him)

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Felons Aren’t Known For Being Smart

Felon seen on Twitter holding guns gets 18 months

In a photo he posted on Twitter, Kwmaine Davis had a big smile on his face as he held one gun in each hand at a shooting range. His message to his followers: “Yes, I’m really bout that action.”

What Davis didn’t know is that one of his followers was a Boston police officer.

As a convicted felon, Davis isn’t allowed to possess guns, even if he’s only shooting them at a firing range. A federal judge sentenced him Wednesday to 18 months in prison for doing just that.

After seeing two firing range photos Davis posted on Twitter, Boston police notified federal authorities. Police were concerned that Davis, a known member of a violent Boston gang, had gone to the firing range to perfect his shooting skills. He already had been shot twice himself and convicted once before for illegal possession of a gun.

Criminals don’t care about the law. He’s a violent gang member, he’s been shot twice before, and this isn’t his first gun conviction, yet still not only did he illegally get guns, but he posted pictures of it online.

Of course why not?

He was sentenced to prison after saying he accepted responsibility for his actions and wanted to turn his life around. Davis, 23, told U.S. District Judge Denise Casper that he plans to go to counseling, return to school and find a job after his release.

Casper imposed a sentence that was agreed to by prosecutors and Davis’ lawyer under a plea deal. The judge told Davis she hopes he will make an “earnest effort” to get his life on track.

“At the end of the day, it’s up to you, and I wish you good luck,” she said, just before Davis was led away to begin serving his sentence.

Davis’ lawyer, Joshua Hanye, said his client admitted to being a member of the H-bloc gang – a violent gang that operates in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood – since the age of 13. But he said he Davis is “ready to make a change.”

Just tell the judge that THIS TIME you’re serious about flying the straight an narrow and he’ll give you a 18 month sentence at the grey-bar hotel! I’ll be AMAZED if he’s not out on the streets dealing drugs and carrying guns in six months!

We won’t be rid of this thug until somebody kills him, or he finally kills somebody else.

The moral of this story is that gun laws are pointless, because criminals don’t care, and the Justice system doesn’t seem to care much more. There is no evidence that this guy is going to clean up his act, and I would say quite the evidence to the contrary, and all he has to do is be a “good boy” by prison standards and he’ll be back with the gang in Boston before spring!

This story will ONLY end in murder. either the murder of Mr. Davis, or the murder of somebody else. I would say potentially somebody defending themselves from Mr. Davis, but this is Boston. This is how violent crime is treated in this country, and why you NEED to carry a gun!


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