Remember Today

I don’t have any fancy images or fancy verses. And unlike some more unscrupulous people I’m not going to make political hay of today.

Instead I’ll just make sure we all remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for this nation, as well as give a heart-felt thanks to all who are currently serving and who would answer the call without question to go in harms way for the freedom we enjoy.

I remember, and I give thanks.

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  1. Cliche as it is…often times less is more.

    This posts reminds me of the sentiments behind the Vietnam Memorial in DC…nothing fance, no politely statement, no commentary, just the names. A very quiet and powerful tribute.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      yep that was the spirit behind this post.

      I could attempt to make a display of it, but that will ALWAYS fall short. Instead I’ll just let my word and actions show my reverence.

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