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Gun Free Zones Aren’t So Safe

When there are violent cannibals about! A man attacked by a baseball bat-wielding college student has sued the school where the attack happened, saying it failed to protect the community from the suspect who was later accused of cannibalism. Twenty-three-year-old … Continue reading

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Born Losers

Looks like the crappy gun laws on the federal level are being delayed. The Senate Judiciary Committee postponed a markup for new gun control legislation for one week, delaying action on a controversial proposal to ban assault weapons. The postponement … Continue reading

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Gun Control Puts Lawful Citizens in DANGER!

A great story BTW in this instance I would carry even if it was illegal at the time. My life is worth the risk.

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A Use for those Crappy Girl With Guns Video

I hate them. Its just poor form to hand an inexperienced person a loaded gun without the obvious teaching of form and safety…still Mike at ENDO shows us that they DO have their uses! Note that the woman at the … Continue reading

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Another Thursday Night Another SQUIRREL REPORT!!!! We have a TON to talk about tonight, not limited to the recant of the “No Hesitation Targets”, The bulk of our carrier group being parked in Virginia, our rights and the Police’s views … Continue reading

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Inconvenient Truth

The anti-rights cult always seems to think that victims of violent crimes and law enforcement support their bans on private arms. We know this isn’t true, and is simple cherry picking of “Useful” victims and members of the Law Enforcement … Continue reading

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Another Face Transplant

Found this amazing story of another full-face transplant that happened in Boston. A Vermont woman who was terribly disfigured in an attack by her estranged husband has received a full face transplant at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the hospital said … Continue reading

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Enemy of the System

They’re really getting desperate! Turns out Thirdpower is such a danger to society that Josh Horwitz decided to name him by name in his worthless senate testimony. Funny that the people looking to restrict and confiscate civilian arms in direct … Continue reading

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“Highly Trained”

The anti-freedom types always exempt police from their goals of civilian disarmament because police are “More Highly Trained”. Have a watch at this video: First up its just awesome people are standing up for their rights, that’s paramount. No, you … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Yard Junk

Funny how those who use “Gun Death” as a metric claim that guns need to be restricted because it makes murder “Too Easy”. If we all had guns people would murder each other over stupid shit. A deadly dispute between … Continue reading

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