Domestic Jungle

Ambulance Driver had himself a neat catch

Neat! Personally I’m not a huge fan of Glue traps, I prefer The Maxim Traps m’self

But something tells me a Maxim trap won’t catch a snake as well as this. Not that I have any problems with snakes in my house.

Good Catch!

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  1. falnfenix says:

    i was going to get upset at the snake death, until i realized HOLY CRAP COPPERHEAD IN THE HOUSE.

    nonvenemous snakes get gentle treatment in my domain…if i were to encounter a hot like a copperhead, though, that sucker dies.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      In the comments there are a lot of people saying it isn’t a copperhead. I really wouldn’t know m’self, not many snake species in New England.

      I don’t like to kill critters that don’t need killin’ but as a general rule trespass into my house is just one of those lines you don’t cross. The only exception I generally make for in-house biologics is spiders, as I see them as a solution and a self-solving problem.

      Spiders eat bugs. When bugs are all et, spiders eat spiders. I see no reason to disrupt this unless commanded by my wife.

      • falnfenix says:

        it’s definitely venomous. that head is not the head of a nonvenomous snake…the venom sacs near the base of the head are pretty prominent. US constrictors tend toward a more slender head…see this photo of a corn snake for an example. going by the photos i’ve seen of copperheads, it matches pretty well. he’s in Louisiana, so i wouldn’t be too surprised if that’s in their range.

        i understand your thought process. i tend toward removal if i can, and killing if i can’t remove them. the last time we had a mouse, i managed to capture it (by hand, because i rule) before we could get traps. released her at the pond on campus at my work, and haven’t had a mouse problem since. if i encountered a corn or rat snake in my home i’d be half tempted to keep it (but would be more likely to drive to a park and let it go). snakes are handy critters to have around, and the nonvenemous ones are especially useful…since they can’t hurt humans.

        • Weerd Beard says:

          Mice inside the house get killed. They are godless heathens, I see what they do to each-other in the labs, I can only imagine what happens in the wild.

          Actually I’ve heard relocated mice are mostly killed within 24 hours either by predators or other mice. A Maxim trap is a better way out if you ask me.

          • falnfenix says:

            i really didn’t want to deal with the possibility of parasite introduction to my cat. the sooner i got the bugger out, the better. i’m almost positive it became a snack for a hawk. i see one flying around here pretty regularly…and that’s fine with me.

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