“Gun Death” Katana


Let’s face it, we all know someone that has a few samurai swords. Whether they’re there to prevent a home invasion, or an attack by zombies after the SHTF has occurred, everyone has a reason for owning swords.

Well, in this case, the swords came to a very good use and helped to defend a man’s family from home invaders. This is the gory aftermath. The home invaders were stopped immediately upon entry into the man’s home. They bailed to their getaway car but did not make it very far due to massive blood loss. They were found by police shortly after driving away, both unconscious due to blood loss.

let’s just say the medics were able to save the two choir boys, but I don’t think they';ll ever be the same.

H/T LordSega

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“Gun Death” Lighter Fluid


Investigators are hoping Jessica Chambers’ final words will lead them to the killer or killers who burned the 19-year-old teenager alive in a gruesome murder Saturday that has stunned the small Mississippi community of Courtland.

…Panola County Sheriff Dennis Darby said the young woman died after she was doused with a flammable liquid and set on fire on a road in Courtland, Miss., a town with a population of 460 people.

When first responders arrived at the scene, Chambers reportedly uttered a few words that might lead detectives to her killer or killers. Police have not disclosed what Chambers said — or tried to say. No motive has been released.

Those who fixate on “Gun Death” would like to ignore this horrible crime. They might claim that guns make it “too easy” to kill multiple people, while ignoring that most “gun death” crimes are single-victim like this, or mention that it makes it “too easy” for somebody to commit a gruesome act…how hard was it on these monsters?

Yeah guns are the worst thing EVER!

“When the fire department got there, she was walking down the road on fire … only part of her body that wasn’t burned was the bottom of her feet,” said Chambers, an employee of the Panola Country Sheriff’s Department.

Yeah, we should just ignore this, and ban guns!


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Disband the TSA Yesterday

And lock them up for their crimes!

Now all TSA Agents are criminals, there is no clause where you get to ignore the 4th Amendment because of executive action, or because you have blue gloves and a bullshit badge. Still I will say that not all TSA Agents are like these creeps:

A CBS4 investigation has learned that two Transportation Security Administration screeners at Denver International Airport have been fired after they were discovered manipulating passenger screening systems to allow a male TSA employee to fondle the genital areas of attractive male passengers.

It happened roughly a dozen times, according to information gathered by CBS4.

According to law enforcement reports obtained during the CBS4 investigation, a male TSA screener told a female colleague in 2014 that he “gropes” male passengers who come through the screening area at DIA.

“He related that when a male he finds attractive comes to be screened by the scanning machine he will alert another TSA screener to indicate to the scanning computer that the party being screened is a female. When the screener does this, the scanning machine will indicate an anomaly in the genital area and this allows (the male TSA screener) to conduct a pat-down search of that area.”

Although the TSA learned of the accusation on Nov. 18, 2014 via an anonymous tip from one of the agency’s own employees, reports show that it would be nearly three months before anything was done.

Still the supervisors that knowingly allowed it to happen are just as bad. Also while the TSA obviously attracts people with know knowledge and/or respect for the US Constitution or Human rights, and of course the type of people who have ZERO pride in their work (accomplishing NOTHING all day, every day while making people angry and uncomfortable is not something a normal person can do day-in-day-out), but also the type of people who get off on this kind of contact will be attracted to this job, knowing the system is bogus and can easily be manipulated.

Just Disband it! Maybe they can use the prison space under the Denver Airport to house them!

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Afternoon Tunes: Rob Zombie

This song ROCKS!!!

Just discovered this album. I used to be a MASSIVE Rob/White Zombie fan, but I sorta waned when he got more into making movies. I think I made a HUGE mistake!

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Another One For Joan

Often times when Joan has a totally rambling post, I simply skim it, and move on. These posts generally tend to be just a long list of completely unrelated gun events. She doesn’t even bother to tie them in, except to say “We need Common Sense Gun Laws”, meaning essentially full-on bans, or any incremental step thereof.

This latest one is no different, still I gotta go after a few of her points:

“Diaper bag necessities for the modern mother:

Diapers, check
Desitin, check
Wipes, check
Pacifier, check
Handgun, che…wait…WHAT?

