Images of the Antis: Pure Ignorance

So as we know the forces looking to ban guns in America as a rule:

-Don’t Shoot
-Don’t carry
-Don’t Handle guns
-Make ZERO EFFORT to learn about the guns they want to ban
-Can’t even describe the guns they want to ban.

It’s really a badge of honor to them. You’ve seen the “Anti-Gun Blackface”, and you know it is a badge of honor for them not to be “Like Us”….and by “Like Us” they Mean Stupid, angry, overweight, white, Male, and CONSTANTLY dressed in hunting clothes, and probably living in some sort of fortified bunker, paralyzed with fear.

That’s how they see us, so they go to great lengths to not be like us…no matter how far from the mark their little straw man is. So because of that they have no idea how to operate a firearm, how a firearm operates, nor what firearm terms actually mean. Which leads us to this:

So first you can’t toss a fish reference to a Marine Biologist without expecting to take return fire:

Click here for a video…sorry I can’t embed it, but the video is REAL, Jacques Costeau, famous Marine Biologist fished with dynamite. He also did a bit of various fishing with a .38 Special according to his memoirs.

Still all dynamite fishing aside, let’s look at the term that the creator of the image didn’t understand:

Assault Rifle: “An assault rifle is a selective fire rifle that uses an intermediate cartridge and a detachable magazine.” So let’s first dive into INTERMEDIATE cartridge. An Assault Rifle does not use a full-power rifle cartridge, you know, like .30-06, .308 Win, .243 Winchester, 7mm Remington magnum, .300 Winchester Magnum…you know the cartridges that are commonly used in Medium to Big Game hunting rifles.

So there we have the first fallacy, we typically fish withe nets, or baited line, not dynamite, because dynamite is TOO POWERFUL. Assault Rifles by definition are LESS POWERFUL.

Select-Fire: As in it can be switched from full-auto and/or Burst fire to Semi-Auto…so one of the actions is the same as conventional hunting arms…the others are generally restricted from hunting and sport…so irrelevant.

And of course this is all just a misnomer as the author is likely talking about “ASSAULT WEAPONS” which people do frequently hunt with, which have a number of ambiguous definitions, but can generally be defined as an Assault Rifle manufactured to only fire in Semi-auto mode.

So again, semi-auto fire, nothing new, and LESS POWERFUL cartridge, so if anything we can assume the guns are LESS effective in hunting, rather than more.

Or in reality, intermediate cartridges with good load and bullet selection can be just as effective as full-power loads against appropriate game.

In short, they know NOTHING, but demand we change our lifestyles to suite their ignorance.


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3 Responses to Images of the Antis: Pure Ignorance

  1. The_Jack says:

    They’re a prime example of what Orwell meant when he had the newspeak term “Ignorance is Strength”

    And as a bonus there’s a mix of Dunning–Kruger effect and social signaling.

    An upside for us is that this makes their red-team thinking hilariously woeful.

  2. Joe in PNG says:

    Puritans seldom understand the objects of their witch hunts. All they know is that something is bad juju, and must be eradicated! For The Children!!

    • The_Jack says:

      And if they do it’s in the “Baptists and Bootleggers” sense in that they directly profit off of the things they ban (Yee and Shrimpboy), they get special carve outs for their own use (Bloomberg and all the other antis with armed guards or carry permits), or simply stockpile their own guns (like the Baltimore anti gun group that had a little stockpile of guns).

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