Blame the NRA Because….Reasons

On a lesser note first if anybody hasn’t seen this thread over at Joe’s, it’s an interesting read at the madness of a “Progressive”.

Now first Ubu52 is a nobody. She speaks for no group, and has no known affiliates in the political scene. She’s just another messed-up “Progressive” using somebody else’s hard work as her own personal soap box. Still the take-away I get from this exchange and the comments below by Ubu is that she can picture a scenario, no matter how unlikely, that better fits her agenda, and she is perfectly willing to cherry pick through data and discard the majority she reads to find vague gimmes that support how SHE thinks.

Occam’s Razor is insanity to her. Here she is with a simple solution that is unflattering to the initial point she had made that show’s she is wrong. So she crafts a tenuous and vague solution that supports her being RIGHT, and demands the world declare her point equally valid.

Again, she’s just a lone nut, and I don’t want to put any more power to her. If she comments on my Blog the way she does at Robb’s and Joe’s I would have likely blocked her comments in the same method as this troll.

Still think of her mental back flips as we read this disgusting post.

It has been a week since **KILLER**, a deranged man with a long criminal record, killed two New York City police officers, Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, in cold blood, but so far we haven’t heard a word from the National Rifle Association (NRA).

It was **KILLER** who pulled the trigger on the silver Taurus semiautomatic handgun that he used to kill the two officers, but the NRA and its fanatic Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre also have blood on their hands. LaPierre, who has worked for the NRA since 1978 and served as its top official since 1991, is the organization’s hit man when it comes to intimidating elected officials to oppose any kind of sensible gun control laws, including a federal law requiring background checks on would-be gun buyers and a national registry of guns. LaPierre likes to fulminate about gun owners’ rights. But he’s been silent on the ambush of the two New York cops.

I really haven’t been following the NRA closely on this issue. Certainly the top leaders of the NRA haven’t made a statement, but what is there to say? A mentally ill career criminal with black supremacy ties shoots his girlfriend in Baltimore, and then murdered two police officers in New York City, before killing himself.

The list of laws he broke were countless, and where he broke them were some of the most restrictive places for gun ownership and carry. He speaks of “Universal Background Checks” and a gun registry (hey but remember the antis don’t want a firearms registry, that’s just “Paranoia”!), but both Maryland and New York have registries and a ban on private sales of firearms already in place (at least for a handgun like used in this crime).

We have the ATF Trace data on the gun, but it really doesn’t tell much of a tale. The gun was bought from a Pawn Shop (with a background check) in 1996, and later sold to another lawful citizen in 1998, and there the trail goes cold. A cheap gun like this frequently changes hands, and from all ATF investigation most of those exchanges were legal.

So what does the NRA have to do with this? NOTHING!

This is absurd. For one thing, de Blasio has been a strong defender of New York’s police department, but he has also criticized police abuses and supported people’s right to protest nonviolently. Equally important, Lynch must know that **KILLER** was not making a political statement when he shot the two officers. **KILLER** sister told the media that her brother was “emotionally troubled” and suicidal. “He needed help,” she said, “He didn’t get it.” He killed himself after murdering Ramos and Liu.

Well except he was. I found this account that he was pimping his instagram before the shooting.

Moments before shooting dead two police officers in Brooklyn on Saturday, **KILLER** told two passers-by to follow him on Instagram and said “watch what I am going to do.”

…Chief Boyce said that prior to the attack, **KILLER** had an interaction with two witnesses on the street. He asked them for their gang affiliation before he told them to follow him on Instagram.

This account could be fake, still we DO know what was on that instagram account.

Before the attack, **KILLER** posted two anti-police posts on his Instagram account. The account has since been disabled, but a screenshot of the messages can be seen below, one of which says “I am putting wings on pigs today.”

His motivations were VERY clear. He even stated in that cited post that he was going to specifically kill TWO cops in retaliation to the death of one black man, Mr. Eric Garner.

If Lynch wants to point the finger of blame for his colleagues’ deaths, he should focus on the NRA, not de Blasio. For decades, the NRA has fought every effort to get Congress and states to adopt reasonable laws that would make it much less likely that people like Brinsley would be able to obtain a gun. The NRA even defends the right of Americans to carry concealed weapons in bars, churches, schools, universities, and elsewhere. This poses a huge threat to police and civilians alike.

Well except the NRA is essentially powerless in New York and Maryland, where these laws are in place. Further since we are talking about a handgun, even if he bought the gun out of state he would be committing multiple FEDERAL felonies.

