Tonight’s Drink: The Mai Tai

So here is a VERY interesting drink: the Mai Tai!

Originally created by a Bartender for Trader Vic in 1944, and likely reverse engineered by many restaurants during the height of the Tiki Bar craze. Because of this there are literally PAGES of Mai Tai Recipies

Here are a few from Robert Hess:

Same dude, and it seems over time has drastically changed his Mai Tai recipe.

Now having read the recipes, I started experimenting on a Rum cocktail that would be similar to a Mai Tai, but not necessarily that drink.

Upon completion, I was VERY pleased with the final product, so I decided to search the ingredients….and found what I was making was indeed a Mai Tai:

Note that while all these drinks taste different, they all taste like a Mai Tai. I’ve done several recipes, and I rather like mine the best, and it’s still yet a little different. Here’s the recipe.

4 parts White Rum
1 Parts Amaretto
1 Parts Blue Curacao
0.5 Parts Lime Juice
0.5 Parts Rose Water
Dash Angostura Bitters.
Garnish with Preserved Lemon chunks on skewer

So I’m a little different than even that last. First Robert Hess bags on blue drinks, but I REALLY like the color blue in a drink, and given how well blue Curacao pairs with other spirits (specifically gin) I use it a lot in my bar. I also use Angostura Bitters and rose water to give the cocktail some exotic fragrance. Also the Rose Water has some alkali bitterness to it which I think keeps the drink from being overpoweringly sweet.

Also the preserved lemons pair well with the lime juice and curacao, and add a salty note to the drink which I also prefer. If I can bring one thing to the cocktail world, it should be use of preserved lemons (being lemons pickled in a salt brine) used as a garnish.

Also since ice lowers the vapor pressure of a liquid, as well as floats above the surface of the drink, lowering the surface area of your cocktail as you sip, I prefer to shake my drink vigorously and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Special Mai Tai

The photo doesn’t do it justice, the Curacao and the Amaretto really combine to make an amazingly rich color, and I find mine better suits my pallet which is not fond of very sweet drinks.


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Some Irony For Your

So I found this article via Joan:

What country fetishizes, lionizes, valorizes, idolizes, and sacralizes guns as much as does our United States? OK, possibly Mozambique–the only country with an AK47 on its flag, but really, it’s long past time to end this obsessive “My Precious” attachment of Americans to instruments of death.

…The only logical path, given the clearly decided role of the Second Amendment, is to repeal it. American people are tired of mass shootings and police shootings and family fued shootings and sibling shootings and accidental toddler shootings and teen suicide by gun (highly popular).We are exhausted by the proliferation of death, of threats, of bloodshed, and by the NRA/gun industry moral garbage spewing forth every time someone challenges the ubiquity of guns.

Repeal the Stupid Second Amendment. Surround it, grab it, bring it in the back room, pull down the shades, and end it. OK, petition for it, get it on the ballot, and get it done by enough of the US populace, by enough people in enough states, to get it consigned to the dustbin of history. Merry Christmas, people. Peace.

Now of course there is SOME irony that Ms. “Nobody wants to take your guns away” is pushing this frothy rage-filled crap, but the JUICY irony is the author Bio:

Tom H. Hastings is PeaceVoice Director and teaches in the Conflict Resolution program at Portland State University in Oregon.

Makes you want to take his class, huh?

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And In the Article Lies the Truth

So Michael Bloomberg has launched a website called “The Trace” that is going to be his own “Independent” anti-gun online publication and gateway to gun control.

I won’t lie, I’ve been beside myself, as anti-gun blogs have all but died, and I don’t do the whole facebook thing. So the fact that it is managed by a professional editor that serves at the pleasure of Micheal Bloomberg does two things. #1. It has made every article I’ve read much more concise than most of the anti-gun blogs that are out there, and #2. It ties every one directly to the Generalissimo of the anti-gun political lobby. I still follow the Brady Campaign, as well as the various Joyce shell groups, but they are mere specters of what they once were. And while Gun Control is still fighting it’s all, nothing feels as threatening as it did around the turn of this century when I first got embroiled in the 2nd Amendment fight…first as a gun banner, and to present days as a supporter of freedom.

