Morning Zen

Long-seated Moonbat Congressman Barny Frank has a Primary opponent. It was this woman.

The Debate between them here.

Frank is an out-of-touch asshole, and generally one of the more rude and disrespectful congressmen in the legislature (maybe with exception to Alan Grayson) but his opponent really raised questions if she WAS from this planet.

That being said she still managed to get 20% of the votes

This is going to be a TOUGH year for incumbents….

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  1. Dragon says:


    Please tell me that I didn’t hear him refer to her as being of the same intelligence as a dining room table?!?!?!

    THAT takes real chutzpah…our Founding Fathers must be rolling in their graves as they watch their beloved Republic being brought down to such a contemptible level by AN ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE OF THE PEOPLE!

    This is a prime example of what is quickly becoming a Ruling Class, instead of remaining as Public Servants.

    I’m thoroughly disgusted.

  2. Bob S. says:

    Ok, let’s look for the video clips of Barney Frank condemning all the nannystate liberals who made pictures of Bush looking like Hitler.

    Audio statements of Frank condemning people who compare Bush’s administration to nazis.

    Yep. That’s what I though

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Remember Bob its OK when YOUR side does it. Also they get to draw the “Self” and “Other” lines however they choose, as Rachel Brown is a “Lyndon LaRouche” Democrat. (Dunno if you remember over at Southern Beale’s when she took pictures of LaRouche Liberals holding Obama signs with Hiter Mustaches at a Tea Party. She was going on-and-on about Racist Tea Party members, until I pointed out LaRouche is a Leftist….She immediately started going on about how LaRouche is not HER kind of Leftist, so therefore somehow he belonged to us….)

      Also kinda quaint how he uses his Jewish Heritage. (I belive Congressperson Frank is non-practicing), but it seems to go away when he chastises the Jews in Israel for having the NERVE to defend their own lives, and refuse to give up further pieces of their lawful homeland to Hamas who wage war on them, and are still asking for more even after the grant of the West Bank. Let alone the Irony that Hamas gurus are probably flipping coins on weather they want to behead our leader A) Because he’s a Jew, B) Because he’s a Homosexual, or C) Because he’s American…..

      God I will be SO happy if he gets kicked to the Curb in November, he is a true disgrace . It will be an uphill battle for Sean Bielat….but I think it will be the hardest race for Barny in decades!

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