Images of the Antis: Poor Form

This one is just REALLY poor!

First up, while Aging Hippie Lebwoski probably leans left politically The Big Lebowski was an entirely apolitical movie, and using that image for political gains is just poor form.

Second the wording doesn’t even follow the anti-gun talking points.

The NRA line often lampooned by the antis is Wayne LaPierre’s “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun”. It’s lampooned, but it is also true. Every spree shooter stopped killing innocents the moment armed resistance presented itself, be that a lawful citizen with a gun, or a sworn police officer.

Still this image talks about “Stopping a Bad Guy”, if they are implying that only armed people are “Bad Guys” then they haven’t read the “Gun Death?” Files, nor are they giving credence to all the anti-gun states and cities that deny the rights of their citizens to keep and bear arms, yet are awash with crime and murder, both gun related and non-gun. Nor are they noting that there is NO NATION ON EARTH that has NO GUN CRIME, be it the UK, or China, or Russia, even when the citizens are disarmed wholesale by law, the Bad guys still get guns to use, and that’s not even the half of the people killed, raped, and assaulted with non-gun weapons.

It’s just Bullshit.

The law HELPS with crime, but it doesn’t STOP crime. What STOPS crime is people defending themselves from the violent element, and when people defend themselves the violent element takes note and chooses different ways to enrich themselves criminally that won’t get them shot.

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“Gun Death” Traffic Accident

This is an interesting story:

A man who became known to the Kemah community as the “naked unicyclist” has died after an overnight traffic accident, police said.

Joseph Glynn Farley, 48, was riding his unicycle about 11 p.m. Tuesday in La Porte when he was struck and killed by a Jeep, Sgt. John Kreuger of the La Porte Police Department said.

The departed suffered from mental illness, and had been previously arrested for riding his unicycle nude. Of course the day he died he was clothed, so none of those issues seem to be a factor.

What do we ban, cars? Maybe evil “assault” Jeeps? Unicycles? Maybe more onerous laws that would keep people with mental issues locked up.

Of course none of that really would have mattered, and this is NOT a “Gun Death”.

H/T Whipped Cream Difficulties

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Images of the Antis: Tasteless Quote

This is really just silly:

It’s just an oversimplified straw man attack on gun rights superimposed on Andy Rooney who’s been dead and in the ground for the last three years.

Reminds me of this:

Lincolin Quote

Of course the first image is posed as serious and the second one is a joke. Anti-Gunners are the REAL joke!

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Quick Joan Fisk

So I’m planning a bigger fisk on one of Joan’s posts. Look forward to that in the near future. Still this most recent one is so insane I have to dive into it!

It is unimaginable that in a country that claims to care so much about health and safety, so many kids have access to guns. And when kids have access to guns, bad things often happen. Yes, parents take their teens and 11/12 year olds hunting. That is with supervision, hopefully, and a gun safety course or two. I live in Minnesota. It’s a hunting state. I grew up around hunting guns and in a hunting family. I get that. I was taught to shoot a hunting gun but didn’t particularly care for it. There were few handguns around in homes. Our gun culture has changed from guns being used mostly for shooting sports and hunting to now guns being stockpiled for protection against ? and to use against their own government in a supposed insurrection. Crazy right?

Ahh, anti’s still clinging to “Gun Culture 1.0″ Where revisionist history has George Washington crossing the Delaware River to get to his duck blind! Yep the only thing the founding fathers were concerned about was the right to shoot deer and ducks!

Also while keeping guns in the event that the Government (like King George’s Government) turns against the people is NOT crazy, and rather reasonable, especially given that said gun owners are staging peaceful protests, petitioning the government, fighting laws through legislative action and the courts, and simply teaching new shooters the joys and facts of firearms. They are NOT staging a full-on guerrilla war. As dysfunctional as you may think the current government is, it still works better than heading for the hills with your rifles and IEDs. Of course Joan speaks as if the civil war is already on, because that fiction is more useful than the truth.

