I wonder how I scored so high. Overall I feel rather in-touch with my feminine side….just not the side that appears on this test.

Gay-Test.com – How gay am I?

Of course some of the answers suck, but its fun!

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  1. Sailorcurt says:

    I scored 6%, but I think that’s because they asked some questions for which I had no clue the correct answer, but didn’t have an “I don’t know” option. I may have gotten one or two of them right by accident.

    The one about “who doesn’t make clothes for men”, I had only heard of one of them and only because of a movie that my wife likes: “The Devil wears Prada”.

    There were a couple of other problematic ones that my answers indicated my ignorance of the subject more than my propensity toward “gayness”.

  2. Borepatch says:

    No questions about shooting ….

  3. But how HARD do the questions suck, WEERD?

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  5. hiro says:

    25%. I guess you and I are very much the same

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