Last Bit on Butthurt

Unless I hear something REALLY juicy, but I think Mr. Farago got a bump in hits (but maybe not the kind he was hoping for, hopefully), and a lot more people saw what goes on behind the scenes.

One interesting additive is that there has been a bit of talk about the blatant theft of work written by Tam, and it appears that Robert has apologized for stealing work and has removed the offending piece from his site, or something similar (Haven’t checked) What’s neat about this is I’ve heard several stories of people emailing Mr. Farago about poor attribution, or blatant plagiarism, and getting nothing but a snotty response to the tune of “It’s my blog, I’ll do what I want!”.

Funny how people’s actions change when they know they’re being watched. Reminds me of Bill Clinton apologizing to the US Press Corps for cheating on his wife (this time)…yeah.

So this was briefly touched upon in this week’s Vicious Circle, but I thought I’d expand on what I suspect started all of this.

Honestly I’d forgotten, but I was surprised to hear I might be in the middle of all of this. I made a post a while back talking about taking a vacation of all anti-gun blogs. It was a neat little idea coined by Chris from Ak, given that about 90% of anti-gun blog traffic is from Gun bloggers doing opposition research, or simply scrapping for a fight. The idea was, take a week off and watch their traffic and comments die to nothing. As you can see I also said I’d include Robert Farago’s blog because of his poor behavior, and while he’s bad about linking pro-second Amendment blogs, he’s religious about linking anti-rights blogs.

Seemed to make sense to me, and a few others agreed.

Now what hasn’t been talked about was how poorly the Boycott went. I did it for about a week with one day where I peeked in to a few sites to see if it was working. It didn’t, from all data I could find I could give a generous estimate that about 50 people decided to do something else. Most just stayed and did what they wanted because they didn’t know, or didn’t care.

Only person who actually NOTICED was MikeB302000, and not because his traffic or comments went any lower, but because somebody said his name, and “Boycott” in the same breath, and as both a “Progressive” and an idiot, never EVER miss a chance to play the passive-aggressive victim card!

Like most things Mr. Bonomo says, nobody cared. Its starting to look at lot like he sent my link to Mr. Farago and that’s the basis of the so-called “Black List”.

Yep a failed boycott turns into a “Blacklist”. Drama Llama and trolls all the way up!

Now I don’t link to Mr. Farago’s site because he’s an asshole, a thief, and somebody who is only writing a blog for money and treasure, and has little care about the blogging community, or the future of gun ownership or sports. He just wants hits, ad money, and industry samples. Feeding trolls generates controversy which generates traffic which is $$$. Speaking out against fundamental rights, or attacking members of the community generates controversy which generates traffic which is $$$.

He’s welcome to do all of that (and get sued if somebody can claim damages), overall he doesn’t want to bother with me personally, and he didn’t have much to say for himself when we met personally. So fuck him. He can do what he wants, I don’t care. I won’t link him, and I’ll point out his poor behavior to all who do link him whom I regularly read.

You wanna a blacklist, well there’s a blacklist right here!

That’s funny right there!

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  1. Jack says:

    The fake list becoming real is hilarious.

    And exposing the back-end shenanigans is illustrative. I would occasionally read the site but there wasn’t too much unique and Fargo never had anything good to say or review.

    Life’s too short and if someone wants to play Drama Llama to try and draw my attention. Well… I don’t have to. As Calvin said. “You can present the information, but you can’t make me care.”

  2. Nancy R. says:

    Making the Black List made my day! It means somebody consideres me a gun blogger!!

  3. Dann in Ohio says:

    Thanks for Black Listing my blog… already have four hits from it!

    I wasn’t sure anyone knew I existed…

    Dann in Ohio

  4. Linoge says:

    There you go again, Weer’d, stealing all my damned thunder ;).

    The only thing I would add to this is that I do not think the “boycott Farago” idea came up until we all started sharing notes with one another… Sure, we each individually noticed one aspect of his dickery, but once we started talking about it, we started pointing out the things others had missed and vice versa, and the full picture finally presented itself. I think that little information-sharing session was comprised of you, Thirdpower, Bob S., Stephen, myself, and possibly Sean… Chris was not even part of it, at least on that level. Later, John Richardson asked what was going on, and then Bred and Alan commisserated and got brought in on the story.

    You are dead on the money about why he lets MikeB continue commenting, and takes the time to feature his inane ramblings in dedicated posts – it has absolutely nothing to do with the First Amendment (which he obviously does not comprehend, given his misappropriation of it in his whining post), and everything to do with one simple axiom: Farago does not make money off this site if he does not get traffic, and MikeB generates traffic like nobody’s business thanks to his flaming, trollish, idiotic ways. I wonder if Sparky comprehends how much Farago is using and abusing him, or if his narcissism lets him?

    …people emailing Mr. Farago about poor attribution, or blatant plagiarism, and getting nothing but a snotty response to the tune of β€œIt’s my blog, I’ll do what I want!”.

    Pretty much exactly the response I got when I pointed out his use-without-attribution of my Graphics Matter images… Sure, I did say that the images could be used by anyone, however, I did make it clear that I wanted a link-back – after all, those graphics do not make quite as much sense, or nearly the same impact, without the math behind them. And what did he do? Not only repost them without a link to me, but repost them indirectly implying that they were generated by the Brady Bunch!

    Then, when I call him on it, he accuses me of “flaming” and edits the comment to remove that part, then gets remarkably snippy in email and inflates his ego over how much traffic he sent my way (and lied about it, to boot).

    The man is bottom-feeding scum, and like most examples of that subculture, he hates having it pointed out to him.

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  6. Yep, I was involved in the discussion/delink/blacklist/consignment to the depths of hell/whatever, that we did to TTAG. It was via email where we all seemed to have a different story of how Robbo was acting like a douche. I mean, one douche move shouldn’t get a guy kicked off the blog reading list, but the hits kept coming. Each of us had a different, though related, gripe about him.

    Funny thing is, I seem to be the only one who continued with the boycott after the 72 hours. I stay off MikeB’s site, along with japete’s, and whoever that dumbass is in Oregon. And since Farago seems to be more of a dipshit than a blogger, I’ve stopped wasting my time reading him. It’s been wonderful for my mental health for me to avoid all the concentrated stupidity. And that’s pretty funny since I got my start blogging just so I could answer japete back without having to fight through her comment moderation.

    And yes, Farago is using MikeB. But Mikey got his revenge by sending in the drama llama. Well played Mikey, you narcissistic jackass. You got even with him by making us all laugh at his whining and crying. And that has to be the final insult. Robbo got played by Mikey. How sad that must be.

  7. 45er says:

    Ooooh, I remember that now. Yeah, I didn’t think much of it other than I was new to blogging and figured I didn’t know what the deal was with TTAG and didn’t really care to ask. Huh. So, you ARE the blacklist. Damn, don’t let all the power go to your head.

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  9. I’ve been following the “Blacklist” saga for a few days now and find it amusing who Farago kow-tows to in his responses. When the facts of the so-called blacklist and his copying are pointed out by SayUncle or Sebastian or Tam, he grovels a bit. To the rest of the gun blogger community it is a big “fuck you”. I would posit that the only reason he would grovel to the above bloggers in the first place is because he thinks it will get him more traffic to make nice with them.

    I haven’t linked to TTAG since late April and did delete him from my blogroll at that time. Why? Because I found his behavior at the Second Amendment Foundation’s blogger event in Pittsburgh to be rude and obnoxious. I tend to avoid those sorts of people in my daily life and why should my blog be any different.

    Farago is the Obama of bloggers – it’s never my fault.

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