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Play Me Out: Glitch Mob

Man, I’m listening to their album “Drink the Sea” and its blowing my mind! Chill out and enjoy!

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The Obamacare Big Lie

Sadly he won, he’s bee re-elected and we’ll need to deal with this garbage bill of goods in one way or another…

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“Gun Death” Arson

Ban Gasoline The survivor of an arson fire that killed three members of his family accused his former lover in court yesterday of setting the blaze because he had spurned her and married another woman. William Chen, 35, of Claymont, … Continue reading

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More from the Tiny Baby!

Man I really think we needed a bigger baby! This met me at the train today! Seriously baby you are dwarfed by EVERYTHING! And because my daughter lounges like a champ! That last one is a Boppy Pillow which is … Continue reading

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Wow, what a day yesterday was! Had a relatively normal day at work, despite my morning activities involving cleaning up poop. People at work were interested in hearing baby stories, and many noted that I didn’t look too sleep deprived. … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Starting Young

Amazing that this could even happen. Marine was charged in the slaying after authorities found Amanda’s body in a creek behind Marine’s house in Smyrna, Del. Amanda, a fourth grader whom prosecutors said Marine had been seen playing with the … Continue reading

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Weer’d @ Work

Back in the office. I’d rather be changing poopy pants.

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“Gun Death” Bowling Ball

Well this is quite the story: A 23-year-old New Jersey man was beaten to death Saturday during a massive brawl that erupted in a Piscataway bowling alley. Jamont Atkins, of Newark, has died after someone threw a bowling bowl at … Continue reading

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Bacause Awesome!

Because the Bren is a cool ass LMG! And because Autoplay I’m putting in a brake

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Some More Baby Pictures

Why not, right? This was after her first bath at home. That one didn’t go well, and you can see by the dejected look on her face. This more recent bath went MUCH better and she was happy until we … Continue reading

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