Complaints Department, How may I Direct Your Call?

OK, I said I wasn’t going to tease the Squirrel Report anymore, but tonight we get out Festivus on and air our grievances.

So tonight call in and complain about what we do wrong! Also you can call in on what we do awesome, but should do more of.

So yeah, 9PM EST Hit that 214-530-0036 and let us know!!!

SA Squirrel Demon

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3 Responses to Complaints Department, How may I Direct Your Call?

  1. Siddhartha says:

    I couldn’t listen and call in, but if I could I would ask as to why you can’t live broadcast the show on Stitcher. If ya did that I could listen at work on my phone since we can’t listen to the show with our Android phones. Now I gotta wait till the show is posted till I can listen to it, but if I could listen live at work, I would have a reason to walk outside and air any grievance I may or may not have. I am halfway through Terms Of Enlistment today and wouldn’t have found that book if it wasn’t for the book club that doesn’t exist anymore. Oh and MOAR HAWG!!!

  2. Alan says:

    We live stream through shoutcast. There are links on for several different ways to listen to that live stream (including a flash player on the web page) and the recorded stream that runs 24×7.

    We have no plans to live stream on Stitcher.

    • Siddhartha says:

      Problem is that flash is not supported on my mobile device. Maybe I need a different browser on my phone. Thanks for your hard work and expense in putting the show together.

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