“Gun Death” Soccer Fight

Don’t know what to blame for this one:

A Dearborn man accused of assault a soccer referee, who later died from his injuries, is now facing a murder charge.

**REDACTED**, 36, has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of 44-year-old John Bieniewicz, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office announced today. According to the office, the original charge
**REDACTED** was facing of assault with intent to do great bodily harm will be dismissed.

**REDACTED** allegedly punched Bieniewicz in the head on June 29 after he became upset that he was going to be ejected from a soccer game in Livonia, the prosecutor’s office said.

Bieniewicz, of Westland, was taken to a local hospital, but later died.

Do we blame soccer, or fist fights for this? Certainly we can’t blame guns because there wasn’t a “Gun Death”. Of course the anti-freedom types will just ignore it because only “Gun Death” counts!

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Moar Podast!

Episode two of the Gunblog Variety cast is up!

Again what’s great is since I have only heard my segment, I get to listen to the whole thing so I can hear the other segments!

Loads of fun!


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I Don’t Think They Meant it to be Taken Like This

Remember that site “Attack Watch” the Obama camp created as some sort of alleged way to bully people who weren’t hauling water for our lousy President?

Well it backfired because every Conservative/Libertarian/Pro-Liberty Independant/ and Moderate Democrat simply submitted their own personal sites for the President to personally contemplate for a “Two Minutes Hate”.

Instead everybody who played along got added to the Democrat party’s personal email list for scores of Junk Mail about how to best stomp-out Freedom in America.

Most of them go into the trash, but this one amused me:

Hello — I’m emailing you again because the Senate is at stake.

If the GOP gains just six seats, the same Republicans who just voted to sue me will control both houses of Congress.

Republicans will control everything in Congress from Medicare to education. I don’t need to tell you how devastating the consequences would be.

That’s why the DSCC is building an enormous voter mobilization program to win. But I know first hand: Launching field offices and recruiting new volunteers takes time and work, and it’s not cheap.

I need you today. Will you pitch in to stop a Republican Senate takeover? Gifts will be triple matched for a single day only.

…The election is in just 68 days. That means we have very little time — just over two months — to knock on doors, register voters, and win this thing.

What you do right now will determine what direction our country takes: Will you let Republicans take charge of everything from the future of Medicare to education? Or will you make sure Democrats stay in charge?

Join me in this fight — pitch in and your gift will be triple matched before midnight.

Thank you,

Barack Obama

Well isn’t that heartening? We just need to nuke 6 “progressives” in the Senate to scuttle the whole thing? Of course it’s fear-mongering because we still have RINOs and other psudo-”Progressives” listed as “Independents”, but still, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

I’m doing my part! Everybody, vote out your “Progressive” representation, because it means doom to the Obama agenda!

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Images of the Antis: Fear or Fear-Mongering?

You be the judge!

Baldr Open Carry

So Jason “Baldr” Kilgore of Ceasefire Oregon says “It’s not a political thing. I do not feel safe. I will not return. And that’s that.” in regards to open carry.

We KNOW he’s well aware that there has never been an issue with open carriers that resulted in personal injury or even anything close. He scours the news every day for any story that can be twisted to the breaking point to be anti-gun, you know that if he ever found anything that suggested that somehow somebody with a slung rifle or holstered pistol doing their shopping was a danger he’d be blogging about it anyplace that hasn’t banned him.

He may not know that both the rifles pictured are obviously unloaded, unless the lady in green feels the need to be EXTRA anti-gun compliant and has one of those 5-round flush-fit magazines. Still given that her gun has a pistol grip AND a collapsible stock, I highly doubt that. The lady in blue, even with as grainy as the photo is, I can see the empty mag well.

So is he honest when he says such an image doesn’t make him feel safe, and there is no politics behind that? Also is that JUST because there are rifles being carried, or is it open carry that concerns him? It certainly isn’t the carry of guns because Oregon has fairly liberal Concealed Carry laws (as well as Open Carry laws), so Likely wherever Jason shops, goes to movies, or otherwise spends his time outside of his home, he’s probably encountered more than a few armed private citizens.

Which leads me to the question if he is lying. He knows that these open-carry demonstrations, be it a group demonstration, or a single individual or family choosing to exercise their rights in a way to promote awareness, do NOT quickly degrade into a mass shooting, or have instances of physical confrontation or negligent discharge of firearms. He knows that people can freely carry without police discretion or onerous requirements, or liberal town preemption. He knows Oregon doesn’t have an “Assault Weapons Ban” that limits the choices of those who choose to go armed.

