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Make Bread, Save Bread!

So I’ve had a few friends request the recipe of my no knead whole wheat bread.   So first it’s based on this loaf: Chef John makes a tasty loaf, but I feel I made a bunch of improvements. So first … Continue reading

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Fixing up an Old Cast Iron

I LOVE cooking on cast iron.   There are some recipes I use a steel pan, other I use aluminum,   but if it CAN be cooked in cast iron,  I want it cooked in cast iron. If you price out cast … Continue reading

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Weer’d Breakfast Pizza

I’ve gotten REALLY good at these! So it’s a collection of other recipes. The Dough is this recipe I just made this one pie, so I made a half-recipe of the dough. You mix it up the night before and … Continue reading

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How Do Your Hash Browns Identify?

My Daughter made this the other day, and she thought it was funny as hell. Her Pronouns are She/Her, and while my daughter thought it was funny as hell, after about 5 days of seeing this potato in the same … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Weer’d Fisk

So of course most of you are used to hearing my fisks in Audio format on the Assorted Calibers Podcast, and the podcast is ideal for taking on audio or video anti-gun propaganda. But Text fisks are where blogs shine! … Continue reading

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Cocktail Enthusiast Street Cred

So this is a little project I decided to do. I have these tiny cocktail glasses, and when I can’t decide what I want for a drink, or I’m thinking about how certain drinks relate to each other, I just … Continue reading

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Pink Drink: The Fenix

Because in this post I could have done better, but scoot over there for some history on how I came upon this amazing drink. Ingedients: 1oz Green Chartreuse 1oz Triple Sec 1oz Campari 1oz Egg White 1oz Lime Juice 0.5oz … Continue reading

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Fair Winds, and Following Seas, Grandpa of Grandpa Kitchen

I had to title it a bit odd, because all of my grandparents are dead, this was the man behind the youtube channel Grandpa Kitchen. For those who never watched the video, he was a man from southern India who … Continue reading

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Pony Cocktail Love

So one night before Recording an Episode of ACP I had a rough day that culminated with my favorite Martini Glass just shattering in my hand. I miss you, Blue Swirl. So Erin declared that I should get a replacement … Continue reading

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The Cock and the Balls

So for whatever reason the term Capon has been popping up a lot recently. Erin and I discussed it briefly while recording ACP I don’t think that discussion made it to a blooper reel, IIRC it just wasn’t concise enough … Continue reading

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