Water: Still Wet

Again Free Market dynamics are true!

Californians are fleeing in droves to live in better-managed states, according to a conservative research group.

The long-running exodus from the cash-strapped Golden State is an old story, but a new study by The Manhattan Institute finds that the biggest beneficiaries of the population drain are Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Georgia and South Carolina. Lower cost of living, less government debt and a more business-friendly culture are the main drivers, according to the study.

Is there any doubt? I mean we all get up in the morning and go to work. On the weekends we don’t go to work. Why? Well its because we’d rather NOT go to work, but they PAY us. Better run states essentially PAY people to live there, when you compare it to the cost of livings of states like California or Massachusetts or New York.

Its only common sense!

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11 Responses to Water: Still Wet

  1. Farm.Dad says:

    The problem is that they are leaving California , but not leaving California there . The statist pricks try and import CA ideas and laws everywhere they infest . They are well on the way to ruining Colorado .

    • Jack says:

      Which really fits the Neo-Feudal ideas of their Statism: “I should be exempt from these regulations, but I want the rest of you peons to labor under them.”

      And the Neo-Puritian ideas of their orthodoxy: “Filthy savages! You can’t do X!”

      They never seem to connect that the stiffiling taxes, incompotent governance, lawlessness *and* regulatory overburdening are due to their own wishes and desires. No, Cali’s problems must be due to something else. I have a cousin who lived in Cali (before moving back to NJ) and she studiously blames both state’s problems due t Republican meddeling.

      Yeah, damn Goldstien and his book!

    • mike w. says:

      As someone who has grandparents living in Colorado who are CA transplants and uber liberal Obama supporters, I feel for you.

      They’re also anti-gun.

  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    I have relatives in Kalifornia, and I have standing offers to come visit and stay with them.

    I lived in San Diego for a few months while in the Navy.

    Guess who will enter the VolksRepublik of Kalifornia only if Shackled?

    I’d rather carry a Jennings in Mid-Town Manhattan and be stopped by the NYPD than go near Kalifornia again.

  3. MAJ Mike says:

    Y’all are welcome to come to Texas as long as you don’t try to change it to the $hit-hole you’re leaving.

  4. RWC says:

    Great. The locusts are on the move again. Which state will they F up first?

  5. Dave says:

    As a both a California Native and now an Oregon Resident, I am one of those who left about 4 years ago.

    I’m seeing nothing but ignorant and elitist comments here. Think about it – the SMART ones will leave. It’s the stupid ones who like living on the Dole that will stay. I say let them.

    I’m enjoying my new home, and have learned to slow down when driving. I especially like Oregon’s gun laws, and am working to help make them better – I’ve already worked with OFF twice to get illegal “No Guns” signs removed from public places.

    I’m also bringing a crapton of income tax money with me, so what’s the problem? Am I a “Locust”?

    It’s asshole statists who tailgate out-of-state plated cars that need a few lessons in manners, in my opinion.

    Please watch your generalizations – stop painting everyone with the same brush.

    • MAJ Mike says:

      I don’t care how much money the expat may bring into the state. If he tries to remake the state into the same $hit-hole he left, I don’t want him.

      Asshole or not, understand the concept.

      • Jack says:

        Yeah, I’m an NJ expat (via NY). And I’m not taking umbrage to the locust comment.

        I’ve seen it and I know the difference between someone who legitimatly wants out, and who turns around and starts the same mess all over again.

  6. Damocles says:

    Maybe some of the immigrants from other states are doing so to seek freedom, but far too many of them are not. In the last 30 years my home state of Nevada, in large part due to an influx of California, New York, New Jersey and Chicago transplants to Las Vegas, has moved from a nice western conservative state to a suburb of Los Angeles. In fact, Las Vegas is to Nevada what Chicago is to Illinois, the geographically small but rabid liberal majority that drives the entire state to the far left. In each state I visit it seems the same story. “Things were just great till those (insert favorite socialist state) people moved in and took over the government.” So, tar away because the sterotype certainly seems to play out to my way of thinking.

  7. Bubblehead Les says:

    Dave, chill Bro. Of course there’s a lot of Good People who are Abandoning Ship, Voting with their Feet, Claiming Asylum, Crossing the Minefields, etc. Unlike a certain Blogger or two who refuse to evacuate from Massachusetts even though their friends are screaming “RUN AWAY!”…. ; )

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