Images of the Antis: Barbaric

They can’t win on Public safety, because more people are carrying than ever before, and more people own guns than ever before, and the types of guns most popular are small Concealed Carry guns, and “Large Capacity” “Assault-Style” guns. All of this, and America is a SAFER place, as violent crime drops across the board.

So they have to simply declare us monsters and demand we are hated.

Yep, gun owners are sacrificing children to our god-like guns.

Odd I just got back from the grocery store. We went as a whole family, and I was carrying a gun. Why do you think I was carrying a gun in the grocery store? Was it so maybe a child could die, or if there happened to be danger I could defend mine?

Who are the monsters?

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“Gun Death” Wood Chipper

It’s as bad as you think:

A Florida man died Monday after falling into a giant wood chipper.

The unidentified landscaper was working with two other men near a Davie home when he somehow ended up inside the machine. Police arriving at the scene were horrified and needed grief counselors to cope, according to reports.

I’ve been in police work 20 years. I’ve never seen anything like this,’ Davie Police Captain Dale Engle told the Sun-Sentinel. ‘It was a gruesome scene.’

It was so bad it messed up the POLICE officers.

If you’ve ever seen these big machines going, they can easily pull branches that weigh hundreds of pounds into the chipped and turn the whole thing into mulch.

Useful tools for getting rid of scrap wood and felled trees, but also can be VERY deadly.

H/T Bob

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Stupid Laws Beget Other Stupid Laws

See California bans single-shot handguns:

California has banned the sale of single-shot handguns that can be altered into semi-automatic weapons, handing a modest victory to proponents of tougher gun laws while striving to protect antique collectors.

Now I was only vaguely familiar with this practice:

Under existing California law, semi-automatic weapons must have an indicator showing when there is a bullet in the chamber. But many manufacturers do not include the feature, leading some dealers to convert guns to single-shot weapons before selling them, though they are later reverted back, Dickinson said.

This was a simple work-around California’s “Safety Roster” laws. Take a GLOCK, affix a solid block with a raceway so single cartridges can be fed into the action, and voila! A legal gun under the law.

Later the owner can remove the block to open up the magazine well for standard use. This really is a true “Loophole” in the law, as unlike removing features from So-Called “Assault Weapons”, this was designed so that the features could be added back by the end user.

A similar workaround is often done in Massachusetts. Guns are required to be sold with a heavier trigger than factory specs. Since the “Safety” Roster laws only apply to guns being sold by FFLs not by guns owned by private citizens the Mass Legal parts can simply be swapped with factory original, after market, or simply modified by a gunsmith and away you go.

Still the bottom line is the stupidity of these laws. The idea that a gun with a loaded chamber indicator (LCI), or some other optional feature is pure pseudoscience. Many of my guns have LCIs of some sort, and I refuse to use them, and won’t teach new shooters about them. Instead I choose to teach new shooters and use myself the much more reliable method of press-checking the gun for a gun presumed loaded, and clearing the action for a gun presumed unloaded. The idea that you would simply pull the trigger on a gun simply because the LCI indicates that the gun is empty, or trust your life with a gun because the LCI indicates it’s loaded is foolish, and in both cases it could get you killed. The most common LCIs are pieces that protrude when they are in contact with the case of a round. A worn, broken, or stuck part may not protrude even if the gun is loaded, and a dirty, worn, or stuck part might protrude all the time independent of what status the chamber is.

Also what I see in a lot of guns that weren’t designed to have an LCI is the practice of drilling a “Witness Hole” in the chamber hood so the rim of the chambered round can be visually inspected. This is a small hole, so good light is needed, and the hole needs to be aligned with your eye. In playing with this feature on guns loaded with dummy ammunition for safety I find it is VERY easy to lose track of where your muzzle is pointed as you try and inspect your chamber. DANGEROUS!

The bottom line is the law is crap at it’s core, so rather than STRENGTHENING bad laws we should just repeal it. Of course California doesn’t care about safety or logic, all they care about is banning guns!


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Justifiable Force

We could debate it, but I’m going to call fair ball on this one:

A father in Florida delivered instant vengeance to an 18-year-old man he caught molesting the dad’s 11-year-old son. The father reportedly walked in on the act after **PERV REDACTED** (pictured) took the boy to a back room of the house and pulled his pants down.

