More Fine Gun Control!

Gun Control! It works GOOD!!!

Police in Northumbria have offered a reward of £10,000 for information leading to the capture of a fugitive who allegedly shot three people, one fatally.

The PSNI has sent 20 armoured Mitsubishi Shoguns cars to England to aid police involved in the search for Raoul Moat.

Mr Moat has been on the run since the shootings in northeast England on Saturday.

Remember the the Police can protect you, you don’t need to defend yourself! Also Gun Control stops this nonsense from happening!

I wonder what James Kelly will have to say about this.

Of course James is actually the inspiration for my Gun Death? category. Because James sees cases like this as some how superior to cases like the one above, because Moat shot people with a gun, while the monsters in the linked case, beat, raped, robbed, and burned their victims.

Much better, right?

May I propose a better solution?

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