More Low Hanging Fruit!

Them apples are damn near touching the ground, seems foolish to not pick them! 😀

The first series is a Joyce foundation campaign called “We Beat the NRA”. They’re taking minor victories and ignoring defeats to attempt to steam the hemorrhaging of money, and near-fatal lack of moral in the ranks.

Ok so this guy lost a son in Columbine massacre. But he’s talking about the “Gun Show Loophole” as if it has any relevance. It didn’t, as 18 year old Robyn Anderson bought four of the guns LEGALLY, then ILLEGALLY given to the shooters. These details are undisputed, and she never faced any charges. The law was broken, and justice was never served. Other people ILLEGALLY sold guns directly to the killers, and they served time in prison. Details can be found here. So the laws were passed because the anti-gun forces LIED. Also this was all back in 1999. That’s a long time ago politically.

Now this after a video on Columbine is pretty ironic. You don’t want LEGAL guns on campus, but we know that ILLEGAL guns show up, and while the legal ones pose no problems, the people who illegally bring guns to school strictly for murder.

Campus carry is gaining popularity, but its still well on the front-lines. Keep patting yourself on the back, we’ll get there.

Then there’s this comment from Joan Peterson:

Migo- explain to me how self defense is an inalienable right….Citizens need training. You guys try to tell me you are better trained than officers which is simply not true. I didn’t say you should be trained like an officer. I said you should have training to carry a gun around with you in public places. Just like you have to be trained to drive a car. You can’t get a license without training. How did the police training get in here?

We’ve talked about Police Qualifiers here, and you need to be a REALLY bad shot to not qualify. Of course many states DON’T require training, and many more don’t require live fire, or any serious live fire for permits, and of course there’s the growing rank of states that don’t even require permits (be it for just open, or all carry).

So not only will Joan never relent, but there’s no “Blood in the Streets”, so I guess training isn’t really all that relevant.

Of course she doesn’t believe you have a right to defend yourself, so she’s hardly a sane person.

Oh and remember she’s anti-freedom, not anti-gun.

In my home town, we have a lovely wooden walk way extending along the shores of Lake Superior from the Canal Park area of downtown to the far eastern end of Duluth. I walk on this Lakewalk often with friends and go there for gatherings ( it is near the Memorial for gun violence victims). The City Council in Duluth just recently decided that people will no longer be allowed to smoke cigarettes along this walk way….So, to stop nuisance crimes and improve the quality of life along the Lakewalk, there will be no smoking. Guns?- allowed on city property and can’t be prohibited. Is there something wrong with protecting citizens from gun crimes and gun violence along the Lakewalk by telling people their guns are not welcome along the walkway?

Again, why should they be banning smoking? Its not like the already spurious claims of second hand smoke are a problem outside on an open walkway. Sure people tossing their butts on the walkway is just nasty and bad manners, but the solution is just fine people for littering, and supply trash cans for the trash.

But no, Joan wants LESS freedom, ALWAYS! And of course notice how Joan just assumes that somebody legally carrying a gun is going to present a danger…or that the criminals who are KNOWN to be violent are really going to give a flying fuck about any laws.

We’re winning, and its because we’re dedicated and rational, and their side is splintered and insane!

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  1. Thirdpower says:

    Robyn Anderson didn’t face charges after talking to an anti-gun congress-critter and then testifying in front of a Congressional Committee that she never would have done what she did had the ‘loophole’ been closed.

    You can put two and two together I’m sure.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Do you have a link to her testimony?

      Anderson is just another twisted jerk who happened to have a clean record. NOTHING would have stopped her from doing what she did, and she could have done it in a Colorado gun shop just as easily as she did at the show.

      Amazing how dishonest they are!

  2. Jack says:

    Does Joan even realize that Driving Licensees are given out on a Shall Issue basis?
    Or that Driver’s Ed is taught in School?

    Because if we follow her “logic”, then Public Schools should do Eddie Eagle and then move up to the 4 Rules and so forth. Oh and if you can shamble into the DMV, and pass a written test the Reverend Jim can slump through…

    Oh wait, she’s against all safety training. May Issue all the way. For all Rights.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I 100% agree that age-appropriate gun safety should be taught in public schools.

      Guns are something that exist in all parts of America, from Gated Communities in Red States to public housing in blue states. Just because one home doesn’t have any guns doesn’t mean the child won’t visit a home that has one. And just because a state has strict gun control laws doesn’t mean that every house follows the law.

      Guns are out there, and the more ignorant people are about guns, the more dangerous they are.

