George Zimmerman Arrest Report

RWC linked me to the George Zimmerman Arrest Report

Not a TON of information, but still anything terribly wrong on this report is the end of an officer’s career so I trust this info more than anything I’ve read or heard to date.

– First officer time-stamps were on February 26 at 1917 hours. And those are the officer responding to the suspicious person complaint made by Mr. Zimmerman, and the “shots fired” report shortly thereafter. Mr. Martin was Declared dead at 19:30. I looked things up in an almanac and sunset for that lat/long is about 1920, so Mr. Martin left home and encountered Mr. Zimmerman in the hours BEFORE sunset. Weather was reported as Rain so I’d assume cars would have their headlights on and it would be fairly dark out, but it was not yet Night.

-When officers arrived Mr. Zimmerman was identified in the report as a “White Male”, he was cooperative with officers and identified himself as the man who made the 911 call. He was wet and had grass stains on his back. Also his nose and back of his head were injured. A Kel Tec PF9 was holstered on his belt and he allowed officers to confiscate it as evidence. (No information about ammunition, or spent shells is given)

-Mr. Zimmerman is heard to have said “I was yelling for somebody to help be, but nobody would help me!”

-The officer states he was in close contact with Zimmerman when he noticed his injuries and the condition of his clothes. No mention of suspicion of drugs or alcohol in Mr. Zimmerman’s system, or him being visibly impaired.

-Mr. Zimmerman was cuffed and placed in a cruiser and was given first aid by responding fire crew.

-Mr. Zimmerman’s height is discribed as 5’09”, no weight estimated.

-Mr. Martin was found face down in the grass with his arms under his body unresponsive, no pulse. Officers gave CPR and responding fire crew also did and were unable to revive him. Police gave both chest compressions and breath ventilation.

-Mr Martin was estimated to be 6’00” tall and weighing 160lbs.

There are still many reports still out there, but this does answer some questions, and gives some more definitive facts than what I’ve been going on before.


Eyewitness account of Zimmerman being pinned on the ground and beaten by Martin, and crying for help. Eyewitnesses can be unreliable, but the account 100% corroborates with the police data.

Sounds to me like Zimmerman saw the witness and called for help, when the witness ran inside and instead called the cops (who were already en-route) Zimmerman shot.

There are still some relevant questions on how Zimmerman and Martin first made contact, but if only Zimmerman was calling for help it would appear Martin was the aggressor.

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  1. Jake says:

    This raises some more questions for me, as an EMS provider.

    1) They called a witnessed arrest from a witnessed single GSW while still on scene? WTF? I can’t speak for FL, but I would be extremely reluctant to do that. Barring injuries inconsistent with life (such as exposed brain matter), or some other compelling circumstance, my plan would be to have him in the ambulance and on the way to a trauma center as soon as humanly possible (if not sooner).

    2) Based on those time stamps, EMS worked him for an absolute maximum of 13 minutes. Given the situation, I would expect it to be 10 minutes or even less before they declared him dead. Again, barring injuries inconsistent with life, or some other compelling circumstance, there is no way in hell I would quit that soon. Most witnessed cardiac arrest calls – even traumatic arrests – go for at least 15 minutes, and up to 30 minutes is not uncommon, before stopping.

    The probable 8-10 minute code time strikes me as ridiculously short for a witnessed GSW with early CPR, and the 13 minutes from event to terminating the code is just as puzzling, unless Martin was shot in the head (which is a possibility).

    Now I’d really like to see the EMS report (which I know will never happen, unless the family gets it and releases it).

  2. Old NFO says:

    Interesting, thanks!

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  4. TS says:

    Interesting to me is the location of the incident. From the police report and the video, the location is not consistent with stepping out of the car to check a street sign. There is so much misinformation, that maybe that is not really part of Zimmerman’s statement. I have also heard him claim he followed Martin just to see which direction he ran (to relay it to police), and was jumped when returning to the car.

    The crime scene evidence is pretty solid for Zimmerman (his blood, eye witness, etc.), it’s the ancillary evidence that makes the self-defense claim suspect (his 911 call, his history, etc.). The thing is, he knew cops were on the way. It would be pretty dumb to want to start a fight- unless he saw it as his civic duty to make a citizens arrest.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I just re-listened to Zimmerman’s 911 call, and he repeatedly said he wasn’t sure the exact HOUSE number he was in front of. That might be it.