Some parents actually give their very young children guns of their own, made by the clever gun manufacturers for children. The child-sized “assault” rifle for example. This video mocks the actual product. But it’s for real. You may remember when this little Kentucky boy got his very own assault rifle as a gift and shot his sister with it. She really is not in a better place no matter what her family says. Guns are not for kids.

Of course the killing in Kentucky is a sad story, it’s also a national story for how rare and bizarre it is. No matter what Joan says lots of young children get guns of their own with no negative effect, and LOTS of positive effects.

Also from the Kentucky story, what Joan calls an “Assault Rifle” is a Cricket rifle. Yes, now a single-shot, rimfire bolt action rifle with an automatic safety is an “Assault rifle”. Outside of MAYBE a muzzle loader this is literately the FURTHEST thing from the much maligned “Assault Weapons” in the 1994 Federal law, and it shows that the antis will call ANYTHING an assault weapon, and demand their confiscation!

Getting assault weapons and high-capacity magazines out of circulation.

Note that Joan’s group isn’t trying to restrict the sale, manufacture, or acquisition of so-called “Assault Weapons” but “Get them out of circulation” implying that they want to target getting them out of the hands of people entirely. Given that a cricket is now an “Assault Weapon” this means banning ALL GUNS.

In some undeveloped countries children are forced against their will to become citizen soldiers. Remember the movie Blood Diamond? Tragic to say the least. That is not America- is it?

No it’s not! Who’s forcing children into conscription? NOBODY! Still Joan WISHES this was true. How sick is that?

I could, of course, write volumes about kids and access to guns. I have written a lot of words on the topic as have the many others of us who are just asking for some common sense. For a while I contributed to the Kid Shootings blog but those of us writing couldn’t keep up with the volume of shooting incidents of and by kids.

From her own sidebar:
KidShooting Inaction

Yep there are just so many incidents where kids are getting shot that Joan and Jason’s little side blog has been ABANDONED! Yeah, BULLSHIT!

Still this quote really shows what Joan wants!

Notice that the recommendation doesn’t call for parents to simply lock up their guns. It stresses that the weapons need to be taken out of the house.

She also prattles about “Safe Storage Laws” (which BTW are illegal under federal law per the rulings in Heller and McDonald) which require EVERYBODY to lock up guns, even when no children are present.

So yeah, really she just wants total disarmament and confiscation of all guns.

This is “Common Sense”.

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How the Antis View Carry

DC is being forced kicking and screaming into the 21st Century of gun rights.

Go read the whole thing, but the bottom line is to get a DC carry permit you need 16 hours of training. That training can ONLY BE DONE BY ONE MAN! You will need to part with $350! (Remember this is on top of all the crap they charge you to legally get a gun INTO DC!)

After all of this your permit can still be denied for any reason because it is “May Issue”.

Yeah, antis “Respect” the 2nd Amendment!

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“Gun Death” The Price of Life

As the anti-gun people like to say, “Don’t use a gun, because nothing you have is worth killing for”. Of course I would argue that while some of my stuff is easily replaceable, there are many things in my life worth killing for if somebody attempts to take them by force. But what of the other side of that argument?

A man pleaded guilty on Tuesday to killing his mother- and father-in-law with a bomb disguised as a lamp to get out of repaying the couple a $40,000 debt.

Evidently 40 Grand was enough to kill TWO people however you want to divide up that dollar amount. There are people killed every day for even less. Still you won’t hear about this story from the antis, because this monster made a bomb to kill, and did not use a gun.

You see, only “Gun Death” counts because THOSE deaths are useful!

H/T Whipped Cream Difficulties

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Gun Blog Variety Cast Ep 13

Another great show is up!

Don’t take my word for it! Listen to it yourself!

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“Gun Death” Mop Bucket

They taught me this one in health class. Now that I’m a father, I’ve wondered if it’s an urban myth.

A Montana toddler drowned after tipping headfirst into a five-gallon mop bucket, police said today.