Still of all the threats to the 2nd Amendment, Micheal Bloomberg and his loyal retainers seem the most dangerous, so for somebody like me, who enjoys trench warfare with the antis, this site has become a daily read!

Still this article really amused me. It’s titled “Inside a Rabbi’s Plan to Get Cops to Make Smart Guns Kosher”, I found it to be surprisingly balanced, and I deeply suspect that was an accident:

On May 21, several dozen officers from 10 New York–area law-enforcement agencies converged on the New Rochelle Police Department’s gun range for a small gun show highlighting some of the latest developments in firearms tech. As the officers took turns with a prototype shotgun developed by a scion of the Mossberg gun-making family, the show’s organizer looked on from the back of the range, bemused. Rabbi Joel Mosbacher of Mahwah, New Jersey, is not your typical gun impresario or champion of police firepower: In fact, he ended up putting this event together after years as an anti-gun-violence activist. “I thought I’d be making matches as a rabbi,” Mosbacher said later. “Just not between gun companies and police departments.”

You can probably see where this is going, but let’s have a look at a few more quotes:

Smart guns have been in development for decades, but the technology still has to overcome skepticism from many gun buyers. In 1975 the Magna-Trigger arrived, but the fact that it discharged only when the owner wore a magnetic ring on the firing hand raised doubts about its suitability for home defense: What if a spouse was in need of the gun while alone, without his or her ring-wearing partner? The ’90s brought models that were more technologically sophisticated — utilizing fingerprint sensors on the grip, for example, or RFID transponders in bracelets that allowed the gun to fire only when close enough to the radio signal — but no less quickly dismissed. “How long would it be before the first ‘gangland geek’ came up with a device that would block the transponder of any nearby officer (or armed citizen), rendering the good guy’s weapon inoperable?” wrote internationally known firearms instructor Massad Ayoob in a 2000 Guns Magazine article.

But the biggest reason the new technologies raised concern among gun enthusiasts was because of smart guns’ most enthusiastic boosters: politicians and activists trying to reduce gun violence. In the wake of Columbine, Andrew Cuomo, then HUD secretary, brokered a deal with Smith & Wesson to get it to invest more in research and safety, including smart guns. The agreement backfired as Smith & Wesson became an industry pariah for doing Democrats’ bidding, and other companies considering similar deals reversed course.

Obviously this new site doesn’t have a full-time fact-checker or Minister of Propaganda, because such accurate statements wouldn’t have been allowed, not would it be allowed to admit that the S&W boycott and market-flood of used guns that nearly bankrupted the company was a grass roots effort. The anti-gun doctrine should read that the S&W boycott was a top-down edict issued by Wayne LaPierre personally! Since this website and all of the anti-gun activist groups trace upward to one man who controls all, there MUST be a false narrative that the NRA is EXACTLY the same, and that ALL pro-gun advances are from that singular organization.

That’s why Mosbacher and his colleagues, operating through a national coalition of religious groups and community organizations called Metro IAF, are trying to generate market demand instead of government mandates. So far, manufacturers have been more receptive to this approach.

Wait, achieving goals of the anti-gunners with LESS government? Also this website mentions it’s goal is to “Reduce violence”, but this is so far the only article that does seem to have that in mind.

That’s where Mosbacher and members of the Metro IAF campaign Do Not Stand Idly By can lend a hand. In addition to organizing the New Rochelle event, they’ve met with state and local politicians as well as police chiefs to educate them about smart guns and, more importantly, to ask them to sign a letter to gun manufacturers requesting information on their smart-gun offerings. So far, representatives from 73 jurisdictions have signed, from the head of suburban New Rochelle’s police force to the governor of Connecticut to the mayor of Atlanta.

…Ultimately, it will take interest from big-city or state police forces to nudge the smart gun from prototype to mass-produced product, which is why Metro IAF has made sign-ons from such jurisdictions a priority.

And there lies the crux with why the antis are having such a hard time promoting “Smart Guns”, of course the big #1 is that antis want to ban ALL guns, so every law they press is a MANDATE so that modern guns can be banned while new “Smart Guns” allegedly fill the void. Also that all of these mandates exempt police, who are the people who most have their gun used by unauthorized individuals.