      • Tree says:

        Search google maps for 1111 Retreat View Circle, Sanford, FL to get a close-up view of the complex. That’s ‘the club house.’ Looks like Trayvon went down the sidewalk behind the rows of townhouses. Zimmerman probably stopped at the end of that walk at the side of the buildings where house numbers weren’t visible. Look and decide for yourself (and be a step ahead of everyone else when the next details are released).

    • “unless he saw it as his civic duty to make a citizens arrest”

      How can one make a citizens arrest when no crime has been committed? I believe that had been stated that he merely was suspicious (black). In order to make a citizens arrest an actual crime (and usually one of a felonious nature) must be in the act of commission.

      We know that was not the case. So Zimmerman, at best, was making a citizen’s false arrest. Just saying…

      • Weerd Beard says:

        Overall “Citizens Arrest” is something that may exist in theory, but generally turns into kidnap or unlawful use of force in the wild.

        Its bullshit and should be ignored as a valid issue across the board.

        • TS says:

          I agree with both of you. That action puts culpability on Zimmerman. I offered that as an explanation for what a “mall-ninja” might be thinking.

          But I don’t see how this could possibly be murder. Not only did he call the cops first, but then to be actually on the phone with 911 dispatchers while pursuing your victim… not believable. Manslaughter is the better option.

          • Weerd Beard says:

            Manslaughter is the best charge. I’m wondering if he’s guilty of it at all.

            From the 911 tape you never hear Zimmerman running, but he states that Martin did run.

            I doubt Zimmerman could have caught Martin if he wanted to get away. It seems to me that Martin turned back. We may never know why.

          • TS says:

            The call with the girlfriend will be the best piece of evidence to answer that. I think what we know so far was what she told the media, and not coming from a police report. The most damning thing that could happen to the Martin case is if she said under oath that Martin wanted to “kick his ass” for following him.

            Note: I am only offering this as a purely speculative scenario that would fit Zimmerman’s account of the incident.

  5. Henry Bowman, MD says:

    I am an emergency physician…..I am the medical director for an EMS system.

    If the victim is showing asystole (‘flatline’) as a result of a traumatic event, there is essentially no chance of resuscitation. Would I work on him a bit longer? Maybe, but the outcome wouldn’t be expected to change.

    And finally, the EMS times may well be different than police times.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      thanks for the info. Also thanks for taking one of the more challenging both physically and mentally, medical positions.

    • Jake says:

      If the victim is showing asystole (‘flatline’) as a result of a traumatic event, there is essentially no chance of resuscitation. Would I work on him a bit longer? Maybe, but the outcome wouldn’t be expected to change.

      True. And for more involved traumas, or some other circumstances, I would be more likely to call it on scene (and have, on more than one occasion). But an otherwise healthy individual with a single GSW, almost immediate CPR, and early EMS arrival? Get him in the truck, add high-flow diesel to the treatment regimen, and let the ER doc make the call.

      But that’s one reason I’d really like to see the EMS report – what did they do and what did they see before calling it?

      the EMS times may well be different than police times.

      That is always a possibility. We’re dispatched by the police department, so it’s all tracked using the same clock, but they may have a different dispatch center that uses a separate clock from the PD. In which case, the officer may have gotten the time of death from EMS dispatch, which could be several minutes behind police dispatch. They should be synchronized (and with modern computing, synchronized to the atomic clock through the NIST), but, hey, bureaucracy.

      I’m also curious if this is something a FL paramedic could have called, or if he needed to consult with the ER physician first. Here in VA, I would have had to talk to the doctor.

      • Terry says:


        I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but the autopsy report indicated that the right ventricle of TM’s heart was hit by the bullet.

        So, any resuscitation attempt would have been in vain, regardless.

  6. RWC says:

    Being mentioned on Weer’ds site….cross that off my bucket list 😛

    “There are still some relevant questions on how Zimmerman and Martin first made contact”

    Exactly. The only thing out there now (I believe) is the girlfriend saying she was on the phone with Trayvon when they made contact. Even there you are going by someones word regarding the events.

    Why can’t we be more like Britain and have a camera on every corner. (Actually, I am surprised there isn’t some footage of the incident, or even preceding it. )

    • Jake says:

      Even there you are going by someones word regarding the events.

      And someone who is not an unbiased party. I’m not saying that she is or is not being honest, but whether she’s acting on it or not she is biased, and her statements must be viewed in that light.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      From the published 911 calls seems everybody got their head down when they heard the first shot. Further all the calls I’ve heard are from adjacent lots, and when they heard somebody yelling “Help” they didn’t even attempt to see what’s going on.

