“Gun Death” These DO “Just Go Off”

Man mauled to death by dogs:

A Michigan man was fatally mauled by two dogs as he jogged along a rural road on Wednesday evening.

Craig Sytsma, 46, of Livonia was attacked by the cane corsos in Metamora Township, about 45 miles northwest of Detroit, authorities in Lapeer County said. He was unconscious when he was taken to a hospital, where he died of his injuries, police said.

The attack was the third since 2012 involving canines from the same property, officials said.

…According to police, a man mowing his lawn nearby saw the attack, got a gun and tried to shoot at the animals to chase them off.

The man with the gun was unsuccessful, not sure if he didn’t have a clean shot or was hoping the noise would be enough to scare the dogs away. Still we have antis who fixate on “Gun Death” constantly talking about how you need to unload, disassemble, and lock up your guns, because they might “just go off”. Except they don’t. What does “Just go off” are things with free will like Dogs, and they indeed need to be locked up, something this owner obviously doesn’t do.

And now a man is dead, and the anti-rights cult will ignore it because it wasn’t a “Gun Death”.

H/T Bob

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“Gun Death” AAC

An old story that we covered here before. What happened after the trial?

On the evening of July 30, 2008, Tim was riding a Greyhound Canada bus on the Trans Canada Highway. A set of headphones over his ears, he fell asleep with his head resting against the bus window. Unbeknownst to Tim, the man sitting beside him had begun to experience a schizophrenic moment. That man was Li. The two men never spoke. There was no argument, no disagreement, and perhaps not even eye contact.

Twenty miles west of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Li pulled a knife and began to slash and hack Tim McLean. It was sudden. It was violent. The driver stopped and he and the 36 other passengers fled. So Li stabbed Tim and stabbed him again and then sawed off his head. In front of watching passengers and the responding Royal Canadian Mounted Police (whom he taunted through the closed doors of the bus), he began slicing off Tim’s body parts and chewing on them.

…A Canadian court determined that Li was too ill for confinement. Instead, Li just needed treatment. And recently, the Canadian Criminal Code Review Board, based on the recommendations of Li’s doctors, decided that Li was free to go about his business in public again. Go free. Rebuild his life.

Lead psychiatrist Dr. Steven Kremer testified that Li, a schizophrenic, has stopped experiencing delusions and is a model, non-violent patient. Instead of the supervised outings Li had been granted previously, he will be allowed unescorted trips from the Selkirk Mental Health Centre into the nearby city of Selkirk. Canada’s prosecutor, one Susan Helenchilde, said Li was cooperative and that “the Crown” did not object to Li’s unsupervised release. Of course, everyone wants Li to take his medicine to prevent future “schizophrenic episodes.”

Go nuts and murder somebody in cold blood, and you get to go free!!??? Talk about bad justice! There is literally NOTHING stopping this guy from going off his meds and acting out his twisted disillusions again.

Hey, but since it’s Canada, if he kills again, it still won’t be a “Gun Death”, so we’re all “Safer”!

H/T Archer

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False Sense of Security

So this is an interesting story:

Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist cultural critic who has become a target of harassment by gamers, canceled a public speech scheduled for Wednesday after the college holding the event received threats of violence.

Now first before we dig into this let’s make it VERY clear who the bad guy is:

On Monday evening, members of the administration at Utah State University received an e-mail warning that a massacre would be carried out against attendees of the event.

“This will be the deadliest school shooting in American history and I’m giving you a chance to stop it,” said the e-mail, which bore the name Marc Lepine, who killed 14 women in a mass shooting in Montreal in 1989 before taking his own life.

That guy is a monster. Probably also a “keyboard Commando” because all I have read about Ms. Sarkeesian involves anonymous online threats, and no actual physical action.

Now Sarkeesian’s alleged reason for cancelling her talk:

But Ms. Sarkeesian reconsidered and canceled the talk over security measures at the event, according to a tweet by Ms. Sarkeesian and a spokesman for the school.

But Ms. Sarkeesian reconsidered and canceled the talk over security measures at the event, according to a tweet by Ms. Sarkeesian and a spokesman for the school.

