A Word To the Fudd

I’ve talked about Fudds and my feelings about hunting, guns, and the Second Amendment before, but might as well give it another shot since this article is making the rounds.

First up before we get too far I’m pro-hunting and sporting, and I’d like to get into it myself. Also I’ve fished for sport, food, and did all of my Marine Biology career in the field of food fish. Also I have lapped up with great relish all the game meats people have given me.

Now for further Reading I’ll point you to Miguel who goes the obvious route that the Mauser K98 Bolt action was the foundation of most military rifles around the turn of the 20th Century, as well as the sniper rifles used by Military and Police to current date…also until the AR-15 surpassed the bolt action as game-getting gun, just about every sporting gun in the field.

Thirdpower points out that many of the sporting clubs, training programs, and land grants…not to mention the gun shops where they buy their guns and gear are supported by shooters like myself and my compatriots, as while he owns two guns (and who knows how many are heirlooms) and probably burns through less than a box of rifle ammo in the course of sighting in and fielding his deer rifle, and no more than a few boxes of foul loads when he’s blasting at ducks, while the majority of gun owners own SEVERAL guns (if not several dozen) and burn through several CASES of ammo over a year of shooting. The scales tip pretty far.

What I’d like to address this Fudd’s “Common Sense” rant about gun violence. First I’ll point out that his personal loadout is the buisness end of what Charles Whitman used in his horrendous mass shooting. Of course any gun that can put meat in a freezer can also be used to kill somebody accidentally either from pure negligence or from something like a hunting accident.

I know a few people who have taken their lives with “Hunting guns”, and of course whenever a big city has a gun “buy-back” a shotgun that’s been hacked down with a saw shows up, I also saw an episode of Cops where a crack dealer had his house raided and in the raid him gun was a bolt-action .30-06 that had been cut down to the size of a large pistol.

My point is your two wood-stocked guns pose just as much danger to the public as my black polymer guns. Maybe Thugsley the Crack Dealer would prefer to tuck a Glock in his waistband, or an AR-15 under his bed than a hacked down Remington 870 or a chopped up Winchester Model 70, but I’m sure his clients would rather he free-based his cocaine using and either extraction so the rocks didn’t smell like Amonia, and he didn’t pass the price along to the customers. Criminals are the ultimate beggars not choosers, if its gun gun its better than no gun. (Plus your .30-06 has the added benefit of being able to defeat even the SWAT Hard-plate body armor in the event of a raid!)

So the difference between you with your pair of “Sporting Guns” and my larger collection of “machine guns” (your words not mine) is negligible, no matter how much you claim otherwise.

Now on the other hand I just got back from the grocery store where the wife and I bought a bunch of chicken, beef, and pork products. I was carrying a .45 at the time, but I didn’t even need to draw it, the store was willing to part with its meats with just a swipe of my credit card.

I’ve lived in rural Maine, and have spent time, and have friends and family that live even further in the boonies than I did. It was a bit of a drive, but I still got my food from the local grocery store. Longer drive, and smaller store, but I still didn’t need to shoot anything to keep myself well fed.

You see in America these days nobody NEEDS to hunt. We do it for sport. Its a GAME, not for survival. Your guns are TOYS. Dangerous toys in need of respect, but they hold just as much relevance to your survival as my Nintendo does. Its fun, but take it away and I’ll be just as alive…just bored.

Now meanwhile I have friends who have defended their lives with defensive firearms. I’ve read about hundreds of other cases, and the FBI has documented hundreds of THOUSANDS every year. Its estimated that these numbers are the barest of minimum as many cases no police report is filed either because the defender doesn’t feel the need, or is afraid to call the cops, or the cops see the situation as completed with no prosecutable crime, evidence or harm, and don’t bother to fill out a report.

Compare that to your 17,000 Suicides (which is an arguably irrelevant number when talking about the perils of firearms) and 13,000 homicides (mostly murders but this also includes justifiable homicides by civilians and law enforcement).

While I have nothing against hunting at all, I DO have issues with people like this who keep guns around for adult games, but take no additional steps to also use firearms to protect themselves and others. Their guns will NEVER save a life, as even the biggest deer won’t keep somebody from starving, and he even jokes that a pound of duck meat harvested at the river is vastly more expensive than buying farm-raised chickens.