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    I seriously hate them, just lost a comment post because it didn’t process right. *sighs*

    Simply put.

    Zimmerman’s statements are biased.
    Zimmerman’s statements have been called into question for accuracy according to the observable facts.
    Zimmerman has shown poor judgment in not abiding by policy guidelines nor police advisement.

    All this leads to more questionableness on the part of Zimmerman’s statements than Martin’s girlfriends.

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  12. junyo says:

    “There are still some relevant questions on how Zimmerman and Martin first made contact, but if only Zimmerman was calling for help it would appear Martin was the aggressor.”

    Martin’s only the aggressor if you go out of your way to ignore how they first made contact, which pretty indisputably is because Zimmerman chose to initiate a foot pursuit of Martin, unless there’s a new theory that Martin approached Zimmerman’s vehicle. There’s also the fact that at least one witness is on TV saying that the police ignored her testimony that Martin was calling for help, and actively ‘corrected’ her that is was Zimmerman calling for help.

    • Rob Crawford says:

      They “first made contact” because Martin was in a neighborhood he doesn’t live in, acting suspiciously.

      And people say all sorts of things to TV reporters.

    • Bob S. says:


      Do you see a difference between leaving a vehicle to see if you can spot a running person and initiating a foot pursuit?

      I listened to the tapes like Weerd did; I didn’t hear Zimmerman running, out of breath or feet pounding on pavement. So how can a person who weighs 100 pounds more then a years younger teenager catch up without running?

      Zimmerman’s 911 call indicates that Martin approached his car then took off running. Martin’s girlfriend indicates that Martin did run.

      The interview Weer’d posted on the “George Zimmerman Arrest Report” shows one witness — a male witness– that ‘the guy in the red jacket was on bottom’ and the ‘guy who was on top was the dead guy’.

      Now that doesn’t indicate who started it but clearly it seems Martin was not passive in the encounter.

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  14. Rod says:

    The 911 dispatcher told Zimmerman not to follow, Martin had he done as he was told we would not be having this dialog.

    • Bob S. says:

      In most cases, 911 call takers are not law enforcement personnel; their ‘orders’ have no legal standing.

      911 Operators have told home invasion victims to put down their firearms; I think that it may make sense to drop that argument

    • Sid says:


      Not necessarily. It is easy to assume that Zimmerman was chasing Martin. But it is just as likely and very probable that Zimmerman got out of his vehicle to get a building number. While out of his vehicle, Martin may have confronted Zimmerman. We are talking about a 6-2 high school football player vs a 5-8 chubby man.

      It is too easy to see Martin as the young kid in the photos and not as some testosterone fueled adolescent. Zimmerman has been portrayed as a wanna-be cop that beat and killed a kid when recent reports from neighbors are that he is just a nice guy.

      We could be having this dialogue because Martin decided he didn’t like being asked questions and was going to kick the tubby man’s butt.

  15. Jim Macklin says:

    Just to provide further information. The police saw no evidence on the scene to make it appear that it wasn’t a case of lawful self-defense. Florida law is intended to provide protection to a victim who uses lawful force in self-defense. In tyhe past, the average black or white person would be arrested and either spend thousands on bail or sit in jail for weeks or months. Here is Florida law, that seems to have not been read by any of the protesters or the Governor or President.

    The 2011 Florida Statutes

    Title XLVI
    CRIMES Chapter 776
    JUSTIFIABLE USE OF FORCE View Entire Chapter

     776.032 Immunity from criminal prosecution and civil action for justifiable use of force.—
     (1)A person who uses force as permitted in s. 776.012, s. 776.013, or s. 776.031 is justified in using such force and is immune from criminal prosecution and civil action for the use of such force, unless the person against whom force was used is a law enforcement officer, as defined in s. 943.10(14), who was acting in the performance of his or her official duties and the officer identified himself or herself in accordance with any applicable law or the person using force knew or reasonably should have known that the person was a law enforcement officer. As used in this subsection, the term “criminal prosecution” includes arresting, detaining in custody, and charging or prosecuting the defendant.
     (2)A law enforcement agency may use standard procedures for investigating the use of force as described in subsection (1), but the agency may not arrest the person for using force unless it determines that there is probable cause that the force that was used was unlawful.
     (3)The court shall award reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs, compensation for loss of income, and all expenses incurred by the defendant in defense of any civil action brought by a plaintiff if the court finds that the defendant is immune from prosecution as provided in subsection (1).
    History.—s. 4, ch. 2005-27.