According to police the father did not use any weapons and beat the man so badly he wasn’t moving. The dad told police on the 911 call “He is nice and knocked out on the floor for you.” The father also added he didn’t stop to ask questions after he realized what was happening. “I just walked in a grown man molesting…and I got him in a bloody puddle for you, officer.”

Now the father hasn’t been charged with a crime, but Chester Molester with the stove-in face has more punishment to take in the courts. Of course reporters feel the need to use flashy but inaccurate words. Sexual assault is assault, and by the nature of it, it can be considered a deadly force scenario. The father took action to stop the crime, and he used restraint by not using a weapon.

Could he have stopped short of when he did? Maybe, Maybe not. But look at that mug shot? I will not question art!


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Aunt Joan Strikes Again!

Joan has been posting a LOT recently. I personally like to read into that a little bit, but I’ll let you make your own observations about that yourself.

Still she just CARES SO MUCH!!!

The November elections are just a few months away.

Great Segue! Yeah in the middle of July I’m always thinking about November too!

As a country, we have decided that our elections will be peaceful transitions of power. So then, what do you think of when you think of armed people at voting booths? I think of Iraq, Afghanistan or another undemocratic country, maybe even during war time with armed military there either to intimidate or to protect the voters.

Well Afghanistan is a Constitutional Republic, and Iraq has a parliamentary government. They may not be the next foreign local that Joan is going to for her pontifications of how awesome other countries are with “Gun Death”, then ironically return to Minnesota to write news stories about degenerates in Minnepolis/St. Paul shooting each other. Still I don’t think this is what you mean by “Undemocratic”, but this is coming from a woman who uses that “First World Nations not at War” line where she calls a bunch of modern societies “Third World” just to suit an agenda.

Also for as much hand wringing Joan is about to do, Elections in this nation ARE peaceful transitions of power. I mean look at the 2000 election between Bush and Gore, it was a MESS, and there were a lot of unhappy people during that transition, but was there violence? Nope, and George Bush even got RE-ELECTED (tho that in most part was the DNC’s fault of nominating John Forbes Kerry, just like the 2012 Election was lost because Willard Romney was just as much a weak candidate), still there was no “BLOOD IN THE STREETS!”.

In America, we can now think of armed and apparently paranoid citizens who believe that something inside of a polling place may be so dangerous that they will need to pull out their loaded guns and shoot. In Alabama, it looks like people can open carry their guns into polling places.

I will defer my response to a great expert in firearms, and really people, the Amazing Kathy Jackson:

Sooner or later, every person new to concealed carry asks this question, sheepishly, of other people they know who carry. “Would you carry a gun to _______?” they ask. The blank can be filled by any number of things. Would you carry a gun when you go camping? Would you carry to your mom’s house? to work? to church? to the movies? to your kids’ Little League games?

The question, earnest as it is, always bemuses me somewhat. You see, I don’t usually carry a gun to anywhere in particular, but I do go places and do things. And I simply carry, wherever I might be.

What I’m getting at is that years ago I made a decision that my default setting would be to carry my gun wherever I went and whatever I was doing. As a result, if I’m ever not carrying, it is because I made a deliberate decision not to do so right then, based upon some specific reason not to do so. So I don’t have to look for reasons why I might want a gun wherever I’m going. I’m taking my gun with me unless I have a good reason not to.

Now this is something anti-gun people simply don’t think about. I used to carry damn near every day of the year. If I wasn’t carrying it was because A) I was at camp where I don’t feel comfortable in securing my gun in my tent for those times when I can’t carry such as swimming, or hate to carry because sleeping in a holster SUCKS, or B) I was sick in bed, so I never got dressed, and part of “Getting Dressed” is putting on a gun.

Now I’m carrying a lot less. Why? Because I could get fired from my job if it was discovered I carry against company policy. I gamed it out when I took the job, and while “I’d rather be fired than dead” is logical, the chances of my gun being discovered by somebody who would report it is VERY small, but a larger risk than actually needing to use it, and that incident might make it impossible for me to find gainful employment again.

Anti-gun people don’t do well thinking about these small numbers. A very small number is something they round down to zero, and just declare that NOBODY EVER needs to carry a gun. Except it isn’t zero. I’m 35 years old, and I have ridden in a car easily 30 full years of my life. I have been in 3 major car accidents, none did I get so much as a scratch or a bruise. One the car my wife (then girlfriend) was driving was hauled to the junkyard. Thankfully even in that accident nobody was hurt, not either of us, not the other driver who wasn’t paying attention and hit us, and also had a severely damaged car. Cars have become REALLY safe, and none of these accidents have I NEEDED my safety belt, nor have any of the times I’ve been driving or riding in a car have I needed any safety features at all.

