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While the AG has “graciously” stated that: “… not be applied to possession, ownership or transfer of an Assault weapon obtained prior to July 20, 2016.” It does not mean that she can’t change her mind tomorrow or that some other entity cannot use it against us, such as local licensing authorities that use the new rules to declare an applicant unsuitable for renewal.

As a result of this chaos, many friendly public officials have offered to file emergency legislation that would offer permanent legal protection for the lawful gun owners who have purchased semi-automatic firearms. While we appreciate these genuine offers to protect our members, GOAL’s message to our government at this time is simple:

We are not asking to be forgiven for crimes we did not commit!

We hope all of our members and gun owners appreciate and support our current position, but you are not at fault! Accepting an offer to protect us would do two things:

1. Admit that we have all committed a crime despite the fact that all of these transfers were approved by the state.

2. It would be recognizing the vast expansion of the Attorney General’s NEW interpretation that will ban the future sale and possession of virtually every semi-automatic gun on the market.

While GOAL continues to confer with leaders all around the country about the best course of action, we need all citizens to attend GOAL’s rally at the State House on Saturday, July 23, 2016 at 10:00 am.

Not only is AG Healey declaring that everybody who bought a semi-auto rifle in the last 12 years in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is a criminal (tho she promises not to send you to jail for that) but she is essentially saying that anybody who bought a Semi-Auto rifle from 1994-2004 that wasn’t a pre-ban firearm was breaking FEDERAL law.

Note there is no ex-post facto, she has declared all “Ban Compliant” firearms, both in Massachusetts State Law, and Federal law to be “Copies” of banned guns, and therefor illegal.

It also doesn’t matter if you bought your compliant gun in 1995 and sold months later (like my WASR-10) It’s STILL a CRIME, as I bought, and possessed a “Banned Assault Weapon” by the views of the current AG….and just because she says she won’t prosecute me, doesn’t mean she can’t change her mind, or somebody else can’t.

Remember this isn’t a change in the law, just a radically different interpretation of a law that is over 22 years old, and has never been enforced as such, or adopted as such by the several states that adopted their own AWB after the 2004 Sunset.

So yeah Hopefully I’ll see some of you in the heat tomorrow!

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Isn’t That Interesting!

S&W no longer lists “Massachusetts” in their “State Compliant” list of rifles.

Those are some deep pockets that will not stand for it, and there are so many Massachusetts residents who are behind them!

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SQRPT Ep: 202 Massholes!

This week, I spend a LOT of time bitching about the new Mass AWB Interpretation

Also other stuff.

Angel Squirrel


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To Put it Gently: FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!

Remember this video?

Well for those who don’t listen to Handgun Radio, or know me in person, I put in a deposit for one of the K&M M17S308, specifically one in Green with a 16″ unthreaded barrel (Ken was nice enough to modify an existing 20″ BBL rather than welding on a muzzle break to a 16″ because I dislike muzzle breaks on moderate calibers) and a very low serial number as this would be from the first production run.

Now this….

For nearly 18 years since the passage of the 1998 Gun Control Act firearm retailers, gun owners and state agencies have been operating under the same interpretation. Now, suddenly, without warning or any due process a single person with a clear political agenda decides to change the rules. All Massachusetts residents should be alarmed!

GOAL is currently trying to decipher the enforcement letter, but with as much information that it contains, it is not very clear what it means. Statements such as the following make it very convoluted: “… a weapon is a Copy or Duplicate, for example, if the operating system and firing mechanism of the weapon are based on or otherwise substantially similar to one of the Enumerated Weapons.”

Virtually every semi-automatic that utilizes a detachable magazine has the same operating system or firing mechanism, so what does this mean? The short answer is we simply don’t know. Our best advice to firearm retailers for now is to err on the side of caution. These new rules may cover a lot more than just what we might think.

Since the Massachusetts ban is essentially a re-write of the 1994 Federal Ban, really this has been 21+ years of one succinct interpretation of the law….and now the letter given is so vague that I called my gun shop.