  16. ktpinnacle says:

    This isn’t a home invasion. And a self-appointed vigilante with an itchy trigger finger like Zimmerman has no right to stop anyone and question them as a cop would.

  17. Bowen says:

    Martin was six feet, 160 lbs. That’s pretty skinny. He didn’t play high school football, only for a local Optimist Club recreationally. He quit before he was 14. That’s why he looks baby-faced in the photos you see in the football uniform.
    I wouldn’t read too much into which photos the family released. They probably chose a few they liked, even if they weren’t current, to represent what he liked to do. ( I do that if one of mine needs a picture for a project at school.) I doubt they ever imagined how this would become such a polarizing/national story. Only probably hoped for a little publicity and attention from Florida’s media.

  18. David says:

    This is a no brainer. Zimmerman was totally and completely within the realm of rationality. Martin wasn’t going to put up with this “rent-a-cop” style dude following him around and confronted him, kicked his rear and got shot for it. Sad as heck but it’s so obvious that Zimmerman was collecting data for the purposes of law enforcement which IS something that all of us have every right to do… especially in our own neighborhoods. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH FOLLOWING A PERSON IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD TO FIND OUT WHO THEY ARE AND WHAT THEIR BUSINESS IS… THIS IS NOT A CRIME PEOPLE. YOU CAN EVEN APPROACH THEM AND QUESTION THEM… THIS IS NOT A CRIME!!! I WISH MORE DID IT IN MY OWN NEIGHBORHOOD. Martin attacked this guy physically in response to being followed etc. and we will all find this out as this case is settled. Nothing to do with race imo.

    • David says:

      And I cannot believe the president commented on this issue. It’s like he is TRYING to start class/race war. WHY would you comment? Why? There is no way he has enough facts to make a comment like that. Unbelievable what he said. Proof that our rulers think we’re all totally and completely ignorant. The comment he made is an open invitation for people to scream the race card and blame this man for racism when doing so is totally and completely irresponsible. Wake up everyone!

    • Nath Taylor says:

      Dear Racist David,

      The Cops told this animal Zimmerman to stand down. To not follow Trayvon. it says that clearly on the 911 tape. How stupid can you be. Another racist Dogg trying to justify killing a Black Man. Wait until your turns come and see how you like someone shooting you down because you are walking to the store to buy something. Keep hidding behind racist Jews and want to be White racist Latinos.

      • Michael W Perkins says:

        Hey Nate, Way to show your racist heritage, It’s always the JOOOOOS, Newsflash, Obama played all your RACE’s race cards, You ignorant fucks officially have none left. Whatever happened will be sorted out in court & likely a manslaughter charge or No charge will be leveled. He was within his rights to patrol his hood to keep your peeps from stealing. All treyvon had to say was I am here to visit my dad.Or whoever, HE didn’t need to come back & assault Zimmerman. At that point HE took his life into his hands. I know that it’s tough to Think that a brother could do something wrong, as you think blacks are saints, but the fact is Blacks are responsible foe the VAST MAJORITY of Robberies, Break-ins, Assaults Rapes, & fucking MURDERS. He got what he got, for doing what he did. So think about that(if you are capable) You fucking lowlife racist Bitch.

        • flint says:

          Glad to see such a fine example of civility and intelligence.
          You sure told those Black folks. With an example such as yourself I’m sure they will clean up their collective acts, toot sweet. Wow. I cannot imagine why these folks cannot see the obvious superiority of people such as yourself. Thanks!

  19. Nath Taylor says:

    It appears that Zimmerman was at fault. He should have never followed Trayvon Martin after the Police gave him instructions not to. Zimmerman has told one lie after another. He also called Trayvon a racial name, which mean he had hatred for this Black Male. He pursued this Black Male and killed him in cold blood and the writer of this article has the audacity to justify his actions. The writer sounds like another full of racial hate animal, I guess now he will go out and try to pull the same thing because he hates Blacks. Anyway, Zimmerman told the police a lie about the law, the law does not apply a person if you are following them. That is not self-defense that is ignorance, especially after the police told him not to follow Trayvon. Plus, this is not the Law of ignorance. The police are incompetent because they did not check the law before they release this animal to go back on the streets. This is murder in the first degree and Zimmerman will get what is coming to him, be it on the streets are in the courtroom! Oh….how would he like it if someone called him out of his name like…Wetback…..before they shout him in self defense!

