Another Reason to have a 2nd Amendment

You can legally defend against this crap.

The 2nd Amendment is the RIGHT to keep and bear ARMS, not just guns, and if you’ve been following the issue we have 2nd Amendment groups that focus on guns, and groups that focus on knives, and many states have had their bullshit knife laws lifted.

And all knife laws are bullshit.

Canada is very similar to the United States in gun ownership levels…but because they kept the King for much longer (and got a tone of loyalist refugees from our war of independence) they never got our Second Amendment, both in law, and culture.

Remember this.

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Tom Gabor: Firearms Owner Licensing. A Weer’d Fisk

So Mike Weisser is likely crazy, and definitely anti-gun. Still he did what I consider a great thing, he’s opened his blog up to other anti-gunners to preach propaganda, and the occasional gun article written by an out-of-touch anti-gun Elmer Fudd.

One of his latest guest articles is by Dr. Thomas Gabor. Dr. Gabor is a criminologist from Canada who now lives in Florida. In case you’re curious on how much of an anti-gun nut Tom is, I did a two-part Audio Fisk of him on the Gunblog Variety Cast, episodes can be found here and here. Needless to say he’s the type of anti-gun nut we’ve gotten so used to. He’s for ANY proposal that inconveniences bothers, or restricts guns or gun owners….but he claims to “Support the 2nd Amendment and Gun Owners”. Further since he has a science background he uses that to twist facts and data to support his agenda at every step of the way…but from time-to-time he just gets lazy and outright lies.

So yeah his latest article on Mike’s Website can be found here (FYI there is a semi-open comments section, last I checked Mike had it moderated, but he’s since banned me), also Tom has been backpedaling on some of the statements he made, which is also amusing.

So let’s dive into the fisk:

America has a grave gun violence problem. Gun deaths are approaching 40,000 per year, mass shootings are occurring daily and they are becoming more lethal.

This is his first line, and it’s total crap. Of course “Gun Violence” and “Gun Death” are meaningless terms. Nobody really lives their lives considering them, unless of course they are lobbying against the 2nd Amendment. No REAL people are concerned with VIOLENCE! They care if there are a lot of ATTACKS, or MURDERS. Really if somebody up the street from you is murdered that’s a concern, if they were shot, stabbed, or beaten with a spitting maul that’s irrelevant. Same goes with mass violence, somebody shoots up a church people get upset….and somebody mows down people with a truck same reaction, only there isn’t a corporate anti-truck lobby.

“Gun Deaths” are not APPROACHING 40,000. This is like saying “The Rock of Gibraltar is Approaching North Africa”, no the rock has been sitting there at the very edge of Europe since long before humans, and likely it will be in approximately the same spot after we have all departed this world. “Gun Deaths” have been stagnant at about 36-38,000 deaths per year as far back as I’ve looked at the numbers.

Also Mass shootings are NOT occurring daily, the anti-gun groups have been tweaking the definition of “Mass Shooting” until it no longer resembles what we think of as a “Mass Shooting”, but we still think Mass Shooting when somebody brings out that bullshit term.

Las Vegas was a Mass Shooting, Sutherland Springs was a mass shooting. These events are SO rare they dominate the news for WEEKS….there was not a “Mass Shooting” Every day. Further they are NOT more deadly because the “Gun Death” numbers are stagnant. Tom is playing a little game by taking statistically very rate events and implying trends because of them.

Think of it this way, I suspect if you look at per-capita murder rates in Texas, Sutherland Springs will rank pretty darn high. It is a small town, and it had a MASSIVE mass murder in it, so looking at this one point in time you could imply that you are more likely to be murdered in Sutherland Springs than you are in say Houston….except Houston is a MUCH more dangerous city….but it has a HUGE population, so all the gang violence gets smoothed out in the rate.

The Concealed Carry Reciprocity bill, currently making its way through Congress at the behest of the National Rifle Association, represents a complete disregard for public safety and the desire of the public for tighter gun laws. This bill would make it lawful to carry guns across state lines, even if the state issuing a permit has very weak requirements for permit holders relative to the state the permit holder is visiting.

Well except there aren’t any of problems one might predict in states that have looser concealed carry requirements. The logical predictions is that Constitutional Carry states, and States that don’t require firearms training, or require minimal training for a carry permit MUST have: Higher Accidental Death, Higher negligent homicide rates, and higher fraudulent self defense cases.

