More From The Gun Free Zones

Odd how often these things happen in restricted areas:

New York City officials say several people have been shot outside the Empire State Building and that the gunman is dead.

City police say three or four civilians have been wounded in the Friday morning shooting and that the shooter is dead.

I’m hearing varied reports right now on how many are actually dead or wounded.

And This:

Police say 13 people were shot and wounded in a 30-minute spate of violence in Chicago, including eight gunned down on a single street.

Authorities have been battling an increase in homicides in the city where some aldermen complain gangs have no fear of the police.

What do these places have in common?

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  1. maddmedic says:

    Big urban cities..
    Megalomaniac Mayors.
    Nope not seeing any similarities!!

  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    UH, the fact that it is UNPOSSIBLE for a Legally Armed Citizen to defend themselves, because it’s ILLEGAL to be an Armed Citizen for $500, Alex?

  3. JDRush says:

    Popped up on Facebook that the NYPD shot bystanders while getting the shooter. Too soon to comment on New Yorks ridiculous 12 lb triggers and what they do for accuracy when shooting?

  4. Bill Baldwin says:

    CNN is reporting that the killer may not have not have discharged his firearm outside of the Empire State Building and that nine people were injured (possibly) by police.

    If the killer didn’t shoot them, and a CCW didn’t shoot them (because, well, you know) , then who shot them?

  5. Greg Camp says:

    Oh no, could it be that the highly trained professionals who should have guns are the ones who wounded innocent bystanders? I await the call from the control freaks to ban the police from having guns.

    • Bill Baldwin says:

      CSGV is already calling it a mass shooting, not realizing it was the police doing the rest of the shooting.

      • Jack says:

        Yeah, if the initial reports are correct (BIG if). The perp murdered his ex boss, was tailed, confronted by p0lice, drew his gun, and the coppers let fly.

        Not exactly a “mass shooting”.

        Especially if the reports (another big if) of him having a 45 with 8 round magazine were true. Given he had to shoot at least one bullet before the cops came after him, and didn’t have an empty magazine, that leaves at most 7 rounds.

        Given the situation I wouldn’t be shocked if he didn’t get a single shot off. Though I suspect it was more like a few.

        We’ll see. Provided the NYPD doesn’t do a total snow job.

        • Jake says:

          The latest report is that he shot his ex-boss 3 times. IF true, then the NYPD shot at least 4 innocent bystanders.

          OTOH, as someone at Sebastian’s blog pointed out, the cops had a lousy solution set to choose from. Plus, the odds of a round (whether a miss or one that overpenetrated) finding an innocent bystander in front of the Empire State Building at 9am are pretty high.

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