    • Big Mike says:

      “…the Police gave him instructions…”
      Um, when is it going to sink in that he was not talking to the police but a 911 dispatcher? A person whose “instructions” do not have the force of law! It may very well have been better for his personal safety if he had just stayed put when they said “we don’t need you to do that” (to pursue), but he decided to take on the risk of confronting this stranger.
      By the way, your anti-Semitic bigotry shines through loud and clear in your rabid diatribe, so you have no business pontificating to anybody about hate, which you are so clearly filled with.

    • flint says:

      It’s “Stand your ground” not Search and destroy”.

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  21. Kermit the Frog says:

    I looked things up in an almanac and sunset for that lat/long is about 1920, so Mr. Martin left home and encountered Mr. Zimmerman in the hours BEFORE sunset.

    You need to make a correction there, 26 FEB was before the time change, sunset is listed as 18:23 for Orlando (the major metro area) that day. This went down AFTER sunset.

  22. Keturah G says:

    You ARE ALL A BUNCH OF RACIST PIGS. Rest In Peace Trayvon . Zimmerman Can ROT IN HELL !

  23. TJ says:

    It sounds like Zimmerman was on a neighborhood watch in a gated community and saw someone who looked like they did not belong in the community.

    According to eyewitnesses, Tayvon attached Zimmerman and was beating him pretty severely when Zimmerman shot Tayvon.

    According to a black friend of Zimmerman – he wasn’t a racist.

    So you’ve got to ask.. was it race? or was Zimmerman responding to a guy 5 inches taller beating him severely?

    Now you got to ask yourself – why is the media spinning this story to divide people?

    Remember Tawana Brawley.. Are you one of the media’s “useful idiots this time?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      If you listen to Zimmerman’s 911 call he didn’t even know Martin was black until he came up to his truck while he was on the phone with police.

      The media and the anti-rights activists want a race riot and blood in the streets. Sadly they are going to get it.

  24. Bob says:

    What’s worst, the fact that racism is still a prevalent fact in this nations criminal justice system or the fact that you only care today because CNN tells you to? Scenes like this play out everyday across our nation. Did you care last month, were you an activist for the cause before the media bombarded you 24/7 for days on end, with one example you could latch on to? Did you scream in outrage as our country systematical reinforced poverty and criminality as the new slavery? Did you take up arms in the fight for justice and equality, or did you tweet and post your opinion as the media told you it should be? Did you turn off the TV and hit the streets? Are you serving your community or the medias agenda?  Don’t get me wrong you should care, but do you care enough to do something? Are you just a spectator fanning the flames or are you going to grab a bucket of water and run into the fire? Look at the big picture not through the CNN primetime peephole but all around you everyday, in your community, your schools, church, local government. Figure out a contribution you can make, stand for something more then today’s big story, get involved, turn off the Tv, go out in the world make the change happen. Or bitch about what the media tells you to, but that carries about as much weight as the fact that I’m going to make a sandwich. Your part of the problem or the solution, prove to yourself which one you are. Form an opinion based on facts and research don’t regurgitate the media hype. Don’t misunderstand my point I think this is a F’d up case and absolutely this guy should have been charged with a crime. My point is this it’s easy to jump on the bandwagon of media endued outrage. Where was your outrage, principles, and convictions  the day before this story broke. Also when the fire dies down and the people who make their careers off of fanning the flames of racism have moved on will you be doing what you can to change the world or will you change the channel?             

  25. Bob says:

    You missundersand me I think your site is one of the few that seems to be asking real questions and not just jumping on the linchmob mentality. It’s the few comments of assclowns that post is directed at. Keeping racism alive is big business. I read this story before CNN got it’s claws in it and living in the south I knew this would be where it was goin

  26. Wendy says:

    1. Rules of neighborhood watch: be the eyes and ears of the police and do not confront. Wait for the police. Do not carry a weapon. Call the police ( dispatchers are who you talk to when you call the police) and obey their instructions
    2. If Zimmerman was on the ground and shot, why was Martin found face down on the grass with Zimmerman straddling over him?
    3. Martin, according to his high school was suspended for tardiness, not behavior.

    • Bob S. says:


      #1 -I didn’t know you set the rules for all the neighborhood watches in all of the country. Could you provide a reference to the legal restriction against watches carrying firearms?

