Kahr Gen2 Revealed!

A Video was just posted on Kahr’s Youtube Channel!

As I initially suspected the gun in the video is a new variant of the TP45 gun. They have a page up explaining it!

Our new Gen2 Premium series pistols have increased the value added on our Premium pistols to an even higher level. The tolerances are tightened, magazine catch release is reversible, serrations are machined in the front of slide, the trigger stroke has been shortened allowing for quicker firing rates with an integrated trigger safety, an accessory rail has been added on the frame and Tru Glo® night sights on our Gen2 Premium pistols. In addition we are adding a 5 inch barrel and a 6 inch barrel with an integrated compensator to our TP Gen2 line. The 5 inch and 6 inch pistols will be optics ready featuring a Leupold® DeltaPoint™ red-dot sight. These additional features make the Kahr Gen2 Premium pistols unrivaled in accuracy among concealed carry handguns.

So far it looks like so far they are just making these in the TP series (TP45 Gen2 in the video, TP9 Gen2 in the image gallery on the page), but I wonder if this will be translated over to the shorter guns. Some people might not like the REALLY long trigger pull in the Gen1 guns, this new trigger will probably be closer to most of the other striker-fired guns…but likely still have the even pull that Kahr is known for.

What do you all think?

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8 Responses to Kahr Gen2 Revealed!

  1. Miguel says:


    Back to you

  2. The_Jack says:

    Oooooh sharp.

    I do like the concept. And it’s nice to see they’re not standing pat.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      And they really haven’t been as a company. they were the first to the micro-9 market, but recently started seeing competition from people making guns at a lower price point still at great quality, so they introduced their value line of CW and CM pistols to compete with all the others.

      Now it seems they’re busting out further into a market I haven’t seen before, as well as improving on their already great design.

  3. bob says:

    Want! No metal frame tho? I mean, I realize the msrp would probably be >$1,500 and it would be further from practical for many people. But if they’re going even more premium and less compact, not doing it with a metal frame seems like flopping on the ground at the 5 yard line instead of continuing to the end zone.

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