      Contrary just watch this video of the Blogger shoot I unfortunately missed

      Large number of people on a fairly small private range. LOTS of guns, ranging from .22 pocket guns, to .500 Magnums to full-auto belt-fed medium machine guns.

      Injuries? ZERO! Because everybody was handing the guns safely.

      Joan’s logic is right up there with Nancy Reagan’s solution to illegal drug use in America, bans and “Just Say NO!”

      Nancy’s plan worked just as well as Joan’s do.

      • Jack says:

        Yeah, funny that the Antis think that “Just say No” and “Abstinence Only Education” are perfectly fine for guns.

        Though as we saw with the smoking bit, they’re also happy, happy drug warriors too.

        • Weerd Beard says:

          And of course the “Just Say No” and “Abstinence Only” are bad because Evil Republicans pushed them, but The Chicago and DC gun prohibitions, and Wisconsin’s carry prohibition, and the ban on various “evil” guns is GOOD because those people are “Progressive”

          Also to tie this into your post below. Demanding that people present a photo ID to vote is evil and bad because $20 (a general average I’ve found for state photo IDs…a US Passport is only $30) to vote is horrible and racist, but demanding I pay $100 every few years just to own a gun (and that fee is the same if I own a $70 Mosin, or have 16 Fort Knox safes packed full…that’s why few Massholes own just one gun) is good business.

          And Arizona and Wyoming removing the burden of maintaining a valid permit to carry in those states is bad business.

          Of course none of them are carping about requiring ID for people to buy booze and cigarettes….but that’s just because they’re anti-freedom….but need as much voter fraud as possible.

  3. Cargosquid says:

    “and near-fatal lack of moral in the ranks.”

    At first I thought, “He spelled ‘morale’ wrong.”

    And then I laughed…Nope. He’s using the exactly correct word.

  4. me says:

    Indeed. I have been heard to say on occasion that anyone who can’t shoot the current US Army pistol course and clean it, thirty hits for thirty rounds, no misses, no do-overs, no alibis, shouldn’t be carrying a pistol into harm’s way and should perhaps be issued dark glasses and a long white cane instead.

    That having been said, this is not to say that I think anyone should be forced to prove anything to the Almighty State before being permitted to obtain the instruments of defense against aggression.

    Perhaps Grandma, who lives in a bad neighborhood and can’t afford to leave, whose children and family have abandoned her to the mercies of the local crackheads and the local Bloods set, who knows that you can get a pizza delivered to her apartment building a lot faster than the cops or an ambulance will come, is in fear for her life–and wouldn’t you be too? And perhaps she never saw a gun except on television (or in the hands of the local gangbangers) before she walked into the gun store today. Requiring her to qualify on some kind of course before selling her a weapon would amount to the sort of thing the law calls “depraved indifference to human life” when it’s not the law getting people killed.

    Grandma can practice as time and circumstances permit, and maybe one of the counter guys can tell her “focus on the front sight, put your left thumb over your right thumb on the left side of the frame, put your left index finger on the bottom of the trigger guard, and don’t yank the trigger” She has a right, you see. A human right. And rights exist whether or not one has not passed a course or purchased a permit.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Also remember that 90% of all documented cases of Defensive gun use, the simple SIGHT of the gun is enough to dissuade the attacker. From there there are LOTS of cases of attackers heading for the hills with minor wounds or near misses.

      And on top of ALL of that, there are virtually NO cases where an innocent was wounded in a defensive shooting from a missed round, and the ONE case I’m aware of is a US Marine going to college in Georgia, and that was like 5 people at a party who the goblins OPENLY disclosed that their plans were to murder the men, rape the women, then murder the women. One woman at the party suffered a minor wound, one goblin dead, and one goblin wounded and escaped.

      I think we can all live with those happening from time-to-time.

      Yeah you SHOULD be a nasty good shot if you carry, but it really isn’t a pre-requisite or a major danger to public safety as far as the numbers go.

    • Jack says:

      And remember there’s a massive, *massive* correlation between the people that want to put up barriers with the intended purpose of keeping grandma from owning a gun and those that scream and moan about voter ID being raaaaciiiist.

  5. Ted N says:

    Aww, geez, somehow I haven’t noticed until now that Japete is in Duluth/from MN. I’m embarrassed to be from Minnesota, yet again.

    It’s such a beautiful place, I just wish it wasn’t such a Dem stronghold. Now that I’m a bit older, I’m glad I’ve been out doing Army stuff for the last 10 years. Don’t think I can stomach moving back though.

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