      #2 – I have seen no reports of Zimmerman straddling Martin. Martin was found face down, that is correct but there are several ways that could have occurred. Like the fact that Martin was on top of Zimmerman, was shot, then fell over clutching his chest or abdomen. Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

      #3 – Martin was suspended once for tardiness which by the way is a behavior. He was also suspended because he was caught with jewelry that didn’t belong to him and burglary tools. He was suspended a third time for possession of a baggie containing trace amounts of marijuana (did he smoke it all?) and a marijuana pipe. My question is why wasn’t he turned over to the police for possession of drug paraphernalia ?

      • Weerd Beard says:

        As for #3. Schools like their position as a mini dictatorship. When a school discoverers evidence of a crime that happened on school grounds and all parties are students the school likes to render judgement and punishment.

        I know this because a friend of mine told the town cops that some acquaintances were smoking weed and kept their stash in their lockers. Cops got a warrant entered the school seized the dope and arrested the owners.

        My friend was reprimanded by the principal because THEY could have “handled” the issue, and didn’t like the PoPo stomping on their turf and doing all that due-process crap they didn’t have to adhere to.

        I’m sure a couple of dime-bags of cheap grass being seized by uniformed officers and arrests being made didn’t make the school look good, as they could have kept everything quiet otherwise.

        Which is also probably why Martin was billed as a “Model Student” before his checkered record was unearthed.


    First Off You Have To Be A Fool To Believe Zimmerman Story..It Doeant Add Up If You Listen To The Tapes Closely Zimmerman Was Out Of Breath,You Can Hear The Wind And It Is Consitent To Someone Runnning.Another Thing If He Did Have A Broken Nose I Wouldnt Doubt It.If I Saw A Man On A Phone Foloowing Behind Me I Would Think He Was Pedophler,Its Alot Of Those In Floride This Young Man Was Scared Point Blank Period…Zimmerman Was A Neighborhood Watch Guy Why He Didnt Know Where He Was.If Your Gonna “Volunteer” That Kind Of Work You Have To Know Your Surroundings.How Are You Gonna Pertect Me And You Dont My Location..Then Their’s The Past Thing ,Ok Lets Talk About Zimmerman Being Arrested Twice Once For Beating Up His Girlfriend And Another Assault On A Officer,This Man Clearly Has A Hand Problem I CANT WAIT TILL HE GET ARRESTED AND CONVICTED.. How Would You Feel If Someone Did This To Your Son No Matter What Color He May Be You Would Want Justice Also….Please And Thank You

  28. Ashley says:

    I think the mere fact that there are so many conflicting stories from witnesses that support both sides is why there should at least be a trial. If there is no evidence that fully supports Zimmerman’s version of events, why should we automatically assume Trayvon was guilty? There’s nothing that proves he hit Zimmerman first, just Zimmerman’s word. That is what he told police, no witness corroborated that. Witnesses admit to seeing a fight but not Martin attacking Zimmerman to begin the confrontation. In fact, I read two stories from witnesses who say that they were actually unsure of who was where because it was too dark, they just saw two figures and the police later told them who was who. There’s a big difference to seeing a guy in a red sweater on the bottom and being told the man in the red sweater was on the bottom. Also, I’m curious as to where this “scuffle” took place. If you listen to the tapes (unless they’ve been edited and shortened), between when the time when Zimmerman slams his car door to where he acknowledges the 911 dispatcher with “ok” (to the “we don’t need you to do that” statement) is roughly 14 seconds. If Zimmerman turned back to his truck then, like his supporters have claimed, this shouldn’t have occurred to far from his truck. That is something I would consider evidence to support Zimmerman’s claims. It doesn’t mean Martin was wrong but it helps Zimmerman’s claims. So far everything has been he said she said with stories supporting both sides.

