Images of the Antis: Dicks

So Joe posted this image for his Markley’s Monday series:

So yeah the first thing I saw was it was a SAW of some sort (I’m honestly not big on the belt-feds, so this could be a 5.56 M249 or the 7.62 M240, I don’t know, and don’t care enough to look it up), I looked at it for a moment to see if it was one of the new uber-expensive semi-auto variants I’d been hearing about, but gave up at that.

Next thing I saw was the wedding band on his left hand.

Think about that. “Sorry About Your Dick!” to a man who’s married. Chances are he’s married to a woman, but possibly a Man in these days (and double-income no-kids Gays certainly would have the scratch to buy an expensive rifle/Machine Gun), I suspect no matter how big or functional his dick is, whoever is wearing the other ring in that pair seemed to like it enough to enter into a binding contract, such is marriage.

Also it could be this dude’s wang is totally busted! Bad artieral flow, tumors, trauma, and nope that dick is just for pissing and pissing alone. It fucking happens, and sometimes even Viagra won’t help.

And for those poor souls, and my heart goes out to them, LIFE GOES ON! Yep, fucking is awesome, but it’s hardly the ONLY awesome thing. You know, shooting guns is also awesome. Playing catch in the yard with your kids. Building furniture with your bare hands. Fixing broken stuff you bought on craig’s list….selling said broken stuff for a profit!

No matter what the status of this dude’s dick is (and let’s face it, it’s probably just fine) his wife or husband doesn’t seem to care.

But the anti gunners seem to care…and they seem to care VERY deeply.

Oh and then I noticed he had an Eotech sight on the gun…cool gun dude! Sorry the antis can’t focus on the sweet gun for 10 seconds before looking at your package.

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Gunblog Variety Cast EP 47

Another great show! Give it a listen!

Show notes here, show below!


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Remember, Gun Ownership is on the Decline!!

Or so the antis say:

Background checks for gun sales spiked 11% in June compared to last year, making it the busiest June ever, according to the FBI’s background check data.

Last month the FBI conducted nearly 1.53 million background checks, which are required for all in-store purchases, but not for sales at gun shows or between individuals. That’s the highest volume of checks in June since 1999, when the FBI started keeping track.

Gun background checks have climbed annually since 2003 with the exception of just three years, one of which was 2014, indicating a clear jump in gun sales.

First up, anti-gunner points for saying you don’t get background checks at gunshow.

Still just look at those numbers! 1.53 Million background checks last month! And numbers have been high since 2003.

Even if each check is ONE firearm (it isn’t) and those guns are all Hi-Points, Ruger American rifles, and Mossberg Mavericks, that’s still BILLIONS of dollars.

When you really look at the numbers, and listen to the anti-gun narrative that the rise in gun sales are just hardcore gunnies buying more and more guns rather than new people buying guns, it just doesn’t even make sense economically.

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So, how gun-shaped of a piece of metal will they tolerate? 70% receivers? I mean, a relatively abstract lump of steel is a 40% receiver if you look at it from the right angle. Heck, Lowe’s sells 90% Sten receivers on aisle 5.


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Background Checks will CURE EVERYTHING!

Shooting of Firearms Trainer by NYC Woman Exposes Gun Range Loophole

…In Vermont, which has notoriously loose firearm regulations, neither a NICS check nor a 50-state criminal background check is required. But even in states with the strictest gun regulation, ranges present a loophole. At Angeles Shooting Range in Lake View Terrace, California, an employee sounded perplexed at the very question of conducting background checks on customers: “Just to shoot a gun? Um, no.” At Maryland Small Arms Range in Upper Marlborough, no checks are performed. At Shore Shot in Lakewood, New Jersey, no checks are administered, but because of a recent rash of suicides, single patrons must bring a guest if they wish to rent a firearm.

This gets really funny when you know that the antis are addicted to training, and LOTS of training. So yeah they want you do be doing background checks every day, five times a day.

