Gunblog Variety Cast Episode 61!

Have a listen to another action-packed, Smile-a-mile adventure into the minds of the crazy Gunbloggers!

Show notes here, podcast below!



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That Squirrel Report

Alan has been on the road, and crappy hotel Wi-Fi means we couldn’t get the show off the ground!

Sorry about that! I’m itching for a show too!

Squirrel Baby

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Images of the Antis: Ironic

I really do think they are this stupid!

Except the shootings happen where guns are banned….

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“Gun Death” Terrorists

Yep banning guns will work!

Police released disturbing video footage of the attack on Malkei Israel Street in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Geula on Tuesday which killed one and wounded two others.

A Palestinian terrorist drove his vehicle into a group of several people waiting at a bus stop. He then exited his car with a meat cleaver and began attacking the wounded and others with the implement.

…Earlier Tuesday, two Jewish men were stabbed to death, and three others seriously wounded in gun and knife attack on an Egged bus in the capital’s Armon Hanatziv neighborhood

The Palestinian terrorists have full military backing by the governments in the region, and even then they still can manage to kill what would be considered a “Mass Shooting” by our media standards with edged weapons and automobiles.

Banning tools does very little, we need to target the people BEHIND the tools, because even if one was truly eliminated from the equation (and we all know how well prohibitions work, just ask your local crack dealer!) they will find other means to do violence.

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Some Cocktail LOLz

First because the Donk Debate is tonight:

and this is just a GREAT story!

Good times!

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Remember “Gun Safety Advocates”

The antis HATE when we call them “Anti Gun” simply because they LOVED it when Australia and the UK banned and confiscated guns, and can’t stop talking about how America should be more like them.

No just because they want to ban and confiscate all the guns, we can’t say they’re “Anti-Gun”, no, they’re “Gun Safety Advocates”.

OK never mind that it’s a wild swing at a Straw Man even the drug-addled “Progressives” at 30 Rock don’t believe in.

Just look at all the safety violations!

Yes they are “Gun Safety Advocates”, and as soon as they learn about gun safety they might advocate some of it….until then, isn’t is “Safer” to ban guns? Yeah, they’ll also read up on crime statistics after they’ve taken their NRA Basic Pistol course!

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“Gun Death” Another Mass Killing

Remember, we need to ban guns to prevent Massacres!

A 16-year-old Oklahoma boy will stand trial as an adult in the stabbing deaths of his parents and three siblings, a judge ruled Monday, rejecting a request by defense attorneys to certify him as a juvenile delinquent or youthful offender.

…Autopsy reports released Monday by the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office show the five family members were stabbed dozens of times and died of multiple, sharp-force injuries. The report noted that David Bever had at least 28 total wounds to his body; April Bever had at least 48 total wounds.

Yep, just ban them guns, and these mass killings will just go away, says the evil politicians!


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A Great Article Attempting to be Balanced on an Unbalanced Issue.

Have a look!

The National Rifle Association (NRA) would have you believe that guns stop murders. The gun control lobby would have you believe that gun control reduces murders. They are both wrong. Gun bans have always had the same effect once implemented: none. They do not create a (sustained) period of increased murders, nor do they reduce the rate of homicides. The gun control crowd is currently stomping their feet and screaming “No, it reduces violence! I’ve seen the statistics.” What you probably saw were studies that point to reduced instances of “gun murders,” not murder. The pro-gun crowd is screaming that gun bans cause crime. At least this is grounded in reality. Typically, there is a spike in murders immediately after a ban, but it is short lived.

I don’t 100% agree with his stats, but they certainly aren’t stats I can argue with directly. I would point out that Australia’s “Short lived” spike in murder also coincided with the people re-arming themselves, and the US’s current slump in violent crime as shooting and gun ownership becomes more popular than ever.

Still if the net result IS zero, why would you NOT want to just leave people alone? I guess that’s the difference between human beings, and authoritarians and “Progressives”….one would consider a ban on something if it would result in a SOLID gain for society as a whole, as well as the individual…the other just hates stuff and wants to ban them, facts be damned!!!

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“Gun Death” Mass Murder

I don’t do the “Gun Death” files like I used to, but this one needed to be reported!

A Chinese immigrant who butchered five relatives, including four small children, with a meat cleaver in a fit of jealousy pleaded guilty on Wednesday to murder and manslaughter charges and must serve at least 125 years in prison.

In these days with antis talking about such-and-such mass murder with this sort of body count, and demanding gun laws!

But yet this was done with a simple blade…and the motive?

When detectives questioned **REDACTED**, he told them he was jealous of the success of his fellow Chinese immigrants, police said. Relatives said he had been fired from different restaurant jobs.

But what set off **REDACTED** rampage remained a mystery to family members, prosecutors and the judge.

When you try to control the tools, while doing NOTHING about the violent people, you don’t really accomplish much.


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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 60

Show is up! It’s a Good one!

Show Notes Here



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