The Man In Purple Rides Again

Sean has done it again!

Long Story Short, the Anti-Gun Forces in North Carolina decided to have a rally against lawful gun ownership in the guise of a Sandy Hook Memorial. Sean decided to show up to represent lawful gun owners and was promptly asked to leave, which he did.

First up this was held in a Catholic Church, which should be open to the public, and shouldn’t be used to subvert American Freedoms.

Second they were promoting the Moms Demand Action “No More Silence” Campaign, and their action was to silence the opposition by forcing him out into the rain.

That shows what the antis are thinking when they say “No More Silence”, they don’t want a debate, they want those alleged 90% to speak up against guns. I think we all know how that’s going to pan out.

Still in the end Sean did an Amazing thing:

In stead of being ignored by the reporters, or just given a passing shot (Sean came alone, wasn’t confrontational, and didn’t bring any protest signs) he’s been interviewed and talked about in every story covering this.

We aren’t being silent, antis!

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2 Responses to The Man In Purple Rides Again

  1. Reporters reflexively believe that there are two sides to every story and will automatically cover both sides. The key is to get there and present your side.

    Having a purple shirt helps, I think.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      The purple shirt is a thing of beauty. Not only do you look great in it, but it totally dispels all “Gun Nuts” are macho paramilitary wanabes.

      What they want is a neanderthal in combat boots and Realtree struggling to complete a sentence. What they get is a gentleman in a purple shirt making a great point.

      And that, my good man, is why YOU became the REAL story that day.

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