Of course none of this is true, because mandatory training is ALWAYS bullshit, I’ve talked about it here, force somebody to do something and they will do JUST what it takes to pass whatever test you demand and no more, so the level of training is really irrelevant, people who care about safety will make it a top concern, and people who aren’t concerned about safety will disregard their training.

This is why we need to pass National Reciprocity (well besides the fact that I hate having to disarm when I travel and maintain multiple permits) is that when this bill passes NOTHING BAD WILL HAPPEN, and the antis lose another fear tactic.

The US needs stronger not weaker national laws. Studies show that states with more permissive laws tend to have higher, not lower, gun death rates than states with more stringent requirements.

Here is another fun little game Tom is playing with data. This “Study” looked at a snapshot of states with their laws and their “gun death” rates. They did NOT look at these states over TIME as they passed more and more restrictive laws. As we know no firearms restriction has ever been followed by a significant violent crime reduction. Also nobody seems to point out that the data set is a total mess. For example Massachusetts is considered one of “Safest” states on the list, and of course we have the most gun restrictions….except we’re bordered by Vermont and New Hampshire which are the most gun FRIENDLY states in the WORLD, not just the nation. I can’t think of any other place you can be that allows you the most gun freedom as Vermont and New Hampshire, and you’d be hard pressed to find a place safer, and they are VASTLY safer than Massachusetts.

Of course Massachusetts has a bigger population, more diversity, more population density etc etc…..excuses excuses the overall take-away is violent crime numbers have NOTHING to do with guns or gun laws.

Virtually every other advanced country has a national licensing system that is substantially stronger in vetting gun owners than the standard checks undertaken in a matter of minutes in the US at the point of sale. Just over a dozen states have some form of licensing requirement.

This is what Tommy is hanging his hat on. He wants to license gun owners. I told you he was a nut! Of course Tom mentions in the comment section that this is a complete fantasy, and in no way is there any logical way this law could be passed….but it begs the question….why write a post on it.

Of course you can beg the question of me as well, why am I typing now? Simple, this is what hard-core anti-gun nuts fantasize about, and by God if we give them an inch, this, as well as their constant dream of door-to-door confiscation, and deploying the Predator Drones on their enemies, these fantasies will become reality.

Still I was scratching my head when he said “Just over a dozen states have some form of licensing requirement.” Really? I mean he’s told some REAL whoppers, and I’m only about half way through what is a very short article.

I found what is maybe his source materiel, from the Gabby Gifford Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence (Rule Number 1 of being an anti-gun nut, only cite sources from other anti-gun nuts….even better is FUND anti-gun research so you can essentially cite yourself!)

To sum it up, NO. Just Massachusetts and Illinois have the type of license Tom is asking for, and even Illinois doesn’t have much for their FOID requirements. And again Massachusetts and Illinois, states that are MORE dangerous than Vermont and New Hampshire.

Also their “Fact” sheet has some bit about a Massachusetts Permit to Purchase Handguns that is valid for 10 days….no clue what the hell they’re talking about there. I don’t know the other states’ laws intimately enough to know if there are other errors, but putting something like that in there implies that there probably are.

So here are Tom’s Fantasies for what he wants to subject EVERY SINGLE GUN OWNER IN AMERICA to.

A comprehensive screening process undertaken by a designated law enforcement agency, including an in-person interview. Currently, there is no licensing requirement at the federal level and the typical background check at the time of sale, appropriately referred to as an “Instant Background Check”, involves a search of three FBI databases and takes just minutes to complete.

What does this accomplish? Now there are lots of states that require in-person interviews for concealed weapons permits….but these are the insane anti-gun states, and generally it means they won’t issue you a gun, or they will, and the in-person shit is just to annoy you. Seriously, I used to live in Medford Massachusetts, and they deny LITERALLY EVERYBODY, and my current town, is essentially a may issue permit.

What is the in-person supposed to do? Since he gives no reason, I’ll assume its what such interviews were used for in the past: Looking at skin color, and seeing if you might be poor. Sorry Tom, but that’s how gun control has worked in the past, Medford has a lot more diverse population than my current one, and one issues carry permits and the others don’t, there’s a town with a large black and Hispanic population near me…oddly they don’t issue permits either! Funny how that works.

People often talk about how gun-friendly Texas and Florida are, except I’m from Maine, Northern New England never bothered with gun laws, and never has had much issue to, meanwhile the Southern States birthed gun control laws to keep guns out of the hands of former slaves….well that an Nazi laws imported to the United States. Gun Control is racist at its heart, so if you somehow have other motivations, you must state them.

