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New Knives!

Just got an order in from Knifecenter. Two new knives from CRKT. I’ll be doing an in-depth review of both of them when I get a chance to shake them down a bit, and take photos! Love getting new knives!

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Images of the Antis: Anti-Freedom

So I found this image on Joan Peterson’s Pinterest page: The antis say they aren’t coming for our guns, but they idealize mass confiscation and destruction of private arms. And Australia? I don’t know about Mass Shootings, but it is … Continue reading

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Swiss Army Knife At Camp

This Zero-Tolerance crap has totally jumped the shark! A fifth-grader in Cupertino, California was suspended and threatened with expulsion for bringing a small Swiss Army knife on a school-sponsored, science-oriented camping trip. In early April, Braden Bandermann’s class set off … Continue reading

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Defensive “Gun” Use

Fair is fair, like “Gun Death” “Gun Use” isn’t as relevant to me as the actions of people. This is a GOOD story with a happy ending! SALT LAKE CITY – A Samurai sword-wielding Mormon bishop helped a neighbor woman … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Knife

Wow, beyond my skill, but amazing to watch! H/T Roadkill

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TSA Still Amazing!

God what a bunch of retards! Starting April 25, passengers going through U.S. airports can bring on board Swiss Army-type knives — specifically, ones with blades no longer than 2.36 inches. This marks the first time such knives have been … Continue reading

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Sidebar Update

You’ll note over on my sidbar I have a new link to the Balloon Goes Up Store. The store offers good gear at good prices, and I’m proud to be giving him some help! I’ll occasionally be giving recommendations for … Continue reading

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Nice Looking Knife!

Man if I had the extra cash, I’d be buying one of these right now! Website here

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Cool Knife

Was helping a buddy of mine clean out a storage locker he filled up when he sold his house. One of these came out of one of the boxes. Wow, the thing weighed practically nothing, didn’t quite feel titanium light, … Continue reading

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Easy there CRKT

Wow this video kinda ticked me off. Watch that “easy one-handed closing”. I have one of these knives, to close it you need to push up on the Autolawks safety, push in the liner lock, then push the blade closed. … Continue reading

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