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Cocktail Enthusiast Street Cred

So this is a little project I decided to do. I have these tiny cocktail glasses, and when I can’t decide what I want for a drink, or I’m thinking about how certain drinks relate to each other, I just … Continue reading

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Pink Drink: The Fenix

Because in this post I could have done better, but scoot over there for some history on how I came upon this amazing drink. Ingedients: 1oz Green Chartreuse 1oz Triple Sec 1oz Campari 1oz Egg White 1oz Lime Juice 0.5oz … Continue reading

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Fair Winds, and Following Seas, Grandpa of Grandpa Kitchen

I had to title it a bit odd, because all of my grandparents are dead, this was the man behind the youtube channel Grandpa Kitchen. For those who never watched the video, he was a man from southern India who … Continue reading

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Pony Cocktail Love

So one night before Recording an Episode of ACP I had a rough day that culminated with my favorite Martini Glass just shattering in my hand. I miss you, Blue Swirl. So Erin declared that I should get a replacement … Continue reading

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The Cock and the Balls

So for whatever reason the term Capon has been popping up a lot recently. Erin and I discussed it briefly while recording ACP I don’t think that discussion made it to a blooper reel, IIRC it just wasn’t concise enough … Continue reading

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Just WHY?

So I dig the Youtube Channel Epicurious, mostly for this series: But they also have a series where they take people who know NOTHING about cooking and have them do something in the Kitchen. IT IS DOGSHIT! This is the … Continue reading

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On Cooking

So Larry Correia has another artful fisk up called “Fisking the “Stop Telling Poor People to Cook” Doofus, with Special Guest, My Mom” which I just have to say GO READ IT! It’s frisking this “Progressive” turd of an article … Continue reading

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Good News for Cast Iron Lovers

So I LOVE cooking on cast iron cookware, there is really nothing that does the same job as it, and while you have to treat them completely differently than stainless or non-stick cookware, that really shouldn’t be a problem. The … Continue reading

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Easy Carnitas at Home

So if you’re like me, you dig Mexican food. And if you’re EXACTLY like me, when you’re ordering a taco or a Burrito you ask for Carnitas. Well I found this recipe online, and it looks really good. LOOKS good, … Continue reading

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Cotton Candy BY HAND!

OK I may have to try this. I HATE cotton candy, it doesn’t taste good, it’s sticky, it’s messy, I don’t like it one bit. My daughter desperately wants some cotton candy. Here is the dilemma, I’ve had the store-bought … Continue reading

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