Oh, yeah, freedom demands that every diaper bag have one. And dead infants are only counted as collateral damage by the anarchists.”

First up, I’m disgusted by Joan’s shallow cis-gendered hetero-normative view of family culture! I’m the one who lugs the diaper bag (and the gun) in this household!

And Yep, We went to the zoo today!

Since we were only gone for a few hours, I packed a small diaper bag, some water, some snacks, a pack of tissues, and a .45.

WHY WOULD I BRING A GUN TO THE ZOO! OK on a silly note, I chose the .45 on the whim that one of those bears got loose, but that was just a passing fancy, and not something to take much note of, as I carry a .45 most days. Still I have that little girl in my charge, and I’m the ONLY one responsible for her safety. Sure the Police and Zoo staff will make a good effort to keep her safe, but all of that is a fall-back.

Do I think she was going to be abducted or attacked at the zoo? No….but hey, this gun maybe weighed 1/16th of all the other crap I was bringing, so why not?

A mother, who was shopping with her two children, ended up firing a gun inside a busy Southaven store on Sunday.

It happened at the Bargain Hunt on Stateline Road.

Investigators say Stephanie Scrivener’s gun was inside a diaper bag when it fired.

She now faces charges for discharging a weapon within city limits.

Notice how “Gun Safety Advocate” Joan just simply casts aspersions on this poor mother….and also implies that somehow her child was injured, when it’s obvious nobody was seriously hurt. Remember every bad event must be a TRAGEDY to them…oh and every sensible comment from a responsible gun owner…like me taking a pistol to the zoo, is “Fear mongering”. Take a moment to look up psychological projection if you haven’t….

Now I’m not a monster just using this story for political gain. This REALLY sounds like a loose gun in a back. The gun MUST be in a holster! If you carry in a pocket, carry a pocket holster! If you carry in a bag #1 use a bag DESIGNED to carry a gun (or you could modify the bag to safely carry a gun…but do so with great caution and research) and #2, NEVER let that bag out of your control.

Also note that even tho nobody was hurt, and this appears to be a total accident, charges will still be filed, and potentially this young mother will never be able to own, shoot, or carry a gun ever again.

Joan of course wants more laws….you know that prevent parents like me from protecting my child, in the off chance it would have stopped this. I would point out that if this mother had been texting and driving, and put her car up onto the sidewalk near people, but not hitting any of them, she would get her driver’s license back in a short amount of time, and likely wouldn’t have any marks on her criminal background for say prospective employers to discover.

Not only does her current prospects seem a little grim, seems a little lenient on the car thing, doesn’t it? I mean there are PSAs EVERYWHERE about not texting while driving, I WISH there were media campaigns about proper holster selection, and the dangers of off-body carry!

Moving on!

I am updating this post to include a totally absurd and disturbing story about one of the workshops held at the recent NRA convention which was clearly outside the bounds of common sense and reality….It’s hard to know what to say. Raise your hand if you have heard of beheadings in the U.S. or ISIS members coming over the borders. The hypocrisy of this is that the gun lobby resists any attempt to keep guns away from known terrorists. But this kind of fear mongering is inexcusable and very dangerous. For the gun lobby, it drives people to the gun stores and that is exactly what they want. Crazy, insane, shameless, idiotic, stupid and dangerous. More myths and deceptions.

So she’s talking about somebody talking about the “No-go-zones” in Europe, and applying that to America. It’s been said that the no-go-zones are a myth, but let’s be honest, do police have MORE patrols in the crime centers of US inner-cities, or LESS patrols? I know in Boston it’s LESS, and many cities it’s the same. Don’t go unless it is a SERIOUS crime, because anybody in blue in those areas COULD be killed by the gangs no matter what they’re doing.

Still she wants us to raise our hands if we’ve heard about the US Jihad beheddings….well if you read this blog you should be raising your hand. And Isis members coming over the boarders….you mean like these assholes?

