Complacency Can Lead to Death

This is a tough and sad story:

According to Noonan, Kedra was shot in the chest during a training exercise at the Montgomery County Public Safety Training Complex on the 1100 block of Conshohocken Road around 4:45 p.m.

Sources say he was in a classroom for a demonstration of how to break down and clean his service weapon. They say an experienced state police firearms instructor was handling a gun that somehow misfired.

The bullet hit trooper Kedra in the chest.

Now there are a few mechanical malfunctions that could lead to this, such as clearing a live round from the gun and getting the primer wedged between the slide and the extractor. Still that generally will just cause a round detonation, not somebody getting a bullet in the chest. Occam’s Razor says it’s what we’ve all seen before, it was likely a striker-fired service weapon that needs the trigger pulled with the gun in battery for the slide to be released from the frame.

This is why S&W added that little widget that disconnects the sear with the slide wide open. Still when I tear down my M&P I just pull the trigger like any other gun once the take-down latch is turned.

Of course that’s not ALL that I do. First I drop the magazine and lock the slide back. Then I look down the magazine well and look to see that it’s empty. Then I look down into the chamber and see if it is also empty. I sometimes stick my pinkie in there to verify, but most times I have all the lights on so I can clearly see an empty chamber. Often people will do multiple racks of the slide JUST to be sure. I don’t always do this, but when there are other people around I ALWAYS do.

Also while all of this is going on I have the gun pointed in a safe direction. Not “safe” as in there is nobody there, but SAFE as in I am as close to 100% sure as one can be that if a round were to be discharged it would come to rest without doing any damage I can’t live with for the rest of my life.

Gunnies can appear to have obsessive compulsive disorder sometimes. They check a gun handed to them right after their friend who knows more about guns than they do just cleared it in front of them. They check guns at the gun store where policy states that all guns being displayed are unloaded. Even after they have cleared the gun, or even filled the chamber with a dummy round they STILL follow the safety rules as if that gun was ready to go.

Even when I remember taking my gun off the night before and putting it in the safe fully loaded, I still check to see if it is fully loaded before I holster it the next day, or even an hour later if I happen to be re-arming for some reason.

Same goes for the gun you JUST cleaned and set aside unloaded. Guns don’t magically load themselves….but it can’t hurt to check again…or again.

We get uncomfortable when somebody sweeps us with a gun we KNOW is unloaded, sometimes we get into arguments about this.

Seems pretty silly right? Still how many times do you think this instructor has cleared his weapon? How many times do you think he’s torn it down for cleaning or demonstration? Hundreds? Thousands?

There is ALWAYS that ONE time when you aren’t paying attention, or skip some crucial step. That’s the beauty of the Four Rules. #1, there isn’t any ambiguity. The NRA rules are great, but I don’t like them as much. Rule #3 “ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.” Bugs me. Yeah I guess if I’m carrying my gun I’m “using it”, but I’m really not. I have a few guns locked in the safe that are loaded, is this a rule violation?

The four rules work for ANY time you handle a gun. Doesn’t matter if it’s a wall-hanging gun that you can’t even find ammo for, or the gun strapped to your chest as you jump out of a helicopter into a war zone. (Hell it even applies to you if the services demands you jump out of the chopper with your chamber empty!). If you are handling a gun, this is how you handle it.

Further you need to break at LEAST TWO rules for things to get really bad. This instructor was treating a gun like it was unloaded, and it wasn’t. If that was that NOTHING would have happened. I once had a friend hand me a gun he thought was unloaded. It wasn’t. When I opened the action a live round popped out and we had a little “oops” moment, but that’s it. No damage, no harm, no foul.

I’ve been swept with a loaded gun. It SUCKED, but that’s it. No harm, but there was a foul called on the range.

Now keeping your finger off the trigger is irrelevant if the gun is INDEED unloaded. I do dry fire practice. I’ve never bought a gun I haven’t dry fired. I have guns that need a trigger pull to disassemble. I store unloaded guns with their hammer/striker at rest. It isn’t a big deal.

Still in this situation there was a gun treated like it was unloaded. The trigger was pulled when the instructor DID NOT WANT THE GUN TO FIRE. The firearm was pointed at another human being when all of this was done, and now he is dead.

I feel the need to post this just to say to everybody NEVER GET COMPLACENT! NEVER BREAK THE FOUR RULES! It doesn’t matter if you just went through your NRA basic pistol class, or hunter safety class and have never even fired a live round, or if you are a veteran police trainer who is teaching a class for the millionth time.

I could say “It only takes one mistake”, but really it takes at LEAST two, still you can see how fast we added up to three in this story.

Don’t every get complacent! Be safe out there!