Still you can have a negligent discharge while handling your gun. You can have a hunting accident where you shoot somebody mistaking them for a animal, or a missed shot can hit somebody you never saw. The gun can still be abused for suicide, or stolen and used by criminals. You or one of your hunting buddies could develop a brain tumor like Mr. Whitman and climb a bell tower with a sack lunch.

Your gun has a vastly greater potential for doing more harm than good than mine.

You need to wise up and notice that you are the problem, not me, and us “Extremists” have the moral high ground covered quite well.

If you want to smarten up and join us you’re welcome…otherwise best sell those guns before somebody gets hurt!

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  1. PT says:

    Since there is no option to email the Fudd at that site and they insist on using real names for comments, here is mine:

    “It’s hard to conceal a long-barreled gun and impossible to get off more then four shots at a time with a semi-automatic 30.06.”

    Apparently he’s never heard of the .30.06 M1 Garand, my deer rifle.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Heh, Vector’s Grammie I think still lugs a Garand (with 5 shot modified clips to comply with Maine hunting law) into the woods every year with designs to pop a bambi.

      I mentioned I’m interested into getting into hunting. I’d like to see if next Deer season I can harvest (or make a good show of it) a white tail with my FAL. I’ll get some 5-round mags, and I’ll have a very fitting .308 Bambi blaster.

      The ugly little skeleton in every sportsman’s closet is that a White Tail buck, at least in these parts, is roughly the same size as a person. This simply means that any war rifle can also be used to pop a deer.

      And of course since WWI when our forces were slinging .30-06 out of 1903 Springfield rifles (a modified Mauser K98 rifle) we’ve been constantly downloading our military cartridges. From the lighter M1 Ball .30-06 load to keep from damaging the gas system of the Garand, to the 7.62x51mm NATO (a modified .308 Winchester Load that was equivalent to the Garand .30-06 load just in a smaller package) to the 5.56x45mm NATO which some have dubbed the “Poodle Shooter” but seems to be serving in a passable capacity in the hands of our Armed forces, and Police, not to mention in the fields for small game and even white tails….

  2. Erin Palette says:

    Perhaps guns kill 30,000 a year, but automobiles kill MORE THAN 30k people per year! Clearly this means we need tighter restrictions on what kind of cars are manufactured and sold to combat this terrible epidemic of death!

  3. MattW says:

    The more you fear something, the more power you give it. It is clear the author fears guns a great deal.

  4. Those people are traitors. Do they deserve to be shot? Well, no. But they do deserve to be shunned. Sort of like Lori Drew was.

  5. 5 minutes of search-fu and guess what? He’s not just a ignorant Fudd, he’s an ex Mayors against all Guns, only leaving the fold because his Mayor term ended. I guess he started this writing gig on the side to pay the bills or something.

  6. McThag says:

    Does anyone want to tell him that lever actions were the assault rifles of their day? High capacity, lower power than a “normal” rifle and rapid fire and reloading.

    In America more deer have been harvested with .30-30 than any other round made; not too many non-lever guns in that chambering.

    I’ve become used to seeing ARs at the range. It’s getting to be a very common gun, you see more of them than any other type now. What’s new for me is how common alternate chamberings for the AR are becoming.

    Rounds like 6.8×43 and 6.5 Grendel hit just as hard as the old .30-30 and fit in the ever-more ubiquitous AR mag-well. He’s not only losing the fight he’s complaining about, he’s lost this one. His fellow Fudd’s have left him behind. I think it would have happened a lot sooner but .223 is not legal for hunting many animals in many jurisdictions.

    The speed that it’s happening now, I think, has a lot to do with the assault weapon ban. Every Fudd I know knew I liked guns, but I don’t hunt. I don’t do cold or mornings. All of them got a chance to shoot my “evil baby killer” guns and all of them walked away saying that it was very nice, but it didn’t come in a round they could use. They were interested in shooting the Mini-14 and the DR200 BECAUSE there was so much press about the need to ban them.

    They all own at least on AR now. 6.8 is the caliber of choice among them. In this case all it took to convert them from Fudd to us was making them aware of the issue. Ignorance is our main problem. I recall Mr Zumbo becoming a convert too.

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  8. Bubblehead Les says:

    Technical FYI: Remington still makes a Semi-Auto in 30-06, and so does Browning and FN and there are after-market 10 Round Mags for both. And Ohio Ordinance makes the Semi-Auto BAR from WW1,2 and Korean War days that takes a 20 round Magazine. But It’s a heavy Mother!

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