Sign off by the applicant’s current or former domestic partner (where applicable) attesting to his stability and lack of violence.

In the comments Tom clarifies this isn’t an ex-wife Veto, they just need her signature…..which is the same as a Veto.
Again unless there is some form of documented domestic abuse, this is subject to all sorts of problems with due process.

Successful completion of gun safety training (through written and performance-based tests), including training in the operation, safe use, handling, and storage of firearms (including child access prevention) and in laws relating to the appropriate use of force;

See above, mandatory training is crap, and there is NO evidence that it does ANYTHING.

Reference checks in which the applicant’s mental fitness and use of alcohol and drugs would be probed

Who is going to do all this work? More on this later!

Certificate of mental aptitude from a psychologist or other accredited professional if he or she is under 26 years of age.

I’ve never been evaluated by a psychologist, never had the need…but Tommy is going to send me to the shrink, because us gun nuts need it! Oh and who’s going to PAY for that?

A waiting period of 10 business days for receipt of the license would allow those bent on harming others or themselves to let their anger or self-destructive feelings dissipate.

Another anti-gun myth. Waiting periods arose from the early days of the Brady Background Check. Back in those days it took 5 business days to buy a gun from a gun shop. See, in those days rather than phone or internet, the background check went through the MAIL, and that takes time. There was NEVER a waiting period for emotional “cooling off”, that was later invented by anti-gun states when the National Instant Check System (NICS) came into law, and the waiting period was scrapped. See anti-gun states can NEVER allow anything that gun owners approve of, so they invented a lame-brain story that people might walk into a gun shop angry and buy a gun to kill somebody RIGHT NOW. Not only is it pure fantasy, bit it also has never happened.

So this all leads to an elephant in the room, who’s going to do all this work? That’s a LOT of extra background check work, as well as interview time. Plus who’s going to get forms to ex spouses….double when you think about child support deadbeats. And who’s paying for the time in the shrink couch?

Remember there are already a HUGE number of lawful gun owners in America, and this a LOT of work. Of course Tom could give two shits about that, he HATES gun owners, and if this becomes a colossal boondoggle, fuck them!

And I saved the best for last!

The license would be valid for 5 years.

WHY? Jesus, make this colossal task, and have it expire in 5 years? Remember, this is for GUN OWNERSHIP, so if you’re wait listed 6 months with the shrink, and 4 months with your chief of police and your permit expires…..YOU GO TO PRISON! This isn’t like the time it took 2 extra months for my Maine carry permit to renew (Thankfully you don’t need one of those anymore), this meant a few trips to Maine where I didn’t bring a gun with me. But I still OWNED GUNS, and without Tom’s little permit, that would be a CRIME.

But let’s finish him off!

Some readers will look at this proposal and think it represents government overreach or violates the Second Amendment. It is neither. Many other advanced countries have requirements that are at least as exacting, if not more so.

These other countries don’t have a right to keep and bear arms! When people make claims that positive voter ID is illegal, how on EARTH can this be legal?

Simple, because Tom says so, and he’s a nut! This is your anti-gun nut!

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Handgun Radio Live

Haven’t Even Decided what we’re talking about tonight!

Come along for the ride

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Some Cryptic Podcast Talk:

So understandibly the last episode of Gun Blog Variety Cast has generated a lot of chatter. That show had a lot of fans who are understandably upset to see it go.

I’ve been getting a LOT of questions about what I’m going to do in the wake of this project’s cancellation.

Well if you have been following my blog for a LONG time, you might have an inkling.

Yes I’m planning on starting a new podcast. That’s pretty much all I can say right now, because really that’s just about all I know right now. For fans of the Gunblog Variety Cast, I’ve fallen deeply in love with the “Patented Weer’d Audio Fisk” as Sean called it, so there is a VERY good chance of that being heard again.

The rest I don’t yet know, so I really can’t say. I’ve talked to a few people about show ideas and we’re working on this while you’re reading, and if you think I should be talking to you directly about this, but haven’t heard from me, feel free to send me an email.

I also can’t tell you when you’ll hear the first show, but it might be a little while because I want everything all lined up and squared away before I get ready for a new weekly commitment.

Thanks for all who’ve been following me and giving me so much support….if it wasn’t for all of you, I literally woulnd’t be doing any of this!

Here’s to 2018 having a great new show in it!