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No Squirrel Tonight

Alan is feeling under the weather, so we won’t be doing a show tonight.

Sorry all!

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Yeah, We Need To Work On That

Found this among the Baby’s Toys:

Baby Shapes

Still hasn’t mastered the shape sorter. Also since the shapes are flat on their sides you can get them wedged even in the correct hole. Since these toys are all rounded if you apply firm pressure they’ll fall into the sorter.

Only problem is she hasn’t mastered the shape sorter, so she’ll do what she did above and just press harder until frustrated. The biggest challenge is not to laugh your ass off at this!

Still she’s making other progress

Baby Walk

Keep it up, Little Girl, and we’ll be JUST fine!

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Gun Deaths: Wasp Stings

Poison is poison:

The Mayor of La Prairie, Quebec has passed away after being stung several times by wasps while at her cottage.

…Reportedly she had no known allergy to wasp stings. In a release issued on Monday municipal officials said they were shocked and saddened by her death.

Terrible. I’ve put my foot into a wasp nest once in a similar fashion, and got 15 stings for my troubles. Thankfully the end result was just a LOT of pain. Still wasp venom IS venom, and if you get enough of it in you, you don’t need an allergy to die from it.

Really sad, but not a “Gun Death”

H/T Wallphone

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Oh My God NO!!!

Will he die?

If he doesn’t, he wished he would for sure!

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More Failures of Gun Control

Interesting story:

uthorities said Tuesday they busted clandestine AR-15 semi-automatic rifle assembly operations on two farms in western Mexico, believed to be the first known example of such weapons being put together in the country.

The investigation found that at least some of the AR-15 parts were being produced on the farms, while other pieces apparently were brought in from the United States.

…Najera said investigators believe the operation supplied arms to buyers in the state of Michoacan and also to the local Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

…Authorities seized equipment that Najera described as “highly sophisticated machinery” designed to ensure the weapons function properly.

I’m guessing they were buying all the non-gun parts in the US and milling the receivers in their shop. Still if it’s illegal to make the guns there, why are they bothering making ARs, and not M16s?

This goes double when you realize that still the #1 supplier to the cartels in Mexico is the Mexican Military, as it still has a high desertion rate, and they don’t leave naked.


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Who’s The Victim Here?

Tam Snarks it up about this story:

William Coleman III was robbed of his Walter- brand P22 just after 2:00 a.m. October 4 in Gresham by a young man who asked him for it — and flashed his own weapon as persuasion.

Coleman, 21, was talking to his cousin in the 17200 block of NE Glisan St., after purchasing the handgun earlier that day, when a young man asked him for a cigarette, police said.

The man then asked about the gun, pulled a gun from his own waistband and said “”I like your gun. Give it to me.”

Coleman handed over the gun and the man fled on foot.

Mr. Coleman was relived of of a Walther P22, sounds like he got the better end of the deal if you ask me! Walther makes some really good guns, but the P22 (actually made by Umarex of Italy) is not one of them.

Also I must snicker at the file photo at the top of the page. I can imagine some pointy-headed editor who was probably sneering at this “dumb redeneck” getting his life threatened typing in “Wather P22″ into their search engine, and getting that messed up CGI rendering of a PPK and saying “That’s it!” and publishing the story.

Also since open carry has become vogue this is only the SECOND case of an open carry person being actively targeted by the criminal element. All the anti-OC people claim that openly carrying will result in you getting shot before a robbery happens, or people snatching your gun as you walk down the street, but really the exceptions prove the rule.

I hope this guy gets his gun back, and another man open carrying (but the other kind, that comes with the magic badge) takes HIS gun away.

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“Gun Death” That Jihadi Behedding

Surprisingly this story was NOT flooded in my inbox.

FBI officials are investigating a beheading at an Oklahoma food distribution center after co-workers said the suspect tried to convert them to Islam after his own recent conversion.

…Lewis said Mark Vaughan, the company’s chief operating officer and a reserve county deputy, shot Nolen as he was stabbing Johnson, who remains hospitalized in stable condition Friday.

So we have a big gamut here. Of course we have a patron of the “Religion of Peace” who got canned for pissing off coworkers for demanding they convert to Islam. Having been Canned went on a rampage with a blade, beheading one coworker, and severely injuring another before getting shot by the big boss. I’ve heard accounts that the gun was a carbine, but still no confirmation.

So we have one dead, two injured, and one person with a gunshot wound. Obviously the boss shooting the attacker was the bad thing, as only “Gun Death” counts.


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Quote of the Day: Joan Peterson

Have a look!

