Music Dump: Under the Influence

No, not me, but these songs seem particularly….inspired.

That is some good times right there….and my playlist while I was cooking lunch. Thankfully the Daughter didn’t ask me to explain the lyrics….especially track 3 that has just ONE word I don’t want her repeating in daycare….tho I get a STRONG impression that EVERYBODY in that school twists up a joint after the kids are tucked in for the night….and seriously, what’s wrong with that. Tonight for me it’ll be Martini time!

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Well That Was a Pleasant Suprise

Got talking with a coworker about people getting geeked out by certain types of food, and really screwing themselves over.

The best example is pig’s feet. Probably the best meat on a pig is between his toes….but most people aren’t willing to chew on the foot of a dead pig to find out.

Their loss.

This lead me to confess the stuff I don’t eat.

I won’t eat the gills of a raw bivalve. This essentially means I won’t eat raw oysters or clams. I will eat raw scallops because you don’t generally eat the whole scallop, just the adducter muscle. Bivalves are filter feeders, and the gills are the filter. Nope, not gonna do that.

For similar reasons I won’t eat a kidney. It’s the filter of the body, and a healthy kidney will have a VERY high concentration of toxic body wastes in it to drive osmosis. Nope, too gross!

Another I said was heart. My rational is handling them of various animals I found them to be tough and have a strong odor, and the few cooked specimens (all Chicken IIRC) I found to be unpleasantly tough and possessing a strong taste that I didn’t enjoy at all.

My friend replied that he had enjoyed some beef heart and found it to be VERY similar to steak with no such characteristics.

Which leads me to this morning. I was at the store and found a cut beef heart that was nearing the end of its shelf life on the shelf for 60c. In this store, if they’ve marked down the meat it’s going to be in perfect condition if: You cook it within 24 hours for Chicken, 48 hours for pork, and 72 hours for beef.

I cooked the heart for lunch:

Beef Heart

Now it came mostly like this from the store. There was one piece that I needed to trim some arterial tissue from, and one piece that was twice the size of all the others and needed to be trimmed for even cooking.

This made me VERY nervous, because it was very hard to trim the meat, even with a sharp knife…but curiosity spurred me on.

I heated up a cast iron skillet on high on the stove top, and seasoned the cleaned up heart with salt and pepper. I added some olive oil to the skillet just before I dropped in the meat. I ended up cooking it a little too much, so I suspect 3 mins (maybe less) on a side.

Even overcooked this meat was AWESOME! SLIGHTLY stronger taste than say a New York strip, and it’s leaner so it didn’t have that buttery quality (I suspect my parts were from the bottom of the heart, and didn’t have the fat pad that sits on the top…maybe that would make a difference). While this was no filet mignon you can cut with your fork, it was reasonably tender, tho with a much denser mouth-feel that really isn’t like any other common meat I’ve eaten.

So yeah, verdict was quite good, that goes double when you notice the HUGE portion of meat you get for the price less than a candy bar out of a vending machine!

Have a look at this!

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Gunblog Variety Cast: Something A Little Different

So this week things went a little sideways. A bunch of us were tied up with various stuff, so Sean decided to take a hiatus.

But does that mean no show? NEGATIVE GHOSTRIDER!!! Nope we had a bank show from Lawdog!



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Gun Guy Radio with Guests Ian, and myself!

This was just cool, I’m a huge fan of Ian from Forgotten Weapons and Gun Nation Podcast, and finally I got to sit down with him on Gun Guy Radio when Ryan was hosting!

We talked about the cool guns of the James D. Julia Auction up in Maine.

Give it a listen!

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The Squirrel Report RETURNS!

It had a bit of a hiatus because Alan was stuck on crappy hotel WiFi, and last week was so riddled with technical difficulties and low energy I didn’t even pimp it here.

But yeah it’s back!

Enjoy some Squirrel!!

Ninja Squirrel Sauce

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Play Me Out: Tom Waits

This song was first released in The Early Years recordings.

This version is super rare and VASTLY superior!


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Great Advice to New Shooters

It also has the added benefit of you getting much more comfortable with a gun in your hand which always helps further training and shooting.

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Gunblog Variety Cast, Episode 62

The latest show is up!

Show notes here, show below!


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Handgun Radio: Cool Handgun Names

This was a fun idea that I had way back here

Ryan and I Run with it on Handgun Radio!

Enjoy, it was a real fun one!

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Because Guns Are Awesome

This video made me giggle.

Also click here to do me a favor!

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