That leads me to believe this is NOTHING short of a political statement and indeed he’s feigning concern to make his agenda look more valid.

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“Gun Death” iPhone Theft

Your property is not worth your life, the anti-rights fanatics say, but what about the other way around?

The 15-year-old girl was walking with her 7-year-old sister near the 1000 block of West Warner Avenue in Santa Ana at midday Thursday when she was approached by a man who stole her phone, said Cpl. Anthony Bertagna, a spokesman for the Santa Ana Police Department.

As he approached the girls, the man asked the older sister for the time before “forcefully taking her phone” and running, Bertagna said. He fled to a nearby light gray or silver Pontiac, authorities said. The vehicle was driven by a second, unknown person.

As the Pontiac began driving away, the teenager, identified by police as Rubi Rubio, jumped onto the trunk and held on briefly. Witnesses told police that the driver “swerved back and forth in what appeared to be an intentional manner to get her off the car,” Bertagna said.

The girl fell from the vehicle and died from her injuries on Saturday.

Yep, they killed a girl over a fucking telephone! This doesn’t even get into the brazen nature of the robbery!

Hey, but only “gun Death” should count!

H/T Whipped Cream Difficulties

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Mystery Meat Thursday

Over at the Squirrel Report!

I have no idea what that means, but if you tune in 9pm EST I bet we’ll all find out!

Also better yet! CALL! 214-530-0036

The Squirrel Report is like a Box of Chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get! (I hope it’s truffle or raspberry creame!)


Squirrel Bones

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Militarized Police LOL

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Images of the Antis: Freedom is Slavery!

Man whoever made this image is really messed up!

First up that support for Universal background checks is quoted as fact. Now note that is the SOLE argument they’re standing on.

Of course I would postulate that the idea that NRA members are NOT heavy supporters of gun control and background checks and the various surveys are faulty or outright bogus. You decide for yourself.

Now it is true that the NRA board members are elected from a very small percentage of the total NRA body. Now first, not all NRA members are eligible to vote, you need to have 5 consecutive years of membership, or a higher membership level to vote. Second like any election, not everybody votes. Lastly the board is HUGE and the people running for each seat is MUCH bigger. I won’t lie, some years I don’t recognize any of the names on the roster, so sometimes I don’t vote, or just vote for a few names I do know.

Still this low voter turnout means these votes were DENIED??? So can we safely assume there was a massive Democrat plot that DENIED voting rights to all those massive and countless Mitt Romney supporters, since that year had a HORRIBLE turnout?

Yep War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength!

It just makes you wonder if there aren’t just piles of anti-rights activists just sitting around, staring at the wall, and asking to the Aether “Why are we losing?”

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“Gun Death” Choking Hazards

As a new parent, I constantly read about food that poses a choking hazard. One of them is Hotdogs!

A Fourth of July hot-dog eating contest in western South Dakota turned tragic when a contestant choked to death.

Walter Eagle Tail, 47, of Custer, died at a hospital Thursday after attempts to save him at the scene failed, Custer County sheriff Rick Wheeler told the Rapid City Journal.

“There was someone doing CPR when we arrived,” Wheeler said. “He probably just suffocated. It got lodged in his throat and they (paramedics) couldn’t get it out.

“It all happened within minutes,” the sheriff said.

Even the “Professionals” can get over their heads. My heart goes out to the family for their tragic loss. Still, not a “Gun Death”. Rather than calling for a ban on eating contests, or hotdogs, they just want to ban guns, because only “gun death” counts!

H/t Whipped Cream Difficulties

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Who Watches the Watchmen

I guess this perv assumed “nobody”:

As the acting cybersecurity chief of a federal agency, Timothy DeFoggi should have been well versed in the digital footprints users leave behind online when they visit web sites and download images.

But DeFoggi—convicted today in Maryland on three child porn charges including conspiracy to solicit and distribute child porn—must have believed his use of the Tor anonymizing network shielded him from federal investigators.

He’s the sixth suspect to make this mistake in Operation Torpedo, an FBI operation that targeted three Tor-based child porn sites and that used controversial methods to unmask anonymized users.

Also you bring in the level of morality of those who are allegedly watching out for us, and enforcing the law.

And you wonder why I’m such a fan of limited government.


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