Guilty Pleasure: Irony of the Antis

Heh, if you’re not amused by stupid people showing their ass on the internet skip this one. Still I was laughing my ass off reading this thread. (NO links to Troll Blogs, click here for screencap)

BTW when you say: “Greg, an intelligent person knows when to STFU.

You don’t.”

That wouldn’t be the time to start manic double-postings of insults, unless you were gunning for Weapons Grade Irony.

Oh and BTW it doesn’t look good to make comments when somebody can Google “Laci the Dog, Bermuda Shorts

Its kinda hard to be persuasive to an anti-freedom attitude when you’re generally so unhinged by nature.

Well I was amused!

PS: Linoge Reminded me of this gem by the smug and stupid. So he’s dumb and sick…and apparently quite proud of it.

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  1. Linoge says:

    Wow. Look at that wall-to-wall mess of expletives, abusiveness, bullying, thuggery, viciousness, personal insults, and unabashed, predatory aggressiveness that Laci wrote…

    I guess I should not be surprised – after all, the man has wished that all firearm owners would up and die, so scurrilous gos-se like he wrote in that screencap certainly is not unusual. But this serves as a primary example of the projection “gun control” extremists suffer from – they accuse us of harassing them, and yet they write attempted-intimidating invective like this? Yeah, right.

  2. MattW says:

    Thanks for the screencap, I seriously dislike giving violent raving trolls any unique page views. It only feeds their sense of self importance.

    It is a shame you cant have any sort of civilized debate with people like that. Because of that I outright avoid dealing with them. Although their extreme personal attacks as a response to a different opinion do give mr a little comfort. That kind of response is most common from someone who feels cornered and alone.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      You can’t have a civilized debate with the uncivilized. You can’t have a rational conversation with the irrational.

      There’s a reason why there is zero debate between gun owners and those who hate freedom.

  3. Secret Squirrel says:

    Oh and BTW it doesn’t look good to make comments when somebody can Google “Laci the Dog, Bermuda Shorts”


    Why did I click on that? I knew there were Bermuda shorts involved.

  4. Cargosquid says:

    I like Laci.

    Laci is one of the BEST examples of why WE are winning.

    And the anger and desperation, and the general despair coming from Laci is sooooooo sweet.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I’m also a huge fan of people saying dumb shit in the same breath as telling us how smart they are.

      They might as well preface everything they say with “You know I’m a fucking liar….”

  5. MAgunowner says:

    I’ve never seen two people with as much delusion of grandeur as Laci and doggone. You’d think that a brilliant criminal lawyer, and a highly educated genius with direct influence on lawmakers, would have better things to do than write anonymously on that sewer of a blog they have there.

    Their writings are a fascinating glimpse into the depths of human insanity.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I know nothing about Doggone except that she’s obviously functionally illiterate as her blogging ability seems to be exclusively use of “ctrl+c” and “ctrl+v”.

      As for Laci, back in my troll-feeding days he got cocky and started bragging about his legal career. The cases HE cited involved pedos going up the river for a number of years on a plea deal.

      Essentially if you hire Laci you’re going to get raped in prison, and there aren’t no two ways about it. That’s not my metric for “brilliant criminal lawyer”….couple that with his standard behavior, plus a few other telling things that show up on forums and such, he seems to be a lawyer of the Barny Frank and Joe Biden caliber.

      • Cargosquid says:

        Heck I didn’t even know that Laci was a dude. He doesn’t come across as one……Japete comes across as more macho in her writing.

        o be a lawyer of the Barny Frank and Joe Biden caliber.

        (Snerk! I see what you did there….caliber HA!)

        • Weerd Beard says:

          He’s a guy who brags about how smart he is while saying dumb things, and while he was born and still lives in the United States he makes claims to be a Subject of the British Police State. Also he brags about bringing his purse-sized rodent dog and blogs under said bitch-dog’s name. (He also has bragged to a News Paper that he spends thousands of dollars on CLOTHING and JEWELRY for said dog)

          Oh he also brags about owning a Smart Car.

          He’s very much a man….just the kind we teach our boys never to grow up as.

  6. Greg Camp says:

    It truly is good to know that I’m not alone in this battle with Laci the Dog. Sometimes, I feel the need to give the other side a chance to carry on a reasoned discussion, and Mikeb has always been reasonable with me. Dog Gone is a self-righteous prig, and Laci the Dog is the kind of man who hides behind a Chinese Crested pooch.

    Weer’d Beard, I’ll be getting in touch with you shortly.

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