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Handgun Radio Live

We’re going live in a few

Going to talk about SHOT show announcements.

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Gunblog Variety Cast: Final Episode

EP176 GunBlog VarietyCast Radio – So Long and Thanks for all the Downloads

It’s a wrap! Episode 176, our finale, is the end of more than three years of weekly podcasting. We have farewell segments from Beth, Barron, former contributor Nicki, Miguel, Tiffany (and her Mom!), Co-host Emeritus Adam, Weer’d, and of course Erin and Sean.

Our sincerest thanks to our sponsors, both current (LuckyGunner and Remington, as well as Carolina Ceramic Coating) and former (The Law of Self Defense). We especially thank our longtime supporters at Firearms Policy Coalition for their generous support over the years.

Our biggest thanks are however reserved for you, our listeners. Thank you for downloading, listening, and subscribing. It was an honor to be invited into your lives each week.

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Some Gunnie News

Been out of town for Christmas, and being doing a lot of shoveling.

Thought I’d share two stories I’d found that have ties to the 2nd Amendment fight.

First is one that dropped before the Holiday:

President Trump’s nominee to be the Pentagon’s health chief has withdrawn from consideration after a Senate panel stalled his confirmation over comments on gun control.

What did he say?

Winslow was asked about shooting during the hearing, to which he replied: “But I also would like to, and I may get in trouble with other members of the committee, just say how insane it is that, in the United States of America, a civilian can go out and buy a semi-automatic assault rifle like an AR-15, which apparently was the weapon that was used.”

Committee Chairman John McCain (R-Ariz.) interjected, telling Winslow, “I don’t think that’s in your area of responsibility or expertise.”

Now the anti-gun forces were pushing this at the NRA stifling political speech or some such nonsense….even they knew it was a nutty position, as I can’t find this story on anti-gun channels anymore.

Really this was a guy who decided to speak up during a confirmation hearing about something that had NOTHING to do with any chain of questioning, or the job he was hoping for.

Better yet he knows that talking about gun control was controversial, he SAID SO, and then said it anyway. Now I can make some speculation on the popularity of the anti-gun side here, but that isn’t fair. What this guy displayed was he has remarkably bad judgement, and nobody wants a lose cannon in a position of authority. (Irony noted given this guy is a TRUMP nominee)

You all know me as a libertarian-leaning gun-rights advocate, but I’m also a Scientist….guess what I never talk about when I interview for a science position….
If I spend my time in an interview talking about politics guess who isn’t getting the job!

Next is this story from the People’s Republik of Massachusetts:

During a six-month investigation, Boston obtained police records through a public information request and examined 618 shootings over 994 days, from the start of 2014 through September 20, 2016. The results were staggering: During that time frame, Boston police had arrested fewer than 4 percent of gunmen involved in non-fatal shootings.

Gee that’s an awful lot of people shot in what is the most gun unfriendly state in the Union. Of course the antis ALWAYS say “But the guns are coming from the gun friendly states!”

Nope The vast bulk of traced firearms come from INSIDE the state, and the “Time-to-crime” numbers is over ELEVEN YEARS! That is not an iron pipeline, that is just people changing residences over time, and their guns moving with them.

Still another interesting point was how the story was framed:

No matter how you parse the numbers, though, one thing has become alarmingly clear: Shooting someone is not a punishable offense in Boston—so long as the victim doesn’t die.

Interesting angle…except:

Not that the BPD is doing such a great job of locking up murderers, either: During the same time period, police made arrests in barely 15 percent of fatal shootings.

I mean 15% is better than 4%, but that’s ARRESTS not convictions, and overall those numbers are SHIT.

Really this story isn’t about gun laws or guns….it’s about GANGS. See if I went out and murdered somebody, everybody on the planet would be gunning for me. My own wife would turn me in if she suspected I had committed a murder. That’s how it works in law-abiding America.

In the criminal underworld violence takes the place of most of our legal system. If you’re selling drugs, women, or having a turf war you can’t talk to the police, your lawyer, or the zoning board, you have to use violence, so when somebody uses violence in the bad neighborhoods, it’s considered “Business” by many.

Well really not MANY, as even in the worst parts of Boston or any other violent city the vast majority of people living there are good people with no options. These people know the gangs and know who’s doing what, but if they tell the police, they’re now a “Snitch”, and while Thug A might go away for murder, his posse is still in the neighborhood, and they will not treat prosecution witnesses kindly….or members of their family who had NOTHING to do with anything. That’s a LOT of incentive to keep mum, and that is why most violent crime goes unsolved in the gang-infested cities.