I’m sure in Joan’s mind, they don’t count….how does that make her look? Also I love the “keep guns away from known terrorists” nonsense. Joan is of course talking about the “Terror Watch List” which contains names of SUSPECTED Terrorists (Anti-freedom, not anti-gun, she hates due process as much as the right to self-defense) and a ton of names that are NOT suspected Terrorists, but allegedly names close to suspected terrorists…or something…hard to tell as the list is secret in both its content, and how names make it onto the list.

Instead of addressing a national public health and safety epidemic, the pundits and politicians and would be politicians are pandering and sounding crazier and crazier. How do you explain the speech at the recent NRA convention by someone who should know better- a Republican neurosurgeon trying his darndest to curry favor with the gun rights crowd? Here is what Dr. Ben Carson said ( and I don’t make this stuff up):

“I spent many a night operating on people with gunshot wounds to their heads,” Carson said. “It is not nearly as horrible as having a population that is defenseless against a group of tyrants who have arms.”

No words.

I’m sure Joan has LOTS of words, she’s one of the “Progressive” thinkers who wants us disarmed, and defenseless. She’s also the one who points out guns can NEVER be loaded, and probably never should be owned because MURDER WILL HAPPEN!!!!! and we can’t relax any stupid gun laws because THE STREETS WILL RUN RED WITH BLOOD!!!11!! But of course if you want to carry a gun with you when you go out with your family, you’re a paranoid lunatic, and probably a racist to boot!

And she closes with this:

Really? The shooting of 20 first graders doesn’t justify doing something to strengthen our gun laws and have a national discussion about gun violence? Inexplicable and shameful. These are our babies and our children. We need to protect them from evil for sure. The evil is that the corporate gun lobby is preventing us from stopping people who shouldn’t have guns from getting them anyway. The gun lobby would rather arm the people who teach our precious children than prevent the shootings of them in the first place through common sense measures like background checks, safe storage of guns, strengthening trafficking and straw purchase laws.

So Joan is invoking Sandy Hook AND “background checks, safe storage of guns, strengthening trafficking and straw purchase laws.” in the same breath. Can they even hear themselves!

“I cut my finger yesterday! This means we need to enact common sense laws that make driving the Chevy Volt Illegal!!!”

Joan’s political plan of action is essentially to state something bad, then state something she wants. WTF?

Those are the “sins of evil” and yes, they do justify restricting those who are not law abiding. But Rubio is echoing the nonsense of the gun lobby when he says these laws would restrict law abiding citizens. He is wrong.

Said in the breath right after demanding laws that didn’t, or wouldn’t have stopped Sandy Hook, or any other mass shooting, but WOULD restrict people who have, and won’t do anything wrong.

Sorry Joan, but Lawful gun owners are the ONLY people gun banners like you care about!

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“Gun Death” Uber

The establishment HATES Uber Cabs because it competes with the crappy, and corrupt cab systems. This might be used:

An Uber driver has been charged over the death of a six-year-old girl he ran over as she walked on a pedestrian crossing with her mother and brother on New Year’s Eve.

**DRIVER** was looking for a fare with the taxi-service app when he made a turning straight into **Departed**, six, her mother, and brother, four, on a crosswalk in San Francisco.

**MOTHER** suffered broken bones and her son was also hurt in the collision. Her daughter’s death has sparked a legal and regulatory tussle over Uber’s responsibility for the services it facilitates.

Sad, tho frankly I don’t see this as an issue with Uber in particular, as even non fare drivers can get distracted.

Still, what’s the big deal, it’s not like somebody SHOT her!

H/T Bob

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Family History

So my Father and my Father-in-Law both owned guns. They grew up hunting and shooting in Maine and Vermont respectively. My Father-in-Law became an avid hunter and Skeet shooter, while my father decided guns weren’t for him.

So Dad didn’t much like guns or shooting, but he owned guns, and for reasons unknown rather than selling them off, he kept them, and with total disregard for caring and treatment of guns, they were ruined. He had a Mossberg 16ga slug-gun, which he eventually gave away when a friend showed some interest (allegedly he got it working again), but his old youth .22 had no claimants.

