“Gun Death” Quiet Town

Those who which to limit freedoms often say for a violent crime to happen you need to have a dangerous area, and guns.

Authorities say the two men did not know each other but were in two rival groups that met on the streets just after midnight Sunday.

Authorities say Pilalas started swinging a knife during a fight, piercing Goulart’s heart. He was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead…It was the town’s first homicide since 1996.

They say if you stay away from dangerous areas you’re safe and don’t need a gun. Also if people don’t have guns violent altercations won’t turn deadly.

That’s the purpose of the “Gun Death?” Files, to expose the lies of the talking points, but also to raise awareness on our side. Of course it also shows how violent a world that still has violent criminals, but no guns can be.

There’s talk in the story the departed protecting a friend from the attacker at the time of his fatal stabbing. Also the news says they didn’t know each other but were from “Rival Groups”, which says “Crime” to me. So there’s one account of nobility and one of crime, I’ll call it a wash.

That being said when a thug like this guy comes flashing a knife do you think you’ll be better or worse off you have a gun handy?

In a world without guns the crazy guy with the knife kills you…

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  1. alcade says:

    Sounds like my town. We have a murder once every decade or so. Last one was a double murder (stabbing) only a few houses down from my mom’s house. After years of advising her to buy a gun for protection, this is the incident that finally convinced her to become a gun owner.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      But you’d never need a gun, because it CAN’T happen to you!

      • Jack says:

        That’s because crime only happens to *bad* people. If you’re not bad and don’t live in a bad area then you don’t have to worry.

        And thinking you need a gun is just an admision of guilt, because if you think something could happen then you did something to deserve it.

        My ex’s family that thougth that way. That was… well part of why she’s an ex.

  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    After those poor Amish Kids got slaughtered in their school in PA a couple of years ago, anyone who thinks it’s Safe outside their Door is dreaming. Anytime, anywhere, carry your Guns, unless the Law won’t allow you, of course. Of course I would NEVER advocate that anyone should Break the Law. Ever. Even though most of us know the Law is Stupid and can get you Killed if you Obey it, but I would never say one should Break it.

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