“Gun Death” Home Cooked Meal

So my wife is a really good cook. Since I switch to part-time work, I might be getting close to surpassing her skills in the kitchen.

Still she has a very demanding job, but also likes to cook. There was a time when she would say “Oh, i’ll cook X for Dinner tonight”, and when I got home, I’d find that she wasn’t home and was working late, or was too tired from a long day in the office to cook.

Yeah that sucked…but I never thought of this as an option!

A furious husband cut off his wife’s head with a scythe after he arrived home from work to find she hadn’t cooked his dinner.

…He told police that he first tried to cut her head off with an axe while she slept but that had failed so instead he beheaded her with a scythe.

You’d think the axe would work better….still we obviously need stricter scythe control!


H/T Bob

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The Epic!

All the Llamas with hats all in one place!


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“Gun Death” Crazy Chef

Wow, can’t make this one up!

An Australian chef killed his Indonesian girlfriend in their apartment and cooked several parts of her dismembered body on the kitchen stove, police say.

**REDACTED**, 28, was caught by police boiling several parts of **REDACTED** body in chemicals, according to Brisbane Times.**REDACTED**fled and then reportedly used a knife to kill himself in an industrial bin near his Brisbane apartment.

It gets even more bizarre!

A motive for the killing wasn’t immediately clear. Neighbors said the couple was completely normal, and
**REDACTED** Facebook page revealed that he was critical of violence against women and animals.

He was critical against violence against women and animals, but he dismembered his girlfriend and cooked her up????

Can’t make that up! Thankfully Australia has such a low “Gun Death”….just imagine!!!

H/T Wallphone

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“Gun Death” Bad Apples

Ban them, not only are they bad for your teeth, carbs which are totally non-paleo, you totally don’t NEED Candy apples!

One Texan has died and three others in the state are ill after eating listeria-tainted caramel apples, according to the Department of State Health Services.

The Texas death is among five fatalities in 10 states experiencing an outbreak of listeriosis from packaged caramel apples. In all, 28 people fell ill and 26 were hospitalized, including the five who died, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday.

What’s wrong with eating a regular apple! I support the right to own and eat apples, I just think we need to have more common sense when it comes to dipping them into caramel!


Think I sound pretty ridiculous? I’m tame compared to the “Gun Death” Clowns!

H/T Whipped Cream Difficulties

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Tonight On the Squirrel Report

We have a mess of great topics. The big one is the Isis attack against the Texas Draw Mohammed contest.

Go over and see what else.

Also tonight if you haven’t called before, tonight is your night to do it. Just call in and say Hi, we just want to pop your cherry!

To do that, simply wait until 9pm Tonight, and bang out 214-530-0036 and when we say your area code, tell us your name and say “Hi!”

trust me, it’s fun!

It’s good times for all! IT’S THE SQUIRREL REPORT!!!!

squirrel knight

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“Gun Death” Fire

Fire is much older than guns, and has probably killed a magnitude more.

The attorney for family members of the three men killed in last week’s deadly downtown Dallas fire is planning an independent investigation.

The fire was 35 feet underground at Thanksgiving Tower.

…They were trapped and died from smoke inhalation.

Both Dallas Fire-Rescue and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration continue to investigate and look for a cause of the fire.

Sad, tragic, possibly avoidable….and yet not a “Gun Death”.

H/T Bob

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If Wishes Were Fishes

Ryan asked me what I wanted to do for this week’s Handgun Radio.

Like any hardcore gunnie, I knew he and I would not have a hard time filling HOURS of shows with guns we wanted. For just one show I thought I’d pick guns you can go out and buy new RIGHT NOW.

It was a PILE of fun. Have a listen!

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Sad Puppies Get Holsters

So Dennis has two new holsters with a Sad Puppy stamp.

One is a lefty, the other a righty (maybe you want them both for akimbo carry!!). Dennis is not making any money off of these holsters, instead the proceeds of the sale will go to help offset the legal costs for Nicki (whom I work with on the Gunblog Variety Cast) due to her issue with bad tenants.

Go have a look, they’re pretty cool!

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“Gun Death” Known to the Victim

You hear it all the time “A gun is Eleventy Times more likley to kill somebody known to you than a stranger”. Funny how that works:

Police have made an arrest in connection to the recent death of an Irving woman.

**ARRESTED**, 55, has been arrested and charged with murder in the death of 60-year-old **DEPARTED**, police announced Thursday. The two were friends, according to police.

**DEPARTED** was found stabbed to death Dec. 3 in her home in the 2400 block of West 11th Street.

Woman was found stabbed to death in her home…what are the chances it was just a total stranger who did it? Something tells me that “Friend” is not how she would describe the person who stabbed her, but we’ll never know.

H/T Bob

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Bug-A-Salt 2.0

So if you haven’t, read my review if the Bug-A-Salt, go check it out.

My overall findings were that the Bug-a-Salt is VERY lethal on insects like flies and ants when shot at or inside an approximate 3′ range, but the lethality of the shot may not be instantaneous, even if properly placed.

So really the gun is AMAZING fun, but it’s limitations are #1. Very short range, #2. Bugs often taking flight after a solid hit, leading to unconfirmed kills.

So then they launched the Bug-a-Salt 2.0.

This unit boasts a stronger piston for better kills and longer range, a tighter choke for more consistent kills, and less salt chambered for less cleanup when sniping flies indoors.

The last one wasn’t much of a concern. I’ve certainly come home to find a fly in the house, and if the wife wasn’t home, I’d reach for the best tool around to fix the problem. A few well-placed shots indoors isn’t going to make much of a mess.

One thing not stated, and I’m not sure if it’s unique to my two units, or across the whole line is the trigger is MUCH better.

I got my 2.0 in Yellow a few months ago…when the world was still frozen. I fired a few shots into a snow bank and found that the 2.0 looks nearly identical to the 1.0, that the trigger was much better, and it SEEMED a bit more powerful.

Well today I took it out for a “hunt” while the Baby was sleeping.

WOW! All the claims seemed correct. Definitely appeared to have a LOT more range. Choke was indeed tighter, which meant misses would happen if you got lazy with your sight picture. Still the shots that connects ANCHORED the bugs I fired at.

One shot, and DROP! It’s still early in the season, I’ll see if I can get some more detailed terminal ballistics once the flies become thick.

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