How They Do it in Israel

Via Doubletapper:

In America spree shooters are really a statistical outlier, in Israel with all the social and political turmoil, they are common.

Solution MORE GUNS. Guess what? It works!

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  1. wildriver says:

    I agree with armed and trained staff, how ever, when I think of the education system arming and training, my mind conjures up visions of TSA like jackbootism.
    Perhaps if they were trained by civilians, but I see another hoard of power crazy crapheads emerging. Think of it, Teachers unions armed?? Really think about it, is that a viable option?

  2. IanK says:

    I wouldn’t compare training and arming teachers to the TSA, that’s strictly the area of ‘access control’ whatevers who try to keep people out (and not very hard too often.) Armed and trained teachers are more synonymous with the program to arm and train pilots, a program no one seems to have any problems with despite being essentially the same thing.

    • wildriver says:

      Apples and Oranges, the teachers are nothing like the pilots, and if you seriously believe the NEA would be willing to stop exercising, and grasping power over our children’s lives after being given guns and more authority I wonder at your naivete. Think it through.
      How much more are you willing to give up?

      You’re advocating armed GOVERNMENT RUN institutions, imprisoning children, in the name of their safety. It is a slippery slope leading to enslavement by degrees. Big Brother would laud you sir.

      • IanK says:

        What makes you think that firearms training and weapons would change a single damn thing about how much authority a teacher has over students? Are you picturing teachers threatening to shoot students who disagree with them? Or are you picturing teachers threatening to shoot students who leave school grounds?

        The very same arguments the anti’s apply to us when talking about concealed carry in general.

        Attendance is already compulsory and teachers already have authority to discipline students, weapons training and sidearms have absolutely nothing to do with that in the slightest. You don’t see the armed pilots or air marshals running around abusing passengers and I see no reason why armed teachers or school resource officers would abuse students. The problems with our education system and the government’s role in it are debatable, but whatever influence teachers are exerting on our youth is no weaker for their lack of weaponry.

        The truly Orwellian institutions are those with cameras installed everywhere and electronically tracked compulsory ID cards.

        • Weerd Beard says:

          Also we must remember that while I posted the video I am WELL aware we are not Israel in so many ways.

          Honestly all I’d want to see is the lift on the Federal “Gun Free Zone” that I think has been well proven to enable these events.

          Let teachers who pack everywhere else pack to work.

          Still the biggest hurdle is that the NEA already treats teachers like criminals by taking their fingerprints and DNA just-in-case (When really such forensic evidence is rarely used in prosecution), I can’t see how the unions would treat their subjects as if they were competent humans.

  3. wildriver says:

    Well, I’m sorry, Government thugs have never taken granted authority at face value, they always grasp for more, it is the natural order of government. If the wisdom of that is beyond your grasp, you indeed are an ignorant soul. Perhaps if you open your eyes and come out of ignorance you will understand.
    (What makes you think that firearms training and weapons would change a single damn thing about how much authority a teacher has over students?)

    What in the history of mankind makes you think it wouldn’t?

    • IanK says:

      I’ll take you at your word concerning not insulting me personally. Nevertheless, all those instincts of basic human nature that drive teachers to lord over students operate independently of their lack of armament. Unless scholastic procedure changes to include threatening deadly force to elicit compliance; the authority that teachers have over students would not change because they’re armed. Furthermore, not allowing teachers to arm themselves in no way precludes alterations to law or procedure that actually would increase a teacher’s authority. You are ascribing that which effects the power mongers of government to quite possibly it’s most powerless employees.

      I have no idea what schools you’ve interacted with, attended or worked for: but none that I interacted with would or did tolerate threats of armed violence. Having worked as an assistant I can also say that there are a lot of things teachers can’t do that would have to go before the presence or lack thereof of weapons had anything to do with anything.

      I would also point out that we aren’t going to win any hearts or minds telling the one group that would be most effected by just about all of these non-gun-ban proposals by accusing them of being petty tyrants.

      My experience both as a student and de-facto educator is that teachers are by and large double-subjects forced to comply with the standards of both the government and their union. If anything, freeing teachers from the arbitrary control of both would be a step in the right direction.

  4. wildriver says:

    As an after thought, because I used the words naive, and ignorant, I am in no way impugning you or your character, it’s obvious we see things differently. I will waste no more of my time explaining simple human nature.

  5. Archer says:

    I can see the antis’ argument now:
    “Sure, that might work in Israel, but American guns are different. Why? Because American guns are different.”

  6. Geodkyt says:

    Given that we DIDN’T have problems with mass school shootings or teachers gunning down innocent students BEFORE we banned teachers from carrying in schools in the 1990’s, all arguments against arming teachers fail.

    Students got educated as well or better than currently, and the schools did not run with blood due to the teachers with guns, nor did teachers act like prison watchtower marksmen.

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