“Gun Death” Beating of a Pregnant Woman

Now I wonder, is this a murder or a double murder?

A central Ohio man who police say confessed to beating and strangling his pregnant girlfriend and burying her beside a cornfield will be arraigned on aggravated murder and other charges.

Now the “Progressives” always like to say a baby is just a “lump of cells” before it crosses the cervix…but they also don’t care much for deaths that don’t involve guns…so who cares?


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A Scurry of Squirrels

So tonight on the Squirrel Report

-Net Neutrality

-Scott Walker

-Emily Miller now Legal to Carry

Plus other stuff. The fun stuff is the call-in. What would your collective noun for Social Justice Warriors be? Like a “Rancor” of Feminists?

So call in at 9pm EST 214-530-0036 and join us for THE SQUIRREL REPORT!!

Squirrel Twins

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Images of the Antis: Bad Faith Argument

This would be a clever cartoon if it was at all true:

So first off, the fact that the Bizzaro World Wayne LaPierre has a rifle, and when you look at long-arm homicides and assaults we really don’t have a problem at all. I mean more people are killed with hammers than long-guns of any kind, that number becomes trivially lower if you want to only count the “Scary” AR-15.

Still the antis focus on “Gun Violence” and by “Gun Violence” I simply mean “Guns”. As we see from the “Gun Death?” Files violent people will do violent things with whatever tool is handy. If that tool is a gun we have a “Gun Death”, and the antis go wild…if it’s one of the ultra-rare homicides where somebody uses a so-called “Assault Weapon” it’s national news…even when one isn’t used, the anti-gun media reports the firearm as an AR-15 anyway to make more sensational and agenda-driven news.

Yet as we see, if the violent person has a kitchen knife, or uses an automobile, or a hammer…silence, because only “Gun Death” counts.

The argument could be made that we have a VIOLENCE problem…but I don’t even know if I’d make that one, as the vast majority of this country is VERY safe, and even the vast majority of major cities are safe, really it’s just a few REALLY bad neighborhoods, and even then the serious violent crimes are conducted by a handful of bad actors.

Honestly we have a criminal problem. Talk to a beat cop in one of these gang-infested cities, and he can probably rattle off several names and even the amount of time that cop has personally arrested them.

But again, who cares about any of that when you could just ban guns!

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Good Thing They Have Gun Free School Zones

Because that keeps insane and murderous professors in check!

Maumelle police are investigating the shooting deaths of three people on Auriel Circle Friday night.

…The initial findings, according to the Maumelle Police Department indicate an apparent arson, murder-suicide.

…A source close to the investigation has told FOX16’s Drew Petrimoulx that 41-year-old UALR professor **KILLER** is believed to be the shooter based on evidence at the scene.

But investigators are awaiting autopsy results to confirm that.**KILLER** wife, sister and two dogs were also found shot to death inside the burning home.

I don’t care what the motives are, shooting your wife, sister, and dogs, setting your house on fire, before punching your own clock is pure madness. Even if this was a case of the worst marriage on earth, he could have simply packed his bags and been banging hookers in Vegas before the sun set.

Hey, but notice he didn’t decide to cross that “Gun Free Zone” force field! That’s not a coincidence, those things work!

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“Gun Death” Decapitation

Again, strong gun laws, and ignoring “Gun Death”:

A man with a history of psychiatric problems beheaded his mother in her Long Island, N.Y., apartment late Tuesday and then dragged the body and head out onto a street, where onlookers initially thought they were witnessing a macabre Halloween prank, police and witnesses said.

Thank goodness New York’s “Common Sense” and SAFE gun laws kept this guy from getting a gun!


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Tactical LOL!


I won’t lie, I’d call it!

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I Love My Mouse Guns

So I was super happy to sit down with Ryan and talk about them for this week’s Handgun Radio

So if you like your guns tiny, this is the show for you!

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Interesting Story On Myths

Via Mrs. Weer’d a story on the Vaccine Myth…but frankly I think it works on gun control.

Go read the whole thing. I was talking with an anti on another blog, and he asked me “If Gun control is so wrong, why do people still argue for it?” and I pointed out the vaccine discussion.

This really explains it well…what it doesn’t explains how we can get these fucking anti-gunners and anti-vaxers to stop their tomfoolery.

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“Gun Death” Bat Beating

Bats: We Should Ban them!!!

A third suspect has been arrested in connection with the killing of a man who was beaten to death with a baseball bat in September.

Go have a look at those mug shots! Obviously if they hadn’t gotten their hands on those bats, nothing bad would have happened!

At least that’s what’s implied with “Gun Death”.

H/T Whipped Cream Difficulties

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Well Prepared

This is interesting:

Police in Columbus say a woman sleeping on a couch with a loaded gun fatally shot an intruder who smashed through a front window.

A police report said the man who was shot had broken into a house across the street Thursday morning and had just jumped out a second floor window when confronted by that resident.

He broke through the window of the other home, and the woman sleeping in the front room grabbed the gun and fired multiple shots. He died later at a hospital. Police later determined he wasn’t armed.

Given that the departed was attempting his SECOND break-in of the night, It lends some light to why she was packing in her sleep. When LaWeer’da was born I was carrying, because I had woken up that morning, and like most mornings strapped on my gun. Since the baby was successfully birthed I had to sleep on that gun for 3 days, and while it wasn’t comfortable, it was considerably more comfortable than not being armed.

Still I’m glad this lady was armed, and I’m glad this upstanding citizen won’t be wasting the time of the court and penal system.


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