Dad got the gun when he was 10, and it wasn’t new then either. Likely the gun was older than Dad is. It was given to him by my Grandfather (who I don’t remember, as he died when I was very young) and Dad learned to shoot with it.

Fast forward over 50 years, and I found the .22 in Dad’s basement. Dad had literally done NOTHING to the gun ever, and kept it in a basement that until only recently didn’t have a water problem. The condition was not good.

Rusty Rifle

The bolt was frozen in the open position, and the gun was little more than trash. Concerned that some day my Mom might simply pitch it in the trash, which could potentially warrant a felony conviction, I told Dad that Wally of York Arms didn’t live far from him, and Wally had all that was needed to legally de-mill the gun allowing it to be treated as the trash that it was.

of course I did note to Dad that I have guns that are over 100 years old, and are still in good shooting condition…

Wally, like most gun lovers was sad to have to put a gun to the band saw, but he accepted the rifle, and I thought that was it. Hell so much that I didn’t take that picture! You don’t take a picture of trash before you throw it away…

Well Wally called me about a week later, saying he got it shooting. “Got what shooting?” Was what I answered…I didn’t think that rifle would EVER work again. Seems in a stroke of luck spiders laid their eggs in the barrel on both the chamber and muzzle end. The plug of silk kept the air fairly dry in the bore, and the rifling is surprisingly good. Think “Bright Bore” Military surplus quality. He asked if I’d be willing to have it restored. This is my Father’s first gun, and a gun I thought had been ruined by the ravages of time. You can guess what I said.

I essentially said since the gun no longer had any historical value, to feel free to do whatever he thought would be best for the gun, and that there was no rush.

Well I finally got it back:

Finshed Rifle

Dad didn’t even recognize it. My first question was “That isn’t the original wood, is it?” IT IS!!!! Just on a Whim Wally had it re-finished in a high-gloss finish, and the figuring in the wood just amazes me. It just looked like dull wood under all that dirt and mildew. Also the barrel and receiver are blued, then Parkerized. It looks AMAZING!

So this will be my Daughter’s first rifle!

You thought I was done, but there’s more. As I said, My Father-in-law was an avid hunter and skeet shooter, he was also a Criminal Defense lawyer, who often worked as a public defender.

Public defense introduced him to many unsavory characters, and without getting into too many details, he felt the need for some personal protection. So he went into a local gun shop and bought what was a hot new ticket in the concealed carry world:

A Smith and Wesson Model 66 .357 K-Frame. He fired it a little, carried it a bit more, and given that this was Vermont he didn’t even need a permit. Over the years he’s given his various duck and deer guns to family, but the K-Frame was always kept close at hand, just in case.

Still as he got older the long heavy trigger of the gun, and the punishing recoil got to concerning him, and he frequently talked about selling it. I informed him he could sell the gun whenever he wanted, but could not sell the gun to anybody but me.

This recent trip to Florida he decided this was time to do it up. We had been talking about replacements for years, he finally decided on a VERY gently used Glock 19, and I brought the M66 to the shop, and had them Transfer the revolver to Massachusetts, and let me handle the cost of the Glock.

We both feel we got the better end of the deal.

So yeah, there is something pretty amazing about family history. Of course the M66 is in pristine condition, and the old .22 will never be neglected again!

together at last

I will never sell either, these guns will again be passed down.

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Anti-Gun, Anti-Logic

You have to wonder about the anti-gunners. First up, they seem to be imploding. Have a look at Watt’s speech at the NRAAM:

She’s talking about what a good job they’re doing….yet they have accomplished virtually nothing. Speaking of accomplishing virtually nothing, her “Massive Protest” boasting 400 people fell flat, they attempted to fake it with a trick photo, and this was even BUSING in the protestors!

The NRA got 70,000 plus attendees, and most of these people had to pay their own way, and came just because they love guns, and support the 2nd Amendment. Also the antis keep telling us how much NRA members disagree with the “Extreme Positions” of the NRA….yet they don’t seem to be getting the message, and keep supporting the NRA with their presence and with their dollars.

