Keep New York Out of Maine

Great video from the NRA. I’m glad they’re standing up for Maine!

BTW I was happy to see John Ford in there. He’s a great guy, and has written an EXCELLENT book on his time as a Maine Game Warden.

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Play Me Out: Nothing Else Matters

Wow, what a great twist on the Black Album Classic!

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Handgun Radio: History of the Double Action Revolver

This was a long one, and SO interesting.
Ryan and I sit down with gun writer Bill Bell, and his son Jordan to talk about the history of the Double Action Revolver.

So interesting, It’s hard to fathom how old the technology was, and it’s neat to hear all the little details Bill has on the subject.

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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 109

Episode 109 – One Aux Port Closes, Another Port Opens
Shh. It’s okay. Just try to relax and enjoy this episode of the GunBlog VarietyCast. You’ll only feel a little pinch…
Beth went to frickin’ Crimson Trace where they put frickin’ lasers on frickin’ guns. She’s back to tell all us about it
What kind of father takes a .44 Magnum and shoots at his son? What kind of son makes it necessary? Sean takes a closer look.
The iPhone 7 loses an aux port and the Galaxy Note 7 loses its cool. Barron tells us which is important and which is just not worth worrying about.
Tiffany invites police officer and tactical trainer Chuck Haggard to discuss the very timely issue of police/community relations.
You hoped she’d never go there, but she does. What do you do when you need to rehydrate someone but they can’t drink? Yes, the old urban legends are true, and Erin tells you how it works.
He’s the anti-gunner’s favorite “gun guy”, but he’s really just a sheep in wolf’s clothing. His interview with Boston Public Radio gets its very own Patented Weer’d Audio Fisk™.
Our plug of the week is for the Gun Rights Policy Conference Livestream at
And a special thanks to our sponsors for this episode, Remington Ammunition and Lucky

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The Squirrel Report: Schrödinger’s Clinton

This was a fun one!.

Hillary Clinton and her ever evolving illness stories.

How these stories can’t possibly be true.

Speculation on what she might ACTUALLY have.

Angel Squirrel

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Awesome Ad

This is a great ad by the NRA

First up, MEGA bonus points for getting an actual Mainer to do the Voice Over, you really can’t fake that accent.

And this is the right angle….yes Background checks are complete bullshit, and have been a failure EVERYWHERE they’ve been implemented, but the more important fact is that this is NOT Mainers pushing for “common sense laws” this is Michael Bloomberg trying to buy Maine!

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This is just Amusing

I’m a big fan of Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.

I just found this

Nothing is perfect, but I was amused.

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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 108

The show is up!

This Is the Intro That Never Ends

Yes, it goes on and on my friend. Your co-hosts started bantering, not knowing what it was, and they’ll continue talking forever just because…

Do shooting ranges for women exist? Of course! But they aren’t “Barbie’s Dream Range”. Beth speaks with Kim Condon, the owner of Boondocks Firearms Training Academy, about her female-friendly range.

In Felons Behaving Badly, friend of the show George sends in a story titled “Two men accused of breaking into Union County chief deputy’s home in custody.” You’ll never guess what Sean finds out.

ITT Tech got their federal student aid money spout cut off, and Barron tells us what that means for its students and graduates.

In our main topic, Sean talks with Bob Mayne of Handgun World Podcast, the co-founder of Self Defense Radio Network.

We all love a good movie, and Tiffany tells us how sharing that movie magic can help us bridge the gap between gun people and non-gun people.

Did you know it was National Preparedness Month? Prepping is going mainstream and Erin tells us how that happened.

We all thought it was dead and gone, but suddenly, it’s back! … but not better than ever. Loaded Conversations drags a half-finished podcast off the ash pile and serves it up for another Patented Weer’d Audio Fisk™.

And our plug of the week is for RoadID. See the show notes for a $5 off coupon.


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One Last Bit on Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser

So I thought I’d put a few final thoughts on Miek Weisser AKA “Mike the Gun Guy”.

First up, not long after the events detailed here, Mike Started manually deleting any comment by me on his blog. A little while later he figured out how to actually block my comments in the blog software.

A few other pro-gun commentators have stopped appearing too, and recently he’d taken to delete anti-gun comments that I can only assume are too moderate for him.

So the number of anti-gun blogs that allow for debate is again Zero. I’ll note that the Armed With Reason still has an open comments section….but the blog is abandoned. **UPDATE** They appear to have re-launched their site with new content….It appears I’m one of the first to notice, as there are no new comments up. We’ll have to see if they haven’t changed things.

All other anti-gun blogs will ban you simply for disagreeing with them. Only anti-gun comments are allowed on anti-gun blogs.

Before that Mike left me interesting emails like this:

And you’re still chicken-shit I notice. Funny, you took the trouble to find out where my shop is located as well as to get the mail address of my ‘political action’ group (which is nothing of the sort, by the way.) But of course you hide behind a phony name. You guys are all alike. Big and tough with your guns. Basically cowards.

Essentially he started goading me to give him my real name…which of course is out there. All the information I know about him is on his blog, or you can quickly find by Googling “Mike Weisser”.

When I asked him how I benefited in our discussion over gun laws by knowing his name and address of his gun shop, and what he might benefit from knowing my name and address, he essentially didn’t answer.

I of course construed this as a mild and vague threat. He didn’t want to talk to me, but he wants to know where I, and my family live?

Plus he says shit like this:

Mike Threat

He’s mostly harmless, still when his go-to greeting is “Go Fuck Yourself”, he doesn’t strike me as a very stable guy.

Another interesting thing of note is that he’s Mike “The Gun Guy”, and he describes himself as a “Gun Nut”, yet he writes about anti-gun rallies, he writes about donating to Michael Bloomberg, and he write about how dumb Trump is, and how ABSOLUTELY Amazing Hillary Clinton is.

He writes about gun bans, and gun restrictions, and carry restrictions, and how stupid the 2nd Amendment is.

You know what he doesn’t write about? Guns.

I mean he writes about guns he thinks should be banned, and occasionally mentions a gun he owns….but he never talks about shooting them. Never writes about hunting. Never writes about going to the gun club. It appears he teaches NRA Basic Pistol classes so people can apply for their Mass permits, but he never talks about classes, or students. (Tho if you read his Yelp reviews, I can see why).

Also his actual knowledge of guns is surprisingly bad. Like seriously, This guy ACTUALLY owns a gun shop, and ACTUALLY teaches gun safety classes, yet he made THIS image and has used it multiple times:

Mike Bayonet

I mean he isn’t saying “30 Magazine Clips” or “Ghost Guns” or stuff like that, but it’s the little stupid mistakes that just makes me wonder, is he amazingly stupid, or amazingly lazy.

In the end Mike is really a medium size fish in a very small pond…he’s trying to make himself seem bigger than he is, but I wonder how successful he’ll ever be.

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Handgun Radio 141: Some Gun Nuttery and Paul Lathrop

This was a great show. Ryan and I sat down with our friend Paul Lathrop to talk about fun guns and for Paul to tell the story of his recent legal brush.

It’s really an amazing story, and Paul was nice enough to tell it again for Ryan and I.

Also I’m both proud, and a little ashamed to say that the day before we recorded this Episode I signed my wife and I up for the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network, I say proud because it appears to be an amazing resource for a very modest price. I say ashamed because, like Paul, I thought about joining for YEARS, and just never got around to it.

Go give it a listen, I think you’ll be glad!

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