Images of the Antis: Safety

You gotta love poorly thought-out “Gotcha” images like this:

Well, shining bulb, what of the corollary? If guns don’t make us safer, why isn’t the United States the most dangerous nation in the world.

These little compare-and-contrast images really are deeply shallow and rarely reflect reality. Like the UK being safer than the United States, often being a reference for support on their near wholesale ban on guns. Yet their metrics for “Murder” are so different they can’t really be compared. Or the comparisons of the US and Canada for crime rates, without noting that only about 60 years ago the US and Canada had IDENTICAL gun laws, and Canada was STILL safer.

And of course there is the ever-present clinging to “Gun Death” where the ignore the bulk of violent crime in one nation, and focus on a certain type of violent crime in this nation, and apply that to overall safety.

And of course the big elephant in the room is our DROPPING crime rate. In the end this is all fear mongering because they REFUSE to talk about ACTUAL safety since that doesn’t fit their narrative.

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“Gun Death” Keeping Mom Around

Have a look at this story:

Prosecutors in northeast Ohio say a 33-year-old man stabbed his mother to death then lived in the house with the decomposing corpse for about six months.

It doesn’t give the motive, but I strongly suspect it was one of two things. #1, to conceal the crime, but more likely #2, Mom was getting welfare, social security, or both, and sick son didn’t want the money to stop.

Still, not a “Gun Death”.


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“Gun Death” Pools Are Dangerous

As I say, when I moved into my house I filled the house with guns, but I scrapped the pool, because pools are dangerous.

An eight-year-old boy in South Carolina drowned in freak circumstances in an above-ground, backyard pool while swimming in three-feet of water last week.

Investigators have speculated that Gavin Quance – who was on the school swim team – became entangled or stuck under the pool cover which had bunched at one end of the water.

Indeed, when his distraught mother found her son face-down in the pool, the ladder was lying on the lawn a few feet away as if knocked and a hose was still filling up the tank.

Even a skilled swimmer in a pool not ready for swimming, and even with only a few feet of water can find themselves in deep trouble.

My heart goes out to the family.

H/T Bob

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A Fun Video From Jerry

I think the end message is S&W needs to supply guns to more prop houses!

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Quote of the Day Allen

From an amusing post over at Miguel’s. Miguel was amused that Mom’s Demand Action’s “Boycott” of Kroger now involves them buying stuff. He was also amused that she posed for her little photo op in the Beer aisle.

I was scratching my head at her slapdash cart loading. Who does that?

Still Allen noted something I should have seen:

How old are her kids? 50?

Again something I’m always noting that there is almost no fresh blood in the anti-gun movement. When you see a “Moms Demand” protest it’s really Grandmoms Demand. Essentially these are the same anti-gun people who were pushing for the Gun Control act of ’68.

Meanwhile our side has this:

Obviously done by anti-gun journalists, but really they don’t seem to really push the message too hard. Young kids enjoying the shooting sports and understanding our rights…OH NO! The best they could get was being told to not film the children in the kids section of the NRAAM, which I assume is just because kids can’t give consent to being filmed so it would be unethical to film the kid gathering spots.

Still look at that video, kids of all ages, and parents right in that 25-35 Demographic, rather than the anti-gun side which seems to have, minus a few outliers, the 65-coffin demo in spades.

Of course we have old-timers too, just they weren’t taking the Brown Acid at Woodstock.

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“Progressive” Racism

“Progressives” really need to let this concern troll trash about race go. Have a look!

What if large groups of African-American men carrying shotguns and semi-automatic rifles started moseying into stores across America to tout their support of open-carry gun laws?

Would they be greeted by the same anxious looks shoppers gave groups of armed white men who did the same this summer at Target stores and chain restaurants like Chipotle? Or something more lethal?

For Charles Gallagher, a sociologist who studies race, the answer to that “what if” is easy.

“Whites walking down Main Street with an AK-47 are defenders of American values; a black man doing the same thing is Public Enemy No. 1,” says Gallagher, a professor at La Salle University in Pennsylvania.

Interesting hypothetical, bro. Imagine the pandemonium if that ACTUALLY happened! Oh. I guess it DID happen. Also it wasn’t the cleanest story either:

Police monitored the black-clad demonstrators as many chanted “black power” and “justice for Michael Brown,” the black teenager shot by police in Ferguson, Missouri, the Dallas Morning News reported.

