One of My Favorite Movie Trivia Bits!

The Tom Selleck pick as Indiana Jones (Also Danny DeVito was slated to play Sallah rather than John Rhys-Davies)

Still they missed my favorite: Ronald Regan as Rick Blane in Casablanca! Had Dutch done as well as Bogey did (and Really, as a short, bald, and craggy dude who was until then known to play only toughs rather than romantic leads, I suspect the studios all thought this was a better casting) He probably would have just continued to act rather than bother with Politics.

Good Stuff!

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Pat Pats!

Love this!

It is NOT ok to NOT pat a dog EVER!!!!

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“Gun Death” Drunk Driver

What would be called a “Mass Murder” if a gun was used…but one wasn’t.

Irving police have charged a mother with two counts of intoxication manslaughter after police say she was behind the wheel in a crash that killed two of her children and injured two other children and herself.

…“They are only estimates at the moment; it could be anywhere from 60-70 miles per hour, up to 90-100 miles per hour, but the investigation is still in the early stages,” Irving Police Officer James McLellan said on Sunday.

Hey, but “Progressives” own cars, and occasionally drink, so just ban those icky guns!

H/t Bob

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“Gun Death” Domestic Stabbing

No guns here:

A northeastern Ohio man has been convicted of stabbing his wife to death in front of their two children.

The couple’s 10-year-old daughter called police as it was happening, saying “my dad is murdering my mom.”

Remember, guns make domestic murder “Too Easy”, except when it doesn’t.


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More “Red Team” Fail When it Comes to Guns

I’m just amazed when anti-gun people attempt to understand the pro-gun side:

First comes the bizarre “Locked in a Room” scenario. I use a very similar one when discussing gun rights with people. My scenario goes like this: You are going to be locked in a small room for four hours with one other person. Choice #1. A multi-time convicted felon for violent offenses with a rusty screwdriver in his pocket. Or Choice #2, me with a fully loaded M249 SAW. Which would they choose? Never had anybody pick option one. Why? Well because I’m proven to be a non-violent and generally friendly guy. The fact that I have a loaded machine gun with me doesn’t change it a bit. Really their biggest risk is I’ll prop that SAW up against the wall and talk them to death while I kill time waiting for the door to open. The convicted felon is KNOWN to be dangerous, god forbid you so much as LOOK at him wrong, he might pull out that screwdriver!

Cenk’s argument doesn’t even address the people, its just four people and four guns. Even with his one-gun scenario it really doesn’t clarify that. Hell on the night that Osama Bin Laden was killed I was sitting in a hotel room in Pittsburgh with about 10 people and on the table were about 8 loaded guns, there were more guns in holsters around the room. What happened? Well we talked all night and had a great time. Now throw in the scenario where there are NO guns, but a few of the people in the room are known violent offenders. The chances of NOBODY getting hurt (of course not any by guns) gets VERY close to 100%. It really just doesn’t make any sense, but Cenk thinks it explains us. Yeah…

Of course he cites Kellerman, incorrectly at that, which might explain why he’s hanging his hat on this. Except it isn’t true.

Then comes in the woman talking about “gun skills”.

Watch this video:

A woman with a rusty-as-hell Hi-Point carbine fending off armed home invaders. I’m sorry, but if your cheap-ass gun is THAT rusty you aren’t taking it to the range much, and obviously her skills don’t include knowing how to clean and maintain it. I have guns that are DECADES older than the COMPANY hi-point that are still in perfect working condition, this gun rusted from pure neglect…yet it was still more than enough to save this woman.

Really the big take-away is Cenk is talking about how he “Understands” us, but in his whole panel he doesn’t have a single pro-gun person, or even somebody who knows a single thing about guns.

I’m sure he could have contacted SOMEBODY…hell if he contacted me (my information is on my “about” page) I would have gone on.

Again, antis don’t understand us because they don’t WANT to understand us. Instead they want to build the best strawman they can find to knock it down.

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Some More Ammo I Wouldn’t Trust My Life With

What is with people trying to re-invent the wheel?

They make pistol ammo for the big three.

A 9×19 that weighs 50 grains traveling at 2,000 FPS

a .40 S&W That weighs 60 grains traveling at 2,000 FPS

And a .45 ACP that weighs 78 grains traveling a 1900 FPS

And for those wanting a REAL barn-burner, check out the 50 grain, 1500 FPS .380 Auto!

Crazy light bullets that shed most of their weight in the first inch of the wound channel. We’re talking .22 LR performance at an insane price.

Sorry, but I just don’t think that’ll work on a hostile target, but I guess some people just want ammo that looks cool….

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Images of the Antis: What Are They Trying To Say?

Yep this one is a Head Scratcher.

