What Am I Missing Here

Maybe somebody can help me out with this story:

So SIG came up with an arm brace for AR-15 pistols. The statement that the arm brace could be used as a shoulder stock was talked about, but it turns out the ATF doesn’t care how you use the arm brace, and they don’t consider it a stock.

And the people rejoiced.

Still in this story the gun is a SHOTGUN. Now when it comes to a rifle with a short barrel, but no shoulder stock is a pistol, and since the arm brace is not a shoulder stock it doesn’t count to this definition. (Note that the “Rifle” can never have been a true rifle at any point of it’s existence otherwise it is now an evil Short Barrel Rifle, and it needs to be registered and taxed because the NFA makes a ton of sense).

Now with a shotgun it appears to be a Saiga 12 type shotgun, meaning it A) Has a barrel larger than .50 Cal (.72 Caliber for 12 gauge) and B) Has a smooth bore barrel. Now again because the NFA makes tons of sense, if the gun was never a long shotgun (because the gun will remember, and it’s now evil forever!!!!) and the barrel is RIFLED and chambered in .410, it would be considered a pistol, hence why you can buy a .410 derringer or revolver in any free-state gun shop like any other pistol. Still for a bigger gauge, short barrel, smooth bore, and no stock, and never having been anything else but this it is an “Any Other Weapon” and still needs to be registered with the NFA, but taxed at $5 rather than $200.

So yeah, at BEST I see this gun as being an AOW, and possibly a Short Barreled shotgun for whatever reason, but NOT a non-NFA item.

What am I missing with this story?

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About That Curved Gun

So everybody is talking about the New Taurus Curve

So I’ll first start with my first, and most optimistic opinion. The gun kinda looks like a hip flask. I have a few flasks in my liquor cabinet, and have even dropped one in my pocket for situations where that was legal and socially acceptable, and that slight curve to the flask body means it carries well and doesn’t print much at all.

So yeah, Taurus might be onto something with this idea.

But yeah, it’s Taurus. It’s a DAO hammer-fired gun, so you can expect the patented “Pulling a piano down a dirt road with your finger” trigger, and super shoddy quality control that will have some guns leave the factory as amazing examples of the design, and others completely non-functional, and require warranty work that may or may not fix the problem on the first, or second trip back to Florida.

Also it’s a micro .380…a gun platform that most find hard to complain about comfort of carry or concealability. I suspect there will be glowing reviews from all the usual suspects who dig deep to praise T&E guns that they KNOW are terrible, but also don’t want to be cut off from the company that comes out with a radical new gun every quarter. Still, for all their talk, what does this gun gain from the run-of-the-mill LCP or similar? If it was a bigger, and more powerful gun we might be looking at something more interesting, but right now it seems to be answering a question nobody asked.

What do you lose from the conventional micro .380s? Well sights, that’s a big one.

Also looks like they took the Magazine design directly from the S&W Sigma .380, because that was such a good design….

Last, there appears to be two radically different prototypes, but one looks like the barrel is contoured into the curved front-face of the slide, meaning the top of the barrel is shorter than the bottom. I can’t imagine this would be good for accuracy.

So yeah, those are my thoughts, what are yours?

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Images of the Antis: More Blackface

Many of these images are straw men so unrealistic they harken to the propaganda posters of the KKK in the Jim Crow South:

baldr Paranoia

First of course the crazed, overweight white gun owner carrying more guns than he could ever possibly use. Yep, that’s as realistic as the big-lipped, soot-black, dim-witted, lazy, cowardly Negro of the KKK propaganda.

And of course Jason likes to point out we’re “Paranoid” while he and his ilk see NO reason for ANYBODY to own a firearm, and want them all banned and confiscated. Who’s paranoid?

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“Gun Death” Workplace Violence

Some twists and turns in this story!

According to Houston police,**REDACTED** was confronted about 11:15 p.m. Tuesday by his supervisor and another employee who claimed **REDACTED** had disrespected him in front of customers at their workplace.