The club is named after one of the founders of the Black Panther party, no word if the members were Panthers themselves, but the dress code does seem to have a bit of an implication. Of course the sick racist state of this country, the chants of “Black Power” are not considered equal to chants of “White Power”, still as a white man being near such a protest would make me uncomfortable enough that I’d rather just watch the news coverage rather than be near them.

Of course we have “Public Enemy #1″ according to this “brilliant” Sociologist, chanting racial and controversial things in TEXAS! And what happened?

The march came to a peaceful end about 90 minutes after it began at a car wash at Malcolm X Boulevard and Marburg Street, the Morning News reported.

Ok so we have some hand-wringing bullshit already. Heck remember the black man with the rifle at Obamacare Protest who was cropped to avoid showing his race?

Let’s see how deep they can dig this hole:

You can’t talk about guns in America without talking about race, Gallagher and others say. The panic that would ensue at the sight of armed black men in public, they say, derives from the same racial fears that can be traced to the conquest of Native-Americans and the institution of slavery.

The United States has the most armed civilian population on the planet, they say, because some of its white citizens have a history of confronting racial anxieties by “gunning up.”

OK so we’re deeper. Not only is there NO panic when peaceful blacks exercise their rights, but he cites the racist gun control laws passed in the Jim Crow South! The people who “gunned up” were the Klan Riders, and the blacks who defended their communities from them. Now this seems to be presented on an even playing field, but it isn’t. The Klan armed up to kill and oppress blacks, the blacks armed up because there were people out to kill them and their families. The Klan was reacting to race, the blacks were reacting to violence!

Now the middle of the article is filled with a good run-down of racist gun-control in America, and then quotes from modern gun-rights activists who point out that the 2nd Amendment is for EVERYBODY, and that arming blacks is a GOOD thing, not something to fear.

Then that goofy Sociologist comes back:

Gallagher says those arguments are misleading.

“There’s a difference between gun culture and hunting culture,” he says. “They’re talking about hunting in Montana. They’re not talking about walking into a Wal-Mart with a 9-millimeter strapped to their back.”

Ahh, the good old “Ducks and Deer” 2nd Amendment argument! Is this dude stuck in the 90s?

Gallagher says he’s not accusing every white person who buys a gun of being a racist; he’s accusing them of being human, of unconsciously absorbing stereotypical attitudes about black men and violence that are as old as America itself.

“Do I think that people who own guns lie in bed at night thinking about shooting a black man? No,” Gallagher says. “A lot of this is about the bogeyman, the fear that a young black man is going to come and get me.”

Yeah, he’s not calling ALL armed whites racist…but they’re totally racist! This guy is a textbook case of Psychological Projection!

These old racial fears don’t just lead to shootings; they lead to racist public policy, says Lisa Corrigan, professor at the University of Arkansas who has studied the black power movement.

She says the passage of “stand your ground” laws, especially in the South, are “absolutely” fueled by white legislators who conjure the specter of a “non-white bogeyman to justify legislation that allows them to intimidate and kill” without repercussions. The nation’s first bogeyman of color was the Native-American, she says.

“White people have been motivated by fear of the ‘brown other’ since the nation was founded,” she says. “When they get afraid that brown people are going to take their stuff, they gun up.”

The racial paranoia over the “brown other” isn’t confined to America’s past, Corrigan and others says. They point to recent headlines.

Protests erupted in Ferguson, Missouri, when an unarmed black man, Michael Brown, was shot to death by a white police officer this summer.

Except the story says the officer who shot Brown was assaulted by him before the shooting. Was it a clean shoot? I have no idea. Was it a racially charged shoot? I highly doubt it!

When so many Americans disagree about the links between gun and race, well-meaning people look at the same videos and draw far different conclusions.

And the people who talk the most about race are talking the most about gun control.

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“Gun Death” Bumfight


A man who says he is the father of two of three teens charged with fatally beating two homeless men says that they too were once homeless, and he has no idea what prompted the brutal Friday night attack that police say left the victims unrecognizable.

“Progressives” hearts bleed at the tragedies of homeless deaths, but also they fixate on “Gun Death”, and this had none. So do they care?

The answer is “No, not really”.


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“Gun Death” Overload

Structural Integrity.

Federal investigators say overloaded storage bins on the roof of an Omaha livestock feed manufacturer’s plant caused the building collapse that killed two people in January.

Something has to give, and when it does, we don’t have “Gun Death”, so nothing to see here.

H/T Wallphone

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Complacency Can Lead to Death

This is a tough and sad story:

According to Noonan, Kedra was shot in the chest during a training exercise at the Montgomery County Public Safety Training Complex on the 1100 block of Conshohocken Road around 4:45 p.m.