All the “Magic Laws” as far as this case is concerned were in place, yet amazingly a career criminal with murderous intent found a way around them. Much like his long criminal record, it is obvious that he didn’t much care what was legal or illegal in conducting his sordid life.

As of 2010, Georgia was the fifth-largest source of guns used in crimes nationally and the largest source of out-of-state guns seized by the New York Police Department, the Times reported. Of the 2,433 guns used in crimes in New York City whose point of sale can be traced, 90 percent come from out-of-state, most of them from states with few restrictions on selling or buying guns. Officials call the gun trail between Georgia and New York City the “iron pipeline.”

Remember what I said about “Progressives” and Occam’s Razor? Well let’s look at the ACTUAL data! So we have the majority of ATF traces being handguns (again a trace doesn’t mean a crime was committed), and while Georgia does have a lot of traces to it, what’s the #1 state where New York guns are traced to? NEW YORK! And again let’s look at this trace, it goes back to a legal transfer 16 years ago. Most of the traces are of this length of time.

The theory of the “Iron Pipeline” is that criminals in high-crime high-restriction states travel to low-crime low-restriction states, buy guns in bulk and sell them for a premium on the streets.

Now even taking all these facts at face value, the author is discarding much more compelling evidence for less compelling ones to make his story work. And of course the “Iron Pipeline” doesn’t hold up either, because no business model works where the commodities are only traded after total inaction.

Meanwhile the more likely story is people move around this country, and as they move they take their possessions with them. Right here in the Armory I have an old CRT tv that I bought in Portland Maine in 2001 for my apartment there. I have since moved around Maine and Massachusetts, and this old heavy TV is still with me. Why would anybody think guns are any different?

Further, even in the dubious claim of interstate criminal arms traffickers, what law would stop them? It’s already a federal crime for somebody to do black market gun sales…but they claim it happens, and ALSO claim that one more law would magically fix it.

Because Reasons.

Most gun-related deaths are committed by people who purchase their weapons legally. Others purchase or steal them illegally, but their ability to get access to guns is due to our lax laws on gun ownership. The NRA’s job is to make it easier for people to buy and use guns. And so far it has been very successful. Since the 1994 assault-weapon ban expired in 2004, Congress hasn’t enacted any major gun regulations.

“Most gun-related deaths are committed by people who purchase their weapons legally.”? Odd that there is no citation for that. **UPDATE** Given that I am not an illogical “Progressive” I failed to think about the fact that the bulk of “Gun Deaths” are suicides, and yes, those people do it with their own guns which they have every right to own. Given that this whole article is about a MURDER, that really makes this a disingenuous statement. Thanks Jake! **END UPDATE** Still he openly admits that criminals acquire their guns ILLEGALLY as well. I doubt the first statement is true, given that is a myth that there is any reality to idea that most killers are “Virgin Killers”. For more evidence have a look at Sean’s great series of “Felons Behaving Badly”, since North Carolina has all their criminal records in an easily searchable database Sean does that work for us when he reads of a crime in NC. It’s a GREAT project because it shows that somebody committing a violent crime today has a LONG history of not only violating the law, but being CONVICTED of those violations in the past.

This article goes on and on, but the take-away is the author ignores most facts to pick out a thin argument that somehow the NRA is at fault for this.

Because he hates the NRA, and the right to keep and bear arms, and nothing more.

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3 Responses to Blame the NRA Because….Reasons

  1. Jake says:

    “Most gun-related deaths are committed by people who purchase their weapons legally.”? Odd that there is no citation for that. […] I doubt the first statement is true, given that is a myth that there is any reality to idea that most killers are “Virgin Killers”.

    I wouldn’t doubt that the statement is true. Notice the key metric is “gun-related deaths“, not “murders committed with guns”. They’re no doubt including “gun-related” suicides, negligent homicides (ND’s, reckless handling, etc.) and justifiable homicides in those numbers. I suspect the suicides alone are enough to push the numbers above the “gun-related” murder total.

    The invalid metric of “gun deaths” strikes again!

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yep, added an update to point out your very valid point. It probably is suicide because gun accidents are simply statistical noise, and defensive gun uses rarely result in a dead body.

      Of course this was intentional done to mislead, as the whole article is talking about MURDER, and then he decides to throw in suicide numbers which have exactly NOTHING to do with universal background checks or registries.

      Thanks man!

      • Jake says:

        defensive gun uses rarely result in a dead body.

        True. But how much would you want to bet that they’re counting people justifiably shot by cops, too? After all, regardless of what the “victim” was doing at the time, those are “gun deaths” where they were killed with a legally possessed gun!

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