UK Knife Laws: Welcome to the Police State

I did a pair of Livejournal Posts about this a while back, but #1. Nobody reads Livejournal because it sucks, and #2. It seems more relevant today with my “Gun Death” series. Check out this interactive video series about the UK Knife laws.

In this video even if you attempt to be pure-as-the-fallen-snow, you’ll end up getting confronted by a knife-wielding criminal, who you can choose to shove away…and he’ll just walk away (make sense to you?) if you ever have a knife on you the police will frisk you and find it…which I’ll note is 100% legal over there, and in one ending you go to prison for simply going to watch a fight which turns out to be fatal.

The sheep who appear to like this see it as a fun little role playing game about morality, but I see it as a look into a dystopian world that happens to be present day UK!

Not on my watch!

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  1. Bob S. says:

    Wonder if any English men and women were ever called paranoid when they wondered where the lost of their rights would lead to?

    Wonder if any of them ever argued when they were told that the police would be there to protect them from criminals so they didn’t need firearms, or knives or they didn’t need fight back?

    Wonder if any of them foresaw the day when the ‘crime prevention cameras’ would be used to ticket people who take their rubbish bins out too early?

    “Not on my watch!” — or Molon Labe — both equally valid here

  2. Jake says:

    I just wonder how long it will be before they have these iris scanners everywhere like in Minority Report. (h/t Robb).

  3. Linoge says:

    *sigh* Do not remind me… I am very much looking forward to our trip back to the home country (such as it is – my most-recent ancestor from there left the island 200 years ago), but I am not, at all, looking forward to being treated like a common criminal.

    And make no mistake, that is exactly what the British and Irish governments are doing to their subjects and citizens – treating them like small-time criminals and disarming them appropriately. As Machiavelli and L. Neil Smith and countless others have said, that is perhaps the gravest of insults a government can level at its occupants… and one, strangely, that the Brits do not at all see inclined to do anything about.

    One really has to wonder what is going through the mind of the average Briton over there… Do they not see the downward spiral their country is trapped in due to these asinine laws, or do they simply not care?

  4. Dragon says:

    They don’t care…they have been dumbed down, and now they are no different than 3 year olds who can’t even wipe their own asses when they drop a load in the loo.

  5. That sort of reminds me of an exercise we had to in a sociology class I was required to take many years ago while I was in college.

    It’s been a long time but the scenario was something along the lines of “You pulled up to a convenience store and were accosted by an “unfortunate homeless person” asking for just a dollar or two in order to better his life but you only had twenty dollar bills in your wallet. What do you do?”

    It sort of played out like the video where the instructor had it all written down on index cards and your choice determined which index card came next. The only way to win the game (and get a passing grade on the exercise) was to “do the right thing and give the “poor unfortunate man” a twenty and wish him good luck.

    To this day I’m still amazed I passed that class on the first try. Pretty much every question on every test or in class discussion I participate in I had to swallow the answer I knew was true and parrot out the answer the instructor wanted to hear.

    It makes me a little sick to my stomach to repeat the story. I wasn’t principled enough back then to tell them what I already knew if it would cost me a failing grade. Boo for me back then.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      “The only way to win the game (and get a passing grade on the exercise) was to “do the right thing and give the “poor unfortunate man” a twenty and wish him good luck.”

      Which he will spend on fortified wine and get blackout drunk in a park and be found frozen/choked on vomit/ poisoned by the local police when a Dog walker expresses some concern.

      Very odd (OK not really) that a teacher would play such a “Game”, the only correct answer is to walk past the homeless man without saying a word. Money will be spent on whatever vice got him homeless in the first place, advice given will be ignored.

      Honestly the REAL way to show the exercise is offer to take the hobo into the convenience store and buy him a hot meal and a coffee/soda/water. I know several people who tried this game, ALL of them have been thanked with obscenities.

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