Meanwhile the Antis claim they are the majority, and the righteous, yet their money comes from a small number of wealthy uber-“Progressive” people, and they need to constantly over-state their numbers by putting up multiple shell groups run by the same few wealthy anti-gun people, and claiming 150 people was “500”.

And of course they naturally defy logic:

NASHVILLE, TN — Richard Martinez’s son Christopher was shot and killed in a shooting spree near the University of California Santa Barbara last May. The tragedy and Martinez’s call for “not one more” sparked a national conversation about strengthening gun control laws to prevent weapons from getting into the wrong hands.

But while gun control groups have pushed for what they call common sense reforms, the National Rifle Association is attempting to move legislation forward to allow students on college campuses to carry weapons. Martinez, who knows firsthand the consequences of campus violence, told ThinkProgress these proposals will only exacerbate campus violence and incidents of sexual assault.

“You ask the gun extremists what to do to reduce gun violence and they say more guns,” Martinez said. “More guns on the streets, campuses and playgrounds. That’s a solution from the 18th century, not the 21st century.”

Of course Mr. Martinez’s Son was murdered in the most Anti-Gun state in the Union, and his killer left a VERY detailed diary of his plans, and he openly stated he feared armed people, and chose a time and place where it would be highly unlikely anybody would be shooting back before he heard police sirens.

Also there are colleges that allow guns and oddly we’ve seen NO shootings there. Of course Mr. Martinez’s son was shot on a College Campus that bans guns…obviously if more places were like where his son was shot dead less people would be shot dead?????

We can’t go too far without Joan. Of course last week she lead with this:

This organization is pushing guns at the rest of us in places where we hang out to shop, learn, eat, work and play ( playgrounds, parks, etc.) but not in their own convention? Come on. I don’t make this stuff up. What are they so afraid of? I thought they loved their guns and loved to carry them around with them everywhere they go. Is it that they aren’t afraid of other people like themselves? Is it that they actually understand that if a whole bunch of gun carriers are walking around in one place, safety will be compromised? It is because someone might get angry at one of the many “illustrious” speakers like Sarah Palin, Jeb Bush, Mike Pence, and others and take a shot? Or what is it? I’d love to know. In addition, they are telling people they will have to pass a background check in order to buy/order guns at the convention and pick them up at a federally licensed firearms dealer near their home. Really? I thought that was terribly inconvenient for these folks.

Hypocrisy as far as the eye can see. There is absolutely no common sense when it comes to the gun lobby’s safety policies for themselves and their total resistance to the same for the rest of us. In fact, there are no loaded guns allowed at gun shows. Occasionally an “accidental” discharge occurs in spite of this safety measure. Like here or this one. Did you know that guns are not allowed for visitors to the NRA headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia? Yes, it’s true. Who don’t they trust? Staff can carry but anyone else, no. So this organization pushes for visitors to schools, malls, hospitals, college campuses, state legislatures. national parks, etc. to carry guns but at their own headquarters? Nope.

Of course she found out that was total crap!

More often than not, I find links to articles to support what I am writing. Occasionally, however, information is not accurate and needs to be updated or corrected. I am writing this to correct what I wrote in my last post. Though it has been difficult to assess with accuracy, it does look like concealed carry permit holders will be allowed to carry guns inside of the Nashville Music Center at the upcoming NRA convention. What I learned from my own sources is that guns are not allowed in the music performance center but are allowed in the convention center attached to it. But one can see why there is confusion because this sentence from the security section about the convention says: ” All guns on the convention floor will be nonoperational, with the firing pins removed.” Seems like that could mean ALL guns on the floor.

But remember, she’s still the biggest, most righteous brain in the room!

So yes, apparently loaded guns will be allowed inside of the Nashville Convention Center if this reader is correct. That should be fun. Hopefully there will be no “accidental” discharges by any of those “good guys” with guns. There was a recent case of this at a gun range in Florida where armed police officers were training. One of the guns accidentally discharged, killing another officer. It happens. Thus one can see why allowing a bunch of armed people in one place could be a very bad idea. But, whatever. It looks like there is no concern for that at NRA conventions. Except all of those guns on display that will be handled by armed folks need to be unloaded. Why? To prevent “accidental discharges”. Hypocrisy.