You know, because all these mass shooters have clean backgrounds, but maybe just do it a few more times you’ll get a different results.

You know, that clever definition of insanity.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

-Albert Einstein

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The “Bad Apple” Trope

So the Brady Campaign has been running hard on this!

The cases reveal how difficult it is to go after what the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence calls “bad apple” gun dealers. The group defines bad apples as dealers who don’t operate ethically and responsibly. Brady says most federally licensed gun dealers run the proper background checks and fill out the appropriate paperwork so firearms can be tracked. But a handful of dealers operate lax shops or skirt federal laws, Brady has found. These “bad apple” shops comprise five percent of dealers but are responsible for 90 percent of the guns used in crimes, according to the campaign.

Note in no place there do they say any dealers fail to follow the law…they sure imply it, but never actually SAY it. Also in this article, and on their own website, they CONSTANTLY trumpet that a small number of “Bad Apple” dealers are supplying 90% of the crime guns….but they never actually LIST the dealers.

The Brady Campaign is well known for being blatantly dishonest. In fact there ARE no “Bad Apple” Dealers, there ARE dealers who operate in high-crime areas (you know, the place where you WANT a gun shop) and guns are stolen from private property like any other item….only when a junkie is found OD’d with some pilfered Oxies they don’t go claiming the CVS on Martin Luther King Boulevard is a “Bad Apple Pharmacy”, because THAT would be Crazy!

Anti-gun activists ARE crazy.

Brady has tried to go after these so-called bad apples in court, but the group’s efforts have been stymied by a 2005 law called the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, or PLCAA.

Said without irony! FFLs are heavily regulated, and if they are breaking the law the ATF has ZERO issue shutting them down….even if their “Violation” is simply putting “Y” in a box that requires a “Yes”.

So yeah, when the Brady Campaign attempts to sue a gun dealership that has done NOTHING WRONG, they get shut down. Oh the horror these lunatics can’t run rough-shod on every hard-working American they don’t personally like.

PLCAA was passed after years of successful lawsuits against gun dealers and manufacturers. The bill, passed with the NRA’s strong backing, assures that gun dealers cannot be held responsible for criminal acts done with their products. It’s a protection, advocates say, no other industry enjoys.

Brady believes it puts gun stores and manufacturers above the law. Not everyone agrees.

Again, the ATF! They are not above the law when there is an entire law enforcement agency out there to oversee them.

But yeah, Gun dealers should be held responsible for when their products are used illegally, often by people who STOLE them. I should also be held responsible if somebody steals my car and runs somebody over. The liquor store should be held responsible when somebody drives drunk. The Pharmacy, and while we’re at it the drug company, should be held responsible when some tweaker rails a whole bottle of pain killers against all doctor’s orders, pharmacy consultation, and warnings on the bottle!

Anti-gun activists ARE crazy.

Take the lawsuit against Lucky Gunner, an e-commerce site that sold ammunition to the gunman who killed 12 and wounded many others during a shooting spree in Aurora, Colorado, in 2012. Brady lawyers represented the plaintiffs — Sandy and Lonnie Phillips, the parents of Jessica Ghawi, a 24-year-old woman who died as a result of the shooting — and alleged that the site lacks reasonable safeguards to prevent dangerous people from acquiring weapons. But the suit garnered particularly strong criticism from a federal judge in Colorado, who said there was little evidence that Lucky Gunner was, in fact, a bad apple.

U.S. District Court Judge Richard Matsch wrote in a June 17 court order that the plaintiffs and Brady, the “apparent sponsor of this case,” were not only wrong to challenge the e-commerce site, but that they had also used the lawsuit to play off of the emotions of the shooter’s ongoing trial in an effort to sway public opinion. He ordered the plaintiffs to pay Lucky Gunner’s $203,000 in legal fees.

God I hope they go bankrupt for that!

The story goes on, lots of bad people who got guns, and no wrong-doing from the gun store.

Anti-gun activists ARE crazy.

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The Amazing News!

I am SO happy to hear this!

