“Gun Death” Bull

Nobody died, and thankfully no serious injury, but you’ll see why I picked this story:

A 74-year-old man working at a Littleton stockyard was gored by a bull on Sunday, officials said.

Ronald Pollock was taken to Emerson Hospital in Concord but is expected to survive, authorities and colleagues said.

Police had to kill the out-of-control bull, authorities said.

…He was loading the bull onto a truck and was closing the truck‚Äôs gate when the bull whipped around, knocked the gate open with its horns, and attacked him, McGovern said.

From other reports I’ve heard the man was slammed down to the ground BETWEEN the bull’s horns.

Sorry, but a thousand pounds of angry beef against a maybe 200 pound guy, you know who’s gonna win. Thankfully they were able to get him to safety before he was killed.

Also the “Gun Death” advocates seem to say that you don’t NEED a gun ever, but seems guns were needed and used in this case. This bull was valuable property, nobody wanted it dead that day, but that’s what needed to be done.

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Krauts Vs. Limeys

Now this is a neat video.

I couldn’t help but get REALLY g33ky watching this.

Seeing that Ian got beat cleanly in the pistol stages I am assuming that Carl is the better shooter overall. The Hi-Power is a better gun over the Walther P38 in every way.

I must say all the advantages/disadvantages of the guns, one thing they didn’t talk about was how damn fast the Enfield is. I must say, one gun-g33k lament I have is that the world has accepted the Mauser Action as the de-facto bolt-action. Now the Mauser action is stronger and better designed, but DAMN I love the cock-on-closing action. It takes a bit to get used to if you’ve logged some time running cock-on-open guns, but once you get used to it, it is so natural to just SLAM that action closed once you’ve ejected the spent shell. So you have a light stroke on the gun when you eject the spent shell (this goes double if the extraction is a little sticky from a shell that over-expands, or a dirty chamber), and the action of

I guess I’d love to see somebody make a Mauser-action gun that cocks on closing. I just see that as a gun that gets close to semi-auto speed but with all the benefits of a bolt action.

So yeah, cool video.

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“Gun Death” Face Slap

Ok Then:

Two brothers were charged with manslaughter Tuesday for beating a homeless man to death as he slept on the steps of a Fordham church because they said he had slapped their father, sources said.

Yep, he slapped their dad, so they beat him to death. Sounds fair to me! We should ban guns!

H/T Bob

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For Your 9×18 Fans

The Pepsi Challenge!

I’d say as expected the 9×19 did better, but in the end I don’t know if the bad guy would be able to tell the difference!

Also the CZ-82 rules!

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“Gun Death” Multi-Victim Suicide

So the “Gun Death” Zealots LOVE to prattle about suicide being a reason for banning guns. About half the suicides in this nation are with guns, so the idea that if you ban guns, those people who would have shot themselves would just decide to work through the pain, and go on to live a productive life!

Yeah, technically it MIGHT work in a few cases, but when you look at suicide rates, the United States is about in the middle of the pack, with gun-banning nations above and below.

Still you won’t see anything like this with a “Gun Death” Suicide:

New York woman whose son committed suicide in April filled a bedroom with nitrogen gas early Tuesday, killing herself and her two young daughters, police said.

…The girls were not restrained, according to Lavin, who said the mother hooked each canister to medical tubing, and pumped the gas into plastic garbage bags that were placed over each victim’s head.

Wow, pretty horrible right there! We should ban guns!

H/T Whipped Cream Difficulties

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“Gun Death” Speedboat

Not another boat accident. This is a boat MURDER!

This is the chilling moment two killers tried to pull their victim’s severed leg out of a boat propeller after pushing him overboard and deliberately running him over.

…They pushed the father-of-one overboard, before running him over with the boat’s propeller – ripping both of his legs from his body.

They were later spotted trying to unclog the propeller of Gerlach’s Maxum speedboat, ‘No Chance’, after returning to shore.

Yep even in a world without guns people will find ways to murder other people. But in a world without guns will you be able to find a way to defend yourself?

Focusing on “Gun Death” is nothing short of horrible!

H/T Bob

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“Gun Death” Freeway Cross

It’s Fun when you’re playing frogger, not so fun in real life:

Three men were struck and killed by a pickup early Tuesday crossing a Georgia freeway, causing an 8-mile backup that snarled the morning commute.

Police are trying to determine why the men attempted to walk across Interstate 85, and their identities were not immediately released.

Ban high-speed roadways! People can cross a low-speed double-lane road easier! IF IT SAVES JUST ONE LIFE!!1111!!

H/T Bob

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“Gun Death” Columbia

Hey, the “Gun Death” Fanatics are always wanting us to be like other countries that don’t respect their people’s right to keep and bear arms. (Oh and no matter what the country laws say, EVERY HUMAN BEING has a right to protect their own life)

Well Columbia is one of those nations:

A teenager accused of brutally stabbing her mother more than 150 times has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

…Typically there would be another hearing to prove insanity but in this case the prosecution said the evidence is clear the suspect was mentally ill.

A doctor testified in court that **REDACTED** is schizophrenic and had been suffering from some highly disturbing delusions for years.

Those delusions, attorneys believe, drove **REDACTED** to stab her mother more than 150 times last summer.

Her stepfather was home at the time and found his wife lying in the bathroom and **REDACTED** standing over her, holding a knife.

Not only was this not a “Gun Death” but the Step-dad had no means to prevent the death of his wife. PERFECT! We need to be more like Columbia!

H/T AntiCitizenOne

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“Gun Death” Pikes Peak

These mountain climb races scare the crap out of me. For good reason!

Authorities say a racer from Texas has died after he crashed his motorcycle at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb near Colorado Springs.

…The Colorado Springs Gazette reports that the Flower Mound, Texas, man lost control as he tried to slow down on a gravel parking lot after crossing the finish line on Pikes Peak’s 14,115-foot summit, landing on rocks.

He made it safe,and sound, only to be killed after he crossed the finish line!

Hey, but we should focus on “Gun Death” because that’s really relevant!

H/T Bob

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“Gun Death” Freak Crash

This is just nuts!

A man and his wife were killed in a tragic accident when the couple collided head-on while driving separate vehicles.

According to Department of Public Safety Trooper Jymie Ha, on Wednesday moring, Kristina Munoz, 26, was driving a car north on County Road 87, an unlined road, and crashed into a truck driven by her husband, Nicolas Cruz, 31, at the crest of a hill.

The couple was pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities told the Times Record News they believe speed and the layout of the road could be contributing factors of the crash.

What are the odds? But we can focus on cars, or roads, because “Progressives” use those. Nope, let’s focus on guns!

Remember, only “Gun Death” Counts!

H/T Wallphone

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