Yep, the NRA is wrong for letting members carry because a POLICE OFFICER killed another at a training facility. Of course antis pride themselves in knowing NOTHING about guns, and while they claim to be “Gun Safety Advocates” rather than “Gun Banners”, they know nothing about gun safety, except to ban the guns.

You know like Tam’s great safety tip of “Stop Touching It!”. I have guns, and I like guns. When I go to the gun shop, or a gun show I like to handle the guns. Those guns I am always clearing and verifying they are unloaded and clear. At places like the NRA show, you KNOW the guns are disabled. They’re still real guns, and should be handled as such, but it does take a LOT of the stress when people are all around enjoying the guns.

When it comes to the gun in the holster…it’s loaded and ready to go….and it stays in the holster until it is needed, or it’s time for bed. But not only does Joan not understand this, she WON’T understand it, because KNOWING about guns is a taint on her.

And of course there is the new “Big Lie” being pitched by the antis:

This is not rocket science. Stronger gun laws will save lives. There is actually proof that weak laws contribute to more gun deaths and injuries and the proliferation of firearms in America have not saved lives. Americans have been duped by the corporate gun lobby. Slight of hand tactics and slogans have confused the reality and managed to win support from elected leaders and some of the public. As a result, gun deaths have continued unabated and in some places now contribute to more deaths than auto accidents.

And all for profits and power.

Ummm, Joan, answer me this: Is crime going up or down in America? Are gun laws becoming less strict of More strict overall? (hint we have 50 states and DC all with concealed carry laws, and 6 of these states don’t require a permit….also recently the antis did win the Colorado magazine ban, the Connecticut Assault Weapons ban, the Washington background check law, and the New York SAFE act, all of them VERY unpopular, most of them COMPLETELY unenforceable.

Also note that in Joan’s post she likes the Violence Policy Center (again false numbers, as Joan’s Protect Minnesota is controlled by the same foundation as VPC), yet I cite the FBI…who probably know nothing about crime, right?

Who is using “Slight of hand tactics” and “confusing reality” now?

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Robert Farago Doing What He Does Best

Playing into the hands of the anti-gunners. Last we talked about him was here, where they did a slap-dash “recreation” of the Charlie Hebdo attack attempting to show that even if France hadn’t disarmed their people (and their police) the attack still would have gone as planned by the terrorists.

Of course they invited all media interested to come to witness their poor handi-work, and it got plastered all over the evening news, and picked up by most of the anti-gun groups. Two days later they released some “Preliminary results” pointing out many of the major mistakes they made, and some things misreported by the news media….of course this made NO headlines. AND to further show what their goals always were, they have done NOTHING else on this since.

They just wanted headlines, and given Robert Farago’s track record, headlines that play into the hands of the anti-gunners are either his end-goal or simply the path of least resistance.

Of course he was an asshole at the NRA Annual Meeting, no word on who caught him being a crass, sexist pig…but let’s just say I have volumes of stories of his boorish behavior around women, some from personal experience, some from people who have contacted me, many from trusted friends. It’s only a matter of time, so feel free to share your stories below.

Of course I just saw this:

Farago Anti-Gun

I have to wonder, does The Truth About Guns do ANY pro-2nd Amendment work?

Oh yeah, and a Rhode Island “Progressive” Yankee moves to Texas and pretends about as well as he does being a gunnie.

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“Gun Death” Dog Mauling

Sad and Sick!

A 2-year-old Florida boy has died after being attacked by four large Rottweilers at his grandfather’s home.

…Speaking to WFLA, MOTHER tearfully recounted how just after 4pm Saturday she went to use the restroom when the little boy slipped out of the house and was attacked by his grandfather’s Rottweilers.

‘Had I not gone to the bathroom, this would’ve never happened,’ she said.

Of course there’s the line where the family claims that the dogs have never acted aggressive before, which I doubt.

Hey, but ban guns, because while dogs act on their own volition and kill people, guns do nothing unless intentionally used…which I guess is WAY worse!

H/T Bob

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