I wouldn’t use a smart gun for the same reason why I wouldn’t carry a gun with a magazine disconnect, it could get me killed. If a gun company or tech company convinces a major police force that their product works, and years of trials shows that the products work as advertised, maybe gunnies will hop on board.

It was the same way with the Glock pistol. People were uneasy about a “Plastic Gun”, as well as a semi-auto that had no manual safety, so Gaston got major police forces to adopt his gun, and the rest was history.

As you may have heard on the Gunblog Variety Cast in my interview with Joe Huffman, the “Smart Guns” that currently exist are NOT designed to pass rigor as a police duty weapon, so for now, no deal, and the Rabbi has his work cut out for him.

Still I applaud his methods, despite his taint with Bloomberg in general, and the states of New York and New Jersey, I don’t see his work as a threat to the Second Amendment directly.

Not that the antis aren’t watching him so they can make their next move.

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The Antis Really Are Stupid

All the facts aren’t yet known on the South Carolina shooting. Please take nothing here as news reporting. All information is presented on what the antis perceived as true at the time of the writing. First this:

Federal law prohibits people with pending felony charges from obtaining firearms. In February, **REDACTED** was arrested and later charged with felony possession of Suboxone, a narcotic prescription drug. He was released, and the case is pending.

Because of his criminal record, **REDACTED** would not have been able to buy a gun from a store. Federally licensed gun dealers are required to run background checks on gun purchasers, and Roof’s pending charges should have turned up as a red flag.

But **REDACTED** didn’t need to go to a dealership. According to his uncle, **REDACTED** received a .45-caliber pistol from his father in April for his birthday, Reuters reports.

I’ve read some conflicting data on exactly how the shooter acquired the pistol he used, still the author of this piece believed he got it as a birthday gift from his father.

Now first up this implies that his father had NO IDEA his son had been arrested and charged, and didn’t have any issues with drugs. I guess that’s POSSIBLE, but not exactly plausible. Further, most universal background check bills proposed by the anti-gunners have exclusions for family members giving to other members as a gift.

Really the biggest argument for banning private sales is that a total stranger at a gun show, or meeting for a Face-to-face transfer via an online ad doesn’t know the person they’re selling to. Immediate family DOES. Also I’m very interested about this monster’s family. People don’t just suddenly become a white supremacist, and if indeed his Daddy gifted him a gun for his birthday while he was all White Power, and pill popping, I kinda wonder if Dad was in on the anti-black indoctrination.

And from the Brady Campaign:

When we talk about solutions, we don’t spend enough time talking about the real things we can do to keep guns out of the hands of the people who commit these crimes. Solutions that almost everybody supports, like:

Expanding Brady background checks to all gun sales, so that felons, domestic abusers, and the dangerously mentally ill can’t walk into gun shows or go online and buy guns with no questions asked.

Did this killer buy his gun online or at a gun show? Did any other of the highly publicized spree shooters get their guns that way? Hell most of the shootings in this country are gang related, do those guys buy their guns online, or at gun shows, or does the criminal element already have an underground black market clearly established that will not be effected by any future laws?

Shutting down the 5 percent of “bad apple” gun dealers that knowingly do business with gun traffickers and straw purchasers and supply almost all crime guns in our nation.

Ok, first up the “Bad Apple” gun dealers are a lie. There is no evidence that the “Iron Pipeline” exists. The time-to-crime from the ATF reports is measured in decades not days or months like anything else trafficked. Really the “Bad Apple Dealers” are gun dealers who operate in high-crime areas (you know where you honest-to-god NEED a gun), and high crime areas have high instances of theft. Guns are commonly stolen property, alone with electronics, prescription meds, and jewelry. More guns stolen, more guns showing up at crime scenes sold from those dealerships.

If they WERE “Bad Apples” it would be easy for the ATF to shut them down. They haven’t, and it isn’t, and franly it’s slander….hence why you can’t actually find a LIST of any of these dealers anywhere.

Educating parents about the risks of unsafe access to guns in the home, knowing that nine kids are shot unintentionally in America every day and in more than two-thirds of school shootings, the gun comes from the home of the attacker or a relative — including the shooting at Sandy Hook.