He’s not transferring ANY semi-auto magazine-fed long-guns. PERIOD. He mused that my gun MIGHT be legal….but he’d be speculating with his livelihood, so he told me that he wouldn’t be able to make the transfer.

So I have emailed Ken, and let him know I probably won’t be able to receive the rifle for the time being.

AND as I typed that, he emailed me back saying he personally thinks the rifle will pass muster, and will continue the build for me….we’ll see.

Either way, GOAL has a rally at the State House on Saturday I’ll be there to make my voice heard.

Wish me luck, and if you live in the Area, maybe I’ll see you on Beacon Hill.

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Hijack Ads

Hey, my crack Tech-Support team has told me all the repairs to the website in light of those unwanted popup and re-direct ads has been done.

Unfortunately no smoking gun was found, so if you are still seeing that crap, please let me know in the comments or emails.

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Handgun Radio #136: Commie Pistols

This was such a FUN show! Not only are we talking about a soft-spot of mine, which is collecting Eastern Bloc and Warsaw Pact Nation firearms (specifically Handguns here)

But also I had the pleasure to work with Savage1R of We Like Shooting, which is one of my Favorite Podcasts!

TJ was also along, and he’s always fun!

So yeah tune in and enjoy!

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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 100

First up, I must say, I’m impressed at how many shows I do that are in show counts well over 100. What’s neat about THIS show is I’ve been on EVERY show!

If I’ve done 100 of these shows, how many OTHER shows have I done?????


OK enough of me, on with the show!

Episode #100 – The Scary, Evil Features of an Orange Flare Gun

Last week Beth brought us the ladies of The DC Project as they started their week on Capitol Hill; this week, she tells us how the project went.
What kind of reprehensible excuse for a human being person steals a puppy? Sean looks a little deeper and finds out exactly what sort of person steals a puppy.
It seems like everyone’s playing Pokemon Go. Barron tells us about the risks that come with it.
In our main topic, Erin and Sean discuss that Vox article (oh Vox, you so silly) where they found that 20% of all Democrats want to ban every gun they saw… including an orange flare gun.
In the aftermath of Dallas, Tiffany asks each of us: Are we going to be the water? or the flame?
How do you deal with protests that block roads? Erin gives us some strategies to make road blocking protests less dangerous for you and your family.
Weer’d goes big and brings us four Patented Audio Fisks™ for the price of one.
And our plug of the week is for Big 3 East Training Center.

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SQRPT #201

Was planning on doing a light show talking about Pokemans…but then the shit happened in Nice just before the show started.

It’s still a good show



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Hangun Radio 136: Handgun Design Disasters!

So Ryan, Daniel and I have part 4 of our great series on handgun flops.

Sometimes it’s just like a train wreck, it’s so satisfying to see the flops!

Give it a listen!

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GunBlog VarietyCast Episode #99 – Savage BotNet Cameras Give Bad Advice at the Post Office

New Show is up!

The internet is full of derp and malice, wrapped in porn and cat videos. Come join our intrepid cast of Derponauts as they plumb the outer limits of human stupidity!

Beth Alcazar was in Washington DC this week with the ladies of The DC Project. She and some of the other ladies sit down and tell us about it.
Sean Sorrentino looks into the people involved in the story “Hope Mills Man Wanted In Stabbing Of Daughter’s Boyfriend”.
In the Tech Tips segment, Barron tells us about the 30,000 IP camera bot net, and how you can protect yourself.
In our main topic this week, Erin and Sean talk about “Bad Internet Gun Advice!”
Tiffany Johnson is on assignment and will return next week.
What do you do when you have to go to the post office? Erin Palette investigates the laws involved in what you can carry, and your alternatives to using the USPS Gun-Free Zone.
In another patented Weer’d Audio Fisk™, Weer’d takes on sex advice podcaster and extreme anti-gunner Dan Savage.
And our plug of the week is for Liberty Handgun Vaults.

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