“Gun Death” Katana


Let’s face it, we all know someone that has a few samurai swords. Whether they’re there to prevent a home invasion, or an attack by zombies after the SHTF has occurred, everyone has a reason for owning swords.

Well, in this case, the swords came to a very good use and helped to defend a man’s family from home invaders. This is the gory aftermath. The home invaders were stopped immediately upon entry into the man’s home. They bailed to their getaway car but did not make it very far due to massive blood loss. They were found by police shortly after driving away, both unconscious due to blood loss.

let’s just say the medics were able to save the two choir boys, but I don’t think they’;ll ever be the same.

H/T LordSega

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3 Responses to “Gun Death” Katana

  1. Stuart the Viking says:

    OUCH! Bet that hurt!

    Thanks for the warning, but I looked anyway. yuck!

  2. Archer says:

    I’ve heard/read a LOT of SHTF “advisers” and “pros” (seriously, a “professional” SHTF person?) say that katanas are terrible because unless specifically trained in their use, the user is likely to lop their own foot off.

    To that I roll my eyes and say: C’mon people, they’re not lightsabers. 😉

    Graphic pictures, yes. Still, the home-owner was an elderly gentleman and it sounded like he was untrained, and used a decorative weapon to devastating effect. Compare that to those of us who own functional katanas and have been trained to use them properly, and you just might prefer we use our guns as our primary home defense tools. 😉

  3. No. Not that bad.

    BAD is walking down a trail and tripping over a disembodied arm And then the scouts report to finding another body part ‘over on the right flank’, and the left flank finds the bulk of the body.

    BAD is finding bodies by following the smell.

    BAD is smelling that same noxious aroma 10 years later walking from the parking lot to the office, and later learning that the police have found a suicide on the riverbank next to your parking lot …. and you’re not surprised.

    BAD is watching two men in your platoon being blown up by a booby trap, and after calling in a dust-off for the one wounded, one dead, humping your way out of the jungle carrying some of their gear, And their gear reeks of the blood it has been coated with.

    BAD is watching one man die, and one man being maimed for life, and there’s not a damned thing you can do about it.

    BAD is being on patrol, and running across the burnt man who was probably not of your race or nationality or political persuasion, but all that’s left of him is the chared skeleton after he has been subjected to a napalm strike. And then your Point Man decides it would be “COOL” to hang that bare skull from his webgear by a spare boot string, and you have to follow him through the jungle until his better self decides that the skull is “too inconvenient to carry” and he casually dumps that last remnant of a man beside the trail.

    Casual violence is bad, I’m not saying it’s not. Call it Level 3. But Military Violence is soul destroying, even for those who survive it … physically.

    There are no survivors in war. As the man who owns one. Our guys in the sandbox have stories about a walk in the park.

    So even though we may think these photos are too graphic and NSFW, I think everybody should see them.

    And hell, those jerks deserved worse than they got, anyhow. These are “People” whose goal in life us obviously to serve as an object lesson to their bretheran, They got off easy.

    It’s just meat.

    Meat don’t count. Bone counts.

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