Quote of the Day: Joan Peterson

Just thought I’d share this little number.

I write this blog on purpose to lie to my readers and post a bunch of false facts even though I link to articles that show what is actually happening. Seriously, this is your opinion. You must know that many people actually agree with me and that must somehow threaten your world view or you wouldn’t be trying to “correct” everything I write.

LOL, this statement reminds me of a friend describing what it felt like to them when they were having a bad episode of clinical depression: “I feel fine, just the whole world is all fucked up!” Of course that’s an ironic statement, because why would the whole world change and you simply stay the same?

Maybe we’re just angry little loners surrounded by people who totally think that a gun killed your sister, not a mentally ill psychopath who had manipulated the legal system with his wealth and influence, or that 11 or 12 round magazines are super dangerous, or that guns cause domestic violence, or all the other talking points you’re paid to repeat. OR maybe just maybe you’re a paid shill for the gun control lobby and you’re telling lies. Maybe we’re “Correcting” you because it makes us feel more secure…or maybe you’re a liar and we’re actually correcting you (no “scare quotes” needed).

We could always go look at the facts….you know those things that aren’t paid for by the organizations for whom you work?


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  1. Bob S. says:

    Remember this was the lady who started a blog so that we could have a thoughtful discussion of the issues.

    The same one who replied repeatedly “I’ve already discussed that, I’m not going to cover it again”.

    This is the person who thinks that getting approval from a local LEO to exercise your right isn’t an infringement on your rights.

    This is the same person who believes that having firearms in the homes makes you 4.3 times (or 43 times or 2.7 times – depends on which post you read) MORE likely to kill yourself or a loved one but still maintains firearms in her home

    If she was truly committed to reducing ‘gun deaths’ and ‘gun injuries’; shouldn’t she live the standard she wants to require for everyone else?

    You must know that many people actually agree with me

    Right, that is why restrictive laws across the country are being overturned by the courts, repealed by legislation and overwhelmingly approved by the voters.

    Keep clicking your heels Joan and maybe some day you’ll get your wish.

  2. Cargosquid says:

    I wonder if she’ll ever realize that we use her blog a perfect example of why the 2nd Amendment rights argument has value and that the gun banners are wrong.

  3. alcade says:

    “I’m an NRA member on purpose because I believe in arming criminals and terrorists. Plus I like nothing more than hearing of innocent children being caught in the crossfire. Oh, and Wayne LaPierre and I worship the Devil together. Naked.”

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