Even if it was a myth we keep all bathroom doors closed (which has resulted in a few amusing events between the wife and I) and all toilet lids down. We don’t mop our floors with buckets so that isn’t an issue, and any buckets we do have tend to be kept in the basement or garage where the baby has no access.

My heart goes out to this family, how horrible it must be.

Still their horror and sorrow is ignored by the anti-gun people because it isn’t a USEFUL death. Only “Gun Death” counts, you see!

H/T Bob

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“Progressive” Laws

A great video about Jonathan Gruber:

One thing that came to mind was Washington’s i594 Background Check bill. Our side talks about how onerous this law is and how every-day benign gun ownership quickly becomes criminal.

Still the anti-gun side has been LOCKSTEP! i594 is about gun shows and internet sales. Period, full stop. The reason for this is not simplicity, it is NOT their stated goal, it is simply to mislead the public into supporting a bill that does NONE of those things.

This is why we need to constantly have the information war waging!

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More Junk Numbers

Man, this report just spins like a top! When the antis have an agenda they will do ANYTHING to cook the numbers to garner support!

Laws in all 50 states permitting people to carry concealed firearms in public have been connected to a rise in violent crimes, according to a new report from researchers at Stanford and Johns Hopkins universities.

The report, published in September and issued as a National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper last week, adds to a series of studies over the last decade tending to discredit the “more guns, less crime” hypothesis, which argues that right-to-carry laws serve as crime deterrents by allowing ordinary Americans to better protect themselves.

The new findings suggest that right-to-carry laws are “associated with substantially higher rates” of aggravated assault, rape and robbery, Stanford law professor John J. Donohue III, one of the study’s three authors, explained in a press release on Friday. Stanford law student Abhay Aneja and Johns Hopkins doctoral student Alexandria Zhang co-authored the report.

Well this goes direly in the face of the numbers presented by the pro-gun side that violent crime is DROPPING while gun laws are being relaxed and more people own guns.

Among violent crimes, the most significant increase came in aggravated assault, which may have risen by nearly 33 percent, according to the report. The researchers also found that from 1999 to 2010, murder rates rose in eight states that adopted right-to-carry laws.

First up, there is no citation of HOW MUCH the murder rate increased, and if it is a raw increase or adjusted for increase in population. The Aggravated Assault numbers are far more interesting. First from the press release the Huff-Po is referencing it reads a LOT different.

The strongest evidence was for aggravated assault, with data suggesting that right-to-carry (RTC) laws increase this crime by an estimated 8 percent – and this may actually be understated, according to the researchers.

Is this a typo? Are they citing directly from the paper that I don’t have access to? Is this like the Kellermann data where the numbers constantly went down every time he was questioned?

Either way from the story:

In 2012, there were nearly 9,000 firearm homicides in the United States. A year earlier, more than 21 percent of an estimated 751,131 aggravated assaults in the nation were committed with firearms.

So 33 Percent, or 8 percent, according to the article only 21 percent of the aggravated assaults use guns, so even if the crime is increasing the “Gun Crime” is DECREASING, making this conclusion enigmatic at best, intentionally dishonest at worse.

Now even with such biased sources they can’t just out-and-out LIE, so the Huff-Po Article closes with this:

The report also “corrected a number of flaws in the data” with new statistical methods, Daniel Webster, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, told The Huffington Post.

Based on the new research, Webster concluded that “right-to-carry laws increase firearm-related assaults” — though he noted that “the exact magnitude of that effect is uncertain.”

And the Presser closes with this:

“Different statistical models can yield different estimated effects, and our ability to ascertain the best model is imperfect,” Donohue said, describing this as the most surprising aspect of the study.

He said that many scholars struggle with the issue of methodology in researching the effects of right-to-carry laws. But overall, his study benefits from the recent data.

Donohue suggested it is worth exploring other methodological approaches as well. “Sensitive results and anomalies – such as the occasional estimates that right-to-carry laws lead to higher rates of property crime – have plagued this inquiry for over a decade,” he said.

So yeah, even the guys who wrote this paper aren’t going to hang their hats on it.

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