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The Serbu Super Shorty is a cool gun. I’d prefer it on the 870 receiver over the 500 just because a button safety is easier to get to than a tang safety when your hand is down on a pistol grip.

Puts that whole “You don’t need to aim with a shotgun” myth to bed, doesn’t it?

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  1. McThag says:

    At one point Serbu was having trouble getting suitable Remingtons.

    To be an AOW it has to start life as a no-stock pistol grip gun.

    I am not sure if Remington is making them again or not.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      IIRC an AOW simply means the shotgun could never be a long-arm before. (another stupid law), I always assumed Serbu was buying virgin receivers from Mossy and Rem….maybe that is’t possible.

  2. AZRon says:

    According to your link, the SSS is based on the Maverick action. (870 and 500 available at extra cost)

    The Maverick, model 88 at least, doesn’t use a tang safety. It uses your (and mine) preferred button behind the trigger.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Cool, I didn’t know that! (and I posted the damn link!)

      To be fair, I only prefer button safties on shotguns with pistol grips. My Mossberg 590 has a standard stock, and I find the tang safety on that shotgun to be ideal both for ambidextarity, but also its difficult to have it disengage accidently (did you read that story where a dog in a duck boat shot his owner when he stepped on the button safety and the trigger respectivly) but also you can visually inspect the safety in a normal firing grip.

      Not that I don’t have shotguns and rifles with button sfaties which run perfectly fine, its just not my ideal.

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