…According to police, when **REDACTED** found out he was being terminated, he began punching his accuser and threatening to kill him. As the argument escalated, **REDACTED** allegedly tried to stab his coworker with a screwdriver. In defense, the coworker stabbed **REDACTED** with a pocketknife.

**REDACTED** died at the scene.

So employee gets fired for being a jerk (subjective), and when he is told about this becomes violent (sounds like the boss made a good call!), punches and threats escalate to deadly force with a screwdriver. Given that this is Texas of COURSE the guy had a pocket knife on him (in Texas that is not “Armed” that’s “Dressed”) and used the knife to defend himself. He defended himself so well his attacker died.

No charges filed.

It goes without saying that there was no “Gun Death”. Still the anti-gun people claim they focus on “Gun Death” because guns make “common encounters” “More deadly”. Well except this was a very common encounter, bad employee gets terminated for an infraction. Happens all the time. The terminated employee gets angry about it, less common, but still not rare. It does become more rare that this animus would become physically violent, but if murder is on somebody’s mind, it’s not like it takes a gun, or a magic sword, or a nuclear weapon to kill another person. The fist assault could have turned deadly. Just about anything can be used as in improvised impact weapon, in this case the screwdriver as a stabbing implement was used. Also the defending weapon was a knife, which some people consider a “Weapon”, the report doesn’t say what kind of business it was, but I wonder if opening packages and boxes were part of the daily activities at this place. I’m a damn scientist, and I rarely find a day where I don’t use my knife for work duties, and others who foolishly don’t carry knives will seek me out when they want something opened.

We say that weapons are simply tools, well this tool was likely NOT a weapon, but when the time came to it, it was used as such.

H/T Whipped Cream Difficulties

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A Joan Peterson Rebuttal

So Joan has an amusing post where she talks about the “Old NRA”:

In years past the main purpose of the National Rifle Association was to provide gun safety and marksmanship for members. The organization supported “gun control” measures as well that they now adamantly oppose. It was an organization meant to be supportive of mostly hunters and recreational shooters and, in the beginning, citizen militia members. But things have changed. Remember the days when people did not feel it necessary to have guns in their homes for self protection? Or if they did, they were mostly hunting guns of some kind? I do. I grew up with hunting and hunting guns around. Most of my family and my parents’ friends were hunters or gun owners. My husband also grew up hunting with his family and is still a hunter though an infrequent one. Neither of us or people with whom we associated talked about the need for a gun to protect themselves or their families. There were not assault type rifles around in common use for citizens. No need.

This is the lamentation of somebody who is getting beaten. She makes a few flails mentioning that she knows a non-gun-owner who was gifted an NRA Life Membership, and a “Hunter” (probably her asshole Muzzle-loader builder who wants to ban all guns) who hates the NRA, as well as the bogus poll saying everybody and their mother supports gun control….but I guess they don’t want to vote that way. But really she’s an activist working for the Brady Campaign and the Joyce Foundation, and she KNOWS the money is drying up. Bloomberg is struggling for donors, and he’s the most visible of the anti-gun forces so he’s getting all they have!

I thought I’d play her game.

Remember when anti gunners didn’t pretend to respect the 2nd Amendment? Remember when they were open about total civilian disarmament and wanting to ban EVERYTHING but a few bolt-action rifles and break action shotguns? Remember when they were honest about gun restrictions in urban areas being about disarming non-whites and the poor? Remember when they imposed permits and fees on gun owners to attack the same? Remember when anti-gunners were open about their involvement with criminals, hate groups, and Gangsters?

The list could go on! Go ahead and add your own!

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GruberGate in Under 2.5 Mins

This sums it up!

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Mind Blown!

So Via Endo I found this out!

So there’s this guilty Youtube pleasure of mine is Demolition Ranch. It’s essentially Jackass with guns, and a bit smarter.

Still Via ENDO, I found out that Matt is a Veterinarian when he isn’t doing silly stunts with guns!

