False Sense of Security

So this is an interesting story:

Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist cultural critic who has become a target of harassment by gamers, canceled a public speech scheduled for Wednesday after the college holding the event received threats of violence.

Now first before we dig into this let’s make it VERY clear who the bad guy is:

On Monday evening, members of the administration at Utah State University received an e-mail warning that a massacre would be carried out against attendees of the event.

“This will be the deadliest school shooting in American history and I’m giving you a chance to stop it,” said the e-mail, which bore the name Marc Lepine, who killed 14 women in a mass shooting in Montreal in 1989 before taking his own life.

That guy is a monster. Probably also a “keyboard Commando” because all I have read about Ms. Sarkeesian involves anonymous online threats, and no actual physical action.

Now Sarkeesian’s alleged reason for cancelling her talk:

But Ms. Sarkeesian reconsidered and canceled the talk over security measures at the event, according to a tweet by Ms. Sarkeesian and a spokesman for the school.

But Ms. Sarkeesian reconsidered and canceled the talk over security measures at the event, according to a tweet by Ms. Sarkeesian and a spokesman for the school.

This is just a false sense of security. I mean where would you rather be, a University where guns are banned, like the above mentioned École Polytechnique, or Dawson College, or University of California, Santa Barbara, or Virginia Tech, or Northern Illinois University, or really any school where that has been a school shooting; or would you rather be at one of the many Universities that allow, or have no rules against lawful carry on their school grounds. I can’t list any where there has been a mass-shooting because there hasn’t been one. Also from the manifestos and behavior of spree shooters, their prime goal is to be the ONLY gun holder in the area, and the moment another gun is presented, this is their end-game.

I think this threat was a hollow one, and if it wasn’t, the BEST place to be is in a place where people can, and when it comes to Utah, actually DO carry arms.

Now since I hadn’t ever HEARD of Ms. Sarkeesian I looked up one of her talks and found one posted very recently.

Dull, and she doesn’t actually TALK about video games, just that there are mean people on 4chan and Reddit. This strikes me as standard-issue “Progressive” victim elevation. She strikes me as WANTING to be a victim, so she elevates every crank in the world who wants to say something mean to her as a real and credible threat.

Also talk about a Conspiracy theory. If the video game world is going to make a shift for more female players, there is NOTHING any individual group can do about it. Game companies will make games, and women will either buy them, or not buy them, and the games will either sell well or won’t. Honestly I’ve been out of the hardcore gamer circle for ages now, but as a public transportation commuter, I see a TON of women playing various games on mobile aps, and unless you want to move the goalposts and claim that women need to be a majority of console players, I think the industry has shifted a long time ago.

I also found this video where the creator does use her quotes talking about video games:

Sounds like she’s really just a concern troll, and cancelling this talk was the end-game, not the reality, but that’s just my feelings.


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6 Responses to False Sense of Security

  1. LMB says:

    Oh god.

    Anita Sarkeesian.

    To put things in perspective, she’s kinda the Baldur Odinson of video games.
    She’s like Jack Thompson (of the 90s) but with a more feminist bent.

    Her diatribes have been positively slaughtered repeatedly all over Youtube. She’s never acknowledged any of these.

    Hell, any time someone attempts to debate with her, she ignores them or accuses them of threatening her/being a MRA/trolling/stalking her.

    She recently claimed that she had to leave her home because of threats….and very shortly after that same tweet, asked for more money to make more videos. This is after her $6000 goal kickstarter blasted past $150,000. She only made 6 videos and is now asking for more money after “threats.”


  2. Douglas2 says:

    I’m with you in having a strong feeling that canceling the talk was the end-game. One can read between the lines of the statements from Sarkeesian and the school that every possible accommodation in keeping with the law was offered by the school and rejected. I’ve been involved in organizing controversial events on campuses, and in a threat scenario with a sympathetic character such as this it would be super-easy to get it moved to the inevitable Unitarian Church at the edge of campus, at which there would be no legal hurdle to barring arms as it would be private property. Security contractors are not that difficult or expensive to organize either, even at short notice, although I’ve never had to organize magnetometer wands.
    I’ve been itching to comment elsewhere in places where I’m not registered that upon reading the threat I immediately thought it was written by a either Canadian or someone who studies there. The École Polytechnique Massacre is commemorated in classes all across Canada every December 6 as “White Ribbon Day” or “National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women”, but I’ve never seen anyone take any note of it in the USA. Is this massacre something that is known about and discussed in some subculture like /b/ or the “manosphere”?

  3. Bob S. says:

    Sounds like she’s really just a concern troll, and cancelling this talk was the end-game, not the reality, but that’s just my feelings.

    Weer’d, I disagree. I think there is a larger motivation in play here. This is part and parcel of the anti-rights cultists game plan (pardon the pun) of demonizing all gun owners.

    Let’s not talk about the fact that 1 anonymous (false flag??) threat was made — nope let’s make this about how all those who carry firearms are dangerous. Why they could be a KILLER.

    Let’s not talk about the fact that those with a license to carry have already been checked; nope they need to check every single person. Because anyone of them could snap at any time.

    Let’s not talk about how many crimes people who carry firearms stop; nope, we need to focus on THIS ONE crime because the threat is so horrendous.

    Let’s not talk about presumption of innocence, no prior restraint, etc because we gun owners have to be subjected to additional laws, security checks so the rest of the world can be safe.

    Time and time again we see this played out; assigning the guilt or actions of one person to every gun owner. They have to make it seem as if every gun owner is not to be trusted, is an extremist — hence “Why are gun owners allowed NOT TO BE searched” screed.

  4. Roadkill says:

    Gamers, even ones that are nominally liberal, are learning exactly how batshit insane the far left is. I’ve been following Gamergate since the Quinn emails came out. You can so easily see how media in all areas is so rotten with the progressive narrative. We need to be reaching out to these guys. We understand exactly how it is to live under the ire of the statist vermaform.

    Though it really makes me think. What would it be like if the shooting industry was infiltrated and co-opted by feminism?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      “What would it be like if the shooting industry was infiltrated and co-opted by feminism?”

      Kay Michulek, Julie Golob, Molly Minuet, and the list goes on.

      The gun industry is FILLED with REAL feminists, it leaves no room for the victim-mongers.

      And they HATE that!

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