Back in the 90s it looked like the Brady Campaign was the group that was going to destroy that pesky 2nd Amendment, and ban all privately held guns…or at least reduced us to the academic gun ownership of places like England.

And then there’s today:

Huhhh??? Lemme quote it to see if it makes more sense on the page…

100 years ago, gun makers could build a #gun child couldn’t shoot for pennies per gun. Still can. Yet today triggers are more sensitive.


Are they implying that guns were safer in the past? Is this one of those Rainman situations where “100 Years Ago” is the dark ages where “Guns” were Ancient Matchlocks that while were VERY easy for the person of the day to learn how to shoot, today’s Antis can’t change the oil in their cars, or defragment the hard drive on their computer, so they assume it takes some sort of crazy super soldier to prime and fire.

But 100 years ago was 1912. Colt was Making revolvers not too different from the ones made today and the M1911 Pistol not too different from the one I carry today, I will note that the Colt’s today have a Series 80 Firing Pin block system which is considered “Safer” but I have my doubts.

Maybe they’re talking about the double-trigger on GLOCK type pistols that first must be unlocked with the finger (by pressing the inner shoe) then used to retract the striker assembly to its full extension, then release the firing pin block THEN drop the striker….

You know, I think I’m over thinking this. Whoever wrote this is clinically insane and knows NOTHING about either history, or firearms, and this person was given the keys to the Brady Campaign twitter account.

Can you fathom how bizarre and messed up that is?

These were the big guys…now they’re on the same level as forum trolls.

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  1. Band-Aid Bandit says:

    Maybe they plan to have the person who tweeted get a “permit” and purchase guns in a Bloomberg-esque “Gun are bad, mkay!?!” sting. Then the new twist on their usual gun show loophole fallacy is the crazy person buying guns at a gun show

  2. Rob Crawford says:

    I believe they’re referring to an old gun ad from the late 1800s/early 1900s. The particular model of gun was supposed to be “child safe”.

    Can’t remember any of the details, but ISTR it was a marketing thing, not an innovative form of safety.

  3. Jake says:

    Whoever wrote that has never shot a flintlock or caplock with a set trigger, either. A stray breeze could fire one of those if you set it, never mind a child.

    Of course, all that also ignores the fact that, 100 years ago, or even 80 years ago at the height of the Great Depression, 10 year old children (or younger) would take their* .22 rifle or a .410 shotgun out to the back 40 and shoot squirrels, rabbits, gophers, and other small game to bring home for supper, or for pest control. Sometimes, that was even the only way a family could put meat on the table.

    Totally ignorant of history, and probably reality, too. I expect that it’s a willful ignorance. After all, it’s easier to lie convincingly if you remain deliberately ignorant of the truth, and since the facts don’t support their position, all they have left is lies (and insults).

    * Yes, their rifle. As in, the gun designated specifically for the child’s use by the adults, that they were supposed to use, and encouraged to use, for hunting.

  4. Huh? is right.

    But that isn’t the point of the twat, the point is to try and drum up fear and bedwetting based on the cost of ammunition. I don’t know of any ammo that is mere pennies to shoot per round.

    Can the cheapest .22cal’s be actually pennies?

    • Jake says:

      The last brick of 500 .22’s I got was about $25. That works out to about $0.05 per round, and that price included tax.

      Of course, prices have probably gone up since then, too, so I don’t know. I consider $0.05 to be “pennies per round”, but just barely, since it can also be considered “a nickel per round”.

  5. wfgodbold says:

    And a hundred years ago, I could take out the Sears catalog, mail them $5, and they would mail me a revolver.

    Harkening back to a golden age when everything cost pennies is hardly a winning argument.

  6. bluesun says:

    I’d say even worse, they’re down to the level of Youtube commenters.

  7. Greg Camp says:

    Five hundred fifty rounds of .22 LR in Arkansas goes for around $15 at the BoxMart.

    With regard to the tweet, that kind of writing would get sent back for revision in my class–bad grammar, bad history, bad logic equals not yet passing.

  8. Bubblehead Les says:

    Funny. I used to carry Firearms in and out of my High School back in the mid-70’s. Guess my High School Rifle Team and it’s Remington .22s must never had been able to have their Triggers pulled by us Youths back then, huh?

  9. Pyrotek85 says:

    Yeah I have no idea what that said, or what pennies have to do with it. Guess I’m no good at deciphering twitter haikus.

  10. Jack says:

    We are dealing with a group that wears their ignorance of firearms like a badge of honor.

    In a way I suppose that makes a certain kind of twisted sense.

    Take Weer’d, he used to be an anti. Then he started shooting and became more informed about things and look at him now: Full bearded and full gunned.

    I’d guess that all but the most insular anti’s know at least someone that fell to the “darkside”. Which could contribute to their fear of knowledge.

    Lord knows they’ve got enough magical thinking already about the evil, corrupting intent of objects. Why not do the same with knowledge?

  11. SGB says:

    Those people are trolls.

  12. Cargosquid says:

    Btw, I found out a few days ago that the CMP was selling 5000 .22 LR for $65 to clubs, $90 personal. I don’t know the current status of that sale.

  13. Paul Kanesky says:

    Guns by their very nature are not safe. Guns can and have been designed to operate with the smallest amount of mechanical failure consistant with todays technology.
    Primitive firearms such as flintlocks had no safety switch at all. Today most firearms are manufactured with safety features and are as safe as the human who operates them.
    In order for Joan to be effective and helpful in promoting firearms safety, she should consider joining the NRA and becoming an instructor in the Eddie Eagle” program.
    She dosn’t need to be concerned about making guns safer (The manufacturers will handle that)
    She should be concerned about making people safer. (which by the way, we already are)
    True accidental gun deaths are at the lowest rate in history.
    Paul in Texas

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