Joan Peterson’s “Mistake” and Google Saves!

So first up I’m curious on how Blogger works for posts. Here at WordPress there is a big “Update” button and beside it is a tiny link marked “Move to Trash”. They’re pretty hard to mix up on a desktop computer screen, but maybe on a smartphone or tablet you might mash the wrong button. Still even then the post is moved to the trash where you need to manually go to the trash can page and delete it, either en-masse or individually. Its a fail safe system, which is a pain in the ass for the occasional time when I abort a blog post because I either something came up before I put any appreciable words to paper, or I decide the post isn’t worthy of Weer’d World. It really sucks to go through all of that when I’ve just written a title and decided I don’t want to write any more and need to go through all those extra steps so it doesn’t constantly remind me “There is 1 Item in Your Trash”.

Is it different for Blogger, because Joan Allegedly deleted a post by accident, and has another post up about it. I’m not buying it.

Still thankfully we live in the information age, and Joan’s post can be recreated with a little work by using the google cache for her page. I shot her the very link you just clicked just in case her mistake was honest. (If the post was legitimate then it should re-appear in all its unglory)

Still if, as I suspect, it was just an attempt to use the Memory Hole, then I’ll be nice and keep that cache here! Its just a screenshot, so links won’t work, but there it is.

What do you think, can this be done by a simple mistaken button mash, or was this a calculated move?

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5 Responses to Joan Peterson’s “Mistake” and Google Saves!

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  2. Thirdpower says:

    To delete a post on blogger, you have to log in, go to posts, click ‘Delete’ (which is several buttons away from ‘Edit’) and then click ‘OK’ on a pop up box.

    Make up your own mind on how many ‘accidents’ she had to have.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Well to be fair her post is back up, and she even gave an under-handed thank you to me for finding her post, and in the comments there is a mention of some factual errors she made in said post. Might be worth another post.

  3. ChrisM says:

    Here is the first comment on her post:

    “Unless you have something new to offer or something based on fact, please do not think I will publish your comments. So far a few of you have left me comments that have nothing to do with factual information and, in fact, are more lies and deception. If you are making some sort of claim to counter what I have written, you will have to provide me with a link to an actual article or study that shows me you are basing what you say on evidence or fact. That is what I have done in this post. I have provided articles that are based on actual facts, statistics, incidents, quotations or research. ”

    We all know that means that she will only publish what she likes and not publish anything she disagrees with,

  4. Instinct says:

    There is so much suck and fail in that post that maybe it was better for it to be lost to the interwebs.

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