And the Sandy Hook gun was locked up and acquired AFTER the shooter murdered his mother and stole it!

And last this:

It is an evil act. It’s the act of a “lone wolf” or is it? It was perpetrated by someone who should not have had a gun. His roommate said he had been planning this for a while. Why didn’t the roommate say or do something in time to stop him? Do we just shrug our shoulders when people talk like this and we know they have guns? What is wrong with us?

I dunno Joan, what’s WRONG WITH YOU! Why didn’t YOU do something to stop your insane and abusive brother-in-law before she murdered your sister and her boyfriend???

Frankly, if this story is true, and Roommate knew the killer was a white supremacist, had plans to commit murder, and illegally owned a gun, he SHOULD have turned him in. But that’s easy for me to say, as nobody close to me has ever done anything remotely like this. Still Joan says it pretty easy when SHE DID THE EXACT SAME THING! AMAZING!

Yep these are the people we should throw down our arms for!

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Tonight on the Squirrel Report

Bush V. Clinton AGAIN…except even sadder now.

Fake Black People

Another tragic shooting that is being mined for political hay.

And Wimmins on the monies….

This and more, and don’t forget your calls! 9pm EST 214-530-0036, BE THERE!!


Squirrel Tattoo

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Gun Rights Radio Network Double Header

Ryan was guest hosting Gun Guy Radio, and he had me on to talk about the Curio And Relic License from the ATF.

I made Brutal fun of Ryan for NOT having his C&R, given that he loves classic firearms, and the license is really inexpensive and easy to manage.

Since he had me, we made it a double-header and had me on Handgun Radio where we talked about S&W Semi-Autos. Really Smith shines when it comes to revolvers, but they’ve been making very good Semi-Auto pistols for over 100 years. We talked about several of them.

So click on over to listen or download the podcasts!

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Perfectly Illustrated

For those who didn’t believe me!

And you can actually FEEL the difference between the two drinks when you drink them.

I won’t lie, sometimes I LIKE that shaken feel specifically when it comes to a Manhattan. Furthermore I tend to like my Manhattans with Rye stirred, and my Bourbon Manhattans shaken. But it DOES make a big difference.

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Play Me Out: Ska

Why not?


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New Bartending Tecnique

I’ve seen this around, but never in an instructional format:

Interesting. Note she talks about “Bruising the Gin”, I first only heard this term in James Bond novels, and like .32 ACP having great stopping power (and note in the 1950s 007 was likely using ball ammo in his PPK) I assumed it was just prosaic bullshit.

Nope, “Bruising” in bartending terms is the little chunks of ice that float on the surface of a shaken cocktail. Many bartenders these days will shake ANYTHING that is strained into a cocktail glass, simply because it gets the drink REALLY cold (I might argue colder than stirring) and it gets it there fast. So why spend a minuet stirring a cocktail, when shaking it briskly for 30 seconds will get a colder drink?

Bruising! If you don’t have REALLY good ice, that would be BIG, COLD, and SOLID chunks of the stuff.

A good video on Ice is here:

Also the Mai Tai is a REALLY good drink. If you’re like me and not the biggest fan of super sweet drinks, give it a try, it’s sweet, but surprisingly balanced.

Also interesting is I found a video of Robert making a Mai Tai several years ago, and he breaks his own rules:

We all learn and grow!

But yeah, we were talking about bruised gin. If you use standard bar ice (which is machine ice) you shake a drink hard, and you’ll have tiny chunks of ice floating in your drink. These suck because they’re sharp and don’t have any flavor, so they really mess up your cocktail experience.

If you use GOOD ice you can shake the life out of your drink, and probably not get real bruising. You’ll still get some aeration and some foaming if there is any sugar in the drink.

I imagine the same would happen with this cocktail. aeration makes the drink have a fuller, I describe it as velvety feel. It’s nice in some drinks, but frankly I prefer my Negroni very smooth that you get from stirring it.

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Gun Blog Variety Cast: Episode 43

You know the drill, and you know the show.

Notes here:

Show Below! Enjoy!


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