It’s election time. And the lies are flowing widely about guns and gun rights. They need to be challenged. With a recent poll showing even 92% of gun owners support measures to keep guns away from those who should not have them

Well Joan has finally come to her senses and is Challenging that dubious “90% Support Gun Control” statistic.

Of course I kid, here’s what she really thinks:

This is the question that has to be asked over and over again. If large majorities of Americans support common sense measures to keep us all safer in our communities, why do politicians pander to the corporate gun lobby? It’s pretty simple. The NRA lobbyists and leaders and other gun rights organizations have for years now hyped up fear and paranoia about gun rights. Their minions who believe this stuff go after the politicians in a not so subtle way by telling lies about gun rights and throwing money and support to the opposition. I guess that’s politics. If something is said often enough it can become a “truth”. What the corporate gun lobby continues to say is that any measure concerning gun safety reform leads to gun registration, confiscation and gun bans. That is simply not true. But the truth gets lost in the election hype and candidates avoid wanting to talk about it. We are talking about an issue that affects thousands of Americans and senseless loss of life. The truth is vitally important.

Got that! Almost nobody supports so-called “Assault Weapons” being legal, or allowing people to sell their own property privately. The only reason why no new laws have been enacted is the lobbyists of the “Corporate Gun Lobby”. Still this doesn’t pass the sniff test. I guess it COULD be argued that since most gun companies make at least ONE gun that is considered an “Assault Weapon” under various definitions. To modify, or stop selling those firearms would cost the company a lot of money. (Of course I suspect the Federal AWB of ’94 might have paid for many of those setbacks simply by adding extra shifts and stockpiling pre-ban magazines, and selling them at a markup) Still why would gun companies care one bit about background checks and back-door registration. Once a gun is sold the gun companies have made their money. When I buy a Mosin Nagant, or a Makarov, The Soviet Union/ Russia doesn’t see a cent of my money, because the gun had been sold ages ago to American companies. Same goes if I buy a used Smith and Wesson revolver. If I buy it at a gun shop, or if I buy it privately, the boys and girls in Springfield don’t see a penny. They made their money selling it new to whatever FFL got it first, and that’s that. The gun changing hands after the fact means nothing to them. Still if I had to walk into a gun shop every time I did a horse-trade, I’d have to walk past all those NEW guns, Magazines and Accessories, and I might be tempted to make additional purchases.

They might argue that the NRA has “Bought off” the politicians, but at the same time Michael Bloomberg alone (and the Joyce Foundation, and the Brady Campaign, while weak, are still able to spend some money too) is spending as much as the NRA is on political action.

“Hyping Fear and Paranoia”, also doesn’t really seem to hold water, as the News Media is still good about seeking out anti-gun cranks to give “their side” of the issue. Remember Elliot Fienmann? He was the crank that told all the national news agencies he would organize a boycott of Starbucks, and essentially bankrupt the company. Of course he’s just a lunatic….but he got air time on all the major news networks talking crazy. Funny, I’ve never been asked to be on the National News to talk about pro-gun things. So it isn’t a better peddling of a message, since the anti-gun forces indeed still have the bigger megaphone.

The bottom line is the 90% number isn’t true. It might be a valid number, but an invalid question, ie people supporting the idea of background checks, but not realizing in the various laws proposed it would make selling your own property outside of a gun shop illegal, or even letting a friend shoot your gun at the range, or on a hunting trip. Or it could be just pure crap.

Either way, if 90% of all gun owners were in favor of these laws it would have passed AGES ago. Hell the 94 AWB didn’t have that level of support, and it passed!

Also funny that Joan says “If something is said often enough it can become a “truth”.” Joan is referencing “The Big Lie”, but rather ironic that she claims the pro-gun side is lying, uses terms like “Paranoia”, “Fear”, about registration and confiscation (which Joan openly supports!) and talks about public safety….yet she has never mentioned the declining violent crime rate in this country. Hell she seems to be working double time to make it appear that we are LESS safe today than we were 20 years ago when gun control was at it’s apex.

Who’s spreading the big lies?

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“Gun Death” Go Kart

I never had a go kart as a kid:

A Flower Mound girl died Sunday after her go-kart crashed outside Texas Motor Speedway.

Kierstin Eaddy, 14, was involved in an autocross event in a TMS parking lot Sunday morning sponsored by the Sports Car Club of America.

Witnesses said her kart failed to stop after crossing the finish line. The kart went through a low fence, stripping the driver’s safety helmet.

Since I never had a go-kart, I can easily say nobody NEEDS one, and they should be banned. Of course I’ll also point out that most professional drivers got their start in kart racing. There are dangers to every sport. Most of them are MORE dangerous than shooting sports.

So we need to ban guns….duh!

H/T Bob

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