  29. Shamed 2 B old fan of this site says:

    Funny that all of this “Zimmerman had a right to shoot” business has quieted down SOOO MUCH since the release of the video tapes from the police station as Zimmerman arrived a mere 35-40 MINUTES after the police ARRIVED on the scene..and, even IF we can see where there might be a small scratch or something on his head, and we can’t see the pores in his nose, WE CAN ALL SEE that there was NO, ZERO BLOOD on his tshirt, on the front, where a bloody nose surely we would see, his head AND his nose are NOT EVEN A TINY BIT RED or PUFFY!
    Also, if he shoot someone who was on top of him, at such close range, no blood spatter on the front of him? Oh, better yet, a man, 40-45 minutes after he shot someone in what he claims was because he was being beaten, in such a life threatening way, he had to shoot, his tshirt is still nicely tucked in, coat not wrinkled, nothing…
    Also, the more I think about it, Zimmerman has no claim to Stand your Ground, its Trayvon that has the right to it, so even IF Zimmerman was hit by Trayvon (which we now KNOW Zimmermans first and second set of “versions” of his story are totally false with the police station videos being released)…Trayvon would have had the RIGHT to Stand HIS Ground. Trayvon was doing nothing illegal and was less than a block away from where he was going back to where he was a guest.

    Personally, I can’t wait to see the neighborhood closed caption video tapes (as the front of the gated community signs state they have), for sure it had to have caught the majority of this, especially since it was not yet DARK AS NIGHT even IF raining at that time, NOR was Trayvon walking on, or where he died anything but the UBLIC WALKWAYS thru the town homes, and again, was murdered just down the block from where he was going, which again, since the reports came out of exactly where his body was found, Zimmermans supporters have dropped the “Trayvon followed him back to his car” version of the story..

    Here is the WHOLE THING, that Trayvons family, and everyone interested in this story is looking for, JUSTICE.,,not, certainly NOT TO run this in the trial of public opinion, not to litigate this case in the public, but for JUSTICE TO COME OUT, and right now, JUSTICE, for Trayvon and Zimmerman is for Zimmerman to get his day in court, to be innocent until proven guilty, to be in a court of law before his peers…

    NOT ONE person I have heard on Trayvons side has called for Conviction, just simply for the wheels of justice to run, there is plenty of probable cause for Zimmermans arrest, and also, if Zimmerman is not guilty of murder or a hate crime, then he by all means needs to get his full story out at a trial, the appropriate place for his own justice in that case too!…and I am sad to see this site, and so many fans of this site, to have called for Zimmermans aquittal while at the same time calling Trayvons family and supporters racist for calling simply for the wheels of justice to start rolling on this case…
    Again, where have all of these people here gone since the police tapes have come out? Would like for them to come back and post what their thoughts are now? Are they human enough to come back and admit they jumped judgement here??

  30. guest says:

    The witness who saw Zimmerman on his back, backed on his story. He actually doesn’t know who was on the ground. The witness even stated that he didn’t know if there were two people because it was very dark. The paramedic report states that Mr. Zimmerman’s injuries were superficial and a second ambulance was not needed. A voice analysis specialist stated that the voice calling for help on the 911 tape was Trayvon, and stated that he would testify in court. Mr. Zimmerman has a past history of violence. He fought a police officer who was trying to arrest him and his friend for underage drinking. He also had a restraining order from his former fiance. It is also reported that his father who was a former judge was able to have the charges dismissed. Former co-workers of Zimmerman at his old security job stated that he was fired for being too aggressive. He snapped at a women who was being too rowdy, picked her up, threw her and she twisted her ankle. The lead investigator wanted to warrant for Mr. Zimmerman’s arrest for homicide/negligent manslaughter, but the states attorney drove 45 minutes to the Sanford police department to decline the warrant, probably because of Mr. Zimmerman’s father.

  31. aleksandra cichowski says:

    I believe in stand your ground law and this does not pertain to Zimnerman.
    He is a killer and should be arrested and trail like any other person. The court should decide if he is guilty or not not the police.
    When is he going to be charged?

    • Chris says:

      Would that be the Oregon Trail? I loved that game it was so much fun… Till you ran out of food… Then it was sad 🙁

  32. Mahsun says:

    Zimmerman initiated this whole messy suiiatton. IF, and it’s a big IF he’s telling the truth regarding Martin attacking him he still started the whole friggin thing.There are plenty of inconsistencies in his story or stories that have appeared in the media. It will be interesting to see what the FBI determines regarding the screaming for help during the fight. If it was Zimmerman screaming he will likely get off given Florida’s screwed up SYG law. If it was Martin………..he should take a plea.Trying to defend Zimmeman is not helping the gun rights cause. The truth is if you give cops or civilians gun they are on occasion going to shoot people who didn’t need to be shot. Hell, even Navy Seals screw up on occasion. Like my gramer dere ain;t no perfection in this life.As for any chicken, Pedro, I don’t drink much. You’d be better off paying for the drinks. My late dad was a alcoholic with anger issues. I just have anger issues.

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