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Shannon Watts Spins it Up

Man this is “Compelling” Super thin talking points. She claims Starbucks bans guns…they didn’t. She claims Facebook took her advice…they didn’t. Last they talk to a mother who’s son was killed by gang members in Bloomberg’s NYC! Sensible Gun Laws … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Via Joe’s excellent Markley’s Law Monday I Find This: More psychological projections. Just like they WANT to shoot people for taking their parking space, or kill somebody who shares a different political view. They also think we’re all spending our … Continue reading

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Images of the Antis: Another Twofer

So we’ll start out with the less ridiculous one. When you see this one you’ll see what a low bar I have set. First up, I don’t really think the NRA is spending much to keep this hack Surgeon General … Continue reading

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The Plot Thickens

Remember that EPA hack who got paid vacations because his boss took him at his word that he was a CIA spook? Well it turns out while he had little qualifications he’s part of the regulations that are making life … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Massive Fire

Two Boston Firefighters are dead following a MASSIVE fire in Bean-Town Two firefighters lost their lives responding to a nine-alarm fire at a brick brownstone in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood Wednesday. More than a dozen other firefighters were injured. The … Continue reading

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Does This Seem Right To you?

Have a read of this story: The former public works inspector for a northern New Jersey town has admitted stealing $460,000 in quarters. The Record reports Thomas Rica pleaded guilty Wednesday to four counts of theft. In return, prosecutors will … Continue reading

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Possibly One of the Worst Zero Tollerence Stories Yet

Who are the criminals here? An Ohio high school student has already been jailed and kicked out of school for having a pocket knife in his car, and now he fears he could lose his dream of serving in the … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Felt Like Killing

Some say we need to ban guns because it makes killing too easy. A 27-year-old Arizona man accused of fatally stabbing his 12-year-old half-brother reportedly told police he “felt like killing.” Of course I will note that EVERYBODY has knives … Continue reading

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More “Massive Support” For Gun Control

Via Joan a picture of her lobbying bad laws that decrease public safety. Man that is a LOT of grey hair! Are there ANY young people who want “Common Sense” gun reform? Aren’t there any young people willing to give … Continue reading

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Grocery Stores are FUN!

At least if you’ve never seen one before! All the bright colored packages and lights, its like an ART GALLERY! She needed to go right to bed as soon as we got home! Shopping is exhausting!

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