This is just a false sense of security. I mean where would you rather be, a University where guns are banned, like the above mentioned École Polytechnique, or Dawson College, or University of California, Santa Barbara, or Virginia Tech, or Northern Illinois University, or really any school where that has been a school shooting; or would you rather be at one of the many Universities that allow, or have no rules against lawful carry on their school grounds. I can’t list any where there has been a mass-shooting because there hasn’t been one. Also from the manifestos and behavior of spree shooters, their prime goal is to be the ONLY gun holder in the area, and the moment another gun is presented, this is their end-game.

I think this threat was a hollow one, and if it wasn’t, the BEST place to be is in a place where people can, and when it comes to Utah, actually DO carry arms.

Now since I hadn’t ever HEARD of Ms. Sarkeesian I looked up one of her talks and found one posted very recently.

Dull, and she doesn’t actually TALK about video games, just that there are mean people on 4chan and Reddit. This strikes me as standard-issue “Progressive” victim elevation. She strikes me as WANTING to be a victim, so she elevates every crank in the world who wants to say something mean to her as a real and credible threat.

Also talk about a Conspiracy theory. If the video game world is going to make a shift for more female players, there is NOTHING any individual group can do about it. Game companies will make games, and women will either buy them, or not buy them, and the games will either sell well or won’t. Honestly I’ve been out of the hardcore gamer circle for ages now, but as a public transportation commuter, I see a TON of women playing various games on mobile aps, and unless you want to move the goalposts and claim that women need to be a majority of console players, I think the industry has shifted a long time ago.

I also found this video where the creator does use her quotes talking about video games:

Sounds like she’s really just a concern troll, and cancelling this talk was the end-game, not the reality, but that’s just my feelings.


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“Gun Death” Falling Dresser

Falling furniture has come up many times. Sometimes it’s just a sad accident, but sometimes you have to scratch your head:

The father of two toddlers who died after a dresser fell on them is facing involuntary manslaughter charges because he heard a crash and didn’t immediately check on his daughters, a prosecutor said Thursday.

…Beaver County District Attorney Anthony Berosh said **REDACTED** was home alone with the girls and acknowledged he didn’t check on them for 10 to 15 minutes after hearing the crash. The dresser weighed 124 pounds; the girls weighed about 30 pounds each.

…Authorities say **REDACTED** gave police various accounts of what happened, first telling them that he responded to the crash within “seconds” and that he had left the girls alone to play in the room only while he drew them a bath. Later, **REDACTED** acknowledged he had been using the toilet and had waited 10 to 15 minutes to respond.

OK, as a Dad I get that kids can get into trouble faster than you expect, and sometimes that’s when you’re sitting on the throne where all men are created equal. Still the sound of a dresser crashing down, and the likely sounds of kids fatally trapped beneath it strikes me as a sound where you’re willing to forgo the sanctity of your underwear and see what the noise was all about.

The end result was two dead kids, but it wasn’t a “Gun Death”, so look the other way.


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“Gun Death” The Good Guy

Often the very anti-gun people who tout “Gun Death” will often mislead people using the term “Vigilante”. Well this time the shoe does fit:

Police say Dwayne Guidry, 25, died shortly after stealing a car that was left running outside of a South Austin Domino’s Pizza on Monday night. Authorities say customer Joseph Mobley, 32, was picking up a pizza when he saw Guidry stealing the car and chased him down — first in his car and then by foot — and hit Guidry on the back of the head with a hammer. However, Guidry ultimately died due to asphyxiation after Mobley “choked him out,” police say.

So this guy witnessed a Domino’s driver getting his car stolen. Out of the goodness of his heart he gave chase, with his own wife and kid in the car. I don’t know if that part was wise, but it was still admirable. He then blocked the road when he had the thief cornered, and the thief rammed his car, and then attempted to flee. That’s when Mobley hit him with a hammer, then choked him to death.

Mobley is currently being held in the Travis County Jail on a second-degree felony manslaughter charge. His bond is set at $60,000. This is the city’s 17th homicide.

The Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office conducted an autopsy on Tuesday and labeled Guidry’s death a homicide due to asphyxiation. They also found two injuries on the back of his head. After consulting with the Travis County District Attorney’s Office, police say they are pursuing manslaughter charges.

That’s a good call, as this doesn’t seem to meet the criteria for murder, but this man was NOT in his rights to kill the fleeing suspect. Still, not a “Gun Death”, so any claims that this good, but probably misguided, Samaritan was a “vigilante” will not be heard.

H/T Whipped Cream Difficulties

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A Big Day

LaWeerda 3D 3
LaWeerda Sprawl
LaWeerda And Daddy1
Exciting Day
Happy Recline
Dirty Baby
First time Shopping
Baby Pool
Baby Walk

And Now Today

LaWeerda 1st Birthday

She has no idea what this “Birthday” business is all about, but it’s been a BIG year for everybody here.

Happy Birthday Little Girl!

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“Gun Death” Deadly Caretaker

Sometimes you read stories like this and you feel sad, sometimes you feel mad:

A central Ohio man accused of fatally drugging his bedridden wife with her prescription medications has been charged with aggravated murder.

Fifty-six-year-old **REDACTED** of Milford Center also was indicted in Union County for involuntary manslaughter, domestic violence and failing to provide for a functionally impaired person. He was arraigned Wednesday, with bond set at $500,000. Online jail records did not say if he had an attorney.

…The Columbus Dispatch reports the Union County prosecutor says that authorities don’t believe it was act of mercy and that the couple had a history of trouble, including earlier domestic violence allegations.

Sometimes these cases are suffering, terminally ill patients who simply don’t want to fight anymore and need help from their loved ones because the medical community isn’t allowed to respect end-of-life wishes of patients.

This doesn’t sound like one of those cases. Still when “Progressives” talk about domestic violence, they only concern themselves with guns. Not because they care about domestic violence, but because they ONLY care about guns, specifically banning them.


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Swords of Exodus IRL

If you haven’t read the book, you should!

Now read this:

The man who founded and ran Blackwater—the company that sent thousands of private workers into Afghanistan and Iraq—says President Barack Obama should hire a mercenary corps to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria.
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“The American people are clearly war-fatigued,” writes Erik Prince, now the chairman of Frontier Services Group, a company that provides logistical support for much of Africa. “If the Administration cannot rally the political nerve or funding to send adequate active duty ground forces to answer the call, let the private sector finish the job.”

Now for it to REALLY be like the Exodus Strike Teams (called by the company “Swords”) it should be funded by private people who would be happy to see ISIS wiped from the face of the earth, not US.gov.

Still I think that the best solution for ISIS is private money, still I just don’t see Christians being that interested in holy war as the followers of Mohamed.

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Images of the Antis: Safety

You gotta love poorly thought-out “Gotcha” images like this:

Well, shining bulb, what of the corollary? If guns don’t make us safer, why isn’t the United States the most dangerous nation in the world.

These little compare-and-contrast images really are deeply shallow and rarely reflect reality. Like the UK being safer than the United States, often being a reference for support on their near wholesale ban on guns. Yet their metrics for “Murder” are so different they can’t really be compared. Or the comparisons of the US and Canada for crime rates, without noting that only about 60 years ago the US and Canada had IDENTICAL gun laws, and Canada was STILL safer.

And of course there is the ever-present clinging to “Gun Death” where the ignore the bulk of violent crime in one nation, and focus on a certain type of violent crime in this nation, and apply that to overall safety.

And of course the big elephant in the room is our DROPPING crime rate. In the end this is all fear mongering because they REFUSE to talk about ACTUAL safety since that doesn’t fit their narrative.

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“Gun Death” Keeping Mom Around

Have a look at this story:

Prosecutors in northeast Ohio say a 33-year-old man stabbed his mother to death then lived in the house with the decomposing corpse for about six months.

It doesn’t give the motive, but I strongly suspect it was one of two things. #1, to conceal the crime, but more likely #2, Mom was getting welfare, social security, or both, and sick son didn’t want the money to stop.

Still, not a “Gun Death”.


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