Do we round down to zero then? I sure don’t, and I don’t know anybody else who does. The chances of me NEEDING a gun are eclipsed by the CONSEQUENCES of me NEEDING the gun and not having it. If you truly need a gun and are unarmed, chances are you’re dead. That’s a pretty big caveat.

But given that I have elected to obey my employers wishes and NOT carry when I work, work is not the only place where I’m disarmed. I’m disarmed traveling TO work, I’m disarmed on my lunch break, I’m disarmed traveling home, I’m disarmed the entire time from when I leave my house to when I return.

Now since I take public transportation to work, I don’t have the option of locking a gun in my car. Of course anti-gun people are against people locking guns in their cars as a way to comply with employer’s wishes as well. That’s why we call them “Anti-Gun”. Still even then I have reservations about locking a gun in what is essentially a glass box that is in itself a hot black market commodity.

Sure I can bolt a lock box under my driver’s seat to secure my gun from a “Smash and Grab”, but what if the criminal up and steals my car?

So yeah, I’ve carried EVERY time I’ve voted since I got my permit. I don’t like the idea of locking my gun in my car, and I often walk to vote. So what big deal does Joan see with this?

As I said in several recent posts, what could possibly go wrong? What if someone has a difference of opinion about their candidate? What if a gun discharged inside? As you know, if you have been reading my blog for a while, this happens fairly frequently- enough to be of concern.

OK well first up polling places and 100 feet from the entrance door are FEDERALLY MANDATED non-partisan areas. There are almost always people outside the polling place campaigning for their favorite person or referendum issue, but they can’t be within 100 feet of the door, and certainly not INSIDE the polling place. Because of this I’ve found polling places to be about as quiet and calm a place to ever exist. The volunteers perform their duties, and nothing more, and the people voting get in, get their ballot, cast their vote, and get out. So Joan’s first fear is already protected against, even if nobody is armed.

Further she claims that somehow accidents are wide spread, except she links a partisan blog that has nothing to do with people carrying guns to vote.

Oh and you know what I see EVERY time I vote? An Armed Police officer guarding the ballot box and overseeing the conduct of the people in the polling place. What about that gun? Of course police sidearms are different BECAUSE they are different!

Also there’s this crap!

You’ve just got to “love” that last statement. So now private property owners can’t stop people from coming inside with loaded guns because someone has a right to carry a gun? What has gone wrong with the American gun culture?

This is pure stupidity! If you open your private facility to being a polling place you are surrendering most of your rights. My local place is a private building, I’ve also voted in fire stations and Private University facilities. All of these locations can close their door to me…except when I’m voting. Also the private places can hold political rallies and post campaign signs…except when they are a polling place. To say that somehow they have a right to disarm people who are legally armed on “private property rights” while being a public polling place is pretty irrational.

Speaking of irrational:

America’s elections happen peacefully, at least so far. New leaders are chosen without guns. This is a minority of Americans who have managed to convince elected leaders that their rights are more important that the right of the rest of us not to be shot or to have people with loaded guns everywhere we go.

Here’s a common activist bit of non-logic. When a new law is proposed or goes into place they pretend like it is the ONLY place in the world that this happens. Sorry Joan, making it a crime to carry in a polling place is the rarity, not the other way around. We don’t have people getting shot in polling places, and we don’t have violent uprisings disrupting elections.

This is the anti-gun equivalence to George Wallace’s famous speech.

Old George (A Democrat, much like Joan) couldn’t STAND to have blacks treated as equal citizens, yet most of the country was doing just that. Joan is as much of a bigot and a political dinosaur as that monster, Wallace.

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“Gun Death” More Freak Trees

So sad!

Authorities in Pennsylvania had identified the two young sisters who died in a freak accident after a falling tree landed on their moving car on Monday.

…Investigators said that two young girls died of blunt force trauma to the head and witnesses to the harrowing crash recounted how their eight-month pregnant mother, Ashley Lichty, 26, burst out of the passenger side of the car after the accident screaming, ‘My babies, my babies.’

Horrible! Of all cars to be crushed by a falling tree, it had to be the one with the pregnant mother and filled with kids!

A massive branch fell off the tree in front of my neighbor’s house in a thunderstorm. It blocked the road, and probably would have crushed any tree under it. It was a weak and heavy branch, soaked with rain and what tipped the tree over? A squirrel!

