Morgan Freeman is an Idiot

I love how we look to performers to talk about politics. Odd that we assume they know something or are relevant. Of course TALKING politics has no bottom line. We don’t ask Neil Patrick Harris to perform heart surgery because he did such a good job playing Doogie Howser…because then the curtain would be pulled back.

Have a watch of this video of Morgan Freeman calling the tea-party racist.

Of course his argument is exactly the same as all people who call the tea party “racist”. “They’re only doing this because Obama is black!” Generally the wiser of these morons does it to a friendly or a captive audience so they get nothing but smiles and nods. If they play the room correctly, applause, and racist whoops. (I mean because they hate white people, right?)

Morgan has all of that but still feels the need to double-down by saying that the right would have tried to oust Bill Clinton if we WEREN’T Racist.

Of course he’s an idiot. Only two Presidents impeached in the history of this country. And both of them Democrats…and one of them deserved it…the other was a political stunt that went wrong. (And Vice-Presidency of Andrew Johnson would have been a wise move it Lincoln had lived)

Bonus points for any idiots reason wondering why I didn’t mention Nixon.

Morgan Freeman is one of the great American actors. He steals just about every scene he’s in, and keeps landing action roles that he’s obviously too old and frail for us to believe…yet we buy them. And Keeps getting roles of brilliant scientists and leaders dispute being too dumb to come out of the rain.

That’s what acting is, its pretending to be something you’re not in the most convincing way.

BTW on a side note there’s a cast-and-crew commentary track on Seven (if you haven’t seen this film you NEED to!) On the track is Director David Fincher and Brad Pitt in a screening booth talking about making the movie and what went into each scene. I belive Fincher and Pitt are close friends and it really shows. This brilliant track is intercut with Morgan Freeman, obviously not in the same room, and possibly not watching the movie. He spends all the time presented on the DVD talking about himself, and how awesome he is.

You’re a great actor, but you appear to fall short everywhere else.

**UPDATE** DAMN I forgot about this video.

How could somebody be so frank and unbiased about race here, and such a blind-finger-pointer now?

I’d have to assume it isn’t about race, or politics, but about Narcissisticly re-writing history to suit how he feels today.

Back then we can’t look at Morgan Freeman as a “Black Actor”…he’s an actor. (I agree)

But today we can’t look at Barack Obama as a shitty president (which he is), instead he’s now a “Black President” where any question of his actions (or inaction) are obvious signs that we hate his skin color.

If idiots talked less they’d do less damage. They have free speech, but we also have free speech not to ask them for their opinions.

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  1. RobertM says:

    Yeah, I think he’s just running on pure emotion in both cases. First it’s, “Don’t you dare demean me, I don’t need a special day” and now it’s , “You just don’t like him because he’s black!”

    It’s sad, really.

  2. Jake says:

    He’s a good actor, but in every role he’s still Morgan Freeman. Contrast that to Johnny Depp or Val Kilmer, where it’s not unusual to not recognize the actor under the character (which is one of the reasons they’re also my favourite actors).

    But yeah, the problem with trusting actors who talk politics is that they are people who make their living pretending to think and believe things they don’t think or believe and often don’t even understand. Why do we so often trust that they actually know what they’re talking about?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      He’s certainly not one of the chameleons of the industry like the above, or Jeff Bridges, John Voight (and to a lesser sense his Daughter Angelina) or Holly Hunter the list could go on.

      Still when you look at say the depth roles in Glory, Driving Miss Daisy, or The Power of One, Lucky Number Sleven, Red, or the latest Batman films. He covers a lot of ground. Vs. Actors like Pachino and De Niro who are captivating and entertaining on stage…but let’s face it, they play themselves and don’t really cover much ground on roles.

      I would Say Morgan Freeman is in the same boat as Angelina Jolie. They COULD disappear into their roles, but there is parts of them that are too marketable. Their look, and with Morgan the sound of his voice people don’t want to NOT see that. If Morgan Freeman dumped that southern Drawl and say took on a Chicago or New York accent, he could maybe get away with it in this stage in his career, but in the early 90s when he was really branded I think people would be pissed, or hyper-critical.

      (BTW on an unrelated Note Sir Ben Kingsley is an AMAZING actor, but DAMN the man can’t do Accents for shit! Maybe Morgan would sound the same way. I’d rather hear Ben Kingsley talking in his British accent totally unexplaned (much like The Scottish Russian Sub Captain in Hunt for Red October….and the British officers, but all the enlisted Submariners were ruskies) than hear him do another shitty accent)

  3. Bubblehead Les says:

    Getting Political Advice from a Hollywood Actor is as Useful as having one’s Taxes done by a Buddhist Monk.

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  5. bluesun says:

    As I believe Jennifer said, “dance monkey, dance!” Probably can’t say that for a black actor, though… RACIST!

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I gotta say in a Darwinian society I think we should be able to nix any racial overtones connected with the term “Monkey”. There were pseudo Scientists not long ago who attempted to say that African people were somehow either monkey-derivatives, or somehow closer to monkeys than lighter skinned people.

      I think we can all agree we are all equally “Monkey” no matter what color.

  6. Archer says:

    “Acting is all about honesty. If you can fake that, you’ve got it….”
    – George Burns

  7. alcade says:

    And, in other news, Hermain Cain won the Florida straw poll… beating both Rick Perry and Mit Romney by almost double the percentage.

    Huh… a tea party favorite… who has not a drop of white blood in him, and whose skin is about the color of coal, wins the straw poll in a heavily conservative state…

    Yep… racism is at work!

  8. 45er says:

    Yeah, being extremely good at anything doesn’t mean you have half a brain. At all.

  9. Scott says:

    This really makes me sad. I really like the guy as an actor, I mean come on he is damn good. Sadly though just another pinhead actor that opens their mouth and we are made painfully aware of just how stupid they really are. Or maybe he’s not so dumb and simply trying to stir the pot. Either way he’s a douche, and off my now very short list of actors I support by paying to see their movies. I guess this makes me a racist too :0

  10. hillel says:

    Its freedom of speech. Someone felt it was worth their time to interview MF. and record his opinions. You felt the need to label him an idiot. If he is such an idiot then why waste your time on him. no matter how clueless you may think he is he is still entitled to his opinion and if you ask me, politics and debating is the most meaningless use of time. Its as useful as a girlfriend with no vagina “completely useless”. Nothing gets resolved and every politician is in it for themselves. MF’s opinion doesn’t matter, neither does yours or mine so pls stfu.

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