So first up are they saying there are NO states where you can vote with no proof of ID? Funny, wasn’t that long ago where ACORN was registering people that didn’t exist by paying homeless people cigarettes and booze to fill out 5, 10, 20 registrations under creative assumed names like “Donald Duck” or “Mickey Mouse”. Which isn’t very scandalous if you need to show an ID to vote since your name is not “Michael Milquetoast Mouse”, but in many states there is no requirements so simply filling out a bogus registration means your name is on the roster. Hell knowing somebody in the district’s name and address means you can take THEIR vote! So yeah, you don’t need an ID to vote in Many states, and you don’t even need to be using the name of a real or living person to vote.

Now onto the gun thing. Now they highlighted the states where private sales have been banned or places like here where you need a permit to OWN a gun. Still technically ALL states require ID. Why? Well since 1968 we’ve had a piece of legislation called The Gun Control Act. In it is says:

The Gun Control Act mandated the licensing of individuals and companies engaged in the business of selling firearms. This provision effectively prohibited the direct mail order of firearms (except antique firearms) by consumers and mandated that anyone who wants to buy a gun in an interstate transaction from a source other than a private individual must do so through a federally licensed firearms dealer. The Act also banned unlicensed individuals from acquiring handguns outside their state of residence. The interstate purchase of long guns (rifles and shotguns) was not impeded by the Act so long as the seller is federally licensed and such a sale is allowed by both the state of purchase and the state of residence.

That’s the wikipedia quote, but the legalize says the same thing, just not as clearly. I’ll say it clearer. If you want to sell a gun outside the state of your residence it NEEDS to be done through an FFL. Handguns must be sold in the state of the new owner, long guns can be done at any FFL. Any FFL transaction requires an ID and a background check. That’s pretty straight forward. But what about private sales? Yep most states don’t require ID for the sale so long as neither person is a prohibited person and both are residents of the same state. Now the “Prohibited Person” bit can be a bit sticky as its hard for the average citizen to be 100% sure unless they have a Concealed Carry permit (as in an ID!!!) or you’ve seen them buy a gun legally at an FFL (again ID), but finding out they’re a state resident is easy….you just check their ID!

For any anti thinking you can buy a gun without an ID in any state, I dare them to try it. Let’s say you sell a gun across state lines and that person gets caught with that gun, law enforcement could track it back to you ether through FFL information, or just from old-fashioned police work. Now once the police catch up with you you’ll be charged with a federal crime. Your only defense for that crime will be that you were unable to positively confirm that the sale was illegal. The Judge will ask you “Did you ask to see some ID from this person before you made the transfer?” If you say “No” then you get to go to prison!

So yeah, go try and buy a gun from a total stranger without an ID!

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“Gun Death” Truck Fight

Cars can be murder weapons too!

According to information police released the day after the incident on Oct. 21, 2012, the occupants of two vehicles became involved in a verbal disturbance in the parking lot of Club Escapade at 6575 Decker Lane. The fight continued as the vehicles moved onto the roadway and quickly escalated, police said. At some point, both vehicles were traveling west on Loyola Lane when the suspect’s truck rammed the vehicle Gonzalez-Rojas was in from behind, causing him to leave the roadway and strike a pole.

Gonzalez-Rojas was ejected from the vehicle and pronounced dead after medics took him to University Medical Center Brackenridge.

Hey but cars aren’t DESIGNED to kill, so this isn’t a “Gun Death” and it should NEVER count, because “Progressives” are driving around in these death machines!

H/T Whipped Cream Difficulties

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Images of the Antis: No True Scotsman

Sometimes the antis are a little TOO honest!

So first we have the “No True Scotsman” Fallacy. “No sane man would want a gun, so all people with guns are insane!” Which is a great way to vilify gun owners and avoid any sort of true discussion with the opposition. Assuming there is no sane reason to own guns or oppose gun restrictions is an easy way to dismiss the opposition. This would be VERY dangerous if we weren’t as strong as we are. I would say it’s a disadvantage, but there is no way antis can win a debate with us, so there is no real winning strategy for them these days. Let’s keep it that way!

Also comes a very real embodiment of our concerns about some of the more drastic mental health restrictions being proposed to bar more people from gun ownership. Rather than a process to eliminate more dangerous people from gun ownership, they seek to simply do mass disarment by fallacious means.

Nope! Not going to happen!

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A Resident’s Look at “Progressive” Venezuela

A really powerful video of an American talking with his friend in Venezuela about the day-to-day life in the failed state.

Personally I think if I lived there I WOULD be angry and bitter. Hell I live in “Progressive” Massachusetts which is a utopia compared to Venezuela and I’m angry and bitter about how bad it is here.

Just my thoughts.

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