That was all it took. Thankfully for that incident nobody was hurt, but in this case, they were not as lucky.

My heart goes out to the family, and I wish them a speedy recovery from both their injuries and their horrible grief.

H/T Bob

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“Gun Death” Cars Again!

This time a baby is dead!

Arlington police are investigating the death of an 8-month-old baby boy in a stroller who was killed Thursday morning in a two-car crash.

The crash happened around 9:30 a.m. at the intersection of South Cooper Street and California Lane when a car and pickup truck collided.

Police say the pickup truck was heading southbound on South Cooper when it struck Daniel Bingenheimer, who was pushing his son, David, in a stroller and waiting to cross the intersection. The car involved was going northbound on South Cooper Street and trying to make a left on California Lane when the crash took place.

No call to ban cars, because “Progressives” who obsess about “Gun Death” need cars to drive around!

H/T Bob

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We got a good show for you tonight on The Squirrel Report!

Call in Topic. Rolling Stone wrote and embarrassing article talking about the “Top Five Most Dangerous Guns”, give us your own “Top #” list with their silly standards.

So call in 9pm EST with yours 214-530-0036

Also we’re going to talk about the Democrat War on Women with the Facebook anti-hunting crap, and the comparing lawful American women with Terrorists.

Also this gem! Yep the woman who thought Barry O was going to gas up her car and pay her rent did the amazing and actually opened her eyes to reality!

So much fun tonight! Join us, will you? IT’S THE SQUIRREL REPORT!
Squirrel Baby

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Listen to Aunt Joan!

Joan is giving us all some advice to adhere to!

The first question is why must people carry guns around wherever they go? They are obviously inconvenient when trying on clothes, going to the bathroom, sitting down to eat, packing for trips, while sitting in cars, and all of the other stupid and dangerous incidents I write about.

See? Just don’t carry those guns! It’s TOO DIFFICULT!!! Just don’t bother!

You know what else sucks? Seat Belts! They’re too much work, just don’t wear them! Also when you come to a red light or a stop sign just blow through it! Your time is valuable, don’t waste it waiting in traffic! Plus when you’re idling you’re killing mother earth with your car exhaust!

Oh and Condoms suck! Just don’t wear them, it isn’t worth it!

Now I can’t admonish Joan too much, she’s griping about some idiot leaving a S&W642 on top of the TP holder in a public bathroom! Seriously people! I carried a 642 for years, and now still occasionally carry my Ruger LCR .357, but I keep them in my pocket where it really doesn’t interfere even when I’m doing a sit-down operation in the public latrine. Still these guns are small and light, and I don’t see them as being much of an issue even if you carry it on a belt holster.

You need to think of all you are going to do while carrying when you pick your carry rig. It’s been a while since I’ve carried my 1911 because the days when I can carry I spend a good bit of time crawling on the floor after my daughter. This can lead to a gun jammed into your ribs if you have a shoulder holster, so instead I make a small sacrifice and carry a pocket gun.

Still that’s one reason why I love pocket and shoulder carry. It doesn’t matter where your pants are, the gun is still concealed. When I go to my Doctor’s I pocket carry. When it’s time to be examined I simply drop my pants to the floor and put them with my other belonging where I can see them and have control over them. No awkward conversations, no safety issues. I do weigh a few pounds heavier on the scale, but it’s a small price to pay for safety.

For those of you who do the larger guns on the belt, here’s a great video!

Joan and I agree that taking your gun off when you use the bathroom is stupid and dangerous. Her solution is to ban guns, and make carry illegal, my solution is more training and education.

Which is “Common Sense” to you?

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More TSA Stupidity

Can we just fire them all, already?

Security workers at Orlando International Airport are being shown the District of Columbia driver’s license after one agent’s apparent confusion over its validity.

Cox Media Group television reporter Justin Gray was heading back to D.C. over the weekend when, he says, a Transportation Security Administration agent didn’t recognize his license.

The TSA agent asked for a passport, but Gray wasn’t carrying one. He said that after further back-and-forth, he realized the agent was not aware what the District of Columbia was.

Of course this little incident shouldn’t cloud the success rate of the TSA! They have stopped QUADRILLIONS of Terrorists and saved the entire global population 17 times over.

Oh wait we just pay them to sexually assault us and steal our stuff….

Disband the TSA YESTERDAY!


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