Dad Musings

Fun Fact: There is only a small window in your life when walking around in public with little girl’s underwear in your pocket is not super creepy.

Is it domestic abuse if I relent to getting my arm hair COVERED in stickers if I did honestly say that no, I didn’t need any stickers today?

Toddlers have a complete disregard for their own nudity….yet so also does society. We really need to think on this further.

And to close, my daughter demanded I turn off Deep Purple and put on Metallica….maybe someday she’ll learn!

Truck Face

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4 Responses to Dad Musings

  1. Lookit that face! Did she eat a pickled beet before you took the picture?! Or is she just mad at daddy for the lack of decent music?

  2. Heath J says:

    Put the Black album on and all will be well!

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