But about those poor good people with few options….there is where a gun rights angle comes in. See the anti-gun cycle goes like this, take an area that is high crime (generally doesn’t hurt if the crime is minority members either) and blame the crime on weapons (I say weapons, not guns, because remember, not only can you not carry a gun in a place like New York City, but you also can’t carry a pocket knife, and most urban areas have stupid weapon laws banning everything from “Gravity Knives” to Nunchaku.) and disarm the legal population. The criminals both have their guns, but also violence in general, so they can still shoot, stab, and stomp the life out of each other, as well do horrible horrible things to anybody who might help the police get the violence under control.

Well with the victim pool expanded and the criminals empowered violent crime goes UP, so the antis call for MORE gun control…..when really we need to empower the good people to fight back. Those horrible arrest numbers show that the cops are never there to save the day, so the person to protect the streets are the men and women living on it.

For the time being that is all wishful thinking as it will take federal laws to overturn this cycle of violence, and the politicians that represent the area are supporting it for a reason.

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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 175

EP175 GunBlog VarietyCast Radio – ‘Twas the ‘Cast Before Christmas

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good podcast!

It will be Christmas Eve when this podcast drops, so in order to get everyone into the proper spirit, Beth performs a reading of “ ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas”… but with a twist!
A minister foils an Orange County church break-in by shooting out the tire on the fleeing suspect’s car. Sean takes a look.
You thought they just wanted to steal your data, but now there’s malware that turns your computer into a Bitcoin miner for someone else. Barron tells you how to avoid having someone steal your computer’s processing power.
When you find yourself in a hole, you should stop digging. Miguel is here to talk about how to get your mind off your problems and find inner peace.
Those who want tighter controls on firearms ownership are always telling us that gun owners agree with them, so when Dave Workman and Alan Gottlieb wrote a widely-published article seeking that common ground, you’d expect that it would start an instant dialog with “Gun Safety Advocates.” Our special guest today is Dave Workman, here to tell us about the whole lot of nothing they heard from the the other side.
In Episode 171, Tiffany chatted with firearms trainer Aqil Qadir about using affinity groups to help connect separate firearms cultures. This week, she talks to Aqil about his law enforcement background and how we might begin to mend the frayed relationship between many black communities and police.
Not to be outdone by ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, Erin tells us the story of the Nativity from a prepper point of view.
This week Weer’d takes on part two of the Jordan Klepper interview on Kickass Politics where he plugs his Comedy Central special “Jordan Klepper Solves Guns”.

And our Plug of the Week is the Survival Blanket 2.0.Thanks to LuckyGunner and Remington for their sponsorship. And a special thanks to Firearms Policy Coalition for their support.

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Handgun Radio Live

We’re going live in a few, Going to do a brief history of handgun safety.

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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 174

EP174 GunBlog VarietyCast Radio – What Caliber for Taylor Swift’s Husband?
” ’Cause baby, now we’ve got bad blood

You know it used to be mad love

So take a look what you’ve done

’Cause baby, now we’ve got bad blood, hey!” — Taylor Swift, “Bad Blood”

Beth and her husband are getting ready to shoot a 3-gun “buddy match”. What is it? What kind of gear do you need? How do you practice for it? Listen and find out!
Where do they find each other? It sounds like a random shooting, but the records make it sound like more is going on. Sean takes a look.
Barron runs the websites for several pro-gun blogs, including the website for this podcast. He recently dealt with a bizarre issue where the websites were basically spamming people. He walks us through the thought processes necessary to effectively troubleshoot what turned out to be a rather complex problem.
Miguel is on assignment.
In this week’s Main Topic, Sean and Erin analyze the CNN article “How an ‘ugly,’ unwanted weapon became the most popular rifle in America”.
Tiffany is on assignment.
Holidays are naturally the most wonderful time of the year… except when they aren’t. Erin has some practical tips on how to manage holiday stress and depression.
Jordan Klepper, former Daily Show member and current host of “The Resistance” on Comedy Central made a special titled “Jordan Klepper Solves Guns” and it’s filled with anti-gun nuttery. Weer’d is here to set him straight.
And our Plug of the Week is the NeuYear Monday First Large Wall Calendar.

Thanks to LuckyGunner and Remington for their sponsorship. And a special thanks to Firearms Policy Coalition for their support.

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