The Joys of Rimfire Revolvers

Well we also talk about those .22 Bottom Feeders too

Rimfire handguns at Handgun Radio!

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She’s Right

Tam on the Walther PPK:

I concur. Maybe back in the day if you wanted to carry something smaller than a 1911 or a S&W K-Frame the PPK was a pretty slick rig compared with the massive amount of single-action all-steel pocket guns in .32 and .25 ACP (Of course the PPK first was in .32 as well, still it seems all the PPKs people get all misty over are .380s) it was a really swell choice.

Not as microscopic as those little baby Colts and Berettas, but smaller than many of the larger blowback guns, plus James Bond, I can see the PPK being REALLY cool….in the 1970 and even the 1980s, but by 1995 the micro 9s were EXPLODING!

Also I wonder if that German Mystique was also a part of it. In one of his compilation books Hunter S. Thompson makes an offhand remark about reviewing a Commertial Walther P38 sometime in the 70s or 80s, and prattled a bit about how impressed he was with it…and yeah the P38 is a cool gun, but when Hunter was reviewing it, it wasn’t like the market wasn’t flooded with similar guns, and guns like Berettas that essentially copied and refined the design.

BUT GERMAN ENGINEERING! (Which I also consider drastically overhyped)

Just some thoughts.

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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 51

Show is up!

Notes here, show below! enjoy!


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Evening Ska: Mark Foggo

Really dig his sound!

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Squirrel Report

With the new format we’re playing a bit with length.

So enjoy the new longer show! No additional charge!


Sqrpt Squirrel 1

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Drinking From a Fire Hose

WOW! The latest Handgun Radio is out.

You might miss Ryan and my voices because our guest just owned the show! We talked about the course of events that lead to the retirement of the M1911 pattern pistol with the US Military and the adoption of the M9 pistol (and a little talk on the M11).

To say that Daniel is an expert in this matter is to put it lightly. Really if you’re a fan of either guns or military history, you should be listening!

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I Have a Better Idea

To this nonsense:

Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy want some of the nation’s largest sporting goods stores to wait for the FBI to complete background checks on gun purchasers in all cases – and hope customers boycott those stores if they don’t.

Blumenthal and Murphy have signed letters to Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops and EZ Pawn asking them to voluntarily close a what they call a loophole in the federal background check law. This “default to proceed” provision allows retailers to sell an applicant a gun if the FBI has not responded to a background check request within 72 hours.

Honestly I hope the stores tell them to fuck off. It’s not like these turds own guns, hunt, or even know how to bait a hook (let alone tie one), nor does any major amount of their constituency, so I doubt there are many Blumenthal or Murphy bumper stickers in your local Cabella’s or Bass Pro. Never heard of EZ Pawn, but I assume they are a pawn shop chain that deals in guns. Yeah “Progressives” are icked out by Pawn shops, and generally don’t believe in loans and would rather acquire cash through government subsidy.

The issue of the three-day waiting period is being debated because **REDACTED**, who is accused of killing nine people at a black church in Charleston, S.C., last month, was able to purchase the gun used in the attack only because the FBI needed more than three days to investigate his criminal record. **REDACTED** had been recently arrested.

Of course what they don’t talk about is how the killer had the gun for WEEKS before the murders. So maybe, rather than harassing law-abiding American Companies, maybe we should tell the FBI to do their fucking job???

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Gun Blog Variety Cast: HALF-CENTURY!

We’ve done 50 of these bad boys! Pretty cool!

Show notes here, show below!



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The Segment Report!!

Trying a slightly new format for the Squirrel Report.

Give us a listen, and tell us what you think!


Sqrpt Squirrel 1

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Afternoon Music: Good The Bad and the Ugly

Love this song, and this performance of it is the best ever IMHO.

The singer is the key to the song IMHO, and she’s even better than the one on the OST.

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