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What are They Doing There?

We often anti-rights people asking what we’re so afraid of carrying around guns, or keeping rifles for defense. Still reading this quote from Joan Peterson of the Brady Campaign and the Joyce Foundation riffing on this interesting article: Somehow I … Continue reading

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Was talking with Thirdpower about the mentality of the anti-gun people. After reading this post, and mentioned that not only do antis not have gatherings because there’s rarely more than a few in each state, let alone in friendly distances, … Continue reading

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Blogroll of the Antis

Got a spare moment, and I was musing over a comment by 45er No kidding. This is the first real time I’ve spent on one of those and the blog roll is pathetic. Also, the frequency of their posts is … Continue reading

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Last Bit on Butthurt

Unless I hear something REALLY juicy, but I think Mr. Farago got a bump in hits (but maybe not the kind he was hoping for, hopefully), and a lot more people saw what goes on behind the scenes. One interesting … Continue reading

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Schrödinger’s “Progressive”

I was noticing over at another blog the token troll over there will drop some comment in disagreeing with a liberty-minded stance. As soon as the comment airs a few other people will give a thoughtful rebuttal on where the … Continue reading

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Trolls All The Way Up

Now I often talk about how I don’t bother addressing the quotes and arguments of the nobodies in the anti-freedom blogosphere. My argument is that they give amazingly bigoted quotes, and fall into nasty traps, but frankly they only speak … Continue reading

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An Admission

Gotta love when the antis tell the truth. Here’s the thing. We DON’T have gun control in the US, period. We do have lots of gun laws, but they are so uninforceable and easily circumvented that the end result is … Continue reading

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Misplaced Guilt

Linoge pointed me to another great comment from Roberta X over at Joe’s As for Japete, guys, let’s remember that Jared Loughner was obviously going whacko for over four years and people around him were either in denial or felt … Continue reading

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The Elite

One of the big things about Authoritarians is they like power because it means they can lord over how other people lead their lives, but they themselves can live life as they please. Long time Anti-Gun Advocate State Senator R.C. … Continue reading

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Morning Read

Sean put in some hard work looking at the FBI crime reports to debunk Joan Peterson’s constant raving that somehow “Gun Death” has some high incidence in domestic disputes. Many of us have come to the same conclusion before, but … Continue reading

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