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The Other Way, Actually

From the CSGV Twitter Hunting is a dying tradition. Which is why NRA needs to sell assault rifles and “carry” guns to survive. First up I can’t speak for the validity of the statement that “Hunting is dying”. Certainly with … Continue reading

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How it Looks

As many of you may have noticed, I got flamed by Robert Farago of The Truth about Guns. No direct link to the post, but hop over there and you’ll see a certain rubber-duck banner that he appropriated without permission. … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Suicide

Count the Factors. A 50-year-old Battle Ground man fatally stabbed himself in front of Clark County Sheriff’s deputies during a restraining order violation call. People who use the metric “Gun Death” often use suicide numbers as a reason to ban … Continue reading

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Four More Years

Well this is ugly. n a conference call this morning, Herman Cain told his senior staff that he is “reassessing” whether to remain in the race. He will make his final decision “over the next several days.” I’m just going … Continue reading

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On 9x19mm

I mentioned to Christina last night at the range that 9x19mm is the best self-defense cartridge there is. Kinda interesting coming from me, given that I don’t actually OWN any guns in 9x19mm. My bread-and-butter is .45 ACP, in my … Continue reading

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To All You Truth About Gun Drones

Welcome, have a read, enjoy yourself. If you came here because you were curious what the big deal was…there really isn’t one. But Robert is butthurt because I’ve written posts like This This and This. Take it as you will. … Continue reading

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A Real DGU

Read this whole thing. The money-quote is here: Azmat: I think those guys were rob me. Me: I agree. Azmat: You scare them off? Me: I didn’t say a word to them. Azmat: Your gun scare them off. Me: Perhaps. … Continue reading

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Found this video that covers all the major bases of Barney’s tragic political career. Also shows what a steel-eyed liar Frank is. The man can look you in your eye and tell you the sky is Green without so much … Continue reading

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Full Stupid

So I’ve posted a few of their videos. They also have a donation page up. You may want to hold off on that. Still awesome videos, but don’t donate money right now unless you want it there to pay for … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Paradise

Why would anybody have a Butcher’s Knife? Four police officers have been stabbed after being called to a disturbance in north-west London. Witnesses said a man had been chased by police in and out of shops before he fled into … Continue reading

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