Sources say he was in a classroom for a demonstration of how to break down and clean his service weapon. They say an experienced state police firearms instructor was handling a gun that somehow misfired.

The bullet hit trooper Kedra in the chest.

Now there are a few mechanical malfunctions that could lead to this, such as clearing a live round from the gun and getting the primer wedged between the slide and the extractor. Still that generally will just cause a round detonation, not somebody getting a bullet in the chest. Occam’s Razor says it’s what we’ve all seen before, it was likely a striker-fired service weapon that needs the trigger pulled with the gun in battery for the slide to be released from the frame.

This is why S&W added that little widget that disconnects the sear with the slide wide open. Still when I tear down my M&P I just pull the trigger like any other gun once the take-down latch is turned.

Of course that’s not ALL that I do. First I drop the magazine and lock the slide back. Then I look down the magazine well and look to see that it’s empty. Then I look down into the chamber and see if it is also empty. I sometimes stick my pinkie in there to verify, but most times I have all the lights on so I can clearly see an empty chamber. Often people will do multiple racks of the slide JUST to be sure. I don’t always do this, but when there are other people around I ALWAYS do.

Also while all of this is going on I have the gun pointed in a safe direction. Not “safe” as in there is nobody there, but SAFE as in I am as close to 100% sure as one can be that if a round were to be discharged it would come to rest without doing any damage I can’t live with for the rest of my life.

Gunnies can appear to have obsessive compulsive disorder sometimes. They check a gun handed to them right after their friend who knows more about guns than they do just cleared it in front of them. They check guns at the gun store where policy states that all guns being displayed are unloaded. Even after they have cleared the gun, or even filled the chamber with a dummy round they STILL follow the safety rules as if that gun was ready to go.

Even when I remember taking my gun off the night before and putting it in the safe fully loaded, I still check to see if it is fully loaded before I holster it the next day, or even an hour later if I happen to be re-arming for some reason.

Same goes for the gun you JUST cleaned and set aside unloaded. Guns don’t magically load themselves….but it can’t hurt to check again…or again.

We get uncomfortable when somebody sweeps us with a gun we KNOW is unloaded, sometimes we get into arguments about this.

Seems pretty silly right? Still how many times do you think this instructor has cleared his weapon? How many times do you think he’s torn it down for cleaning or demonstration? Hundreds? Thousands?

There is ALWAYS that ONE time when you aren’t paying attention, or skip some crucial step. That’s the beauty of the Four Rules. #1, there isn’t any ambiguity. The NRA rules are great, but I don’t like them as much. Rule #3 “ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.” Bugs me. Yeah I guess if I’m carrying my gun I’m “using it”, but I’m really not. I have a few guns locked in the safe that are loaded, is this a rule violation?

The four rules work for ANY time you handle a gun. Doesn’t matter if it’s a wall-hanging gun that you can’t even find ammo for, or the gun strapped to your chest as you jump out of a helicopter into a war zone. (Hell it even applies to you if the services demands you jump out of the chopper with your chamber empty!). If you are handling a gun, this is how you handle it.

Further you need to break at LEAST TWO rules for things to get really bad. This instructor was treating a gun like it was unloaded, and it wasn’t. If that was that NOTHING would have happened. I once had a friend hand me a gun he thought was unloaded. It wasn’t. When I opened the action a live round popped out and we had a little “oops” moment, but that’s it. No damage, no harm, no foul.

I’ve been swept with a loaded gun. It SUCKED, but that’s it. No harm, but there was a foul called on the range.

Now keeping your finger off the trigger is irrelevant if the gun is INDEED unloaded. I do dry fire practice. I’ve never bought a gun I haven’t dry fired. I have guns that need a trigger pull to disassemble. I store unloaded guns with their hammer/striker at rest. It isn’t a big deal.

Still in this situation there was a gun treated like it was unloaded. The trigger was pulled when the instructor DID NOT WANT THE GUN TO FIRE. The firearm was pointed at another human being when all of this was done, and now he is dead.

I feel the need to post this just to say to everybody NEVER GET COMPLACENT! NEVER BREAK THE FOUR RULES! It doesn’t matter if you just went through your NRA basic pistol class, or hunter safety class and have never even fired a live round, or if you are a veteran police trainer who is teaching a class for the millionth time.

I could say “It only takes one mistake”, but really it takes at LEAST two, still you can see how fast we added up to three in this story.

Don’t every get complacent! Be safe out there!

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No Squirrel Tonight

Alan is feeling under the weather, so we won’t be doing a show tonight.

Sorry all!

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