AWESOME! A Youtube video of a dude doing animal surgeries…which there are tons of, but now a dude doing surgery with a personality!



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Be Safe Out There

From everything I am reading the Grand Jury Decision for Officer Wilson in Ferguson is going to be read soon. Also from all I’ve read there is a very good chance the Grand Jury may choose not to indict Officer Wilson.

Of course the old saying goes that a Grand Jury will indict a ham sandwich if asked, so this case may still go to trial, but that will essentially kick the can down the road just a bit further.

Cities are prepared for riots:

From Boston to Los Angeles, police departments are bracing for large demonstrations when a grand jury decides whether to indict a white police officer who killed an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri.

…Activists in Ferguson met Saturday to map out their protest plans. Meeting organizers encouraged group members to provide their names upon arrest as Darren Wilson or Michael Brown to make it more difficult for police to process them.

In a neighboring town, Berkeley, officials this week passed out fliers urging residents to be prepared for unrest just as they would a major storm – with plenty of food, water and medicine in case they’re unable to leave home for several days.

In Boston, a group called Black Lives Matter, which has chapters in other major cities, is organizing a rally in front of the police district office in the Roxbury neighborhood the day after an indictment decision.

The professional agitators are sewing the seeds of unrest wherever useful idiots can be found, and they aren’t just giving lessons on what to do when arrested, they’re talking about violent rioting that JUSTIFIES arrest.

Hopefully what little unrest will be short-lived and limited in scope, but if justice is served for Officer Wilson there will be blood. So be safe out there, and carry them if you got ‘em! You never know when you might get caught in the middle of such things.


there is also some talk that the agitators are encouraging potential rioters to take their activities to “White Areas”, so even if you don’t live in the areas where these “Community Organizers” are fanning the flames of racial hatred are encouraging the riots to go where the objects of their hatred live.

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Images of the Antis: Poor Form

This one is just REALLY poor!

First up, while Aging Hippie Lebwoski probably leans left politically The Big Lebowski was an entirely apolitical movie, and using that image for political gains is just poor form.

Second the wording doesn’t even follow the anti-gun talking points.

The NRA line often lampooned by the antis is Wayne LaPierre’s “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun”. It’s lampooned, but it is also true. Every spree shooter stopped killing innocents the moment armed resistance presented itself, be that a lawful citizen with a gun, or a sworn police officer.

Still this image talks about “Stopping a Bad Guy”, if they are implying that only armed people are “Bad Guys” then they haven’t read the “Gun Death?” Files, nor are they giving credence to all the anti-gun states and cities that deny the rights of their citizens to keep and bear arms, yet are awash with crime and murder, both gun related and non-gun. Nor are they noting that there is NO NATION ON EARTH that has NO GUN CRIME, be it the UK, or China, or Russia, even when the citizens are disarmed wholesale by law, the Bad guys still get guns to use, and that’s not even the half of the people killed, raped, and assaulted with non-gun weapons.

It’s just Bullshit.

The law HELPS with crime, but it doesn’t STOP crime. What STOPS crime is people defending themselves from the violent element, and when people defend themselves the violent element takes note and chooses different ways to enrich themselves criminally that won’t get them shot.

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“Gun Death” Traffic Accident

This is an interesting story:

A man who became known to the Kemah community as the “naked unicyclist” has died after an overnight traffic accident, police said.

Joseph Glynn Farley, 48, was riding his unicycle about 11 p.m. Tuesday in La Porte when he was struck and killed by a Jeep, Sgt. John Kreuger of the La Porte Police Department said.

The departed suffered from mental illness, and had been previously arrested for riding his unicycle nude. Of course the day he died he was clothed, so none of those issues seem to be a factor.

What do we ban, cars? Maybe evil “assault” Jeeps? Unicycles? Maybe more onerous laws that would keep people with mental issues locked up.

Of course none of that really would have mattered, and this is NOT a “Gun Death”.

H/T Whipped Cream Difficulties

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