The Maine Governor has signed a Constitutional Carry bill into law, meaning Virginians won’t need a Maine permit to carry concealed when visiting Maine!

I have looked at the wording of the new law and, contrary to the article below, it DOES appear to apply to non-residents.

As you know I was born in Maine, my wife was born in Vermont, and raised in Maine. This means I have family and friends all through Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont, and chances are if I’m not in Mass, I’m in Maine or Vermont.

Of course Vermont has NEVER had carry laws…and has never needed them. Maine and New Hampshire only require permits for concealed carry. So yeah this is just awesome, for me who won’t need to renew my permit (Free Money!) but also for my family and friends who won’t need to be bothered by that pointless permission slip, or for the sad number of people who realize that you can NEED a gun.

I’ve certainly told several Maine friends to get a gun, get a restraining order, and get their carry permit. Now they can simply get a gun and a holster, and worry about the restraining order which simply supplies you with a very useful paper trail in case you need to use the gun.

Also couple that with this story!

As promised, Gov. Maggie Hassan has vetoed a bill that would have allowed anyone who can legally own a gun to carry it concealed without a license.

Jay once described New Hampshire Pistol Permit as “Why Bother?”. It’s $10 to residents, the form is one page long. There is no training requirements. The permit isn’t even laminated or have a picture. I’m not sure what the legal requirements are but generally you get it back inside of a week, if not while you wait.

I wonder if this will set a chain of events like Texas Open Carry. Oklahoma got their OC first, and that was an embarrassment to Texas, especially when the anti-gun shoot-outs didn’t happen.

Now New Hampshire is Bordered by three states….two with open carry, and the other Massachusetts.

Seriously, that is going to SMART!

So great work Governor LePage!

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“Progressive” “Logic”

I got a bunch to talk about, but lots on my plate and company over at the house.

Still I had to quote just this one line from this article:

Next Wednesday, the Seattle city council will consider a new policy measure, a “gun violence tax,” that would add an excise of $25 to every firearm and five cents to each round of ammunition sold in the city. Funds raised in this manner would be dedicated to gun violence prevention and public health research. The city’s budget office projects the tax would raise between $300,000 and $500,000 per year.

Whoever wrote that list bit is either stupid, evil, or a combination of that.

Seattle, like Boston is a big city, but small in Area. It’s not like Houston, or LA where it takes a bit of driving just to get out of the city if you live near the middle. So yeah what does a SANE person think if suddenly all the shops in one area guns cost $25 above the cost of guns a short drive away? Further, let’s face it, if you’re a shooter, you’ve probably spent several magnitudes more on ammo than you have on guns. 0.05c per bullet is SERIOUS money! that’s $25 bucks on a brick of .22!!! That’s $2.50 on a box of 50 rounds.

Planning a weekend of shooting, you simply are NOT going to shop in Seattle. You’ll shop outside the city, or buy your ammo online, or get your guns from private sales (which we all know everybody still does there despite the new law).

Gun shops will either need to cut profits, or simply cease to compete with shops just miles away.

And either way, they go out of business, unless they’re one of those FFLs who are so diversified that they pay the rent with selling clothing, accessories or camping goods rather than sales on the back of their FFL.

So where exactly is that $300,000-$500,000 to come from? Either this person is so stupid that they think people will simply pay more money for something, even when it’s easy not to, or they’re running a Con where they are waiving money in the face of the anti-gunners to get them excited about this do-nothing law.

I mean it’s not like the Seattle Gangs go to FFLs in the first place….

Good news report here:

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I wasn’t Sure About This

Had a REALLY busy day yesterday, and when I saw that last night’s Squirrel Report was electing to go without topics, I didn’t feel the need to pimp the show.

Turns out it was an awesome show! Thanks to all who called, we had a great time!

Sqrpt Squirrel 1

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A Cool Handgun Radio

This was a great show! Ryan, TJ, Matt, and I all had a nice little roundtable discussion on the history of our carry guns and carry methods.

Go have a listen!

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