Money Well Spent

Joy Behar didn’t like a Sharon Angle political ad (nor does Joy seem to much like people who don’t agree with her politically…but I think that’s obvious)

Joy erupts into a hate-filled tirade of “Progressive” “Tolerance” on national TV. People who don’t watch the view (because they work for a living) heard about this and saw the video of the tirade and donated money.

Sharon Angle sends Ms. Behar flowers thanking her for the fundraiser, prompting more “Progressive” “Tolerance”. In Closing Joy claims Angle should have sent the money spent on the flowers and card to a charity.

When it comes to off-seating Harry Reid, and getting press like this, I say money well spent.

For those who don’t know, Sharon Angle is running against Harry Reid as US Senator for Nevada, and I endorse her and hope all living in Nevada can give her your vote. Those of us NOT living in Nevada, you may make a donation on her website here.

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  1. Saw this on the news last night. Awesome reaction by Angle!

  2. Bob S. says:

    Great example of the tolerance shown by the left eh? Just because Behar doesn’t like Angle, Angle can go to Hades???

    Really, that is the love, acceptance and compassion of the left typified.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Bob Bob Bob this IS “Tolerances”. You’ve seen on so many instances the left choosing to ignore standard language definitions to uses of the words better suited to them. See “Assault Weapons”, “Nazi”, “Facist”, “Progress”, “Intolerance” (Somebody taking issue with an open-air “Gay Pride” festival that borders on Burlesque show, where young kids can see it is “intolerant”, a Church saying “Kill the Jews”, or an organization saying “Kill the White People”, isn’t tho…) ect.

      You just need to know the NEW definition of “Acceptance” and “Compassion”.

      Heh, just like Orwell said!

  3. Camarath says:

    Her comment about illegal immigrants not voting for Sharon Angle was very odd. It seemed to imply either that they would be voting for Harry Reid or that somehow their inability vote morally impugns Mrs Angle.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I know there is NOTHING to stop them from working here. All they need is a fraudulent voter card to put them on the Roster (AKA what ACORN was caught doing) and no ID is needed, just the ability to state and appropriate name and address. On that level there’s nothing here keeping a person from voting dozens of times, given that they do it at different precincts, or don’t get recognized by the Police or volunteers at the polls.

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