Selective Outrage

From Occupy Boston

Special treatment for Occupy Boston protesters?:

So the protestors are able to camp out on grounds where it is otherwise illegal, and they are being supplied with public funds to power their equipment (capitalist possessions), and clean their mess…not to mention what it will cost to return the greenway to its original condition after these people have trampled and abused it.

The reporter asked the Mayor if he and his family would be allowed to camp at the Boston Public Gardens, and he was told he could not because he “Didn’t Have a Cause”. I think we can all agree that what mumbles really meant was “don’t have a cause that Tom Menino agrees with”. You see Tom Menino, is a “Progressive” which we all know means “Socialist”, he’s also the co-Chair of Mayors against illegal guns, a group that is a Joyce Foundation political group.

If I were to have an Open Carry camp-in on public lands where camping was illegal I, and all my compatriots would likely not sleep in a tent, but a jail cell, and we would have our property, and our rights confiscated.

Selective Enforcement of the law is the first sign of Tyranny, and Tom Menino is showing his Marxist stripes.

BTW THESE are the people who are protesting

Where do you stand?

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  1. mike w. says:

    “Where do you stand?”

    Gun on my hip, between these socialist assbags and my hard earned property.

  2. Dave says:

    For someone who has low wages, that’s a pretty snazzy leather jacket he’s got.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      He’s union. Chances are the thug-behavior of the reps keeps this guy paid lots more than he’s worth.

      BTW an anti-Semite, illiterate, socialist, who wears eye liner and has the debate tactics of a 10-year-old of an anti-spanking household….he probably isn’t worth shit.

  3. Dave says:

    In this clip, he’s arguing that his wages are too low, and it’s the corporation’s fault. To me it sounds like just another evolution of union rhetoric, just asking for higher wages.

    I’d love a higher wage, but I recognize that I need to chase down either a) a better job, or b) a second job.

    I think these guys are just, I don’t know. Trying to effect ‘democratic’ change without participating in the Democratic process.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      And in the end what is THIS guy worth? He’s obviously ignorant, and something tells me he isn’t doing this protest in his spare time, he’s either called in sick, or the union is supporting him, and he’s got the type of attitude that anybody will recognize from “That Guy” at the office who thinks everybody else should be doing his work, and you have to practically pull his fingernails with pliers to get him to accomplish something.

      Some people have nothing to add to society, and those people should get used to having nothing.

  4. Bubblehead Les says:

    I ain’t Standing for none of it! That’s why God made Bipods and the Prone Position! Ask Mike W. about a certain front Wheel and some oil in the pan that started to burn at Northcoast when some German Surplus 7.62, Heath’s FN-Fal and yours truly got together. What gun for Smelly Commie Hippie? FN-Fal, baby. FN-Fal. ; )

  5. thirdpower says:

    Catch how squirrely he acted when he said he wasn’t on drugs ‘anymore’ and wasn’t mentally impaired?

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  7. BobG says:

    That punk is really an annoying little asshole, isn’t he? He’s the sort of douchebag that makes you want to bitch slap him until he cries, which probably wouldn’t take much.

  8. Matt Widener says:

    Here in San Francisco the cops rousted them like they would any homeless encampment. They have rules, you see, against open flames, cooking (without a permit,) and camping on the sidewalk. At least they were in front of the SF Fed Bldg, but the timing was not in their favor; I think they were dispensed with ASAP due to Fleet Week being one of the biggest tourism weekends in the city.

  9. Teke says:

    Similar thing in Houston. The park in front of city hall is closed dusk till dawn to keep vagrants out. This batch of vagrants was allowed to say.

    There were a number of people calling local radio personalities about how they were uncomfortable because of the protestors outside their building.

    Meanwhile I was perfectly comfortable. I knew what may need to be done and was prepared to do so if required.

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